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Chapter 5: who knew Stefan was funny?

The house was dead quiet as Stefan yawned and arose from the couch detangling himself from his sleeping beauty. His hair was a scruffy mess as he struggled to comb it into place. He hadn't even realised that his blue shirt was still open from when Damon had told him to be sexier. The rest of the teens had gone home leaving just Tyler, Matt, Elena and Caroline. Caroline had managed to fall asleep sprawled out on the carpet next to the sofa while Matt and Tyler were slumped over the kitchen island.

Stefan carefully jumped over Caroline and trampled his way across food wrappers and empty alcohol bottles, zoning his hearing in on Bonnie's bedroom. . Thanks to Bonnie, Damon and Caroline Stefan had succeeded in drinking copious amounts of alcohol, but still the feeling of having a tone a bricks smashed over his head or the thrumming pounding headache were nonexistent. Instead Stefan felt buzzed even more than when he'd first had human blood. He felt free, alive and vivacious, almost unburdened for the first time in 150 years. He'd had a mind-blowing and unforgettable night with his brother and that had given him hope, optimism that the two could mend their feud. Never the less it was time to annoy said brother more in his opinion. Stefan was going to be the younger sibling for once. Yesterday had awaked that in him and he wasn't going to let it die down any time soon. Stefan grabbed Elena's iPod before zooming over to kiss her forehead gently. Stefan crept stealthily up the stairs to Bonnie's room. He was such a gentleman and would normally never think of going into a girl, let alone teenage girl's room uninvited but he and Bonnie were close and considering Damon had miraculously wormed his way into living with her, he was sure she wouldn't mind one more vampire bursting in.

Opening the door and almost wincing when it squeaked he approached Bonnies four poster bed to see two lumps, body's and faces hidden from sunlight under purple Celtic printed sheets. The bodies gently rose and fell breathing calmly and serenely.

Stefan couldn't count how many times Damon had interrupted his peaceful slumbers. It was only fair to punk his brother. Pranking Bonnie was also highly amusing he wouldn't lie, her pout and challenging emerald eyes always made it hard for him to keep his features in a constant frown. He'd always wanted a sister, a strong girl in his life that he could talk to and admire, a girl who would bring him out of his shell and help strengthen and preserve his and Damon's brotherly relationship. She was definitely that. If he was true to himself she and Caroline were the most light-hearted humorous ones in his life.

Stefan came to stand right in front of Damon's side on the bed, seeing as his pale feet were sticking halfway out he knew it was him. Stefan yanked the covers off the sleeping pair only to be met by Bonnies pouting plump lips and closed long eyelashes.

Bonnie whined before burying her head further in Damon's bare chest. The smile across Damons face as her thick curls tickled him indicated he was in pure bliss. She remained fast asleep cuddled and safely protected up in Damon's muscular arms. Stefan chuckled to himself.

Who would know these two have been at each other's throats for the last god knows how many months?

Next to Bonnie Damon almost even looked cute and completely harmless, his lips parted slightly, black shaggy hair in his eyes and one hand now tangled in Bonnies soft bushy curls.

Stefan swiftly put Elena's iPod into the dock and blasted the first song that came up.

I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock
Your peacock, cock
Your peacock, cock, cock
Your peacock
I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock
Your peacock, cock
Your peacock, cock, cock
Your peacock

Word on the street, you got somethin' to show me, ee
Magical, colorful, Mr. Mystery, ee
I'm intrigued, for a peek, Heard it's fascinating

Come on, baby, let me see
What you're hidin' underneath

I want the jaw droppin', eye poppin', head turnin', body shockin'
(Uh, uh, oh, Uh, uh, uh, oh)
I want my heart throbbin', ground shakin', show stoppin', amazing
(Uh, uh, oh, Uh, uh, uh, oh)

Are you brave enough to let me see your peacock?
Don't be a chicken boy, stop acting like a biatch
I'ma peace out if you don't give me the pay off
Come on baby let me see
what you're hidin' underneath
Are you brave enough to let me see your peacock?
what you're waiting for? it's time for you to show it off
Don't be a shy kinda guy I'll bet it's beautiful
Come on baby let me see
Whatchu hidin' underneath

I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock
Your peacock, cock
Your peacock, cock, cock

Your peacock
I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock
Your peacock, cock
Your peacock, cock, cock
Your peacock

Oh my God no exaggeration
boy all this time was worth the waiting
I just shed a tear
I am so unprepared
You've got the finest architecture
End of the rainbow lookin' treasure
such a sight to see
And it's all for me

Are you brave enough to let me see your peacock?
Don't be a chicken boy, stop acting like a biatch
I'ma peace out if you don't give me the pay off
Come on baby let me see
whatchu hidin' underneath
Are you brave enough to let me see your peacock?
what you're waiting for, it's time for you to show it off
Don't be a shy kinda guy I'll bet it's beautiful
Come on baby let me see

I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock
Your peacock, cock
Your peacock, cock, cock
Your peacock

Come on, baby, let me see
What you're hiding underneath!

