Climactic Arousal

Chapter 1

The night set in upon us quickly, and without the slightest amount of warning, as Cynder and I flew rapidly towards our home and friends as they themselves would have been recovering in the wake of Malefor's destruction. My body ached and yearned for a rest as the damp nighttime air whooshed through, and around, my ear drums and down my aerodynamically crafted body, gently cooling me down. I continually trembled with the small aftershocks of fear as they trickled down my spine slowly turning my veins to ice. Even hours after the threat had passed, I still seemed to fear that the power of that single dragon would be able to reverse time and throw me into the fight once more, but I know better consciously.

On my right wing I could feel the turbulence in the air flow off of Cynder as she flapped along beside me, and as I turned my gaze towards her I noticed her lucidly dark body riddled with the same sharp red gouges and dark black marks as myself. She noticed my eyes upon her and shot me a smug smile before I turned away and allowed questions to blaze into the forefront of my mind momentarily. "Did she remember saying that she loved me just before I had meant to sacrifice myself?", and "Did she really mean it or was she just saying it because she thought we were both about to die?" were the two biggest questions upon my mind among the others.

I turned my face back her way and noticed her head turned the opposite direction for the moment so I took the liberty to scan my eyes down the curvature of her outline lustfully before returning my forward glare unnoticed.

A few minutes later I could have sworn I saw her doing the same to me but when she was done she looked me directly in the face, "I think we should stop here to the night."

I turned towards her and found her emerald eyes focused directly into mine, as for some reason my body found excitement in our stopping, "I guess we should; I'm extremely tired anyhow."

She held her gaze and nodded until the point that I felt uncomfortable enough to turn away from her and look for a spot to land. "Cynder, there's a small clearing over there," I pointed out to her with my right paw crossing nearly in front of her face as I moved closer to her.

She followed my lead, but turned her head back towards me and shook her head back and forth, "I'd rather not stay there since we have no idea what the forest floor would be growing with there."

She turned back out before I did this time, but a few minutes later we turned to one another at the same moment and began to laugh uncontrollably. Through the laughter though, Cynder pushed out, "So I'll take it we're staying there then?" which renewed the laughter. It wasn't even funny but the unsaid tension between the two of us combined with the coincidence to make the occurrence laughable.

The horizon quickly rushed into view, and even in the pitch black of the moonless night, the stars provided enough light to catch a glimpse at the still green stalks of grass as they over crowded the acre meadow. Cynder turned to me slightly and gave me a faint smile, "I think this'll do nicely for the night, don't you?"

I nodded in acceptance keeping my eyes trained forward as I negotiated the thin opening in the overhanging tree tops descending me into an even more sight-hindering darkness. I trained the fronts of my wings down equally in proportion, slowly dropping off my speed, and plunging myself into the bramble of lush blades of grass which moved aside at the striking of my face and body clearing my way. Landing my feet equally onto the surface I took a few softening steps before finally coming to a rest in the ocean of plants and folding my wings in. I looked over to where Cynder had been only to see nothing but darkness stained green.

"Spyro?" her voice rang over top and through the vegetation drawing me towards her location only a few meters away where I met her eyes once more. "You land ok?" she asked glancing down my body. With all of the scars that I had sustained she couldn't have noticed any new ones in the daylight if I'd had any let alone at night.

"Nope, I landed alright, why?"

She blinked twice rapidly and sent a wavering smile as she realized that her assumptions had been incorrect, "No, it was just that you were walking limply."

"Oh, no, that's just from the fight."

I slowly dropped myself down onto the ground beside me trampling the grass sending tiny droplets of dew descending onto my face causing temporary cool spots there. Cynder looked down upon me with such a mix of emotions that a single one could not discern, and not all of them were of joy, but I could see that she was debating what she could say next.

Apparently, she couldn't decide what she wanted to say, because ten minutes passed and still nothing had been uttered between us. She laid down beside me now as we both gazed directly upwards into the starry night attempting not to waiver to sleep due to swirling thoughts and post battle anxiety.

I decided that I would speak up and break the silence, "So, what do you think you're going to go and do once you get back to the city and the guardians? I know you were intending to run away before because you didn't think you belonged, but," I trailed off; she'd understand what I was asking and I didn't want to sound like I wanted her to leave.

She sighed and looked over my way from the stars, "I'm not sure what I'm going to do; it all depends on how I'm received. If I'm still hated and don't have any friends other than the guardians then I don't think I'll have any other option, but to leave and find my own living elsewhere."

"You know I'll be by your side too, right?"

Smiling she turned over onto her side towards me, "Yes, I know that, silly."

I smiled in return and I rotated myself towards her smiling just for the fact that we'd finally gotten to be open with one another without our lives hanging in the balance. In turn she returned the smile and then quickly became a little more serious, "You know, what I said just before you," she trailed off then continued, "I meant every word of it."

Emotional receptors in my mind lit up with relief and satisfaction as the answer to the one question that I had sought the answer to most was answered undoubtedly and absolutely the way I had wanted it to be. I couldn't tell, nor cared what my reaction on the outside was, but judging from Cynder's return reaction I decided that it must have been pretty bright. "I think that it goes without saying that I feel the same for you at this point?"

She chuckled, "Yeah, your response sort of gave that whole thing away."

She wriggled her body over towards mine and looked down me in a highly caring manner before stopping a few inches from my face. Her face encompassed nearly my entire vision and I watched the reflection from her emerald eyes glance over my scars and bruises.

I moved in towards her lips slowly allowing the magic of the moment to pull upon my actions rather than my conscious. She saw where I was going with it and faced me straight on with bright, excited looking eyes which seemed to yearn for what was about to come as our open lips finally collided. Cold to the touch initially it was immediately ignored when the warm tongue made connection with my own with the barbed edges latching hold of one another as we breathed into each other passionately.

The only thing that I could feel outside of her tongue was her muscular tail wrapping it's self around my waist and her stomach inside my tail. She drew back and rotated her head to get a better vantage and we tangoed with our tongues once more swapping saliva and breath in a quick and zealous manifestation of desire.

This surely was going to be a night to remember now.

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