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Sakura's alarm had been going off for five minutes before her eyes cracked open. Groggily, she dropped a heavy hand onto the clock, stopping the incessant beeping. She knew sitting up was going to be hard. Getting ready would be harder. She studied the short red lines in the corner of the clock. 1-11.

She huffed and the strands of hair in her face rose and fell. January 11th. It had been foolish, she realized, to think that she wouldn't be affected by the nostalgia of the day. A few months of healing hadn't erased four years of memories. She squinted, watching the red lines warble.

He had asked her when they were walking. They hadn't been going anywhere specific; they just liked to spend time together this way—taking short or long walks whenever they could , having found that they were more flexible of a date than a dinner reservation. Chilled by the January air, they walked close, nearly touching. It was nighttime. He had always preferred the night: less interaction, more silence, general obscurity. Daytime suited her more but after spending so much time smiling with him under the moonlight, she had come to prefer the night too.

Conversation had been small between them, as it happened sometimes. Nights before missions were usually like that—caught in thoughts and plans and speaking very little. But that night had been free for both of them; she had just returned from the Wave country and his next mission wasn't for another week or so. She had studied his face, the slight frown, the worried brow. After all the hours spent together, speaking quietly in the darkness, her interpretation skills had sharpened but still, on his silent, introspective days, she still struggled to know exactly what he was feeling. When she glanced his way again, their eyes had met and she smiled.

"You're quiet." He had smirked in response. "I thought you might've picked that up about me by now."

Rolling her eyes, she had nudged him playfully. "I meant more than usual."

He shrugged. "Just thinking."

"Care to think aloud for my benefit?" she slipped her arm around his. When he tugged her closer to him, eliminating the small space between them, she had smiled slightly, in victory. To think, a mere few months before, he had stiffened at any public physical contact. Of course he hadn't had any problems with physical expression at her doorstep as he said goodnight and even less when he had invited her to his house for dinner. But in the open air with a possibility of being seen? Suddenly, his hands would freeze at his sides. But finally, she had desensitized him.

"I was thinking about the past two months." she had nodded encouragingly, patiently. "And the time we've spent together...I've enjoyed it."

"Me too. I'm even enjoying our time together now, despite how cold it is." His face had remained unfazed, still folded in what seemed like apprehension. Or maybe, annoyance.

"I'd like to spend more time with you." he had paused as if reviewing his statements, and for emphasis, had added, "Exclusively."

She had stopped walking, mostly to savor the moment but he had interpreted her stillness differently and hurriedly tried to make his case.

"You are important to me Sakura. I feel, different with you here. Better. And I think—I'm sure—that you'll be good for me. And we can be good together. As a...if you...if we entered—" he sighed quietly, frustrated at his own reluctance to utter words so removed from his vocabulary. As he studied her face, searching for a reaction, she could see plainly how much her silence worried him; how the anxiety pulsed through the darkness of his eyes. "I know that I'm emotionally stunted and not an ideal suitor—". He frowned in further frustration when she had begun to laugh which only fueled her chuckles. "What's funny?"

"You're ridiculous." Gently, her gloved hand cradled his face. What made him think he had to justify himself? To convince her to say 'yes'? The sentiment behind his words had been there in his eyes, searing and true. His willingness to learn, his desire to love, his yearning to care and protect. Emotionally stunted? Not ideal? She had laughed before pulling herself into his kiss.

The red 1-11 glared menacingly from the clock's corner. Sakura glared back.

At 8:50, the knocking began. Politely, at first, a few raps every 15 seconds or so. When it evolved into a continuous pounding, Sakura finally extracted herself from her sheets and pulled herself to the door. She undid the chain lock, revealing Ino balancing a white box in one hand and clutching a thermos in the other. "Took you long enough, Forehead. I've only been knocking for an eternity." Without waiting for a response, she pushed her way into the apartment, retrieved two mugs from the kitchen, and carefully poured the contents of her thermos into each, speaking as she worked. "I figured you'd need a little kick-start today since it's your first non-anniversary so I brought some freshly brewed tea, assorted pastries from our favorite café, and me, of course."

"I'm supposed to be at work in ten minutes." Ino waved off the statement before Sakura could finish.

"Being late won't kill you. And seeing as how you're still in your pajamas, you weren't in any hurry to get to work anyway. So sit!" she commanded and wedged the box of goods between them. "You'll be less mopey with some sugar in your system."

