It had been a few years since the Cullens left and I had healed the whole in my heart with help from Jacob and his pack. I wasn't in the mood today to hang out with the pack so I decided to just take a walk around town. I knew it wasn't totally safe with Victoria on the prowl but it's what I needed. New scenery, one without the half naked were wolves around. I looked around the town and there were a few people on the streets, but not many. It was raining but it was only a light drizzle. I made a left on the corner and walked up to the book store, waved to a few people who said hello to me and walked over to the section of books I always go to. I was 21, free to do whatever I please. I lived in my own apartment and I had a job at the hospital that was down the road from the apartment complex I lived in. I had gone to school to be a nurse and that wasn't easy stuff, I was still in school for another year. I picked up a few books from the shelves and walked over to the checkout counter.

"Hey Bella." Angela smiled. Angela was out of college now that she was able to get out sooner because of how smart she was and I had taken a year off from school to be with Jake and the pack, but that was what I needed. She worked at the hospital in Portland but had a part time job with the book store when she needed a few extra bucks in her pocket. "Have you heard the news?" She asked as she rang me up.

"What news?" I smiled. She wasn't one for gossip but when she did have gossip it was nice and juicy gossip.

"There's been a divorce in the Cullen family." She smiled. I was appalled by the news and the whole in my heart grew weak with sorrow for whoever it was.

"How did that get to Forks?" I asked.

"One of them is in town, but they're mystery, we don't know who." Angela said.

"Haven't they always been a mystery?" I smiled at my own pun that she wouldn't get, she smiled anyway "Well if we don't know who then who got the gossip of the divorce?" I asked.

"I don't know but now's your chance to go and try to get Edward back." She said.

"I don't want Edward Angela; I thought we established that long ago." I said with a smile. I was excited that a Cullen was back in town, but the sad part was that I wondered if the gossip was true.

I handed Angela money as we continued to talk and I had been finished buying the books but Angela and I still talked for a good twenty minutes after.

"Alright, call me when you have a day off and we can go to Port Angeles and go get a few drinks or something." I smiled.

"I will Bella, take care of yourself." She said and I walked out. I zippered my jacket again and I kept walking back to the apartments. All that was really going through my head was who got the divorce and who was in town.

I walked out the parking lot and saw that someone was parked next to my Honda civic. It wasn't a car I recognized in the parking lot before. My old Chevy truck decided to quit as I was coming home from the hospital once. I walked up to my building and walked the stairs to my door. There I found a man with short brown hair and pale skin sitting on the floor waiting. He was a familiar face that hadn't been in town for a while but he defiantly was not a new comer; he had been here before and had been part of my family at one point. It was Emmett Cullen.