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Ever ever after
though the world will tell you it's not smart
Ever ever after
the world can be yours if you let your heart
believe in ever after


Two years later…

You wake up to a very annoying sound. You try to realize what it is and when you do you groan and you bury your head under the pillow. The hairdryer… Maybe you did a mistake by deciding to be nice last night.

The noise stops momentarily but it starts again a few moments later. You throw your pillow away and then you scoot to the other side of the bed. You wrap your arm loosely around her waist and you bury your nose in her hair. Your chest is pressed against her back and your legs entangle with hers.

"What's that noise?" she mumbles sleepily and her hand joins yours on her stomach.

"Hairdryer…" you reply and she groans.

"What did James do and she kicked him out again?" she asks and you chuckle.

"No idea… I was too tired to ask last night." You reply, snuggling even closer to her.

She mutters something unintelligible under her breath and then she turns around in your embrace so that she is facing you.

"This is your fault you know. We shouldn't have bought a house with a guest room!" you whine childishly and she snorts.

"Right… because when we lived in your old apartment he never came." She points out.

You let out a sigh and you tighten your hold around her body.

"He will stop eventually." You say but you don't sound very convincing.

She looks up at you with a raised eyebrow and you drop a small kiss on the tip of her nose. A few moments later the noise stops and you smirk.

"I told you so." You say smugly but she doesn't reply. She just drops her head on your bicep and she closes her eyes.

"Remind me to yell at him later…" she murmurs and you smile.

You close your eyes too and you relax again. You are on the verge of sleep but suddenly that annoying noise starts again.

"For crying out loud!" you shout and you disentangle yourself from her embrace and get out of bed.

You throw the door to your room open and you go in search of your friend.

"Wilson!" you yell loudly and your best friend pokes his head out of the bathroom.

"What are you doing up so early?" he asks with a frown and you resist the urge to punch him.

"You woke us up you idiot!" you tell him in frustration.

"Allison is still asleep?"

"It's our day off! Now will you stop this so we can go back to sleep?" you say, clearly annoyed and he nods.

"Finally!" you start to walk away but then you remember something and you pause "Why did she kick you out anyway?" you ask with a raised eyebrow.

"She didn't kick me out, I wanted to give her some space." He says and piques your curiosity even more.


"Weren't you going back to bed?" he changes the subject and you smirk.

"Yeah, when you tell me what you did." You point out.

"What makes you think I did something?" he asks defensively.

"Because you are you." You state with a shrug and he shakes his head but doesn't answer you.

"Oh my God, you cheated on her!" you exclaim.

"What? No! I didn't cheat on her, she just-"

"Oh my God, she cheated on you!"

"House, shut up already! I didn't cheat on her; I just want to marry her! She found the ring and she freaked out, that's why I came here."

"You want to marry our boss? Are you crazy?" you ask in bewilderment but Wilson just ignores you.

You lean against the wall and you study your friend for a while.

"You never learn, do you?" you say and he turns to look at you.

"This is not going to end like my other relationships, I know it."

"You hope-"

"No House, I don't hope, I know it. She is the one I want to be with, spend the rest of my life with, have kids with…" He states calmly. Actually it's the first time you see your friend like this. He seems completely content and happy.

"You are together for only one year-"

"Yeah, and I know her for how many years?" he cuts you off again and you huff.

"I'm going to bed."

"Haven't you ever thought about marriage? You are with Allison for almost two years now." He tells you but you just walk away. You'll never tell him but it has crossed your mind many times.

"Better pray she won't run away 'cause I don't know what I'll do with you if this ends badly!" you shout over your shoulder and you are sure he is smirking.

You open your bedroom door and you enter quietly. Allison is lying on her back, her eyes closed. You smile to yourself and you walk to the bed and lie down. When she senses your movements she rolls to your side of the bed and into your embrace.

"Did he stop?" she mumbles and you nod.

"I found out what he did." You tell her and she looks at you questioningly.

"He bought a ring." You state simply and she widens her eyes.

"He asked Cuddy to marry him?" she asks and you smirk.

"Yeap… and apparently she flipped out! That's why he left, he wanted to give her some space." You mock and she slaps your hand.

"Hey!" you protest and she sticks her tongue out "He seemed pretty confident that she'd say yes." You say, a frown on your face.

She runs her hand over your forehead and she smiles at you.

"He should be… I mean, we do know that they love each other. Maybe she is a little apprehensive because, let's face it, James' record with relationships isn't the best." She says with a shrug and you laugh.

You kiss her on the lips tenderly and she smiles against your lips.

"Damn, he is going to want me to be his best man again, isn't he?" you pout and she chuckles.

"Will you stop complaining?" she asks and you draw her to you until she is lying on top of you.

"If you start kissing me I may think about it." You tell her and she claims your lips with hers in a gentle kiss.

