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CHAPTER NINE (#5): Harry & Tracey

Harry led Tracey by the hand to their private room. She followed after him, a little tense with anticipation after their whispered conversation by the sofa:

"Say the word and I'll forfeit right now," he'd offered, even as she'd finished casting the C&DC on herself.

"Why would I want you to do that?" she'd asked in a voice as quiet as his.

Honestly, it didn't take a genius to determine which card her boyfriend had just drawn for this action round, and although she was a little nervous at what awaited her behind the door of their private chamber, it certainly wasn't enough to scare her away from what was coming. She'd been looking forward to this opportunity for years, and there was simply no way she was passing it up.

"No matter what our cards require of us this time, I don't want to forfeit," she'd told him.

"My card says we have to have sex." He'd kissed her lobe, a butterfly's brush against her skin. "We don't have to, though, if you're not ready. Tell me 'no' and I'll quit. We can wait to do this. There's no rush."

"Do you want to do it?" she'd asked, gazing into his eyes, seeking the truth.

He'd stared at her for several seconds in silence, before finally nodding once. "Yeah, I do."

"Me, too," she'd admitted.

Her confirmation had ended the discussion. He'd taken her by the hand then and led her towards their room, and that had been that.

Now he stopped in front of the door, putting his hand on it, concentrating as he willed the inside to transform as his imagination dictated. "That should do it," he said after a few moments, and turned to her. "Ready?"

Eagerly, Tracey nodded. "More than."

He opened the door, and pulled her before him so she would enter the room first.

The sweet, lovely smell of roses perfumed the air. That was what she noticed initially, but when she looked up…

"Oh, Harry!"

Purple, long-stemmed roses in a variety of shades, from royal to lavender, were artfully placed all around a King-sized bed with white and silver bedding. Candlelight set the mood, casting a soft nimbus around everything. It was the most romantic room she'd ever seen.

It was perfect.

Harry shut the door behind them, and guided her further into the room. In mid-step, he turned about and took both her hands in his. Tugging gently on them, he drew her towards the bed… towards her destiny.

Her heart pounding hard under her ribs, Tracey followed his lead. She'd allow him to guide her, as he was the one with the experience.

They stopped beside the bed, and he took her in his arms. His mouth dipped down and their lips glided together, naturally warm and sweet, like morning honeyed tea. His kiss was comfortable, becoming a familiarity that set her mind at ease. Tracey relaxed into his embrace, enjoying his affection.

His sneaky fingers smoothed along her arms, circling her neck, and craftily undid the button of her halter. Slowly, he removed the fabric strips, and then he worked on her bra clasp. One hook at a time, Harry released her from her binding, freeing her. When it was undone, he slipped the straps from her arms and pulled them away to reveal her breasts.

His breathing accelerated, and a soft, 'uhn' passed from his mouth into hers as his kiss became more passionate. Palming and kneading her heavy, tender breasts, he teased her nipples into prominence with gentle plucking. His thumbs rubbing them in circles between each light pinch to ease the pleasurable ache he coaxed into life.

Clinging to his shoulders, digging in her nails, Tracey threw her head back and let his mouth wander across her skin. He nipped her pulse, and kissed a trail downwards to her breasts. Gentle licking alternated with suckling, until her nipples were swollen and the heat between her legs became unbearable.

"Harry," she mewled, begging him for more, for everything.

He turned his attention to the other breast, giving it equal devotion, and Tracey's head spun as her blood pounded through her veins. She arched her spine, thrusting her breast even deeper into his mouth, feeling dizzy with need.

"Harry," she demanded, a little more urgent, a little less patient. "Please!"

A dark chuckle rumbled though him, and he obeyed, slipping his hands around her to begin tugging the zip down on her dress. He was slow, methodical, careful as he brought it down, and when it hit its end, he slipped her dress off her hips and let it pool at her feet.

With a last kiss to her nipple, he dropped to his knees before her, letting his mouth follow a path down her abdomen. He dipped his tongue into her bellybutton, making her giggle. His smile was wide against her flesh, as he took amusement from teasing her.

Tracey ran her fingernails through his hair, gently scraping his scalp, and Harry moaned in delight. He nuzzled the top of her mound through her knickers, and inhaled with an agreeable sigh. Fitting his thumbs under the waist band, he began to tug the silky garment down her hips, away from her body. As her pubis came into view, he licked through her damp folds, slow and thorough with each lap.

"So good," he whispered, delving in for more of a taste.

"So good," Tracey murmured back, angling her pelvis forward to give him a better angle.

The silk of her panties skimmed her calves as he continued pulling them down, and then he lifted her ankles and slid them off completely. He glanced up at her with hunger. "Lay back on the edge of the bed."