Noise irrupted from both Damon and Bonnie. Their heads were pulsing like someone was physically hitting them with a hammer. They moaned, they whined and pleaded for the pounding and Katy Perry to stop. Stefan's face curled into smile and he struggled not to chuckle, watching the two swat and move around pure surprise and annoyance on their faces. The sounds Bonnie soon made laying eyes on him were halfway between a groan and losing the will to live.

"You!" her eyes glistened with disbelief "you're meant to be the well behaved one mister! My surrogate brother slash daddy." she admonished but inside she was ecstatic, seeing Stefan so care free and playful was so heart warming to her.

"Oi little witch I'm well behaved." Damon smirked wiping his tired but still glittering icy eyes as he sat up." The older Salvatore had not only had a heavenly night of partying but had also slept like a baby next to the little witch once again. He was becoming very confident he'd never ever have to use the spare room.

Wonder if either of these two have noticed I'm naked yet? Stefan looks trashed that's my boy. I can't wait till his hangover kicks in.

"Wow you're a delusional little thing aren't ya?" Bonnie squeezed his cheeks "and sorry to smash your crazy perception of reality hunny buns but you and the word well behaved are an oxymoron. Teehee that's pretty big words for first thing in the morning I'm amazing if I may say so may self." She smiled widely at both brothers.

"Sugar I'll show you amazing!" he pecked her nose. God waking up next to Bonnie was something he'd rather die than give up. He knew however short the time had been they were such good friends now. She had an understanding of him others lacked and almost an appreciation of what others misconstrued about him. They were so comfortable with each other. She didn't even seem unnerved to wake up next his naked body. He was someone she valued and trusted now and it made his heart sore. The fact she didn't think him a monster anymore after everything he'd done to her was proof he could change. Then again when he thought about it, unlike with Elena it didn't seem like it was about change. Bonnie knew how childish, playful, naughty, how disastrous and yes he admitted it selfish he could be but she liked that about him because it was those qualities as well as the fact he made her laugh and was kind, loyal and protective that made him who he was. She liked all his qualities when put together and didn't want to take some and leave others. She laughed at his jokes and joined in, she admonished his craziness and she gave him credit when he was kind like when she hugged him after they toasted to grams. It wasn't about change it was about acceptance. Damon broke out of his thoughts as the humming migraine of the morning after was hitting him.

"And what's your damage brother?" he turned to a smiling very pleased with himself looking Stefan. Damon wouldn't lie he liked it. He was seeing the young enthusiastic Stefan who loved him, when they were human seep through to the surface again. He wanted to spend even more time with Stefan like yesterday and he wanted Bonnie and Stefan to himself now. They were his not Elena's. Damon soon grunted when he realised he'd literally whined the words what's your damage like a teenage girl from the 90's and opted for throwing a pillow at Stefan's head to cover that fact up. "And why are you playing me a song about cocks? I told you he was a freak Bonnie that hasn't changed since he was a child."

"That's not what the song is about Damon your mind is always in the gutter." Stefan crossed his arms a little embarrassed. It was like when they were children again. Damon always had the capacity to turn Stefan's face the colour of a tomato. Stefan half chuckled half cringed when he remembered the time he was 10 and Damon had convinced him to look up a girl's petticoat because there was meant to be a rainbow under all that white lace. Not only had Stefan's search been a waste but 13 year old Damon had been quite impressed by himself, swooping in and telling the 12 year old girl his brother had special needs, but he was taking care of him. The girl had swooned at Damon's supposed kindness and pecked his lips before batting her eyelashes and turning to Stefan. She patted his head patronisingly "Awwww with a brother like that you'll be okay little one." She giggled as Damon winked at her and she fluttered her hand fan playing coy.

Stefan was broken out of his thoughts by Bonnie, Damon's new accomplice. "Actually Stef..." Bonnie interrupted massaging her temples "it so is about that."

"Elena's got some saucy music taste. She ever sing this to you?" Damon chimed titling his head to the side. Embarrassing his younger brother was one of his favourite hobbies.

"um well Actually yes..." Stefan tried to look away from them.

"Oh too much information." Bonnie grimaced attempting to pull the sheets back from Stefan but in a hangover state it was proving a little difficult.

"Stefan Salvatore I will personally help Damon kick you hawtee butt if you don't let me have my duvet back. I'm sleepy and my head hurts and and booo I'm hangover Steffi. Hey you two you know if there's a spell to cure hangovers?"

"Yes it's called breakfast." Stefan said highly amused at his best friend.

