The final installment of Goku's kisses.


Inspired by Krillen... believe it or not.

What is a Kiss on the Lips?

The stars are so shiny tonight, Goku thought happily as he lay face-up in the tender grass and gazed up contently at the sky. The inky black night was speckled with golden stars as the sound of cricket chirps and sighing trees mingled in a quiet symphony. Goku crossed his arms behind his head and sighed happily as well.

"You just gotta love nights like these… right, son?" he laughed, glancing over at Gohan who was sprawled out beside him. Goku marveled at how big Gohan had gotten over the years. In a short matter of time, his son had grown from a small, timid cry-baby into an intrepid yet modest hero. He had a level of maturity that was rare in kids his age and yet, regardless of how much he had been through, Gohan had managed to stay a sweet, innocent boy. Goku smiled widely, feeling quite proud of his "little boy" and gazed fondly at the small satisfied smile Gohan wore on his face, his bristling yellow hair illuminating the night sky like an enormous firefly.

"Yeah, dad," Gohan agreed quietly. " These kinds of nights are rare for us, aren't they?"

"You said it…"

A tranquil silence fell between the Saiyan and his demi-Saiyan son as they stared up at the inky black sky, both thinking and reflecting deeply.

"How's about we go fishing tomorrow," Gohan proposed. "We can wake up early in the morning and just fish all day... Oh...Wait... we can't..."

Tomorrow… tomorrow is the Cell Game Tournament, he remembered as a dark shadow crossed his face as a sudden twinge of unease tainted his cheerful mood.

"Hey, Dad?"

"What is it, kiddo?"

"We're gonna defeat Cell, right?"

Goku remained silent, and Gohan felt the feeling of discomfort growing into dread.

"We're gonna defeat Cell tomorrow, right?" he stressed with a slight shadow of panic in his voice. To his surpised Goku looked over at his son and grinned.

"Hey come on, sport! Why worry about something that's gonna happen tomorrow? We've still got a whole night left! Let's just relax," he said nonchalantly as his mouth stretched into a big yawn. It was just like Goku to be so lax and carefree even under the threat of total destruction of the world. In fact, he had been so calm the entire nine day stay at home that Gohan couldn't help but feel something was a little bit off. Even if he didn't feel all too reassured by his father's words and his stomach was starting to twist in concern, he dropped as his father suggested, turning his head back up to the sky. He was just about to close his eyes when Goku suddenly spoke in a hushed voice.

"Gohan… You're still young and you've still got a long time before you're old… So, when this is all over, I want you to make sure you come back home and become a scholar like your mom always wanted. Listen to her and make her happy, okay? I want you to take care of her. "

Gohan's eyes widened in astonishment as he shot straight up into a sitting position and stared hard at Goku's face.

"What's that supposed to mean, Dad? Are you leaving again?" he asked in a highly distressed voice ash is eyes suddenly brimmed with hot immediately looked down at the ground hoping Goku hand't noticed. He didn't want his dad to think that he was still a cry-baby.

But Goku did. Alarmed, he sat up, a look of concern evident on his face.

"Uh… No! I was just… I was just saying… how…" he stammered as he waved his hands back and forth. "Uh… You know how your mother gets! As soon as the world is at peace she's gonna want you to do nothing but study, study, study! And she's been really moody this week for some weird reason... I'm just saying listen to her… for my sake."

Gohan blinked hard and raised his head as Goku smiled sympathetically. Then he narrowed his eyes mischievously and leaned in towards Gohan's ear whispering, "When you become a scholar, make sure you get married to a nice girl. Definitely not someone like Chi-Chi... I don't think I could take living in the same house with two fry pan-wielding monsters... ."

Goku winked and laughed heatily at the look of shock on his son's face. Gohan watched him in silence before realizing it had been a joke. He let a hesitant giggle escape his lips. Then, the two exploded into a massive fit of laughter as they rolled on the ground, clutching their stomachs. Goku felt tears pouring down his face and his sides felt as if they were ripping in half. It felt good to laugh... It felt really good.


Goku's laughter was cut short as a hard fist conked him on the head. He rubbed the growing lump on his noggin vigorously as he writhe in pain.

"ARGH! What was that for?" He jumped onto his feet and shrunk as he realized who the assailant was.

The most terrifying person to walk the earth:

His beloved wife, Chi-Chi.

"What's wrong with getting married to a girl like me?" she demanded, arms crossed and an icy glare chilling the warm outside air. Goku laughed nervously.

"Ahaha... Nothing's wrong with you Chi-Chi! I was just telling Gohan here how he should get married to a nice girl who won't talk back so that when she lives with us you won't kill her... Right, Gohan?" he rambled as he shot a look at his dazed looking son. Gohan, who was still sitting on the floor, immediately nodded his head, blushing under his mother's harsh gaze.

"Hmm... right," she dismissed as her eyes shot back and forth between Goku and about thirty seconds, her gaze settled on Gohan and softened dramatically. She bent over, her hand on her knees, so that her face was level with his.

