Chapter 6

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"In a surprising turn of events, Cornelia li Britannia, third princess of the Empire and new viceroy of Area 11, has announced a change in politics. More effort and resources are to be placed into both police and the military, to hopefully finally bring an end to the terrorism that has ravaged Area 11 ever since..."

Lelouch turned off the television, and leaned back into his chair. "So Cornelia is my next opponent? This will be a challenge." He smirked.

On his bed, C.C. looked up. "Aren't you worried? Unlike that pompous fool Clovis, Cornelia is an experienced General that has been labeled the Witch of Britannia for a reason."

Lelouch's answer was a smile. "Not at all. In fact, I welcome it. This will be my trial by fire, the first real test of my abilities. If I can't beat Cornelia, then I obviously am not prepared to take on Charles zi Britannia. On the other hand, If I can beat Cornelia and her forces, then I am much closer to my goal."

"And what about your friend, Suzaku Kururugi, wasn't it?" C.C. asked, drawing a frown to Lelouch's face.

"I had hoped to have that idiot on my side, but even like this, with Zero practically admitting the regicide, and presenting the murder-weapon, they couldn't possibly misread the public mood enough to punish him. He will almost certainly be spoken free of all charges, so at least it wasn't a complete waste of time."

C.C. smiled. "That was pretty smooth by the way, suggesting that you killed Clovis without admitting anything, or saying a lie."

"Thank you."

"There's something you're not telling me." She stated.

Lelouch raised a brow. "What, you're saying that you can't just read my mind to find out?"

A melodic laugh rang through the room. "Of course I could," the immortal calmly stated "but I respect your privacy. Most of the time." She added cheekily.

Lelouch rolled his eyes, knowing that his creator gave a flying fuck about his privacy, seeing that she regularly invaded it, sleeping in his bed, teasing him, going through his stuff, raiding his credit-card to buy pizza, but he understood that she was showing him enough respect to not violate his most sacred sanctuary, his mind. But still, she was curious, and Lelouch knew from prior experience that things rarely went well if he kept her clueless. He had done that two days ago, and yesterday's morning-exercise had been beyond brutal. He had thought he'd die too many times to count that day, literally crawling back to his room black, blue and completely exhausted.

So he shrugged. "I was just thinking. Cornelia fired Clovis's old sub-viceroy, actually locked him up for fraud, so a new one is needed. Who do you think it will be?"

C.C. frowned. "Probably one of her knights. Andreas Darlton, Guilford as her first knight wouldn't be willing to leave the princesses' side long enough to actually get the workload done."

Lelouch shook his head. "No, I think it'll be someone different."

C.C.'s brows rose. "Oh? And who do you think it'll be?"

Lelouch smiled again. "There is someone Cornelia is most unwilling to part with, someone she cares for more than for her own life. The job as sub-viceroy would be the perfect opportunity to give said person added protection. I'm almost certain that the new sub-viceroy will be Euphemia li Britannia."

C.C.'s eyes widened slightly, before a sly smile crossed her face. "Well, you almost sound like you wish that to happen. And do I hear a little bit of fondness in your name when you speak that name?"

Lelouch blushed, and C.C. laughed at his embarrassment. Again.


Cornelia looked up as Guilford entered. "And?" She asked.

Guilford shook his head. "Gottwald is still silent as a grave. He says that he had no choice but to give into Zero's demands, even though he didn't want to, but if I ask why, he locks up, saying stuff like he doesn't know."

Darlton scratched his chin. "Well," the bear of a man mused "as much as I hate it when I'm out of the loop, judging from Zero's words, Clovis was involved in something that would be disastrous if revealed to the public, and Gottwald is desperately trying to keep it under wraps. He's probably afraid that if he speaks, something will leak out, and isn't sure who he can trust. In a way, it's almost admirable how he tries to save prince Clovis's memory."

Cornelia sighed. "I know that. However, we can't just let Gottwald be, it would send the wrong message to the troops. A demotion should do for now, until we have a more clear idea of what Clovis was doing."

Darlton raised a brow. "So you think he really was involved in something?"