She did as he wanted, her legs dangling off the end. The white ceiling far above was charmed to appear as fluffy, rolling clouds, and Tracey was mesmerized by their movement as Harry bent each of her knees upwards, and undid her shoes, removing them from her feet. He kissed his way up her ankle to her knee on one side, and then unexpectedly stood up and leaned over her, pressing his palms into either side of the mattress beside her.

"Are you comfortable with everything we've done so far?" he asked, clearly still concerned that they were rushing.

"Yes, I am," she told him, reaching up and letting her fingertips slide over his jaw. "I'm a little nervous, I admit, but it's mostly because I just want this with you so much."

"Want me to slow it down?"

Tracey shook her head.

He bent his head and ghosted his mouth over the pinkish, thin skin of her bottom lip. "I wanna make this so good for you. Unforgettable."

"You are," she gasped as he dipped his head towards the bend in her neck, and licked and bit her gently over her pulse. The soft glide of his mouth over her throat made her tingle from head to toe. She whimpered and squirmed as the hem of his un-tucked, cotton shirt skimmed across her belly, adding to all of the overwhelming sensations.

"Relax," he whispered. He licked very lightly over her tiny earlobe, nipping it with gentle pressure. "I'll be gentle, honey. Promise."

Tracey's breath caught and her long lashes fluttered as a sweet languidness overtook her limbs. "I trust you," she reassured him and let her muscles go loose under his ministrations.

He pressed sucking kisses over each nipple once, before regaining his full height and unbuttoning his shirt, beginning to disrobe. Tracey watched through a half-lidded gaze as he slipped each button from its hole.

"Touch yourself," he bid in a dark, hungry whisper. "Cup your breasts. Play with your nipples for me."

Harry empowered her through his love and desire for her, and Tracey borrowed once more from his stash of bravery to evolve and become more than she'd ever thought possible. Between one breath and the next she changed, adopting the mantle of the sensual goddess, just as she had when she'd earlier danced for him. She became a sexy and wanton creature who was unafraid to explore. Her hands roamed the length of her body, sliding up her long torso to mould and stroke her breasts. She pinched and pulled her nipples until they were taut and tender, and when her boyfriend asked her to lift and spread her legs and caress her pussy, she did so without a moment's hesitation.

Under Harry's heated, mesmerised gaze, she felt wicked and wild, and it was so liberating! The best part was his reaction, though.

His shirt was divested in a quick moment, his belt was undone, and his trousers taken down with an almost frantic eagerness seconds after that. Totally entranced by the show she put on for him, her nimble fingers dancing across her wet flesh, he absently shucked his shoes and the remainder of his clothing with haste, his gaze glued to the naughty occupation of her hands.

When he was fully naked, he gripped his cock and stroked it several times, continuing to watch her. He nodded for her to scoot back to lie in the middle of the large, fluffy white duvet and Tracey excitedly complied. When she lay back again, her long, blonde locks surrounded her like a halo, tickling the back of her neck.

Harry gazed at her with wonderment. "Look at you. You're like an angel," he whispered. His eyes followed the length of her naked form, lingering over her tight nipples, and again at the patch of darker blonde hair between her legs. "And I'm like this randy devil, with all of these wicked thoughts," he teased with a small smile.

His joking relaxed her a bit, made her feel closer to him. He was nervous, too, she suddenly realised.

Lifting her arms, she indicated she wanted him to hurry into her embrace. His erection bobbed as he crawled up her body to the apex of her thighs and enticed her to spread her legs wider. Thighs quivering with anticipation, she opened up for him, allowing him an unimpeded view of her pretty innocence once more.

His mouth was sinfully hot as it pressed between her slit, his tongue a thing of temptation as it licked a path straight up, and then circled around her clitoris.

"Oh, God," she gasped, once more reaching for his hair and holding on. "That's… yes, Harry, don't stop!"

Latching onto the small, quivering flesh, he moaned in pleasure as he began to suck, and the vibration shot straight through Tracey's core. She arched her spine unconsciously, thrusting her breasts into the air. They ached to be touched again. "Oh, Harry!" she cried, releasing his hair and slipping her nipples between her thumb and forefingers and rolling them. She felt cherished and sexy at once, alive under his care, as he lapped over her most sacred place.

His tongue entered her, curling upward, stroking over that one spot on the upper inside… Her restless body reacted immediately, tumbling her over the cliff into ecstasy without warning. A soft cry and a full-body shudder were drawn from her as a warm wave of intense pleasure flowed over her magical aura. Every inch of her skin flushed, and every nerve tingled. It was a sweet bringing, not devastating in its passing, but a temperate, rolling contentment that left her feeling blissfully relaxed.

Feeling liquid and loose from head to toe, Tracey practically melted into the mattress, feeling the blissful high from her climax. Between her legs, Harry lapped up the cream of her release. When he'd had his fill, placing a last, reverent kiss upon her wet lower lips, he crawled up her body until their mouths were even.