"Gohan, sweetie, it's already past your bedtime and I assume you want to wake up early," she said with a gentle smile she ruffled his golden hair. Gohan glanced over at his dad, who nodded in agreement with Chi-Chi. With a grunt, Gohan stood up and dusted his pants off before waving to his parents.

"Good night, Mom. See you in the morning, Dad," he said politely before turning around and walking back into the house. The door shut quietly as Goku called out, "Night, son!"

He turned to smile at Chi-Chi but stopped as he noticed her glowering at him. He gulped nervously as she frowned, wrinkling her nose in anger.

"Now what was that about me being a monster?" she hissed venomously, her dagger-like eyes piercing Goku.

"Nothing Chi-Chi... I just... I..uh... Wow... did you do something to your hair? You look super cool," he said meekly as she advanced on him slowly.

"Oh please, Goku... my hair has looked the same since the day we married. More importantly, I want to know exactly what about me makes me so terrible," she smiled viciously as she laid a delicate but dangerous hand upon his shoulder. Goku, the strongest being in the entire world, trembled like a terrified puppy under the glare of his wife as he struggled to think of something, anything he could say to diffuse the situation.

"Uh... you're not so terrible, Chi-Chi! I mean I hear Bulma can get real ugly from Vegeta so you're not the only wife that's psychotic... Ahaha... YOW!" he yelped as her nails dug into his shoulder. He massaged it as she pursed her lips.

"Oh come on, Chi-Chi! You gotta admit, you can be kinda overbearing... I mean you're always yelling at me and even if I defeat a powerful enemy you never say, 'Good job, Goku.' Plus, you never let Gohan train with me;you just lock him up and make him study all day. He's got so much potential and it's all going to waste...And besides," he scowled. "you call me a monster all the time..."

"Hmmph... Because you are a monster, Son Goku," Chi-Chi retorted maliciously. "I may be overbearing and paranoid when it comes to the well-being of my family but at least I'm not a violent, over-muscular, ignorant, oblivious, gore-fanatic moron who loves to jet off without giving his wife or son even a call to let them know he's still alive. If I'm a monster, you're the world's worst husband."

"Chi-Chi...I," Goku stammered, the hurt from her words apparent in his eyes but Chi-Chi ignored him and continued her angry tirade.

"And yes, I refuse to allow Gohan to become a great fighter like you. And yes, I am letting his raw power and talent go to waste. But doesn't it occur to you that I'm doing it for his own good? You do realize how young he actually is right? It's way too dangerous out there and there are too many ways he can die... He's got his whole life ahead of him and I don't want this kind of life for him. I don't want him to live a life like you."

Chi-Chi released Goku from her tight grip and turned her back on him. She shuddered as she felt stinging tears spill down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry, Chi-Chi. Please don't cry," Goku murmured, his voice heavy with guilt. He placed a hand tentatively on her shoulder and was grateful that she didn't pull away but rather turned around and embraced him. She cried softly into his chest, her tears soaking his black t-shirt. Goku wrapped his arms gently around her, taking caution not to crush her, and buried his face in her dark vanilla-scented hair.

"I didn't mean to make you sad. I promise," he closed his eyes as he took a deep breath. "You know... When I fight, I only fight to save others from the pain they're suffering... When the world's in trouble, no one can help them but me. That includes you Chi-Chi. I want to keep the world that you and Gohan live in safe. I want to make sure you don't live in pain... But I guess I'm not doing such a good job... I'm the one who's bringing you the most pain, aren't I?"

Chi-Chi's quiet tears grew into loud sobs as she wailed into the night sky, drowning out the crickets' cheerful tune. Goku pulled his face away from her hair and lowered his gaze to meet Chi-Chi's puffy and watery eyes.

"Hey, Chi-Chi... Have I told you that I love you?"

She looked up in surprise as Goku pulled her in for a kiss. And when their lips met, it felt as if the bitter resentment and loneliness from Chi-Chi melted away as Goku put all his unsaid feelings towards her into that one kiss. Chi-Chi wrapped her arms around his neck as his hands slid down her back to her waist.

I love you, Chi-Chi... I really do..

The two broke apart from their deep kiss, both blushing from the sudden intimacy. Goku grinned happily and chuckled.

"I guess it's a good thing you sent Gohan away. He would be pretty weirded out by this wouldn't he?"

Chi-Chi raised her eyebrows and laughed.

"Ah my, my! So we have learned a thing or two over the years," she teased as Goku scowled, his blush barely visible in the dark. Chi-Chi smiled blissfully.

"Goku, you may be the worst husband in the world," she said. She pressed her finger onto Goku's lips, stopping him from disagreeing. "But you're a pretty okay dad, I'll give you that much..."

She smiled and he reflected it with a goofy grin as leaned in to kiss him but stopped abruptly.

"Speaking of fathers... Goku, if we had another child, what would you name them?"

Goku cocked his head and mulled it over in his mind.

"If it's a boy, I think I'd name him Goten... I have no idea about a girl's name though. I'd probably leave that up to you," he said, nodding to himself. "Wait... but why?"

"Well..." Chi-Chi started to explain. She paused for a second and then closed her mouth, deciding against it.

"Uh... No reason..." she mumbled as he kissed her under the brilliant stars once more.

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