Cornelia nodded. "I do. From a bit of studying tapes and taking a few statements, Clovis apparently had a habit of carrying around a suitcase wherever he went. He never did that back in the homeland, so I suspect he started carrying around the evidence of whatever he was doing. And it just so happens that that suitcase is missing."

Guilford nodded. "Makes sense. That would explain how Zero knows of whatever this Orange is."

Cornelia's teeth were grinding against each other. So not only did this Zero kill her brother, but he even profited from it, gaining information, and perhaps even more, depending on what Clovis had kept in that suitcase. "Zero is far too cocky. It's time we put him in his place."

"My lady?" The two knights asked in unison.

A slightly evil grin spread on her face. "And I think I have an idea how we get him." She just hoped Euphie never found out.


The next morning, Lelouch was once again stuck in his morning-exercise, only now, since yesterday, C.C. was using what she called 'additional motivation'.

He could quite clearly recall what she had done two days ago.



Lelouch stood in the school's gym-clothes, about to start his daily run, and sweat was forming on his face. "C.C.," he asked nervously "where did you get that?"

"I borrowed it from the tennis-club." The immortal answered, a grin on her face.

Now that he looked closer, it was indeed the machine that shot tennis-balls for practice. His eyes wandered to the basket, which held an assortment of hard-rubber balls, the size of tennis-balls, but harder. He pointed at the basket. "And that is?"

C.C.'s grin turned evil. "Additional motivation."

End of Flashback


And just like two days ago, and to a lesser extent yesterday, Lelouch ran laps around the field while C.C. happily fired away. He knew she wasn't seriously aiming to kill him, as C.C. fired rather liberally, some of the shots missing, while others he dodged, though he had the sinking feeling the immortal enjoyed toying with him.

After five rounds, and a hundred painful hits, the machine was out of ammo, meaning that Lelouch could run a few laps in peace while C.C. picked her ammunition back up. Then he'd do a few other exercises, and head back in, amazed at how fast his vampiric changes allowed him to gain muscle.

"Aha, so it's true!" Or at least that was the plan.

Turning, he saw Milly, running over the field, stopping directly in front of him. Lelouch felt his throat go dry. "Milly, what are you doing up so early?"

Milly grinned at him, still slightly out of breath, her bust shaking slightly with every breath, something that was even more obvious since she obviously hadn't taken the time to properly button it up. "I heard a rumor that someone was using the track early in the morning, and since I noticed how you were building up muscle, I suspected it was you. I even woke up earlier just to make sure."

Lelouch gulped, feeling his jaw ache. "Milly, now is not a good time." He tried, hoping to get Milly to leave before his control slipped. He was tired, thirsty, hungry, and exhausted, and his body was craving a refreshment.

But Milly being, well... Milly, she ignored him. "So, why all the secrecy? Ashamed of how little you can do? Or is it for a special lady? Come on Lelouch, you can...tell..." She trailed off, her mind shutting down.

Lelouch's mind had made the decision to just screw it all, he was a vampire, or in the process of becoming one, and while that wasn't a free-pass to act however you pleased, it did give a certain leeway. He and Milly were alone, barring C.C. who wouldn't care either way, he was thirsty, and Milly was apparently already in trance, so why not? He had to get used to the whole vampire-thing sooner or later, and C.C. had mentioned that blood strengthened. Also, though he wouldn't admit it just yet, he wanted to experience that taste again.

Milly was already opening the buttons on her blouse, so Lelouch had to do little more than pull to open it and remove the barrier between him and Milly's neck, revealing that her shirt was open beneath the blouse, her bra and a lot of skin in clear view. She had really been in a hurry if she hadn't even buttoned up her shirt, Lelouch mused. Though as he tried to pull his hand back, Milly grabbed it.

"Huh?" For a second he thought she had broken out of the trance, before Milly pushed it into her left breast with a short moan.

Lelouch gulped, both at the softness in his hand, and in marvel of the sheer size of Milly's bust. His hand couldn't even grab it all, instead sinking into the silk-like softness of Milly's breast. The part of his mind that was still working shook its head in amusement. Even in a trance, Milly was a tease. Still, right now, he was thirsty. With his unoccupied hand, Lelouch gently cupped Milly's chin, the girl still moaning from every touch, and guided it away, giving him access to her neck. He dimly felt his fangs slide out, then his mouth was filled with the ambrosia of blood.

