Hey guys! So I have a new story out called Come Home and it's about Bella gets a job in Chicago as a publicist's intern and meets some people by the name of Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Elizabeth Masen. This story takes you on the journey Bella goes through while her time is in Chicago. Then her journey goes from Chicago to Forks and now Jake's gone missing and she has to go find him. It is a Bella/Edward/Jacob pairing story. When I thought of it I fell in love with the idea. I hope that you guys will be willing to give it a chance. It's not doing as well as I hoped. Hits are low and I'm kind of falling into a slump because of it. So if you could just pop over and read it. People who are reading it now don't know about the whole Jake missing thing so that's my treat for you if you go over a review the story and read it. You get a little peek at it.