Hi there! This is set after they solve their first case. Gillian is still married to Alec and Cal is still married to Zoe. This is going to be a two-part story! Enjoy!

Seven years ago - 2003

Gillian walked into the bar relieving her from the crisp autumn weather. She looked around and spotted Cal, who was sitting at a table by himself. She walked up to him and he stood to greet her. They briefly gave each other a hug and sat down at the table. Gillian asked, "So where is Zoe? I thought she was going to be with you."

He shrugged his shoulders as he called the waitress over. "She has to get ready for a case, so she decided to stay at home. What do you want to drink?"

Gillian took her coat off and said, "Dirty martini with two olives."

He told the waitress her order and a scotch neat for himself. He turned back to her and asked, "So where is Alec tonight? I thought you both were coming over together from a party."

The waitress came back with their drinks. "He had some work he needed to do, so he took the car and I took a cab." She raised her glass and cheered, "Here's to solving our first case together!"

Cal chimed in, "Here's to solving a million more cases!" They both took their sip and fell into an awkward silence. "Umm, so Alec works at the State Department?"

Gillian nodded her head, "Yeah, he works with the Asian governments. He likes it a lot. He wants to eventually move to Tokyo."

Cal looked at her for a couple seconds, "You don't want to go to Tokyo, though. You hate the thought of it actually."

She sat up straighter and quietly said, "I thought you weren't going to read me. In fact that was a stipulation I had before joining you." She looked down at her glass, clearly embarrassed that she had to even bring it up.

He looked down in embarrassment too. They slipped into another awkward silence, occasionally sipping their drinks. When they finished their drinks the waitress came over. "You want me to get you another round?"

Gillian looked at Cal, "I should get going."

Cal downed the rest of his drink, "Yeah me too."

However they didn't move a muscle. Gillian didn't want to go back to an empty bed and Cal didn't want to go back to a fight. The waitress took it upon herself to say, "How about I get you another round till you make up your mind." She turned around and went back to the bar.

They still didn't move they just stared at each other. The waitress came back and gave them their drinks. Gillian was the one who spoke up first, "Umm, how is Emily doing?"

Cal's face lit up when he talked about his daughter Emily. "She is doing fine! We just enrolled her into karate and soccer. I'm thought it was a great idea for her to take those sports."

"And why is that" She grinned knowing full well what the answer was.

"So that when she starts to date, when I allow her to date, she will know how to kick and karate chop if they try to get fresh with her." Gillian started to giggle. "What?"

She was in a full laugh, "She just turned 9, who is she going to fight off, a mountain bear?"

Cal sarcastically laughed, "HA. HA. Just in case, she will be able to protect herself."

Gillian drank the rest of her martini and told the waitress, "Can I have a beer, whatever's on draft." Cal signaled that he wanted another scotch. "Seriously Cal, I don't know how you can drink those. Just the smell alone gets my head spinning."

"Well it's quite simple, if you want to get mind bleeding drunk, then you drink the cheapest, worst scotch you can find. If you want to have a nice, and I mean very nice buzz, then go for the more expensive scotch; like Johnny Walker which is a nice scotch whiskey."

The waitress dropped off the beer and scotch. "I think I will stick to my martinis and beer." She drank a big gulp, sighed and said, "I love beer." This time both of them laughed.

Then they fell into another silence, however this one wasn't so awkward. Cal twirled his glass in his hand. "Umm, listen Gillian, I'm sorry about before. It's a lot harder for me to stop reading people."

She leaned in and placed her hand on his. She had done this so many times with different family members and friends, but this time it seemed different. Electricity seemed to soar through her body and apparently Cal felt the same thing. They looked at each other but Gillian didn't move her hand. "Cal, umm, it's fine. You're right of course; I don't want to move to Tokyo. I don't know how many fights we had…" She looked down, humiliated that she confessed to having a less than perfect marriage.

Cal scooted his chair next to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. The same electricity coursed through their bodies. "You aren't the only ones who fight. It seems like every waking moment Zoe and I are yelling at each other about something stupid."

She didn't dare look up; tears were threatening to come down her face. "That's horrible; how do you deal with it?"

He began to rub her shoulder, "Well the best part of fighting is making up. In some part of my mind, that's my favorite part of our relationship, other than Emily."

She wiped away a tear that escaped and at the same time she let out a chuckle. "Alec won't be home tonight. He is out with his co-workers. When I go home, it will be very lonely."

Cal sighed, "Well, I have nothing but a fight waiting for me at home." A smile started to dance on his lips. "So let's get bloody shitfaced tonight!" He had the waitress order up two shots of tequila.


Well after closing time, Gillian and Cal stumbled out of the bar. Both had ran up their bar tab to a considerable amount but at their present intoxication level, they didn't care. They held on to one another as they walked down the street trying to find a taxi. Gillian twirled around, almost losing her balance and said, "Where the hell is a taxi? You would think they would be making a lot of money this time of night."

Cal placed his hands on her hips to steady her from falling and asked, "And what kind of night is this?"

She looked back and started to laugh, "Closing time, there should be a whole bunch of people taking cabs instead of driving home. Please tell me you never drove home drunk."

Before he could answer, they rain clouds they saw earlier in the day opened up. He grabbed her hand and dragged her to a store front awning. She tripped over a piece of brick and held out her hands to catch her fall. Thankfully Cal was able to catch her but not before slamming into the wall with his back. He lifted her up slowly by her elbows. They were so close to each other that their noses were touching. They stared at each other, alternating their stares from the eyes to the lips. All at once, they came together and connected their lips. Cal snaked his arms around her and brought her even closer to his body. In reaction, she let her hands explore his body, eventually finding his neck. Out of sheer need for oxygen, they parted. Almost immediately, both felt shame and embarrassment.

Gillian pushed herself away from Cal and looked out onto the street. She whispered, "I see a cab coming." She looked at him; half hopeful, half guilty.

Cal walked out into the rain and hailed the cab. Once the car stopped, Gillian scooted in; however Cal was not following her. She looked at him questioningly. He shook his head and said, "We both know we can't."

She grabbed his hand, the rain never dulling the voltage. "That doesn't mean you can stay out here and catch a cold. Come, he can stop by your house first since it's closer. Then he can drop me off at mine."

He nodded and scooted into the cab. The ride to his house was an uncomfortable one. Half way there, Gillian began to tear up again. She didn't say anything or make any noises. However Cal knew it, so he clutched her hand and held on tight.

When the car stopped in front of his house, he looked over and kissed her on the cheek. "I'll give you a call and we'll see each other tomorrow." She wordlessly nodded. He caressed her cheek and whispered, "I'm sorry Gillian." He let go and stepped out. He went to the front window and gave the cabbie fare money for him and Gillian. He walked into his house, throwing the keys on the front table. He noticed the office light still on. He didn't want to face her, so he went up stairs and checked on Emily. She was sleeping so peacefully. After 10 minutes, he walked into the bedroom and lied in the bed with his wet clothes. He knew he was not going to be able to sleep that night.

The ride to her house was short. She walked to her house, noticing that the driveway had no car in it. She let herself in with her key and went straight up to her bedroom. Without even changing into her pajamas, she slipped into her bed with her wet clothes and cried herself to sleep.

Next chapter is set the morning after. Hope you liked it!