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(Deadliest Warrior insignia shows up)dun dun dun dun DUN!

Kratos, Dante, if these two faced each other in battle, who would demolish the other? We are here to for the answer.

One of Kratos' most dangerous weapons: The Nemean Cestus! Metallic terror to all who stand in his way.

"These are the Nemean Cestuses." Said Kratos. "Whoa! These are HEAVY!" Said Geoff holding them. "It takes skill and strength to even swing these, let alone accurately use them. With skill you can eviscerate entire armies!"

"They seem unwieldy." Said Max, "Tell me, do they have enough speed to get a good shot without having to sacrifice time?"

"Let's test it!" Geoff replied. They went over to pig carcasses. "Okay, we've got pig carcasses here and I'm gonna put a pressure sensors on the pigs, that way we'll be able to tell how much power those weapons have."

They set up the equipment and Geoff said, "Okay, you ready Kratos?"

"Ready!" Shouted Kratos.


Kratos went berserk and bashed the carcasses like a drunk, angry, blood thirsty, gorilla. He began to change up his attacks, using the chains and his other various attacks. The Cestuses were drenched in pig blood.

"DUDE! THE CARNAGE!" Shouted Geoff, "The ratings are beyond anything considered possible!"

Armand just stood there and said, "I…don't have to say anything but, total destruction."

But Dante isn't fazed.

"Those hunks of metal are they best examples of what happens when you make a weapon for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Clunky, big and clumsy, they lack some serious speed and finesse. But most of all they lack style. Style is always important!" Said Dante with a smile.

"I fight to kill, not to show off. If it causes death to my enemies, I'll use it, regardless of any lack of dancing or flamboyance." Kratos replied, "A warrior is a fighter, not a dancer."

"I see you're the life of every party."

"Okay guys" Said Max, "We aren't done yet, Dante still has yet to show us his weapon."

Dante's short range tool is known as: Beowulf, gauntlets and greaves that harness light for deadly power!

"The gauntlets and grieves that I am wearing are known as Beowulf. They are harnessed with light adding to the already great power." Said Dante.

"We're gonna have you punch this punching bag with a pressure sensor in it. Give one, unharnessed punch."

Dante did so and Geoff said, "Great one! Now punch with the harnessed power of light." Dante punch using such power, hit the bag hard. "Whoa dude, that was cool! The readings went way up!" "If you think that that's all, wait'll ya see what else these can do dude!"

They went outside where there were multiple dummies. "Okay, these targets are there for you to unleash hell upon. I want what I didn't already see, you ready?"

"Always!" Dante charged, and then shot a blast of concentrated light at the targets. He then jumped and came down spreading energy upon the ground. He round house kicked and rose with a triple rising fist. Everyone but Kratos was stunned.

"Light? How poetic of you. You're using the power of light to defeat your enemies. That's so Final Fantasy." Said Kratos mockingly.

"You laugh now, but these came from Beowulf the Light Beast. These came from death."

"So did mine….they were from Herculese….my BROTHER!"

"Oh….sorry dude."

"I don't care for such things anyways…."



"….Devil…May …..Cry…"

"You…fought your brother…too?"



"Do we give our edge?" Wispered Max to Armand.

"Might as well." Armand replied, "I think that the cestuses, while deadly, were clumsy in comparison to the versatility and functionality of the Beowulf."

"I got say, the cestuses were ferocious." Said Geoff, "But you're right, when compared to the power and versatility of the Beowulf, they just don't measure up."

"Edge: Beowulf!" Said Max

The edge goes to Dante's Beowulf!

Kratos and Dante were still just standing there, almost completely silent, both thinking of their losses in their warpath. The spoils of war cannot cover up the losses of war.


"My wife…..Calliope, my…..daughter..."

Well…uuuuuuuhhhh. Y'know, we'll just, jump to commercial. Dante, Kratos, both warriors, but only ONE is the DEADLIEST!

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