Milly's eyes widened as she let out a gasp, her hands snaking around Lelouch's head. A clear liquid ran down her legs, which began to shake slightly, and her breath became quick pants, pupils dilating. When Lelouch pulled out his fangs, she slumped together boneless, the only support being her arms, still wrapped around Lelouch. Then she passed out.


Lelouch barely managed to grab his old friend before she hit the floor, and instinctively took her in a bridal hold. He had to admit, a few days ago he would have collapsed like a house of cards, so the torture C.C. was putting him through seemed to be good for something after all. Speaking of the green-haired vampire, she was standing to his side, and incredibly amused expression on her face.

"What?" He snapped, though there was no aggression in his voice, he was still high on blood.

C.C. chuckled, looking at the passed-out blond. "Really, you know how to pick them Lelouch." She took a step, and let her finger wander up Milly's leg, scooping up some of the clear liquid up, letting it drip into her mouth. "Mmm, not bad. Nice flavor. But really. First that cute red-headed battle-virgin, and now this busty masochist."

Lelouch was about to give a rebuke, when he paused. "Wait, masochist?" If anything, Lelouch would have guessed Milly with her hunger for weird and embarrassing parties a sadist. Especially with the way she was always trying to put him in dresses.

C.C. nodded. "Yes. While our bite is pleasurable and even stimulating for humans, that girl had an orgasm the moment your fangs sank into her neck. That happens only with one type of person, masochists."

Lelouch looked down on his old friend and personal bane, who actually looked peaceful and kinda cute unconscious. "Who would've thought?" He mumbled to himself, before turning to C.C.. "Can you get her back to her room? It's..."

The immortal rolled her eyes, and threw Milly over her shoulder. "I know where it is. I keep track of all potential members of your harem. You go, I'll take care of the rest." With that, she dashed away at awe-inspiring speed.

"I don't have a harem!" Lelouch shouted at the shrinking green dot, before shrugging resignedly, turning around, and heading back for an early shower. All in all, he got off pretty well this morning. The session was cut short, his bruises only went into the two-digits today, and he got a drink of delicious blood. Today might actually turn out to be a good day.


A few days had passed since Milly's surprising appearance on the track, and the girl seemingly didn't remember anything that had happened. Lelouch had a fairly relaxing time, not counting C.C.'s merciless morning drills and her habit of draining him like a juice-box every evening.

On the third day however, the tranquility was broken, by a news-report on an upcoming attack on the Saitama-ghetto.

In the safety of his room, Lelouch couldn't fight a grin. "So Cornelia, you want to bring the battle to me? Such an obvious move."

"It's a trap." C.C. commented.

Lelouch rolled his eyes. "Of course it's a trap. Cornelia is recreating the situation at Shinjuku in hopes of luring Zero out."

C.C.'s voice gained a slight distrusting edge. "In vain, of course?"

Lelouch chuckled. "I don't know. She went through so much trouble to invite me, it would be very impolite to disappoint her like that."

Now C.C. rose from the bed. "No. You will stay here Lelouch, you won't throw your life away for some foolish pride."

Lelouch looked at her. "Do you realize what a chance this is? If I can..."

"No." Came the answer, this time embedded with that same control she had used to force an answer out of him in Shinjuku. "As your creator, I am not willing to let you walk into death like that. You. Will. Stay." It was not a request.

Lelouch's body shuddered, but it was impossible to throw off C.C.'s power. This wasn't an ability, it was a power given to those who create over those who are created, and Lelouch could do nothing but stare at his creator.

C.C. tilted her head. "Tell me Lelouch," she spoke, this time without any power forcing him "Why do I see such betrayal in your eyes? Such despair? Why is this one strike so important to you?"

Lelouch grimaced. "I doubt you'd understand. Before I met you, I was dead. I was merely going day by day, never really doing anything, never accomplishing anything, simply existing. That's not living, that's no different from being dead. Now, now I finally have the ability to do something, to do more than grinding my teeth and swallowing my anger, my hatred. I can finally act, finally live." Tears began to shimmer in his eyes, and for once, he wasn't playing an act, but truly speaking from the heart. "Please, I beg of you, don't force me back into that shallow existence, that life as nothing but a zombie, simply going through the motions of living like some pathetic windup-doll."