"Or blood." said Damon offering his wrist smirking. "And please don't call my brother a hawtee such terms are only reserved for me."

"Don't hate the ladies coz they love me Damon."

Bonnie and Damon burst out into laughter but also in awe, which made Stefan even more delighted. They didn't think he had it in him but he would pleasantly surprise them. He wasn't the bore they all thought he was, just like the eldest Salvatore wasn't as heartless as many thought.

"Okay Stefan are you still drinking? Check his pockets Damon, he must have the absinth. You're actually making jokes I adore it."

"Yeah where have you been all my life?" Damon chimed sounding like a girl who'd just found her one true love.

"I've always been humorous you too just don't pay attention and please you two think you're the only funny ones around here?" Stefan crossed his arms smiling widely.

"Well yes actually." Bonnie and Damon looked at each other nodding.

"We'll see about that oh and Matt, Caroline, Tyler and Elena are downstairs making some breakfast. I Just thought I'd come check on you too since you came up to sleep and let your so called dad party on late way after you."

Bonnie and Damon jolted up in bed curiosity striking their faces. "No freaking way you were up after us! That's impossible."

"Yeah that's unnatural!" Bonnie agreed with Damon and earned a thundering cackle from both boys.

"You really are out of it my little goddess. I mean is there anything natural about the two of us?" He gestured between himself and Stefan.

"I'm a petite human girl alcohol renders me a little disorientated okay vampires?" She pouted crossing her arms.

"hehee " Stefan laughed before continuing "Yes you too cool kids went to bed before daddy. I was the last one standing if we are going to be completely correct."

"I refuse to believe you Stefan. I'm either dreaming or this is an alternate parallel reality." Damon scoffed.

"Yeah what he said" Bonnie yawed getting into a sitting position. Damon thought she looked extra cute.

When Stefan didn't respond but only stared and Damon turned to her with a predatory smirk Bonnie was more than confused. But looking down at her dress, now that she was sat up, she could see that it was now round her waist exposing her black lace bra. Bonnie immediately grew crimson red.

"God you're a sexy beast!" Damon said in a low husky voice his hot breath at her ear.

"And you're still an old pervert!" Bonnie flicked his nose pulling up her dress.

"Me?" Damon raised his eyebrows and wriggled his finger at Stefan who was now sitting on the edge of the bed. "Am I dreaming or has Stefan made no move to avert his eyes or cover your girly modesty with that duvet he's still clutching. I think I may be in love with this new Stefan. Come here bro give us a kiss." Damon puckered his lips.

"Damon I hate to break it to you and shatter your cockiness but I just don't feel that way about you. " Stefan threw his head back in laughter as Damon was caught off by his witty comeback.

"He got ya! there. I think your losing your touch oh arrogant one. No kiss from me no kiss from Steffi. Pass me my phone I'll alert the media the sex god has lost his mo jo." Bonnie teased Damon before she closed her eyes looking up at Damon and didn't say another word, her mouth slightly open like she fell asleep upright.

"Deny all you want you two are mine I know ya love me and wow she is still wasted."

"Look who's talking." Stefan gestured to Damon holding up a mirror and showing him how wrecked he looked lipstick stained cheeks and unruly hair. "And I wasn't staring at Bon she's my best friend like a sister that'd be like staring at you when you're naked."

Bonnie talked with her eyes still closed looking in the direction of what she thought was Stefan. Damon grasped her face gently and moved her to the right position. "Hey are you comparing my body to that?" Bonnie pointed almost poking Damon in the eye as hers were still closed. Damon couldn't control his cackle and he made her open her eyes and look at Stefan's nervous face.

"Hehehe" she hiccupped before Bonnie flopped back on the bed covering her eyes as Stefan began to tickle her.

"Stop teasing me miss your on my team remember? Hey Stefan Stefan I need your help to beat Damon." he mimicked.

"Oh so you had assistance did you?" Damon said intrigued.

Stefan began to smirk.

"I so didn't and I don't sound like that."

"Did too." Stefan poked her playfully.

"Kill him." Bonnie jokingly ordered at Damon as she rested her head on his chest.

Damon loved this fooling around with Stefan and having Bonnie so close and comfortable. He also loved annoying Bonnie. "Well well smarty pants I can't can I? You told me I had to be nice to him it's your own fault little firecracker."

"Does that apply even if I act extra irritating?"Stefan asked gleefully.

"Oh no why do I have a feeling this is going to be harder than I thought?" Damon asked his little brother who had an expression and childlikeness to his face that screamed he was going to run circles around Damon during the bet. Not that Damon truly minded it just meant spending more time with Stefan which he was more than delighted to do.

Stefan pretended to look clueless, like if the wheels in his head weren't turning on how he could punk Damon. "So anyways you guys have been cordially invited to dinner at the Boarding house. Elena thought it would be nice."

