Climactic Arousal

Chapter 5
The Seventh

"As the days were absorbed into the pages of history like water gets sucked into a piece of parchment, Spyro was able to forget about everything that had been foretold him that day that he'd discovered Cynder's pregnancy. The book was returned, the shelf was forgotten, and the text was entirely and permanently devoured by obscurity."

-Prophecies Ch. 6 Pg. 317

The three littlest ones scurried playfully about on the floor in front of me unmindful of my watchful eye, while the other three each sat on the floor reading a book contently. Cynder had been back in the bathroom for a while and I'd started to subconsciously wonder what she was up to. Probably getting to get in the shower I figured anyways.

The pen between my paws stroked over the paper a few more times before poking the page solidly and creating a large dot towards the bottom of my last written word and setting the wet pen back in the bottle.

Toby, the dark green dragon who'd hatched only a few months prior along with Johnson, and William made his way back towards the hallway where he'd soon disappear from my perch on the couch. He was quite easily the largest of the three bothers who'd hatched the same day, and he tended to be more adventurous than the others. He'd likely be a powerful dragon one day, but today he was starting to get on my worn down nerves. I don't know what I'd do if there were any more than the six that we'd already had. I'd have to get out of the house to do some of the work that my guardian ship required if we'd got anymore that much was for sure. Cynder being a mother had more patience than what I did anyhow.

I set the hard covered book down on the coffee table and stepped over to where Toby crawled away. I looked down upon him and saw as his wobbly body struggled to make it over top of the worn smooth stone floor. It was adorable, but I couldn't allow him to wonder off while Cynder wasn't there to help me, and after all, in public, he wondering off could be the last thing that he did.

"Burdens once removed must be replaced upon the next. Number seven is not so lucky.

"Dark Blood falls for seven, climactic arousal creates a bond for better or for worse, and the seeds are sewn."

-Prophecies Ch. 6 Pg. 323

I gently lowered him back down upon the stone floor in the living room and took my place on the couch once again with a sigh and laid my head back on the head rest where it curved in. I hadn't gotten much sleep recently thanks mostly to the fact that I had to write up a new rule book for the school that was to re-open for the first time since the return of Malefor in a few weeks at the dragon temple.

I had nearly finished it, and I had two more days to do it in, so I decided to sit back and forget about it for the rest of the day. Slowly though everything dissolved and the world disappeared from before my eyes into a world that was clearly different from the one I'd been in before.

Everything was blurry and everything around me seemed to be doused in a bright white color, though I couldn't discern any particular thing from another. The only thing that wasn't white was the yellow that came out from beneath my vantage point. I assumed that this was my own body, though, not even that I could be sure of.

My hand was suddenly reaching for something off towards my right, and my line of sight moved there without my consent. The common color of wood was the only thing that seemed to change through the fuzziness.

Something came over my eyes as my paw was drawn up towards me, and immediately everything became clear. The walls were white around me, and drapes were pulled up around what I assumed to be a window to my left. I was propped up in the extremely soft hospital bed with a translucent tube fixed to my arm pumping a clear liquid into me. It gushed out into me and brought a small pressure point inside of me which stayed consistently.

My heart dropped as I realized where I was and what was going on. I was withered down, and my scales had slowly begun to fade into a greyish shade of their former glory. I knew that this was not the present based on the way that my consciousness was not in control of my own body, but the suddenness of the image entirely overwhelmed me.

A high pitched squeaking noise entered the room turning my head back to the door at my right hand side and finding a youthful bright yellow dragon, "Hey, bud."

Behind the cart I couldn't recognize him, but as he came out from behind it I noticed how similar his eyes were to Cynder's, and how similar the yellow that covered his body was to that of my youthful stomach's hue. The only problem was that I didn't know of any sons of mine that were yellow.

"Hey, dad, how are you doing?"

I held up my arm, "Not too great I guess, but a little bump in the head ain't going to stop me from going on though, Gregory. How are all of the others?"

He looked down at his feet and shook his head remorsefully, "I'm afraid that none of the others made it."

I didn't even know who they were, but still I felt remorse fill me to the brim "Oh."

"Do you have any ideas who did this dad? I'll go and get him, and I'll…" My future self cut him off through a deep sob.

"No, I have no idea who it is, and we likely never will."

He smiled largely and stared at the bag that hung on a rack directly beside him. I sat-up on my bed and faced him, but it was too late. He grabbed a syringe from the tray and stabbed the sharp portion through the thin plastic of the IV bag.

I woke-up from my dreamless slumber to find Cynder sitting on the couch beside me proud and magnificent with a smile on her face, "Morning sleepy head."

I blinked the sleep out of my eyes and noticed that the sun was shining into the opposite wind as what it was when I'd fallen asleep, "How long did I sleep?"

She laughed, "Oh, just about all night. It's almost noon already! You were kicking around quite a bit; I'm surprised that you didn't wake yourself up. Were you dreaming?"

It seemed as though I was, but I didn't remember what about, so I must not have been dreaming, "Nothing."

"Oh, well, Spyro, I have something important to tell you!"

"Yeah?" I asked excitedly.

"Our seventh hatchling is on its way and it's a male! His egg's gold!"

"This age is rung in upon the merciless hands of the newly appointed Electricity guardian as the guardianship is slowly, and violently torn apart around him. Though it is uncertain whether he is responsible for the destruction of the other guardians it is certain that he is the one who ultimately reawakens the use of dark forces in order to protect himself from a beast. This brings the protection given from the Dawn to and end and ultimately helps lead to the end of time."

-Prophecies Ch. 6 Pg. 312

"With the mating of Spyro and Cynder's seventh son with a mysterious female dragon he will be confronted by that of a great and unbeatable beast that he'll only be able to destroy once discovering the existence of dark energy. Dark energy runs in his blood line, but unlike his father, he won't be able to suppress its influence. Soon after, the guardianship is dissolved via violence, and Spyro slips from the pages of history once and for all."

-Prophecies Ch. 6 Pg. 356

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