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~Chapter 21~

~*~ Last chapter~*~

They sat down and ate lunch. As usual, Gohan went back to eating his NORMAL amount of food…the others were used to it by now. It was nearing the end of lunch when a car pulled out to the area that they were eating. (A/N- Oh, and in my fic, they eat lunch outside…) Out came the egotistical moron called, will I even bring myself to say such a name? Well, I guess…it was….Hercule. (A/N- *shudders* Ya'll probably knew who it was anywayz…what other egotistical morons do you know other than Vegeta? Hehe…just kidding, Vegeta is cool. Oh well…I did it for the people….but like ya'll wanted to hear it anyway…o.O) The overgrown buffoon (A/N- Hehhe…new word…umm….and I don't even know what it means….^^;) walked over to where Gohan, Videl, Erasa and Sharpener were sitting. "Hey kid! You said you wanted to fight?" he asked Gohan. "Ummmmmm…yea." Gohan replied. Well, YOU CAN FIGHT ME NOW!!! HAHAHHAA!!! And, I WILL WIN!!! DON'T WORRY VIDEL, I'LL GET RID OF THIE PEST!!!" yelled Hercule, flashing some of his stupid poses. "Um, daddy…he…isn't a pest." She replied. "OH YES HE IS!" Hercule replied. "Ummm….no?" added Gohan. "We'll see about that. You will fight me here and now. And I will win." Said Hercule. "Aw, how sweet of you. You even got cameras to catch your loss and stupidity for all the world to see! How thoughtful." Said Gohan, putting on a face of mock-pleasure with a hint of sarcasm. "Why you little! I'm going to win! You just watch little boy and let the horror of Hercule come upon you! RAAAARRGGGHHH!!!!!" shouted Hercule loudly. "……oohhh!!! I'm sooooo scared! Videl, I don't think I'll survive! I'M GONNA DIE!!! Yea right…" said Gohan, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "Let's start this fight kid. This'll teach you to be around MY daughter." Said Hercule. "Let's…oh, and I'll tell you this. I'm not going to lose."

~*~ End Last chapter~*~

Gohan dropped into a perfect fighting stance while Hercule got into a sloppy pose with his arms spread out in different direction as he let out a howl and charged at Gohan. Gohan, feeling like humiliating this guy, easily moved out of the way, leaving Hercule to fall facedown on the green grass. No one could believe it some kid was beating HERCULE! "Hey, Hercule, having fun yet?" asked Gohan cockily as he smirked at the man on the ground. Hercule struggled to stand up. "You…little…TWERP!!! First, you steal my daughter. THEN-" Hercule started. "-excuse me but, I didn't STEAL anybody, sir. I'm not a kidnapper. Besides, I didn't force anything, moron." Gohan interrupted, insulted that he was accused of STEALING Videl… *stealing her my foot* "Hmph! Yes you did! And now, you're PUBLICALY embarrassing me!" yelled Hercule. "Um, I hate to break it to ya but…YOU challenged ME….remember? The fact that you got upset over…ahem…anyway, you started it." Said Gohan, ending it in a childish voice, just to get the point across.

By this time, even the teachers had stopped to watch. "Gohan, you shouldn't fight him, he might hurt you." Said Mr. S. to Gohan. "Don't worry Mr. S., I have everything under control." Replied Gohan.

"Hey boy, I'm not finished yet!" yelled Hercule, reminding Gohan what he was doing. "OH, sorry. Well, as I was saying, I didn't steal anything and you're only embarrassed because YOU can't beat a LITTLE PUNY, as you would say, 16-year-old kid. And you're supposed to be the strongest man in the world, yea right."

The TV reporters had decided to ask Gohan some questions. "Hey, kid, what's your name?" asked the brunette TV lady to Gohan. "Um, my name's Son Gohan." He answered. "Gohan huh? Why are you fighting Hercule?" she asked. "Um, he challenged me cuz he got mad at me." Gohan answered. "Why was he mad at you?" she continued. "More like IS mad at me…but, it's a secret." He said as he quickly looked at Videl then turned his attention back to the lady. "One last question, what is Hercule talking about you stealing Videl." She added. Gohan paled a bit but covered it up pretty well. "Um, he's just weird that way…I dunno what he's talking about. Oh well, gotta finish this, bye!" said Gohan as he quickly ran back over to Hercule and waited for the man to stand up.

He wasn't waiting long when the older man stood up and ATTEMPTED an uppercut…and…failed miserably. Gohan was out of the way easily. "Okay, Hercule, I need to get the done so, sweet dreams…" said Gohan as he punched Hercule in the stomach and followed thru elbowed him in the back, leaving Hercule in tears.

Gohan walked off, leaving Hercule, who fainted from the pain. Everyone was

surprised when, instead of going over to her dad to see if he was ok, Videl just turned and walked with Gohan towards the door.

The rest of the day was filled with questions and such. By the end of the day, the whole school knew of Gohan and Videl's relationship…minus the whole we're-gonna-have-a-kid part…they left that small piece of info out…

Gohan and Videl walked to CC to say hi to Bulma an co. before they headed home…to Gohan's home. Videl wouldn't dare go back home after that little episode with her father and Gohan…then her dad would remember that she's still grounded…They walked up to the door to find that everyone was there…EVERYONE!!! From Piccolo and Yamcha to Tien and Chiaotzu! Even Dende and Mr. Popo had come down! The two found out that Bulma and Chichi had called everyone down and told them. 'So much for it being a secret' 'No kidding' "Hey Gohan!" said Krillin as he walked up to the demi-saiyan and smirked at his cluelessness. "Hi Krillin." He replied. "SO, hi Videl." Said Krillin and inwardly laughing at the thought of Gohan and Videl…boy was he gonna have fun with this!