Damon groaned and Stefan couldn't help but feel relief that the last few days hadn't been a fluke. Damon truly wasn't interested in Elena.

"Don't you feel we've become so normal?" Stefan asked thinking about when they last had to deal with the supernatural. The last few days had been truly relaxing.

"Yeah it's really weird but it just feels so right us all being so ordinary. It's nice to know we can be like that and Please Stefan don't talk about food right now or I'll puke all over you. Speaking off guess who hurled their ancient guts out last night? And who didn't?" chimed Bonnie ruffling Damon's hair.

"Hey I'd say I still won. Maybe I was sick and maybe I didn't get my lovely passionate tongues n all kiss, which by the way I will be getting soon I promise you. In any case I may have been drunk but my memory is out of this world pass me that camera Stefan and while you at it my boxer shorts." He held out his hand eagerly.

"Woah Woah are you naked under there?" Bonnie looked at him in shock.

"Why yes wanna peek?"Damon wiggled his eyebrows. And Stefan aren't you glad you didn't pull the sheets off with that duvet?"


"Yeah I forget you've probably never even seen one. Mine might be a bit too much for you. We'll take baby steps."

"Stefan can you castrate a vampire?"

"Little witch that is so not funny. Stefan I'm scared my pee pee." Damon tried to put on a scared childs voice.

"Please stop talking about your privates brother you've traumatised me enough over the years." Both boys chuckled knowing how true that really was. "And get them yourself." He made a face of distaste.

"Well okay." He smirked gesturing to get up

"WAIT!" the younger Salvatore screamed before picking up his brothers boxers from the floor, handing them to him and zooming off into the bathroom to wash his hands.

"How rude!" Damon pouted as Stefan came back. "I don't have any diseases you know?"

Damon soon grabbed Bonnie's laptop and loaded the pictures. "This deserves a big screen viewing." he said gleefully. He pushed the arrow button scrolling through the dozens of photos from the night. He stopped every few seconds on the pictures of Bonnie and himself rubbing noses, kissing each other's cheeks, doing shots and dancing sexily. He also paused on one's of he and Stefan together in brotherly hugs. He couldn't believe there was even one of himself kissing Stefan's forehead and Stefan squirming in embarrassment. There was even one of both of then being bar men and one of them both with their shirts open.

"Ah here's the money shots." he smirked as the same time as Bonnie screamed. Up came 30 shots of Bonnie and Damon in some rather naughty poses. One of Damon smacking Bonnies butt as she turned and pretended to act shocked, her hand over an o shaped mouth. Then there was one of Damon topless and Bonnie bent by his crotch with her hands on his belt again pulling another o face. Not to mention the ones of Bonnie blowing kisses and showing off her bra. It was one pin up girl photo after another.

Bonnie smacked Damon upside the head. "I can't believe you blinded Stefan with these and from now on count creepy no more cameras for you. She poked his chest with every word. "I let you spank me? She whispered the last two words not believing her own wildness that night. But it made her feel so alive and confident. She wasn't that little girl who hid behind Elena anymore.

Hmmm I wonder where that video of drunken Damon and Sherriff Forbes is. Hehehe when you least expect it mister the gang will have a movie night and I'll provide the footage.

"Hey my very own little Bettie page, my Dita Von teese, you were a willing participant. I like it when you drink, wonder what you'll do for me next time. And you Stefan you have potential to be quite interesting. I have lessons to teach you yet though. Would help if you ditch miss boring down stairs."

Damon now picked up Bonnie and tossed her over his shoulder. "We are going for a shower and I suggest you do the same Stefan your hair looks ridiculous."

"Damon put me down!"

"No you didn't let me kiss you last night so now I want a naked shower together."

"But Damon I'm gonna be sick." she clasped her head as she felt dizzy upside down. "I'll roast you."

"You already make me hot enough babe."


"Jailbait tease."

Stefan nodded his head disapprovingly while laughing at the two until Damon grabbed him by the forearm. "Come on you too."


"Haha look at his face Bon. I swear it will never get old. For a vampire who should really be pale your cheeks are the colour of strawberries."

"What is going on here guys?" Came Elena's shocked voice walking in on the scene of Damon grabbing Stefan with one hand and holding Bonnie over his shoulder with the other.

"God this is just as bad as the time Caroline saw us like this." Bonnie muttered.

"We were just getting kinky." Damon shrugged nonchantly. "No room for you but you can send Caroline up to keep Stefan company though. Foursome then breakfast sounds good don't you think guys?"

Bonnie and Stefan instantly held their heads in shame.

"Put Bonnie down Damon!" Elena crossed her arms looking at her upside down friend.

"They were just messing Elena. Take no notice." Stefan tried to appease.