C.C. looked him in the eyes, searching for traces of his usual flair, but he actually seemed to have spoken nothing but the truth for a change. She held the gaze a few seconds longer, then she sighed. "I see. A life without meaning, huh? True, it is a bitter and hollow thing. Very well, I give you my permission. However, before you go, I want you to have an escape-plan if things go south. Not all humans are as reliable as Kallen and her group, in fact very few are."

Lelouch's eyes were filled with gratitude, before he began to scheme, unaware that an almost sorrowful expression had entered her eyes. 'So a life without meaning is the same as being dead? If that's true, then I wonder...'

She smiled wistfully. 'when did I die?'


In Saitama, the situation had turned fairly grim for the locals. The army had completely cut the ghetto off from the rest of the world, anyone trying to escape risking death by acute lead-poisoning.

The trapped rebels were desperate, when one of them came running in with a communicator. "It's Zero!" the man called out, bringing the furious movement to a startled halt.

Then the device crackled. "This is Zero. If you wish to live, follow my commands."


Things had gone well from that point, too well for Lelouch's taste. C.C. had drilled attention and skepticism back into his mind, and he realized that something was not right here. Cornelia had sent a train filled with Sutherlands through Saitama, even though there was no need to do so. She had more than enough Frames, and the train in Shinjuku had been simply luck, as it was meant to be a delivery to an outpost, which Clovis in his arrogance hadn't bothered to redirect around the combat-area as he should have. If Cornelia sent a train through here, then it was obviously bait. She had studied his match against Clovis, and was trying to goad him.

She likely had a counter in place already, a strategy that would force him to his knees, or so she thought. Then her units started retreating, Lelouch mixing himself with the retreating Frames, leaving the city deserted. And then things went wrong.

Cornelia's knights had dashed in, a small but elite unit of pilots in Gloucesters equipped with oversized lances, and wiped one of the terrorists Lelouch had stationed with an activated IFF marked as friendly out of existence. Another few went for obvious decoys, and got destroyed as a result, then the terrorists completely ignored Lelouch's orders, either attacking at random or fleeing, leaving Lelouch stuck in the middle of the enemy lines.

At that precise moment, Cornelia ordered the stationary forces to open their cockpits and show their faces.


Lelouch sat in his cockpit, fists clenched. He had never felt so humiliated in his life! It seemed that his chess-matches with the nobility, and his encounter with Clovis, had made him sloppy. He had fought Cornelia as if she were one of the pompous fools he was used to, ignoring the fact that she was a hardened veteran, and as a result, he had been literally caught with his pants down. Worse still, he had placed too much trust in the terrorists, who had abandoned him at the first real sign of trouble. C.C. had been right, Kallen's group was the exception, not the rule.

Speaking of his creator, the communicator flared to life, and a particularly smug voice rang out of the speakers. "Well that went well. This would be the time for an 'I told you so', but perhaps you should get to safety first. I let you play long enough, it's time to go."

Lelouch bit back a sharp response, and instead raised a second communicator. "This is K. Operation Castling." A chess-move that while normally used to get the tower, a straight and simple figure, in a better position, one could also use it to get the king away from a potential checkmate, and exactly that was the plan.


In three Sutherlands waiting to open their cockpit, pilots stiffened. Their machines raised their weapons and opened fire, both on the Gloucesters and the standing Sutherlands.

The attack completely blindsided the Britannian military. Two Gloucesters and twenty-three Sutherlands were ejected from due to damage, and seven other Sutherlands went up in flame, ejection not possible with an open cockpit, before the attackers were taken out, their cockpits resembling Swiss cheese.

Out of one of the ejected cockpits, a teenager crawled, a small grin on his face. The plan had gone even better than expected. He raised a communicator. "C.C., what do you say we give the Britannians a small show?"

A chuckle answered him. "You do have a flair for the dramatic."


Cornelia seethed with rage. "How could I have been so stupid? Zero smuggled suicide-shooters with my troops, I should have expected that! How could I have been foolish enough to think he would come alone, and not put up a fight?" She took a few calming breaths. At least Clovis was now avenged.