"You're ready," he whispered as he went in for a kiss.

Feeling the gentle buzz of her small endorphin rush, Tracey's head felt fuzzy as she nodded in confirmation. "I'm ready."

Dropping his lower body between her legs, he mounted her and lightly rubbed their parts together until he was slicked with her juices.

Leaning all his weight on one palm, he reached between them to grip his shaft and dipped his hips so the wide crest of him teased her opening. His gaze never left hers, though, and he held it as he pressed in. "You're so beautiful, Tracey. You steal my breath and make my heart pound," he admitted in a low, quiet tone. "I want so much to make you happy."

It took a bit of effort, but she managed to fight off her lethargy, curling her arms around his neck, and instinctually raising her hips to meet him.

"You do," she admitted in an equally tremulous voice. "I love you so much, Harry."

He dropped his mouth once more to hers and captured her lips in a sweet kiss.

"I love you, too, my honey," he murmured against her lips, and surged forward into the moist heart of her an inch, then two.

Tracey had expected a sharp, painful pinch, as she'd heard it described by others. This, however, was not that. It was only mildly uncomfortable as he opened her up, moving so slowly, so carefully that there was no real pain involved. Her hips ached a bit as he moved deeper into her and she had to adjust them to fit his bigger body in between, but when he was all the way inside at last, it felt… glorious.

"Oh," she murmured, glancing up at him as he paused, fully sheathed within her and waiting for her reaction. "That… that feels nice."

His green eyes practically glowed with relief… and masculine pride.

"It doesn't hurt?" he asked anyway, and she knew he needed a little reassurance regarding her pain levels. Harry was nothing if not considerate and conscientious of others, and especially of her.

"You feel… thick and heavy inside me," she admitted. "I'm a bit stretched, but it's all right. You prepared me, and I think all the dancing I do… I've heard being active helps for a girl's first time."

He brushed stands of her hair off her forehead. "I'm glad it isn't painful. Tell me when you want me to move."


She wiggled a bit, getting used to the sensation of his body inside hers, connecting them as intimately as two people could come together. Harry groaned and his lashes fluttered as he shut them, and she could sense him attempting to remain in rigid control as she took her time adjusting to the feelings. A muscle in his jaw ticked as she circled her hips once, trying to loosen up and relax, as he'd earlier suggested.

"How does it feel for you?" she asked, curious.

Harry let out a small panting shudder. "Warm, wet. You're the softest thing I've ever felt. You're holding me so tight, though, and when you move… it feels like this." He dropped his head and gently suckled upon her nipple, drawing it into his mouth and rolling his tongue over it.

Electricity ran the length of Tracey's spine, and a heated desire pooled in her womb.

"Oh, Harry," she sighed, running her fingers through his dark hair. "It feels wonderful. I want more. Move, please! Make love to me now."

His lips found hers again. "Tell me if you need me to stop or go slower," he murmured, as he slowly pulled his hips back and then brought them forward in a smooth glide. "We can rest as much as you need."

Tracey nodded, and he began in earnest teaching her the beauty of sex.

Keeping a steady, easy pace, he took her as no one had before… or would ever again. He loved her so thoroughly, so sweetly that Tracey's head was swimming from the sensations. His mouth sampled everything it could reach – claiming her lips and her tongue, peppering light kisses along the bottom of her jaw, nibbling over her throat's pulse and her earlobe, sucking upon her fingers, lapping the thin skin of her wrists and in the bend of her elbow, and drawing upon her sensitive breasts. His hands caressed over the same spots, tickling and inciting her lust. Throughout it all, his hips never stopped, weaving her desire as he wished, coaxing her to come undone for him.

Her thighs trembled as she peaked again when he swiped a clever thumb against her clit and thrust with the perfect pressure. That time, she cried out her pleasure against his chest, and he paused to hold and soothe her while her heartbeat slowed.

Harry continued to make love to her, his level of control and stamina a blessing. With a pull of muscle, he had her up into his lap as he sat upright at the same time. "Okay?" he asked, making sure she settled back onto him without pain.

Tracey nodded. She was eager to try it this way, too, to see if it were possible for her to climax one more time. Her hips were a bit sore, true, but the excitement of new discovery overrode any real discomfort. "I'm fine. Don't stop."

Hands on her hips, he began teaching her how to move so they both found pleasure in the new position. He guided, indulged her whims, and they both enjoyed the training very much. Tracey rocked up and down on him, fond of the new angle not only for the lovely way it perfectly stimulated her arousal, but also because of the way Harry stared up at her as she came down on him. There was such adoration in his gaze that it filled her heart with an almost painful joy.

"I love you," she whispered, "more than the world."

"I love you more than the stars," he replied.