"Yeah like I'd have a shower with this." Bonnie crossed her arms despite being upside down. Damon couldn't help think she was the most charming yet sexy and adorable thing ever.

"Um excuse you you've already bathed me once, had a shower with me with our clothes on and you slept next to me naked last night. Do you even know what you were hugging last night?"


"Urg brother do you have to plant such images in our minds?"

"Stefan stop encouraging him and Wait you bathed Damon and slept naked with him?" Elena was flabbergasted. Elena then saw the pictures on the laptop. Oh my god are they in a relationship? what's going on and why isn't Stefan remotely bothered? Although I have to admit he seems happy and is glowing. Maybe I should just let all this be and enjoy myself to but....No "You two downstairs and help clear up." She picked up Damon shirt and pants and threw them at him. He only agreed to put them on when he saw that Bonnie had already gone into the shower and closed the bathroom door.

"God Stefan!" Damon said wrapping his arm around his brother's shoulder. "How do you turn that thing off?" He gestured to Elena.

"Damon." Stefan chastised.

"What?" Damon pouted pretending to be clueless. "You can tell me we're brothers just whisper. Is there like a remote? Sleeping pills? Come on you must do something to make that more bearable?"

"What's with this new change of attitude then brother?" He whispered as Elena was a little in front of them. "Not that I mind it I'm actually grateful you're not dedicating your attentions to Elena."

"Katherine is a slutty bitch I no longer want her and I only wanted Elena because I thought she'd fill the void But I was wrong. The one thing that broke us apart its gone now so I just want to be my badass self and teach you a few things and hang with little Bon Bon. Caroline is growing on my two a bit like disease but still."

"Well I think there was some nice sentiment buried in there.". Stefan furrowed his brows as they descended the stars and walked in on Tyler and Matt who were cleaning up as Caroline sat on the sofa watching gossip girl.

"Hey Damon." Elena grabbed him. "Come on can you help me open this?" she batted her eyelashes.

Urg not the old I'm a defenceless girl I'll bat my eyelashes at you routine. Gross.

"Okay" he smiled sweetly and when she turned for a split second he loosened the lid but held it in place while he shook the bottle at vampire speed.

"Here you go Elena." he fluttered his eyelashes. Smiling in triumph as she yelled in outrage but Stefan was too busy watching gossip girl to even notice. What a girl he needs to watch true blood or scream.

"Ooops my bad I forgot my own strength." He chimed before walking off.

Stefan had plummeted himself onto the couch next to Caroline. He really didn't feel like being bossed about to clean. "Not joining in the hard work Caroline?" He smiled.

"And miss Gossip girl seriously you have no idea how good it is." she pointed enthusiastically at the TV for him to watch.

Bonnie couldn't believe how amazing last night was, all the attention and just the freeness of it all. She hoped Grams had been able to see wherever she was. She knew her grams would have adored Stefan's dancing that's for sure. Washing her face and finally removing her mascara she realised that sleeping next to Damon and living with Damon was now the norm. That wasn't to say things had calmed down. She had a feeling there were more wild times to come and in all honesty she was exited. She also felt even more reassured that her decision to forgive Damon and Stefan had been right, not all vampires were bad and she would help these particular two if they were ever in trouble. She was no longer alone and last night made her remember how her normal life wasn't actually over. They could always take a break from the supernatural. She remembered most of last night and couldn't believe how close she and Damon were dancing, rubbing noses, laughing and just being human. She wouldn't deny she valued him as a friend. She was also thrilled that Stefan and Damon were getting on so well. The change in the way they were together was unbelievable. The sheer happiness on Stefan's face made her gleeful. Damon's attempts to be indifferent to his brother had also failed miserably as his eyes seemed to light up around Stefan now too. She had spent the whole party with them and Caroline. She hadn't seen much of Elena though. She didn't dwell on that fact though as her throbbing head wouldn't allow it.

She also wanted to get to spell work with Damon and find Katherine. She almost felt like he was stalling. They'd get so close to doing a spell and then he'd just turn them onto doing something else. She noticed Damon hadn't even mentioned the Katherine at all. It was almost like he didn't care anymore about finding her. She shrugged that off too thinking about how quickly they became mates. To Bonnie however she was so inexperienced with guys and didn't really notice that the way they acted together could be more or that Damon was beginning to feel utterly attracted, caring, loving ,protective and just downright more with her than he had felt with any other woman.

Walking down stairs she found that the house was completely clean. She wondered if any vampire speed had been involved. She soon heard painful high-pitched yells however and immediately saw Stefan in the middle of Damon and Caroline trying to play piggy in the middle of there craziness.

"Chillax Blondie bear so I thought your scarf was from a thrift store." He shrugged then He smirked as she glared completely insulted.

"Thrift store! Thrift store! It's fucking designer you baboon!"