You hold her close to you as you continue kissing and she rests her hands on your chest. When she pulls back she places her head over your heart and you sigh contently. You stay there for long minutes, just holding each other until you decide to ask her the thing that's been in your mind for a long time but you never dared to bring up.

"Do you ever think about it?" she looks at you in question and you let out a breath slowly.

"Marriage, kids…" you clarify and she looks away.

"Greg, I'm perfectly fine with the way things are." She says but she still isn't looking at you and you know that she is lying.

You reach out and you glide your fingers down her arm but she refuses to turn around.


"Greg please, not now." She pleads and you let out a sigh.

You blame yourself for that reaction. You know that if you were any other man she wouldn't hesitate to have that conversation with you. She probably thinks that you hate kids and that you would never consider getting married or having a baby.

Yes, you don't deny it, you were like that in the past. But now you don't know for sure anymore. She is the only woman that managed to crawl under your skin and find a way to your heart. She owns your heat really and you are perfectly fine with it…

Your hand glides to her hip and you squeeze it gently.

"Allison, I -" you pager goes off and you curse under your breath.

You reach out and you check the screen. Cuddy has a new case for you… great, perfect timing! You groan and you throw it on the nightstand before sitting at the edge of the bed.

"New case?" she asks, still not looking at you.

"Yeah, I have to go." You mumble while searching for what to wear.

You choose a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and you put them on quickly.

"I guess our day off is ruined." You say and you grab your cane and jacket. "I'll try to be back early, I'll call you if I won't make it to lunch…"

She looks at you and she gives you a small nod.

"I'll call Jess if you don't come home early; it's her day off too." She tells you.

You know that you leave something in the middle here but you have to leave. You hope that when you'll return home she will listen to you and she won't refuse to talk about it again.


You sit behind your desk, your oversized tennis ball in your hands. The case proved to be very interesting but the problem is that you can't concentrate on it. Your mind is at the conversation you tried to have with Allison this morning.

You have to find a way, make her listen to you but you can't find a way to tell her that you want to give this a try, have a baby together. Sure, you could just go and just say it but you were never that kind of a person.

You were never in a situation like this before. You never wanted kids or to get married but with her you feel differently. She has managed to change some of your beliefs and she didn't even try to do so. It just happened…

She has actually turned you into a better man. She brings out the best in you… you have no idea how she does that and you gave up on the idea of finding out a long time ago. She makes you happy and that's all that matters to you.

Of course she hasn't made miracles. You are still a jerk to everyone else, you piss Cuddy off, you make nurses and interns cry and you are your usual, sarcastic self. But when it comes to her you can't help but be caring and gentle and you try to show her how much she means to you.

And now you find yourself wanting more from your relationship, from her. You live together for a year now but you want everything… Sure, you wouldn't object if you could skip the marriage part and head straight to the making babies part. But if she wants to get married you are willing to give it to her.

You don't know how she will react to the news that you actually want to have a baby, a family with her. Maybe she'll think you are crazy!

Truth be told, you thought that you were losing your mind the first time the thought of having a baby crossed your mind. But when you thought about it carefully you started liking the idea.

You don't know how Allison will react when you tell her. The only thing that you are sure about is that she is going to be great at this. You have seen her around children and you are sure that she is going to be a great mother. Children love her and she loves them. Now you have to find a way to tell her.

A knock on the door interrupts your thoughts and you look up and see your best friend standing there, a grin on his lips. That can't be good…

"You'd better buy a tux because I'm getting married in one month!" he informs you, the grin on his lips getting even bigger if that is possible.

"She didn't kick you out again?" you ask and you rest your oversized tennis ball on your desk.

"Nope, she called me to her office, she apologized for overreacting and then she told me that she loves me and that she wants to marry me!" he exclaims and you raise an eyebrow.

"And that is a good thing?" you ask incredulously making your best friend huff. You smirk at his reaction.

"Of course it's a good thing! I'm getting married-"

"For the fourth time."

"I'm ignoring you. This is it House, this is going to work, I've never felt this way before..." He states seriously, his eyes locking with yours.

"It better work because I'm not becoming your best man again." You say and you give him a small smile.

Wilson shakes his head and he smiles too.

"Ok, got to go. I'm buying lunch by the way!" he says as he walks out of your office.

Your pager goes off and you see what it writes you sigh. Great… your day off is officially ruined. You just hope you'll be home by dinner.


"Allison?" you call out the moment you close the door behind you.

The house is dark and there is no sign of her. It took you longer than you thought to get home. Maybe she has fallen asleep.

After a quick stop to the kitchen to drink some water you head straight to the bedroom. You find her lying in bed, her back against the headboard. The light on the nightstand is switched on and she is holding a photo album in her hands. Your eyes search her face and that's when you notice the tears on her cheeks.

"What's wrong?" you ask in alarm and she looks up at you and she shakes her head.

