It had taken a long while indeed, but the time was nigh.

She had definitely been looking forward to this.

For ages now, ever since that Puppet King incident, she had waited patiently for the right time, when it had built up so much, that it begged for release, on fear of loos of sanity and such. Put simply, now was the time to lay aside friendly matters and take what was rightfully hers.

Raven smiled softly. She could imagine it now, had imagined since the desire had begun.

Dear, sweet, wonderful Starfire, in her arms, murmuring her name with love.

Yes... She wanted the alien. She wanted Starfire. Wanted her, needed her.

But of course, one cannot simply hope to get something overnight. No, it taken weeks, months, perhaps even years, to slowly worm her feelings into the alien's heart, to lure her away from whatever petty crushes she may have. It was difficult. Starfire saw something she liked in Robin. But the seed was planted, nonetheless. All it needed was some water and light.

Perhaps it was her heritage, but Raven felt a great possessive need for Starfire. Her mind told her that the Tamaranean belonged only to her, and she should only be Raven's. The sorceress had always got what she wanted, and what she wanted now was Starfire.

She could only imagine the scenarios, currently, but not for long. What should she do?

Perhaps wait until the boys were off on a trip or something, and simply take Starfire wherever she happened to be. Perhaps lure the alien to her room, and unleash her desires upon her. And how would she lure her there? Perhaps under pretence of "girl time" Or maybe take her by force, bind her down and have her at leisure, like the finest wine of a bouquet. She wanted to enjoy Starfire's reactions to what she was to do to her. She wanted to hear the alien whimper, moan and scream, wanted to see her beg, writhe and squirm, wanted to make gasp, sweat and spill.

Oh, what she would do to sweet Starfire!

She wanted, wanted it so badly, to pin the alien upon her bed, wanted to see the look of shock, yet arousal, on her sweet face as the sorceress straddled her, wanted to kiss her sweet lips and probe her hot mouth. She wanted to rip off that purple top of hers and unveil the twin orbs, like copper pearls crafted by the Gods themselves, to taste and touch them. She wanted to pull off her purple skirt and find out exactly what treasure lay in the apex of her toned orange legs. She wanted to taste Starfire's woman-hood, wanted to make the alien scream as she fucked her and beg for more. She wanted those emeralds, beset by the inferno of hair on her head, to be drowning in pleasure.

She wanted to make Starfire hers. Starfire was her love, was her Starfire, and if she was feeling naughty, perhaps even her little bitch. That would be interesting to see and do, to bend the Tamaranean into obeying her every command and satisfying her every need.

The best part was the reactions garnered so far. Starfire was no fool. She could see the burning lust in Raven's violet eyes. She could sense the motives behind the sorceress in regards to her. And it made her nervous.

Raven could see it in those emeralds; Behind the typical happiness was apprehension, worry, concern... passion. She could feel the Tamaranean's own passion. And it made the half-demon smirk as the alien shivered under her casual looks and touches, relishing in the power she had over the strongest woman known to Earth. She could make Starfire shake at the knees with a single, passionate look.

The fun was preparation. How would she finally bed the alien? Take the Tamaranean as her own, claim her for herself. That was the fun part. Perhaps a few Dark magic's to, ah, alter her body slightly to make it much more fun indeed. Or simply taunt the alien with light touches, forcing her to beg more and more to be fully satisfied. Or maybe have her pleasure every inch of Raven's body until-

No. Raven would fulfil her own lust first, before Starfire could have any inkling of control.

But regardless, she'd made it clear to the alien many times: One day, she would be hers to have.

And now, Raven decided, seeing the alien shiver violently as the contemplative looks she was sending her, perhaps tonight would be the time to finally have her.

She just couldn't wait.


Was she scared? Certainly not. Worried? No. Nervous. Definitely not...

Lying to oneself was not helpful in such musings.

Starfire was scared. Worried. Nervous.

Raven lusted for her. Raven wanted her.

Whether or not that was a thing of goodness... well, that was something of opinion.

Raven was her best friend. A kind and gentle soul. Soft and gentle, albeit reclusive and hidden behind a wall of the wit of dryness.

Yet... Starfire had seen the power of Raven's deadly abilities. When under the influence of an incredibly potent emotion, the most powerful of which being her rage, then it... not nice.

Starfire gulped nervously, as the sorceress shot her a look of clear desire. It was a message of what was to come. And it would come soon. Very soon. Was she willing to allow Raven to claim her? It was custom on her planet, for a powerful warrior to take a mate for themselves. But Raven's heritage of birth... was dangerous.

But Starfire knew her friend was not in any way truly dangerous. Merely misunderstood.

But the fear was there, in that Raven could lose control and hurt her...

Yet, would she refuse? She didn't know. Would she be willing to submit herself completely to Raven? This thought showed in her eyes, and Raven smirked, a mixture of triumph and... she did not know. Again, she gulped, feeling herself shaking from both her emotions of conflict and the half-demons' own lust.

She was scared. She was worried. She was nervous.

But she wanted it.

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