"No this is designer." He gestured to his black Calvin Kline jeans.

"Ahhh Bonnie this this thing used my designer scarf to mop up puke."

"Look Caroline we'll buy you a new one." Stefan interjected rubbing her shoulders.

"I don't want a new one I want my old one so if can throttle this barbarian with it. Seriously Stefan I luv ya and right now I admire you. How have you made it through life with this?"

"It's been challenging I admit."

"haha what about what you put me through? You were the freaky deaky one as a child. You know how many people I had to apologise on his behalf for? This one time he was caught looking up some girl's skirt, he was using it like a tent." Everyone looked at Stefan now.

"That's because you told me..."

"Told you want Stefan?" Damon smirked.

"Nothing nothing let's just here heres my credit card, you Elena and Bonnie go to the stores and buy your selves a new outfit, okay." He quickly dodged the rainbow story.

"Trying to elude something Stefan?" Damon said in all smugness he could muster up.

"I'm gonna get you when you least expect it Damon."

"Aight Steffi I can't wait. Btw how you liking my new sugary sweet attitude? I'm gonna keep my deal to Bonnie so good I swear it's gonna make your fangs fall out."

Armed with Stefan's credit card the girls happily sauntered around mystic's mall. Caroline had actually only bought one item. She thought Stefan was a real sweetheart and she'd be lying if she denied she didn't have a soft spot for him. She could never run his credit card into the ground. Damon's on the other hand she would do so with pleasure.

"So what's with you and Damon?" Elena asked as she looked at a purple and silver cocktail dress while Bonnie checked out a baby pink and baby blue floral day corset.

"Nothing I've just grown to accept him I guess. Why?"

"I just think its better if he stays with me and Stefan."

"I thought you'd be pleased we are getting on and it's up to him I can't make him do anything besides you and Stefan can be all alone now without interruption." she wiggled her eyebrows.

"Please missy yearns for the attention of both Salvatore's." Caroline chimed handing Bonnie a pair of jeans to go with her corset.

"That's not true."

"Well then what's the problem?" the blonde asked. "If I had Stefan I wouldn't give a monkeys about Damon."

"Caroline I admit he can be challenging but they are both lovely in their own ways."

"Did you just defend Damon?" Elena said in total astonishment.

"Look I will never say it again but he's helped me a lot through dealing with grams death. I just have to give credit where it is due. This is not to say he isn't a total pain. But he's our pain." she gestured between them. "Mine, yours, Stefan's and Caroline's. "He's our friend good and bad. We all have our issues."

"She has a point." Caroline admitted although didn't want to.

"Plus you can't deny Caro annoying him is a lot of fun. Remember that food fight?"

"Ahahaha and your dad."

"You sure missed out Elena."

In the mean time Stefan and Damon were back at the boarding house. Damon lifted his brother's feet as he was laying across the couch reading. He placed Stefan's legs on his lap after he sat next to him.

Stefan looked at Damon questionably.

"Is it your mission to make me uncomfortable." The younger Salvatore smiled none the less.

"I need a favour. I kind promised Bonnie I'd join forces with her and get Katherine."

"You did what?" Stefan said in disbelief. Why would he think of putting them all in danger like that?

"Look I don't want to anymore. Things are good I don't have that need for revenge. I just think Bonnie hasn't given up on the idea. I need someone who doesn't get..."

"Easily angry, irate and out of control to talk to her?" Stefan grinned again mimicking his brother smirk. "Annoying isn't it?" he asked pointing at his grin.

"Yes yes god's sake brother. Just explain to her it's useless to go after Katherine."

"You think she'd listen and is this about me being better to calmly convince her out of this plan or are you worried Bonnie will get mad at you if you say you don't want it anymore."

"Oh please I don't worry about anything and well I have a plan b. I still intend on helping her with her witchcraft but other than I want us to distract her. Stop her from thinking about going after Katherine. I mean everything been well good now. I want it to stay that way."

"It could work."

"It will work! It has to i ..."

"Don't want to put her in danger I understand." Stefan patted his brother. The eldest Salvatore was beginning to fall hard Stefan could see it; boy oh boy was Bonnie in for a wild ride. But he knew it, they would be perfect for each other and Stefan would help his brother in any way her could this time to get his girl.

Elena soon rang needing to be picked up as her and Stefan were heading to the movies before dinner. In the mean time Damon decided to head to the mall, grab a snack and check on Bonnie.

Bonnie and Caroline stayed at the stores and soon approached the ice cream stand where they were met by some of the guys from last night's party.

"Hey Bonnie, Caroline that party was immense last night and you too looked fit as hell. Still do. Can we buy your ice creams?"

"Well I'm taken but you can buy Bonnies." Caroline chimed and all 4 guys scrambled to buy it for her.