"My lady, Zero has been spotted! He just sniped two Sutherlands, clean hit to the Factsphere."

Her voice was little more than a shriek of rage. "WHAT?"


On the ruins of a building stood a lone figure, the wind billowing its cape. A helmet covered the head, a purple oval replacing the face, and a black-market anti-tank rifle in its hand. It stood there, seemingly mocking the two fallen giants at its feet, ignoring the foot-soldiers that started to swarm, until they started firing.

With a graceful jump, the figure of Zero vanished from the edge and behind the destroyed building. Unseen, it dropped through an open manhole into the sewer headfirst and bod straight like an arrow, the empty hand extended forward.

The open hand slammed into the ground, and the elbow bent, but the fall had been stopped, the oval of the helmet hovering an inch over the ground, Zero's body still straight like a candle, before the arm pushed, and Zero flipped upright. Once on his feet, Zero ran through the sewers at an inhuman speed. No wonder, as the one beneath the mask hadn't been human in millenniums.

C.C. smirked beneath the mask. Even out of practice, it seemed she hadn't forgotten everything she'd learned as the second Hassan-i-Sabah, taught by the founder of the legendary Hashashin himself, a deadly opponent... and very skilled lover. Though he could have loosened up with his religious zeal, he had been a good teacher.


After they had returned to Ashford Academy, C.C. looked at Lelouch. "So tell me Lelouch, was today worth it?"

Lelouch took a deep breath. "Yes. I underestimated Cornelia, even though I should have known better. But even more so, I learned that I can't topple Britannia alone, nor with strangers. I need my own people that I can trust, that won't lose to Britannia. An army! A nation!"

The immortal shook her head in amusement. He really was just like Eo. After their first bloody nose, they learned that going alone wouldn't be enough, and both started to build armies. Little Eo had conquered and united the isle of Britain, and founded an empire that had eventually devoured a third of the world. What would Lelouch create from the isle of Japan?

She could hardly wait to find out.


The next evening, C.C. found Lelouch sitting in front of his desk, brooding. "What are you doing?" She asked.

Lelouch didn't look up, not even when she draped himself over his back, her arms going over his shoulders in a loveless embrace, while she began to nibble at his neck, looking for the best spot to bite down. "I'm preparing."

The immortal raised a brow. "And what are you planning?"

Lelouch snorted. "Isn't it obvious? My campaign against Britannia. If I want to build myself an army that can take on Britannia, even if I start small, I need a few things. The first is people I can trust, that will fight and do different tasks in my place. I think Kallen's group would be a good start. The next thing I need is resources. I have to be able to supply my... yes, my knights so to say, with weapons, clothing, medicine, food, water, and most importantly, shelter. We need a base. Seeing that, supposing I can convince them to join me, we will be a small group permanently on enemy-ground, a mobile headquarters would be best. I think I have an idea for that. Anyways, the next thing I need is technology, I have to be able to organize, store, field, and maintain Knightmares and similarly advanced tech, as guns are a lot less effective in this age. However, what I need most is support."

"Support?" C.C. asked, slightly impressed at how far he was planning ahead.

A nod. "Support. For one thing, not even I will be able to come up with the amount of money needed for everything on my own, not even with my powers and Clovis's secret accounts. More important however is the support of the people. That's the mistake that most terrorist-cells make. If you truly want a revolution, you have to have the people on your side. The larger cells, like the Blood of the Samurai or the Japan Liberation Front, are too militant. They want those with military training, and since they consist mostly of soldiers, they aren't appealing to most civilians. The smaller cells however lack vision. They mostly have no real plan they're following, no real idea of how to free Japan, and they can't really accomplish anything."

He sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. It seemed that the last days had taken more out of him than even he had thought. "Another problem is that all resistance-cells currently in existence are too militant, too focused on hurting Britannia. They attack at random, without much care for who gets caught in the crossfire, and without doing much for the Japanese. There is simply no motivation for someone who isn't an extremist patriot to join the resistance. They offer very little in terms of money, safety, or service for the people. To most Japanese, many of the resistance-cells are simply extremists that demand people and resources that really can't be spared, without giving anything in return."