With two fingers, Sakura selected a pastry and took a bite, her other hand held beneath her chin to catch any fallen crumbs. After swallowing, she licked the traces of sugar from her lips and sighed. "Sasuke used to bring me pastries whenever—"

"Nope! None of that!" Ino pushed Sakura's hand closer to her face, forcing the food towards her mouth. "Don't get all nostalgic. That's the last thing you need."

Rolling her eyes, she mumbled through her dough-filled mouth. "You expect me to not be nostalgic on what would have been our four year anniversary?"

"Yes. That is exactly what I expect. January 11th is now just another day to you. There is no reason to revisit old memories and make yourself miserable."

"I can't help it!" she slumped into the couch, frowning. "I wanna think about how happy we were and then about how unhappy we were and then about how happy or unhappy we could've been. It's all I'm gonna think about today." Sakura's slump deepened until her entire body slid off the couch with a groan. She buried her face in the cushions. "This is the worst."

Still chewing, Ino nodded her head in solidarity while choosing another sweet from the box. "Yeah, it sucks. All you can do is try and keep your thoughts in the present, y'know?"

Sakura nodded as much as the cushion would allow, more to herself than to Ino.


Shaking her head to dispel another memory, Sakura turned her attention to the paperwork on her desk. Three piles: patient release forms to review, medical-nin trainee evaluations to complete, miscellaneous administration busy work to skim and sign. It would normally only take about two hours, but with her drifting mind, it could take her all day. Folding her arms above the paperwork, she laid her head down with a thud.

She was better than this, wasn't' she? Why should one simple day undo her progress and throw her back into the memory-bogged, mopey state of months past? One simple day that really didn't mean anything anymore. At least, it shouldn't have meant anything. Sighing, she closed her eyes.

She wondered if the day meant anything to him. Maybe he had caught sight of the date and fell into a reverie, plagued by thoughts of her. Or maybe January 11th was just another day to him.

"Sakura-sama?" Looking up and finding no one, Sakura turned to the intercom on her desk that was emitting a murmured stream of background voices. Glancing down, she shuffled the unfilled forms before pressing the red circular button to respond. "Yes?"

"This is Sora from the emergency department. We have a shinobi who is requesting that you treat him."

"Please explain to the shinobi that I am not on call in the emergency department today, so I cannot be 'requested'." Sora was quiet for a moment.

"Well Sakura-sama, we've already explained this. But he said that if you do not come downstairs, he will come upstairs to find you."

Her eyes narrowed knowingly. "Did he now?" As Sora muttered a confirmation, a voice in the distance boomed over the static. "Ne Sakura, hurry up! I've been waiting for an eternity."

Of course it was him. "I'll be down in a moment Sora." For a moment, she paused, glancing at her paperwork, briefly entertaining the idea of completing some of it in the break room after dealing with her guest. If she was being honest with herself, a change in scenery wasn't likely to increase her productivity that much. She pushed away from her desk with a slight groan, stretched her limbs, and proceeded into the hallway, listening as her heels clicked rhythmically against the linoleum floors. As she turned the corner and approached the elevator, the sound of hurried, heavier steps, echoed behind her, growing in volume until there was a cheerful "Hey!" by her side. She looked over to her company: Hiroshi, a field medic whom she had befriended during his temporary position at the hospital. Though befriended insinuated that there was some sort of choice in the act; he had really forced the 'friendship' onto her.

He smiled. "Where were you this morning? You missed our ritual coffee date."

"I keep telling you that overlapping break times don't constitute as dates Hiroshi."

"And I keep telling you that that's your opinion Sakura." At his sing-songy tone, she smirked slightly. They had reached the elevators and in lieu of responding, she watched the numbers above the doors light up. Hiroshi's gaze flitted between the lights and her face several times before he said anything. "So is that it? You're not going to give me the 'I've-made-it-very-clear-that-I-don't-date-co-workers' spiel?"

She glanced at him briefly and shook her head. "Nope." With a ding, the chrome doors separated and Sakura stepped inside, a bewildered Hiroshi following. He ran a hand through his deep auburn hair, slightly shaggier now that a month had passed since he had cut it, per hospital policy. He had spent his first week sighing when he had instinctively reached for his now non-existent ponytail.