You walk faster than you thought possible, you drop your cane to the floor and you sit on the bed next to her. You immediately draw her in your arms and she buries her head in your chest. She clings to you, her hands grab fistfuls of your t-shirt and she tries to control her breathing.

"Are you ok? What happened?" you ask, concern evident in your voice.

"Allison you are scaring me, tell me what happened." You plead but she doesn't reply, she just clings to you.

Her tears slowly subside and she looks up at you, her eyes red from crying. You reach out and you gently tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear. She gives you a weak smile and she lets out a breath slowly.

"I'm sorry…" you shake your head and you caress her cheek with your thumb.

"What happened?" you ask in a low tone.

"It's just… what you said this morning… Greg, I don't want this to end because you think that I want a baby. I'm fine with the way things are, I really am -"

"Hey, hey, stop it, stop!" you interrupt her and you cup her cheeks in your hands and make her look at you.

"I'm not crazy, I don't want this to end either." you tell her seriously and she looks hopefully at you.

"Is that why you were crying? Because you thought I would end this if you said that you wanted children?" she looks away and suddenly you feel guilty and you hate yourself for making her think like that.


"It's not just that…" she mumbles, her voice muffled because her head is in the crook of your neck.

You notice the album she was holding earlier and you sigh. Photos from her wedding… she is so beautiful in that white dress, smiling happily at the camera, her husband standing next to her looking happy and proud.

She stays silent for long minutes and you wait as patiently as you can for her to talk to you, tell you what is wrong.

"We tried you know… David and I…" she pulls back and you look questioningly at her "We tried to have a baby… but it didn't happen. Maybe it wasn't meant to be. We both wanted it, but it didn't happen…" she takes in a breath slowly and her eyes lock with yours.

"Why didn't you tell me?" you ask and she shrugs.

"I just didn't think we'd have a conversation like this…" she admits and you let out a sigh.

You lean to her and you place a tender kiss on her lips.

"I didn't say those things in the morning because I want to end this if you want them. I said them because I want them and I wanted to find out if you want them too." She looks at you in confusion and you fight the urge to chuckle.

"What do you mean? And no more riddles please…" she pleads and you nod.

"I mean… What I'm trying to say is… Damn it." You really don't know how to say this.

"Greg?" your eyes connect with her green-blue ones and she gives you a reassuring smile.

"What I mean is that I want a baby… with you… I'd be happy if we could skip the marriage part but if you want that too I wouldn't object. Now that I think about it if we got married first it would make things easier… I think…" you say, tapping your fingers against your chin.

"Are you serious?" she asks, looking hopefully at you and the only thing you can do is nod.

"You want to have a baby with me?" she says, a grin finding its way to her lips.

"I wouldn't object if you wanted one." You mumble and the grin on her face widens.

She throws her arms around your neck and she hugs you tightly. That was clearly not something she expected to hear from you. But seeing that smile on her face you know you have said the right thing.

She pulls back and you capture her lips with yours in a soft kiss. You hold her in your arms as you continue kissing and she laces her arms around your neck, holding you to her.

You get out of your clothes in no time and you slowly and gently make love to her. You don't rush, you take your time kissing and caressing every inch of her beautiful body and she does the same for you.

Every time your hand glides over her flat stomach you both smile and you wonder what it will be like when she will be pregnant with your child.

You move slowly, wanting to make this last for as long as you can. Your eyes lock together while you move inside her and once again you feel whole, complete. Her tender gaze makes you fall even more in love with her if that's possible and when she smiles she steals your breath away.

You tumble over the edge together and you kiss her tenderly as you stay there, connected in every possible way.

You roll off of her reluctantly and you sit on the bed with your back against the headboard. You crook your finger at her and she laughs and accepts your invitation. She moves so that is sitting between your parted thighs, with her back against your chest.

She draws the covers over your bodies and you wrap your arms around her waist. You drop a small kiss on her temple and she sighs contently.

"I love you…" she mumbles making you smile.

"Love you too…" you say softly and she rests her head against your shoulder.

"Guess what! Wilson wants me to be his best man… again…" you state and she laughs.

"So, she did accept after all." She says and you nod.

"I just hope it will last longer than the previous times because I don't want to wake up to the sound of a hairdryer every morning." You pout making her smile.

She rests her hands on your thighs and she closes her eyes.

"It will last." She says surely and you decide not to argue.

"What are we going to do?" you ask her and she turns her head in order to look at you.

"About what?"

"You know, that baby we were talking about earlier." She smiles and she presses her lips against yours.

"We can try." She mumbles against your lips and you smirk mischievously.

"Right now?" you ask her with a raised eyebrow and when she nods you kiss her and you tighten your hold around her body.

"What about the marriage part?" you say but she just shrugs.

"We have time to talk about that." She points out and kisses you again.

She is right, you have time. Actually you have all the time in the world. And that is your last coherent thought before you give into her once again…

the end