On entering the mall Damon immediately smelt Bonnie and ran off to find her forgetting all about a need for a snack.

The sight he came upon made him surge with jealousy, protectiveness and possessiveness as Bonnie and Caroline sat amongst some highly sexually charged boys. Damon clenched his fists when one tried to hold her hand and the other tried to rub her leg.

Oh no that little dick didn't just touch her! Damon stopped his thoughts when a bunch of high school students crowded in front of him, forming a line by the crispy crème stall that was giving away free treats. Damon could no longer see Bonnie now and was growing anxious. When the students finally moved she was gone.

Bonnie had been growing nervous from all the attention although Caroline insisted she say yes to one of the guys who were asking her out right now.

"Um guys you'll have to excuse us." she said politely. "We have lots more shopping to and well we'll definitely see you all at school. Thank you so much for the ice-cream.

Bonnie and Caroline soon escaped to look at Victoria secrets, Anne Summers and the new pussy cat dolls clothes shop that had opened. Bonnie picked out a crimson red bra, a royal purple one, as well as a blue and also an emerald green bra, each which had black lace and bows on them. She gathered up the matching panties and went to try them out in the stalls with Caroline in the next one.

"Caro what do you think of this one?" she opened the curtains and almost had a heart attack as she squealed trying to cover herself up.

"I think I'm gonna just take you right now." Damon almost grunted huskily something primal in his voice as he blocked her into the booth shutting the curtains and wrapping her legs around his waste. He inhaled deeply taking in her scent before staring from her head to her red painted toe nails, admiring every little curve to her.

"oh my god what are you doing here? Put me down Damon? Bonnie said her face so red she was sure she looked like a bottle of ketchup had been squeezed all over her face. There was no way she could even concentrate on a death stare or witty jibe as Damon stroked her legs eyeing her red lacy underwear.

"Just thought I'm come see how your hangover was. You look hot. You know for someone who's carrying her v card you are so saucy."

"It's not wrong to want to look nice for yourself." she squirmed as his aftershave smell surrounded her and his mouth was inches from her lips.

"Actually it's the sexist thing ever. A woman who isn't doing it for a man." Damon tilted his head and bore his icy blue eyes into hers, brushing some of her locks out of her yes.

"Seriously you look fit."

"Stop that!"


"Its I don't like compliments they make me uncomfortable."

"Why?" He furrowed his brows and hated when she wriggled out of his grip.

"I i dunno. Anyways what a homicidal vampire like ya self doing all alone checking out a bra store? Do you like to play dress up Damon?" Bonnie wriggled her eye brow getting back her bravado.

"Hey I think I'm goona go with this baby pink see through one what ya think?" Caroline soon burst the curtain open.

"Ahhhhh" she screamed seeing Damon and realising both her and Bonnie were in nothing but lacy sexy lingerie.

"Wow you two paint a very kinky image in my head right now. You two change together, Sleep together, ever kissed?"

"Get out!" Caroline screamed helping Bonnie shove at Damon's chest.

"Have it your way ladies I'll be outside." He winked then smirking he grabbed the pile of underwear Bonnie had taken into the changing room leaving.

When Bonnie came out she realised that Damon had purchased them all for her.

"Where to my little sex kittens?" I figure you too need actual outfits to wear on top of these unless you too attend pole dancing classes I don't know about, mmmm Bonnie Bennet giving me a lap dance mmmm."

"My god this is embarrassing!" Caroline muttered as the clerk looked at the three with one eye brow raised.

"Hey what can I do I'm all about being shared." he winked at her before receiving a double hit to the head from both girls.

Damon ran quite amused while trying to keep up with the girls who were trying their best to scurry away before he declared they were a threesome or something to the whole mall.

"You know anyone might think you two lovely girls are embarrassed by me." He wrapped his arms around them both.

"For the love of all things sacred in this world couldn't Stefan keep you on a leash for 5 minutes?" Bonnie put her hands on her hips.

"I bet you want me on leash baby. I'm all into bondage if you want Bon. We can try later." he said in his loudest deepest voice.

"Shhhh!" she screamed as people looked at them, they had attracted an incredible crowd. "I swear he's my best friend's boyfriend's special brother. I get paid to look after him."

"Don't worry guys she'd kidding its one of our role plays where she's my sexy baby sitter. What?" Damon said to the crowd. "My little firecracker is into it so I give her what she wants. Sure I'm more the conventional make love type but she's all about the kinky tie me up and whip me silly stuff. I will not deny her. I love her and I accept her for who she is flaws and all."

Caroline actually started to laugh this time."Hey Bon you told me he was our friend annoying or not how's that working out for ya?"

Bonnie groaned in defeat.

"Anyways I gotta go meet Matt by that Indian Ocean restaurant down stairs for dinner. See you later Bon." she hugged her tightly. "And you try not to humiliate her too much! I know it's hard for someone so naturally embarrassing but try applying yourself."