Bulma and Chichi walked over to Gohan and Videl and said their hellos. "Ma! Bulma! DID YOU TELL THEM?!?!" shouted Gohan. "Ummm…maybe sweetie…oh well, didn't you see? Everyone here again! If only Piccolo wasn't, I would be okay…I never did like him." Answered Chichi, quickly getting off topic as Gohan began to whimper. 'I can't believe she TOLD EVRYONE!!! How embarrassing…' 'Huh? It isn't THAT bad Gohan.' 'You wouldn't know…you haven't grown up with them…THEY WONT TORTURE AND TEASE YOU TILL THE DAY THAT YOU DIE!!!' '….Calm down…breathe' 'breathe, right.' Gohan takes a deep breath. 'IT ISN'T WORKING!!!' '…..' "Yes, finally everybody together…and for such a happy occasion!" exclaimed Bulma. "Um…Bulma…are you two TRYING to make my life miserable?" asked Gohan. Without paying attention, Bulma automatically replied, "Oh course hun." Gohan decided to just leave it at that. He glanced over to see that this was a party for…PLANNING THE WEDDING?! 'Aren't wedding showerd for the WOMAN Videl?!' 'Usually…I guess they wanted to include EVRYONE…' "This is going to be a LONG evening…" stated Gohan. "Yup…" answered Videl. "…It sure will…" she finished.

Gohan and Videl walked outside to get away from all the ruckus of the planning party. Gohan glanced over and he couldn't believe it. Standing there was his childhood, ahem, PET, Icarus was standing there with his wife and little baby Icaruses or whatever. (A/N - *snicker* lol…I just had to put that…what's a party without little Icarus? Hm?) "Oh just great, ma even invited ICARUS TO THE KAMI-DURNED PARTY!!! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?!?!" yelled Gohan. Icarus looked sad. Gohan felt bad so leaving Videl's side he walked over to Icarus. "Hey Icarus, sorry about that. Too much stress." Icarus smiled, feeling better now. (A/N- C'mon now everyone, say "Awwwww") Everyone got the warm-n-fuzzies for a second before the dinosaurs left.

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Okay, enough of all that fun, back to the story. Gohan and Videl walked back into the room to rejoin with the rest of the group. Videl went off to talk with people, Gohan walked over to Dende. "Hey Dende! Long time no see!" said Gohan. "Hi Gohan. I know. Oh, sorry I haven't been talkative." Replied the young Namek. "Huh?" asked Gohan. "Well, you have said things and such throughout the past while, I've been playing Chess with Mr. Popo so I haven't answered." Replied Dende. Gohan sweatdropped. "It's okay Dende, it's a human expression. I dunno why. They say I should say KAMI but I say Kami died awhile ago…they just give me strange looks." Said Gohan, scratching his head in confusion. Dende laughed. "I AM Kami, but name is Dende…hehehe." Said Dende. "Oh yea…true…wouldn't THEY be surprised when I tell them I know KAMI by a first-name basis. Hehehe…so how have things been at the lookout?" replied Gohan. "Boring…you should visit sometime. Well, Mr. Popo and I should be going back now! Nice seeing you again Gohan! Have a nice wedding!" said Dende as he and Mr. Popo left. Piccolo then followed. "Thanks Dende! Come if ya want! No one'll mind!" yelled Gohan at his retreating childhood friend. "Bye Piccolo!" he yelled again at his former sensei as he left.

Soon enough, everybody went home. Gohan suggested taking Videl home but she mentioned 1, her dad wouldn't be there because he's in the hospital from the shock caused at his defeat. 2, they're practically married, she can stay with him, which greatly pleased Chichi. More grandchildren was what ran thru her mind.

They got to the house far out in 439 (A/N- Thanks to those who corrected me….^^.) Mountain Area and went to bed. Gohan and Videl shared Gohan's bed of course. "Goodnight Videl." Said Gohan sleepily. "G'nite…." Videl replied, equally as sleepy. "I hope…that I haven't troubled you Videl. I know that you were probably perfectly happy with your life before all this started…and I'm sorry I dragged you into this mess." Said Gohan remorsefully. Videl was shocked. "No Gohan! You haven't been trouble. I like this better than before anyway. Now I can marry you and have a kid! I'm not upset! Why would I be." Replied Videl. "Well…b-because…I mean now your father is mad…and the school is bound to spread rumors…and your pregnant…a-a-and…" said Gohan as he trailed off. "Shhh…it's ok…I would give up life before any day for this…" Stated Videl. "…I never want to remember what it was like…without you…I love you Gohan" she continued. Gohan said back to Videl, in this dark of the night, "I love you to."

Awwww…sappy ending! I'm a sucker for happy endings! Well, I think my work here is done! I'm thinking of a sequel…or maybe starting a whole new story…that would be fun…but this is my baby so I will wuv it forever! I think it deserves a nice, short little sequel or something. I dunno…I'm still playing with the idea. I hope you deem this chappie as a worthy ending! I'm gonna go back and fix any errors I made in earlier chappies. Well, until my next fic (or a chappie after this made for any questions asked) c-ya! Have a spiffy day and may the bunnies be with you! *blows raspberry* ^_~