"First you skip morning coffee and now you're purposefully passing on an opportunity to scold me. This is very unlike you Sakura." He stretched a hand towards her forehead. "You're not sick are you?"

Rolling her eyes, she lightly slapped his hand away. "I'm fine Hiroshi. Shouldn't you be doing something other than bothering me? Like studying for your relicensing exam? You won't be permitted to go on missions again as a field medic if you don't pass your final evaluation. Your past ones have been unfavorable because your knowledge of poisons is weak in comparison to—"

He groaned and leaned against the faux wooden panel of the elevator wall. "Here you go again, twisting the conversation back to work. Can't we ever just talk about you?"

"It seems like all we do is talk about me. Or at least you do. Why don't we talk about you for once?" An automated voice announced the arrival to the ground floor and Sakura stepped through the sliding doors, immediately falling into her naturally brisk pace. After a month, Hiroshi had learned that if he ever wanted to hold a conversation with Sakura that wasn't stationary, he had to adjust his speed accordingly.

"No, it doesn't work that way. See, you have the nifty advantage of having a folder with all my information in it. I don't have that cheat sheet so I have to get information the old fashioned way, from the horse's mouth. And since you skipped morning coffee, I get two questions now."

She sighed. She usually allowed him one per break. No one word answers on the condition that the questions weren't too personal. A harmless ritual, usually. "Fine, two then. However—" her addendum interrupted Hiroshi's quick fist pump. "I'm gonna have to give you a rain check."

"Aw, what?! Aren't you on your way to the break room?"

"No, I have a patient to tend to. So you'll just have to save your questions until later."

"Alright. I'll wait—" Before she turned down the hallway, Sakura paused and eyed him with her peripherals, waiting for him to say whatever line was causing a smile to hover at the corner of his lips. His hazel eyes looked into hers as he grabbed her hand, and said with an overdramatic flair, "Because, my dear, you're worth the wait." Quickly bending at the waist, his lips nearly met her hand before she pulled it from his grip. Unintentionally, she smiled at his murmured 'so close'.

"This is a hospital Hiroshi, not some stereotypical soap opera romance."

"It could be one, but you're so adamant about this 'no relationships in the workplace' thing. Good thing I'll be back to my old field medic position soon. Then things will really pick up speed. No more of this 'will-they-or-won't-they' sexual tension, am I right?" She chuckled and turned down the hall, calling behind her "Goodbye Hiroshi."

"Goodbye Sakura-sama."he replied, with extra emphasis on the suffix before heading towards the opposite hallway.

As Sakura passed the front desk, Sora handed her a clipboard with a folder and sheet fastened to it. "He's in room number four Sakura-sama."

"Thank you Sora." With a few steps she was there, opening the door to reveal a bare chested Naruto wincing as he poked at the wound on his shoulder. "Naruto. I keep telling you that if I'm not on call in the emergency department, you can't 'request' me." she pulled a pair of gloves from the small box sitting on the metal shelf next to the door, pulling them on as she waited for his response.

"Can't I get a 'hello' before you start yelling at me? Gosh, you'd think you'd be a little nicer to your patient." Already, she had laid out her supplies and grabbed ahold of his arm. Once the alcohol wipe made contact with the open skin and Naruto shouted, trying to remove his arm from her grip. "Geez! Couldn't you warn me?!" With one movement, she dropped the wipe into the trash can and picked up the aerosol spray on the counter. She muttered an empty sorry before she generously sprayed antiseptic into the wound. Naruto shrieked. Maintaining her hold on his arm with her left hand, she sutured the skin together with two fingers steadily emanating chakra, ignoring Naruto's whimpers. She checked her watch when she finished: two minutes, forty seconds. Not her best time.

"You're good to go." As he shrugged on his shirt, she heard him murmur grumpily under his breath, shooting her a glare every so often. She smiled, holding out his jacket for him. "You're welcome Naruto."

He jumped off the examination bed. "Yeah, yeah. Anyways, the real reason I wanted you to fix me up was so I could take you to lunch after. When's your lunch break?"

She stayed quiet for a moment before responding. "You don't have to do that anymore Naruto."

He threw his arm around her shoulder as they walked towards the door. "Yeah but I've treated you to lunch on January 11th for so long now, why stop? We can just catch a bite without celebrating anything, right?"

