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"…" indicates speech

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*…* indicates thought

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~Chapter 1~

She was sitting at her desk, listening too her teacher drone on about Algebra or something…she wasn't listening anyway. All she could think of was him. His sweet innocence…his all-around goofy-ness. It astounded her…how someone could be so oblivious to the world and yet catch her attention in such a way. But she would never tell anyone…she tried her best to act like she didn't care for him, to hide her emotions. But in her mind, he plagued it constantly. Just the thought of him sent shivers down her spine. *Gohan…*

All of a sudden, she heard her watch beep.

~There's a bank robbery, Videl! We need your help quick!~

She replied, "I'll be right there chief!" The raven-haired girl stood up in her seat and started toward the door. Her teacher, Mr. Schwartz, said, " I understand Videl, go on." Videl smiled and rushed out the door.

A boy a few seats down gained a rather serious look. *How am I going to help her. The restroom excuse is getting old and Mr. Schwartz is starting to suspect something. What should I do?*

"Um, excuse me, Mr. Schwartz?" The teacher replied, "YES, Gohan? What is it now?" The boy fidgeted under the middle-aged man's glare. "Ummmm, may I uh, go to the bathroom?" The class snickered and giggled amongst themselves. The teacher retorted, "NO you may not, everytime you go, you tend to forget to come back." Gohan was starting to get nervous. "But uhhh, it's….important?" The teacher sighed. "Fine, but this is the LAST time, expect no more lucky breaks…." Gohan let out a sigh of relief. "Thank you sooooo much!!!! Well, bye!" The teen darted out of the room like there was no tomorrow. Mr. Schwartz just stood there dumbfounded…."It really, must have been an ummm emergency…."

"Whew, I was worried there for a sec." Gohan said to himself as he transformed into the Gold Fighter and arrived at the bank robbery. The Gold Fighter was a name given to him when he first helped save the city. He had been on his way to school when there was a bank robbery, much like the one now. He transformed into a super saiyan to hide his identity and stopped the robbers. He had gotten to school and within a few hours, everyone was talking about a 'Gold Fighter' and the name kind of stuck.

Videl had everything pretty much under control but he would be pulverized by the teacher if he wasn't back soon so he decided to take care of everything quickly and get it over with. He appeared in front of the criminals and punched one in the gut while knocking the other one of his feet. Videl glared at the new arrival. *I can't beleive this so-called 'Gold Fighter' always interrupted my fights when I don't need any help! Sure he's cute, but that's not the point. Wait a sec, where'd that come from! He's you're rival…* Videl shakes her head and when she looks up, the robbers where all tied up and being taken in by the police. Not to mention The Gold Fighter was missing again…just like every other incident, appear, beat up the bad guys, and disappear without a trace. She found it odd…

Gohan rushed back into the classroom (A/N- he's no longer transformed if you're wondering) He teacher smirked at him. "I see you're actually back on time Mr. Son, well done my boy!" Gohan breathed a sigh of relief. *I got out lucky this time…what relief, Mr. Schwartz scares me sometimes…* Gohan sat back in his seat and within minutes, Videl came rushing back in to the classroom. "Welcome back, Videl." Videl smiled at Mr. Schwartz and said, "Thanks, I'm glad that's all taken care of." She took her seat and started talking to her friend, Erasa. "Hey girl! How was the robbery?" asked the the short-haired, blonde-headed girl, Erasa. "Exactly like all the others. That darn Gold Fighter came again…why does he always have to get in the way?" Videl stated more than asked. "Oh c'mon, he can't be as bad as you say….besides, he sure is a cutie!" chirped the blonde in her normal, perky voice. "Whatever Erasa…." Videl knew what she was talking about but she didn't want to think it…

The bell then rang as all the students quickly rushed home, out of the prison they attended every week-day.

The next day, everything went as usual. Videl's watch beeps, she goes, and Gohan makes up an excuse to go help as the Gold Fighter, without giving away his identity of course….and that was anything but easy. But there was something different about today.

Videl was trying to beat up the bad guys when, as usual, the Gold Fighter shows up. He rushed towards the leader but, to his surprise, a huge portal got in the way. It was shades of blue, green and black, swirled around. He was sucked into it leaving a dumbfounded Videl behind…*Oh no! What happened to the Gold Fighter?!* "Gold Fighter!!! Hey, where you go?! GOLD FIGHTER!!!! Where did that portal take him?!" Behind her, she heard a deep voice answer her, "I'm not sure…that is quite strange…."

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