Tears of sheer happiness pricked her eyes. From the age of eleven, she'd waited, hoped, and prayed for Harry Potter to feel this way about her, and now her greatest dream had come true. She'd given him all of her firsts, just as she'd dreamed for years. What had she ever done to deserve such a wonderful blessing?

Their love making became more urgent then. A multitude of tiny shivers licked her body at various points as she sped up, and Harry wrapped his hands around her long hair and held on, murmuring to her to slow down so she didn't drive herself too hard. "Gentle, honey. You'll hurt later if you're too feisty this first time."

She smiled against his lips. "No one's ever called me 'feisty' before."

He chuckled. "You're definitely that and more." He tucked some of her hair behind an ear. "You're everything I could ever want."

They locked eyes and watched each other as she continued to glide over his long, thick length. Always, Harry was careful never to pound up into her, but rather to assure her utmost comfort. Sweat dripped off his brow, and his face was pink with his exertions. His thigh muscles shook as he struggled to hold back his orgasm, and Tracey knew it was because he wanted her to experience one more climax first. She wanted to feel his part, however. She wanted to see his face as he came undone, and to feel his body strain, and to hear his moans.

Digging her nails into his shoulders, she pressed her forehead to his and insisted, "I want to feel you come in me, Harry. I want it so much."

"God," he gasped, sounding a bit tortured, driven almost. "I… I will. I can't stop now."

Staving off her own need for release, she focussed completely on her lover's pleasure, encouraging him with cries of 'yes!' as his lower body tensed and his upward thrusts began to punctuate his moans - still not pounding, but surging into her with desperation and need. She met him with equal wildness, giving him permission to let go.

He did with a final thrust, holding still deep inside her as his body jerked and he threw his head back. He roared his pleasure as he came.

For her part, Tracey could feel him twitch as he emptied himself inside her, followed by a flood of warmth and wetness. Her inside was quickly filled with his heat and life.

"I feel you," she whispered against his cheek. "I feel all of you."

When his body stopped jerking, he carefully tilted them so she was on her back again. He lay on top of her, a comforting, heavy weight. "Give me… a sec," he panted, his sweaty brow pillowed by her breasts. "So nice here."

Tracey giggled, and ran her fingers through his damp hairline, easing him with gentle touches. "Stay as long as you want," she offered, enjoying the afterglow.

They remained like that for several minutes, until his breathing evened out. Rolling them onto their sides, he slid out of her, but held on, wrapping his arms around her.


Tracey nodded. "More than." She sighed contentedly. "It was beautiful, Harry. Everything I'd ever dreamed." She tilted her head up and kissed him. "Thank you so much."

He let out a sigh of relief. "I'm glad and honoured." He tilted his chin down so he could meet her eye again. "Thank you for trusting me with this. I needed to do this right for both of us."

She smiled at him, an idea coming to her out of the blue. "You did. It was… unforgettable."

Directing a thought to the room, Tracey requested the song they'd first danced to last night to softly begin overhead, the smooth jazz trumpet and piano hailing its start.

Harry recognised the song intro and quietly laughed at the in-joke. Then, he pulled the downy, white bedspread over them, making sure they were both covered, settling them down for sleep. With a thought of his own, Harry dimmed the candlelight, until it was a barely-there glow surrounding them, and they snuggled close, every point of their bodies touching.

From out of the darkness, Nat King Cole crooned a love song to them…

Unforgettable… that's what you are.
Unforgettable… though near or far.

Like a song of love that clings to me,
How the thought of you does things to me.

Never before has someone been more…
Unforgettable… in every way.
And forever more… that's how you'll stay.

That's why darling it's incredible,
That someone so unforgettable,
Thinks that I am unforgettable, too.

"I forfeit," Tracey whispered as the tune came to a close.

"Me, too," Harry agreed.

"Good," they both said at the same time, chuckling at their synchronicity.

Tracey suddenly realised that with her forfeit, Slytherin was now tied with Gryffindor in the game–assuming no one else forfeited this round–but at the moment Eros & Psyche seemed of little consequence to her. All that mattered was she was finally in Harry's arms, and as good Mister Cole had so recently suggested, this was where she'd like to stay.



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Musical selection for this chapter: "Love Me Like A River Does" by Melody Gardot. Lyrics are as follows...

Love me like a river does...
Cross the sea.
Love me like a river does...
Love me like a river does...
Baby, don't rush, you're no waterfall...
Love me, that is all.

Love me like a roaring sea...
Swirls about.
Love me like a roaring sea...
Wash me out.
Love me like a roaring sea...
Baby, don't rush, you're no waterfall...
Love me, that is all.

Love me like the earth itself...
Spins around.
Love me like the earth itself...
Sky above, below the ground.
Love me like the earth itself...
Baby, don't rush, you're no waterfall...
Love me, that is all.