Sakura frowned slightly. "I guess so."

"Come on Sakura! It'll be great. Why stay cooped up in your office doing boring things when you could be eating at Ichiraku with me?" Playfully, he nudged her and poked her side, causing her to jump and swing her elbow at him. He laughed at her whiny protest. "So you're gonna come?"

She looked up at him and as always, his grin was encouraging. Sighing, she weighed her options, knowing that she probably wouldn't be getting much done during her break anyway. Her nod of agreement was met with a squeeze and a cheer.

"Alright! To Ichiraku!"

The walk to the food stand was filled by Naruto's continuous chattering as he recounted every detail of his day so far. However, by the time the pair had ordered and Sakura had taken her first few bites and Naruto his first few gulps, he had exhausted his selection of stories and the next inevitable topic hung waiting between them. Sakura's chopsticks created slow, lazy circles in the broth. She could feel Naruto's eyes studying her. She spoke without turning to him: "You can ask me, if you want."

"Well." he laid down his chopsticks. "How're you feeling?"

"Kinda shitty actually. I really thought I wouldn't though which is disappointing." she picked up a slice of egg and chewed it slowly. "It's just frustrating. I tell myself I'm over it. There are days when I feel like I'm completely over it. And then there's today when everything that I thought was buried comes back."

With a full mouth, Naruto nodded in understanding although his face was slightly confused. He had never truly understood all the emotions related to relationships. But ever since Sakura had begun seriously dating years ago, he had tried to be a listening ear, even if he couldn't offer much advice in return. "If it'll make you feel better, I can find him and give him a punch for you."

Sakura smiled, briefly looking up at him. "Thanks Naruto. It's good to know the option's there if I really needed it."

"No problem!" he sucked up a heap of noodles.

"So are you still training with Lee?" Sakura said, moving the conversation to an area more comfortable for both of them.

As the conversation began anew, Sakura allowed her eyes to absentmindedly scan the multitude of people passing back and forth in front of the stand. The narrow path was filled more than usual now that it was lunch hour. Shop employees nearby hung white wooden "out for lunch" signs from pegs and nails on the doors of their stores. Food stand workers, still with their aprons tied around their waists and the remnants of lunch tucked in their cheeks, tried to hurry back to their respective stations before lines became backed up. Shinobi and kunoichi conversed as they walked towards their usual restaurants, academy students running towards their favorite lunch spots in order to make it back before class resumed, vendors selling goods from the boxes they carried, and—Misaki.

Standing to the side of one of the intersecting roads, she held a small box wrapped in the brown crinkled paper. Her face was puckered, annoyed, seemingly, that she hadn't beaten the lunch crowd and would have to be packed into the large group of citizens.

"Did you know she's leaving Anbu?"

Starting, Sakura turned to Naruto who had followed her gaze and was glancing at Misaki as well. "She's what?"

He nodded, turning back to his bowl. "Yup. While I was waiting to talk to Tsunade obaa-chan I—"

"Naruto! I thought you stopped eavesdropping on Tsunade-sama!"

"I did! Until she started holding out on me. There were three A-ranked missions she assigned that day and not even once did she consider me! But anyways, like I was saying, while I was waiting to talk to Obaa-chan, I happened to overhear her conversation with Misaki. She left her team a few months ago so she's been doing solo missions. But last week, she decided to take a break from the division entirely." Finished sharing his information, Naruto tipped back the bowl to drink the rest of the broth and gestured to Teuchi to bring him another.

"A break?" It couldn't be due to the stress of the position. Misaki loved the difficulty of ANBU missions: she thrived on it. Sakura watched her finally enter the mass of moving people. She created her own space, never moving around people, simply walking through them, not caring if others were jostled. "Do you think it's because of Sasuke?"

With her eyes still on Misaki's approaching figure, she felt Naruto shrug beside her. "Don't know. She never said. Maybe nobody in ANBU wanted to do missions with a homewrecker."

As if she could feel Sakura's gaze, Misaki looked up. Briefly, their eyes met each other's before Misaki's face tightened into a scowl, her eyes glaring. Taken aback, Sakura turned back to her food. She looked at her warbled face, reflected in the bowl.

