DO NOT REVIEW THIS! It will be later replaced with a real chapter.

Sorry, I don't like doing these things, but with the recent reveal in the manga, I've been getting questions. I will say this much, Madara has the mokuton only when using the power he took from the plant-marine, not in his normal mode. However, I'm not sure on the Rinnegan.

I'm hesitant to add another power to Madara, though I guess he could have it. If so, then he wouldn't have got it from the fight with Hashirama, since the Shodai was a sneak and used poison in my fic. However, the fight with Whitebeard, and here I must remind that the man is still much closer to his prime we are currently more than a decade away from the start of Luffy's journey, would be a prime opportunity. So, I have decided...

That I leave it to my readers. There is a poll in my profile, please give me your opinion. I will say this much, IF Madara gets the Rinnegan, it will be rarely used, because it'll be rarely needed.

Again, please do not review this, I will eventually replace it with a real chapter, and it would be a shame if you lost your review on this stupid note.

Thank you for your understanding.