A new start!

Beep, beep, beep... eurh my stupid alarm the last thing I need to hear with a banging hangover I think I overdid it last night. Who am I kidding I overdo it every night. I whack my alarm that's still bleeping at me and remember a time I didn't need an alarm clock because I had him my own personal God. NO stop it Izzy you are not that girl anymore you don't need a vampire with stalker like qualities or a freaky sprite of a personal shopper/ mystic Meg. Fuck I said I wasn't going to do this anymore now where's that bottle of Jack I got to get ready for work its already five I got to be at work for six. I quickly down my bottle of Jack (first of the night!) jump in the shower and throw on my work outfit a barely their tank and some short shorts that show the bottom of my ass off very nicely I get more tips this way. I know what you're thinking what happened to blushing, shy, clumsy as fuck Isabella Marie Swan well let's just say Shit happened and now she's dead all that's left is Izzy Mann no family, no friends only my dealer and oh yeah I'm on the run from the psychotic Bitch of a vampire that killed my family including my unborn baby.

Before I leave I make sure I have covered all my scars I know that other humans won't notice unless they stare but if by any chance a vampy is in the club they will spot them straight away and either kill me on the spot or try to turn me, and let me tell you that isn't happening. You see i am covered in Vampire Bites courtesy of one Miss Victoria Meer she kidnapped me when the pack were too fucking busy welcoming a new imprint to care what happened to me.


"Emily, I'm going to tell Jake tonight, that he is going to be a daddy" "Oh wow Bella Congratz girl I'm so happy for you I knew you would prove them all wrong when they said that Jake couldn't have a relationship with you as you're not an Imprint." Just then a really quiet, lost looking Sam and Jake came charging into the room. I looked at Jake and he would not meet my gaze I knew instantly that something bad had happened at first I thought it was Victoria the pack had been after her for years but she kept escaping at the last minute. "Jake what is it has Victoria hurt...OH GOD... Charlie... did she ... is my...Jake" he still didn't look at me but said in a whispered, Brocken voice "Bells Charlie is fine it's not Victoria it's me Bells I, I, Imprinted" I just ran I shot out of Sam's and was running through the forest then before I knew it I was grabbed from behind by a icy cold arm, my head was hit then everything faded into dark.


Shit why am I thinking about this now I quickly finish covering up my marks, run out of my seedy one bed apartment and make the short sub ride downtown to 'JUMPING JACKS' a lap dancing bar in Vegas where I live and work. Jack the owner fucking loves me he's a dirty old pervert but it means I can get away with being pissed half the night. I'm behind the bar tonight instead of dancing so I should get some decent tips. I chug a couple of shots that Joe one of our regulars just brought for me and take a scope of the club as I'm always on the lookout for Victoria I've had to move every six months so she doesn't catch my scent. I've changed my appearance, I am determined she is Not going to win this game of cat and mouse we've been playing for four years now since she kidnapped me. "Hey Doll can I have bottle of Jack for my friends and I please" shouts a smooth southern voice, I grab the Jack grab his twenty bucks and hand it over without looking up, as I know that no human can have a voice that smooth. As soon as I hand over the bottle I signal to Maggie the co-owner I'm going on a smoke break and get out of there sharpish! I grab my smokes and run for the tube, I'll just leave town now I can't stay with vamps here I got to pack then I'm dust baby. Just as I'm getting on the tube I hear someone shouting to hold the door I look up into the eyes of...