Strangely, the moment before Misaki had processed whose gaze was on hers, Sakura had noticed some emotion lining her eyes. Anger was there of course, but even more so, there was some other emotion underneath it that had affected her somehow. She glanced out once more, catching the tip of her ponytail before it disappeared around the corner of a building. She continued stirring absentmindedly at her food, Misaki's glower still staring in her mind.


Somehow, Sakura's three raps on the door sounded much louder than she expected. There was a shuffling within that stopped once it neared the door. Darkness blocked the peephole. Sakura counted the whorls in the wood, waiting for the door to open, wondering if it would.

Finally it did. Misaki, with a frown already pressed into her face, glared from the doorway. Minute golden flecks still shone across her cheeks and nose. Her hair, twisted in a wispy knot at her neck, still glinted in the light. "Yes?" It was easy to hear the blatant incredulity in her tone, the scathing 'what could you possibly want' pushing through her throat.

Absently, Sakura reached for the ends of her hair to occupy her hands, remembered its current length, and opted to fiddle with the hem of her coat instead. She brought herself here, didn't she? With an intention that seemed clearer when she wasn't on the doorstep.

"Hi. I wanted to talk."

"...Talk." Stark flatness cut her tone, leaving her response without a questioning tone.

They studied each other in the silence.

"Can I come in?"

Sakura could see the immediate 'no' flash across her features; she had expected a much. However, when Misaki turned and walked away, she left the door ajar behind her, and Sakura followed her in. She acknowledged that a meek gesture to the couch would be the most hospitality she would be receiving that visit. Sakura sat gingerly at the end of the cushion. Misaki sank into the wooden chair opposite her. She clapped her hands together.

"So what exactly did you want to talk about? Feelings? Regrets?"

From the sarcasm underlining her words, Sakura knew this was going to be difficult. She took a breath before she began. "This whole thing has been on my mind lately and I was curious—"

"Curious?!" It was a harsh, humorless laugh that burst from her chest, nearly a gasp. "You want to know why he did it, don't you? How your perfect Sasuke-kun could possibly ever fuck some other girl. You want me to tell you it was all my fault, right? That I lured him to me with my seductress powers and that if it wasn't for me, you'd still be shacked up together playing house. Is that what you came for? You want me to apologize for fucking your man?" she leaned forward, teeth clenched. "Because I'm not sorry."

Sakura gritted her teeth against the words frothing in her mouth. The annoyance was there but she wouldn't let anger seep in. That's what she wanted: a reaction. She took a calming breath. "It's been months. What I want is to move on. I'm not looking to be your friend or even polite or cordial. Just give me the last part to this story, I'll leave, and we never have to talk again. That's it."

Misaki gazed at the floor, heaving, angry, hesitant. Her mouth opened as if to speak and shut immediately, on its own accord. In her speechlessness, Sakura assumed defiance and as she shifted her weight, preparing to stand from the couch, Misaki turned towards her and began. She adjusted herself in the chair, sitting upright. Her eyes looked directly into hers. "All I wanted was him.

"I had never wanted someone like I wanted him. I never dated seriously because I could never find anyone who I felt on-par with, who was equal on all levels with me. Intelligence, skill, emotions, maturity. So I stopped looking. I was alone and fine with it. So when I first met Sasuke," the name twisted harshly in her mouth, "I never looked at him as a potential suitor or anything like that—I actually didn't care for him much. Everyone in our squadron held some kind of weird reverence for him, like he was some kind of fucking legend just because he was the last living member of his family and had returned to the village after defecting. I heard all the stories, all the rumors and I frankly couldn't give two shits what Uchiha Sasuke had done or what he was doing. I was over the hype. And then he was named the captain of our Anbu team.

"I wasn't thrilled but he was efficient and easy to work with so I dealt with it. I couldn't tell you the moment I started seeing him differently. I guess after watching him lead and protect and direct, I just started realizing that he was a good guy. Mission after mission went by and I was more impressed every time. Skillful and smart and hardworking and attractive and respected and polite—he wasn't the warmest but neither was I so it would work. I thought he was so captivating; it was like his eyes were always hiding some stirring message. He seemed perfect and with the way I was getting caught up in these crush-like feelings, I knew I had to go for it. Of course, that's when I discovered that he was utterly unavailable.