"Bye bye care bear!" Damon chimed.

"Okay now that we are alone I actually wanted to talk to you about spells. If you can pay attention long enough." She chastised "we still haven't got any ingredients or planned how we are gonna get Katherine..." Damon immediately shut her off. Taking her by the shoulders and guiding her to the pet store he just saw. Woman and pets they go all goo goos eyes. That'll distract her.

"Hey look at these." he said as they got to a row full of cute little puppies.

"But Damon kath..."

"Look at this one. He looks like a wolf." Bonnie looked down at the little husky puppy with one blue eye and one green. His little ears pricked up as she said hi to him and he jumped at the bars of his cage to lick her.


Woman Damon rolled his eyes.

"He's like the one I always told grams I wanted when I was younger. Dad said not pets."

"You interested sweat heart?" came an old man's voice.

"Um yeah actually."

"What no we don't need this rat!" Damn this distractions not going well I hate pets.

"Well he's actually only 20 bucks he has a problem he won't grow much bigger than a 5 week old puppy. No one wants him because of that.

"I want him."

"No no you don't." Damon attempted to drag away from the barking puppy.

"What don't need a dog when I have you? Is my little attention seeker gonna have competition?" Bonnie giggled at Damon's pouting face.

"I'm allergic!" He crossed his arms

"You're dead." she placed her hand on her hips. "I like little mo hawk and he's coming with us."

"Mo hawk?"

"Yeah see he has a spiky bit of hair just here." she gestured to the wriggling puppies head. "Wanna hold him Damon?"

The ride home to Bonnies was excruciating for Damon. Bonnie spent the whole time cooing over her new puppy and paying him no attention. Yes he knew he was immature but really he'd do anything to be the one licking Bonnie right now and having her kissing and rubbing him all over. The rest of the day was pretty dull for Damon as Bonnie sat in the garden with mo hawk. Bonnie kept trying to get him to play with the mutt and Damon just wanted to throttle it and play with Bonnie himself. He even tried to distract her with spells but apparently throwing a twig around the garden and watching the stupid midget dog fetch it was more interesting to her. Stefan soon called however about the dinner that Elena was throwing and Damon couldn't have been happier to be reminded about that.

Damon marched over to Bonnie grabbing the dog out of her hands. "We're off to dinner with Stefan and Elena remember? Come on."

" okay I'll get the leash He's coming too."

Damon groaned. "Awww Damie Wamie bored because no one's petting him?"

Yes actually.

"aww here you go." She ruffled his black tussled hair and began to rub his tight ripped stomach laughing at the look of irritation on his face.

"You asked for it now witch." He grinned as he pinned her under him and started moving his wet touch over her stomach tracing circles.

"Hehehe stop it Damon stop. Down boy!"" she giggled. Damon soon stopped when she was out of breath from laughing and rolled off her to lie in the grass. Squirming as her dog came wagging and licking his face.

Bonnie sat up on her side to look a Damon. "He likes you."

"Well I don't like him. Can we go now? I want to show you our mini apothecary. We've accumulated many herbs and potion materials over the last century and that could help you with your spells."

"Like how to find kath..."

"So we can try that telepathy thing you wanted to do? Also you said at the very beginning when you first met Stefan you were having psychic flashes, visions of numbers and you just knew where things were. However you haven't been able to access that since. Between your Grams, Emily's grimoire and our huge library think we can figure it out. We'll have you playing with more than fire in no time." He smiled hoping she didn't notice he completely cut her off on purpose.

Bonnie, Damon and little mo hawk entered the boarding house where her dogs started running around immediately. They went straight to the Library. Elena was busy in the kitchen with Stefan and it smelt good.

"Okay so here are the books, got Stefan to pull them down earlier. The psychic phenomenon and Salem witches sound good. So where is the apothecary?"

"Guy's dinner first!" Elena yelled form the kitchen as Bonnie followed. Damon disappeared for a moment but soon joined them at the table.

"This all looks amazing guys. You know I love my pumpkin pie."

"Damon help with the chicken." Elena ordered as he happily went over the huge traditional dish with a silver mound lid over it.

"Here Stefan you should do the honours it's your favourite." Damon smirked.

"Why that's nice of you brother." Stefan happily opened the lid only to be met by an angry barking puppy with spiky hair.

"DAMON!" they all squealed as he sat in his chair chuckling.

To be continued.

AN: Okay so the chapter just happened. I know I still haven't got to spells but after the party night had to have another filler chapter. Wasn't too much Elena jealousy in this chapter because wanted to focus more on Bonnie and Stefan and Damon's relationship. Hey you guys got any idea for good spells Damon can teach Bonnie? Also Bonnie is going to take time to realise its more than friendship.