C.C. chuckled. "I see. And you intend to change that. Your organization will work more with the people, to get them on your side?"

Lelouch nodded. "Exactly. And really, who can resist a hero, especially in times like these?"

"How cold-hearted." C.C. commented. "To toy with the hopes and dreams of a country already crushed." With that, she bit down, and began sucking blood.

Lelouch winced, but he actually chuckled. "C.C., you have far more experience than me, but I can assure you, the Japanese are all but crushed. Resistance here is fiercer than anywhere else, and that's not just because Japan surrendered before its military strength was exhausted. The Japanese are proud people, and far from broken. Also, who says anything about toying? I have every intention to grant them their wish, their wish for freedom. In return, I hope they will help grant mine. A fair trade." He stated, before blinking. "Just how much more are you planning on draining from me? I'm getting dizzy."

In reply, C.C. took a particularly deep gulp, before removing her fangs to allow the wound to heal. She had taken more than usual, for a reason. While the boy's determination was to be respected, he was working himself ragged. He hadn't even gotten over his first defeat yet, and yet he already schemed for a rematch. She had seen young vampires destroying themselves that way too often, and Lelouch was far too interesting to perish so early. "Rest Lelouch. Your plans can be accomplished tomorrow." She ordered.

Lelouch opened his mouth to protest, but a new wave of dizziness forced him to grab onto his desk for support. He sighed. "Fine." He muttered, staggering to the bed, slipping out of the uniform, and laying down.

C.C. shook her head. Being determined was good, but stubbornness often led to close-mindedness and obsessions, two things that tended to drastically reduce one's life-span, and Lelouch seemed to be heading that way, growing cold and uncaring, not to mention ungrateful.

"C.C.." Lelouch had rolled, showing her his back. "I'm only going to say this once." He paused. "Thank you. Without you, I would have died yesterday. I appreciate it."

C.C.'s eyes widened, then she chuckled. So maybe he wasn't growing ungrateful. Slipping out of all but her sleep-wear, she slipped into the bed, amused when she felt Lelouch shudder slightly when they made contact, even though he should be used to it by now. Typical virgin.

Speaking of virgins, perhaps she should get around to build herself a little flock of blood-donors soon. While vampire-blood was more nutritious and frankly better, it simply didn't give that same kick that a human's blood had. And in a school, finding someone acceptable shouldn't be too hard. But that too could wait until tomorrow.


"Hey Lelouch, can I ask you a favor?" Kallen asked. It was the next morning, and things had actually started out fairly well, C.C. not shooting balls at him while he ran for a change, followed by a laid-back day of sleeping in class while the teacher babbled praises to Britannia under the guise of history.

Lelouch blinked. "Sure. What?"

"Remember that call?" She asked, a faint blush forming on her cheeks.

"Call?" Lelouch asked. She couldn't have figured out he was Zero, not with all he did to throw her off, could she?

Kallen's blush brightened. "You know, when you and I were in the bathroom." She mumbled out, embarrassment and a bit of confusion in her voice. "By the way, what happened there? The last thing I remember is you pointing out... you know."

"Well," Lelouch felt a bead of sweat form just above his brow. "you pulled the curtain shut, I left, and that's all I can tell you. Maybe you blacked out again?"

Kallen nodded nervously. "Yeah, probably. Anyways, I want to contact the caller."

'That makes sense.' Lelouch mused. 'And it's a nice coincident, I was going to call them later myself.' Frowning, he shrugged. "It was a school-phone, and true to the retro-style planned for the ballroom, it doesn't even have a redial, or dials for that matter, let alone caller-id. So sorry, but..."

Kallen nodded. "Yeah, no problem. Figures..." She muttered to herself.

Lelouch gave a friendly smile, and was just about to tell her goodbye, when a somehow familiar scent reached his nostrils. "Do you smell that?" He asked.

Kallen paused, then sniffed the air. "No, what?" She asked.

But by now, Lelouch had managed to identify the musky scent of female arousal, and quickly shook his head. "Nothing. Guess it was just my imagination. Anything else I can do for you?"

Kallen gave him a curious look, but finally shook her head. "No, thanks anyways. See you around."