"When you first introduced yourself, it made me angry to know that he had settled for you. It made sense I guess, that after returning to the village, he would date his old teammate, in a nostalgic 'childhood sweetheart' kind-of way. Asking around, you would think you were some kind of saint the way people talked. They'd say how skilled you were, how pretty, how kind, how loving. I couldn't care less. All I knew was how unfair it was that the one man who was right for me was taken. But, there was nothing I could do so I told myself, 'well, that's life' and tried to forget about it all, ignore what I was feeling. But he was my team captain; I saw him too much to forget. The more time I spent with him, the more my feelings developed and the more insignificant you seemed, despite being so fucking present all the time.

"I knew the moment when something started going wrong between you two. Of course he never said a word but the strain was definitely in his eyes. I waited. I watched him grow surly, you became flat and compliant. I was sure, that you were on the brink of separating. I waited. I pushed myself into his personal life so I would be present there too, so he would see me and realize what he could have. Time passed, he became unhappier. You were his partner in name but there was no relationship there. I waited.

"Finally I succeeded, brought him to me. This was it: the first step. Then he would leave and be with me. Finally, Sasuke would want me. I had waited for this, for him. He was holding me in his arms, I could hardly breathe I was so excited and then—" she broke her gaze and huffed. Her eyes were accusing when they returned to meet Sakura's. "And then, as he was screwing me, he whispered your name.

"I was nothing more than a temporary escape. I was frustrated, of course, even furious. But I couldn't help being hopeful, believing that after some time, he would come to see me as more than a distracting fuck. I'd waited this long, I could wait some more. In no time, Sasuke would see the potential in me. But nooooo."she smiled, bitterness grooved within each smile line. "He couldn't possibly see me as anything more than some side tail. Because even though you were lifeless and gray and practically useless, he remembered what you had been like before and couldn't let you go. Leave Sakura? His precious Sakura? Never.

"Every time I brought it up, he'd glare at me as if I was suggesting the unspeakable. For fuck's sake, he couldn't even look at you anymore! Did that matter? No. Did it matter that I was sitting here, loving him more than he deserved? No. Did I matter at all? NO. I knew I was waiting for the impossible. I knew he wouldn't leave. But whenever he knocked in the middle of the night, I never hesitated to open the door. Never."

Abruptly, she directed her unblinking glare away from Sakura's gaze and turned away. Her right leg, bounced anxiously against the ground and her hand clutched her left shoulder. Sakura could see her jaw move as she chewed at her bottom lip.

A tighter strain pulled at her words when she began again, a palpable bitter hysteria. "Then, I returned from a solo mission and your house was a pile of soot and burnt wood, still steaming. It was...a symbol of hope, my beacon of light in the darkness. I was probably grinning on my way to the hospital. I could see it unfolding: I would get patched up, I'd find Sasuke. He'd explain that it was over between you two and finally, I could be his, in the truest sense. Of course, I didn't get the chance to search for him, he found me, even though his visit to the hospital was intended to find you, not me. I guess I was too ecstatic to notice how angry he was when he followed me into my examination room." Underneath her tightening grip, the blood left the skin of her shoulder.

"He thought—" she chuckled once. "He thought I had told you what we had been doing, to sabotage your 'relationship' and speed things along towards 'some crazy dream' I had. Our possible future was simply 'some crazy dream'. Because after all, I was still the other woman. And that's what, it seemed like, I would remain. Not even when you told him it was over did he think of being with me. I was the mistake. The other. Not the woman that loved him too." Her sarcastic laugh was breaking, showing the quivering sobs waiting behind. "I begged for him to stay. Cried. I could've ripped out my hair and dyed it pink and in the end, he'd still want you. That's all he ever wanted. You. I've never loved anyone the way I loved Sasuke but all I am is a woman he sometimes calls 'Sakura' during sex. How un-fucking-fair, right?"

Misaki's eyes, reddening and glistening and aching, flickered upwards, meeting Sakura's. She realized now, why their brief exchanged glance had bothered her, why the memory of it had brought her to Misaki's door. The rejection and loneliness finally succeeded and Misaki's thin shoulders shook with sobs. Slowly, Sakura stood, moved to the other side of the coffee table and quietly sat atop of it, adjacent to Misaki's shaking form. Saying nothing, she stretched her hand across Misaki's lap, softly touching the fist balled there. For a moment, sitting there by this woman whose heart ached for a man who didn't love her; it was as if she was watching herself cry.

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