Lelouch couldn't help but smile. "Yeah, see you soon." Then he stood up in search for the scent, not noticing that a small blush adorned Kallen's face once more.

Kallen watched Lelouch go with a tingling in her stomach. What was that feeling, and why did it only come when she was around Lelouch? "Stupid Britannians." She muttered "I'm spending too much time around them." She shook her head to clear out the strange and unwanted thoughts. 'I think I've been here too long, time to go back to the others. Maybe there's news from Zero.'


Zero, or rather Lelouch, was currently busy tracking down the scent that had drawn his attention. He was pretty sure he knew why he smelled it, or rather who was causing it. Bending two bushes aside, he found his suspicions confirmed.

"C.C., what do you think you're doing?" He hissed.

The green-haired vampire tilted her head, looked at the scene, and grinned. "If you really have to ask, you're not old enough for the answer."

Lelouch's brow twitched. The scene really was pretty self-explanatory. C.C. was sitting on a rock, a girl with light-blue hair and an open blouse sitting spread-legged in her lap. C.C.'s right hand was in the blouse, fondling the left breast if he interpreted the movement beneath the uniform correctly, while the immortal's other hand was in the girl's panties, which were both in plain view and soaked see-through, the movement of C.C.'s knuckles leaving no doubt that middle- and ring-finger were penetrating. To finish off the picture, two small puncture-wounds were on the girls neck, while C.C.'s fangs were still extended, Lelouch's creator about to plant another bite when the former prince had interrupted.


"Let me rephrase that." he condescended, trying not to let his irritation show. "Why are you doing this?"

C.C. gave him a smile that would have been charming if not for the blood reddening her teeth. "Obviously, for blood. I told you before Lelouch, we vampires like to build us a flock of... playmates. You already have Kallen and Milly, and if my guess is correct you'll add those other two, Shirley and Nina, sooner or later. This one here is the first one of mine."


Lelouch took a deep breath. "Do you even know her name?"

Her smile didn't falter. "Not yet. We'll formally introduce each other after dinner. You want to join in? She was one of your fangirls, before we met."

Lelouch's brow twitched again. "No thanks. And why are you doing it here, where anybody could stumble over you like I did?"

C.C. gave him a blank look. "Do you really think I'm that stupid? Don't worry, nobody except for you would realize I exist, even if I did this right in the classroom in the middle of a lesson. Not a bad idea actually... maybe later."

What she didn't tell Lelouch that he actually wasn't supposed to notice anything either, but his resistance to vampiric abilities was stronger than she had thought.

"Mgh! Huh-huh-huh."

"Do you have to keep doing that?"

"MGUAAA!" The girl called out as a her body arched in orgasm under C.C.'s skilled fingers.

"No, I'm done anyways." C.C. replied, before sinking her fangs into the girl's neck.

Lelouch looked at the scene a few seconds more, then he shook his head. "You know what? Forget it, I'm going to pretend this never happened."

After a last zip, the ancient girl looked up with a smile. "Trust me, you'll get used to it. Once you pop your cherry, you'll see things completely different."

"Maybe. See you later." He replied, feeling a headache coming. He was starting to wonder if C.C. was actively trying to be a distraction, or if vampirism really was that distracting. Still, he had sworn to destroy Britannia, and nothing would stop him. Not Cornelia, not his father, and certainly not hormones.

Still, he tried to appreciate these insane, yet peaceful days, as he had the feeling that days like this would soon become sparse. A fairly safe bet.

Chapter 6 is done. It's official, I hate Saitama. Not the place, just the Code Geass-scene.

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Now the Q&A

Q: Is a loss of control over vampiric powers even possible?
A: Yes. It's far more difficult to do, and involves actual mistakes rather than simple overuse, but it is possible.

Q: Do Codes exist?
A: I mentioned this before, but yes. No Geass, but Codes do exist, two to be exact, one for the vampires and one for the humans. So yes, V.V. is human, immortal, but his appearance comes from something else.

Q: Is C.C. immune to vampiric powers?
A: Yes. The Code is an automatic protection against such influence, but even without it, vampires develop a resistance against vampiric powers, which grow stronger with age. Seeing how old C.C. is, even without a Code it would have to be an extremely old and powerful vampire to overcome her resistance.

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