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Blaise coughed and broke out into a blush. Draco had been seated next to him and was staring at him for some time now. It was breakfast so they were in the Great Hall which meant that everyone from their house was seated around them. So when Draco showed up for breakfast, spotted Blaise, sat down right next to him with a grin that would make, to quote the muggle character, the Joker jealous. It caught the attention of all the Slytherins around them and, unfortunately for the coffee colored boy, that included their head of house. Sighing loudly he all but slammed his fork down onto the table and glared at his best friend.

"Will you stop looking at me like that Draco? Seriously, I'm trying to eat and I can't do that with you grinning like the cat that just ate the canary." Draco, if possible, grinned even wider, and Blaise gulped, knowing that he just set himself into a trap.

"Well I might look like a satisfied cat but I know that YOU'RE the one who's really satisfied. Are you sure it was just a metaphoric bird that ate something tasty Blaise, because I'm positive that you ate something really tasty last night." Blaise blushed so hard that everyone could see it on his colored face and it was almost like heat waves rolled off his cheeks.

He glanced, very quickly, over to his (now) official mate and saw that Harry was doing the same thing as Draco just on a much smaller scale. Harry didn't invite the whole house into knowing that he got laid last night but he did pick on the poor Gryffindor. Closing his eyes as he put his hand over them, he let out a long harsh sigh.

'I'm sorry he's doing this to you 'Lais.' He let a small smile grace his face.

'It's okay Nev, he just doesn't know what he's doing. It's not that he's not smart enough to figure it out, he just wants to tease his friend but hasn't stopped to think about what he's saying and the context others will take it in.'

'I know, but it still doesn't mean that I'm not sorry.'

'Thank you, Nev. Apologize to Harry for me.'

'For what?'

'You'll figure it out. Just, just tell him not to be too angry with me.' There was silence for a bit before his country mouth replied.

'Alright.' He supposed if they were speaking loud the word would have been breathless and hesitant but those feelings came through in the bond. Opening his mouth he let shit hit the fan. He hoped the Malfoy would still be his friend after this.

"Draco, shut your trap. Maybe you haven't gotten the memo but I am not my mother." He sounded more offended and angry then he actually was, bringing his mother into the argument because he wasted the asshole off his back and he didn't want the school thinking he was like his mother; he was nothing like that bitch.

There were a few gasps and he felt Neville's immense surprise through their bond but he didn't lower hand that was covering his eyes and, quite frankly, he didn't want to. If Draco wasn't going to be his friend anymore, he didn't want to see the loathing directed toward him.

"Blaise, I…" Draco started off, his tone devoid of any emotion.

"You know what, forget it. I'll see you later." Blaise quickly got up and didn't look anyone sitting at his house table and he definitely didn't look the way of Draco and his head of house. As he hurriedly walked out of the hall he glanced the way of Harry and his mate and saw the shock on their faces.

'Great, I offended you and Harry too.'

'Blaise, you didn't…'

'It's okay Nev. I know.' He closed their mental bond and didn't speak to his new mate for most of the day.

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"What's wrong, young one?" The boy looked up to one of the faces of his DADA professors and sighed aloud once again. Great, one of the last people he wanted to see; he really didn't want to deal with this right now.

"Nothing. "

"Oh come now. What's wrong?" Draco sat up, sighing again as he mentally admitted defeat since he knew that Will wouldn't go away until he spilled his guts; the one bad thing about having elves and a dragon for professors, he couldn't spill bullshit because they would fucking KNOW he was lying.

"You already know the answer to that so why the bloody hell are you asking?" Draco spat at them and Kyrie's eyebrows shot up. If Draco had fire in his breath he would definitely be spitting flames right now; thank Merlin they didn't inherit that gift and if they did, well, thank Merlin they didn't inherit it until after puberty. "I know you were in the Great Hall this morning, I saw you, so why don't you just leave me the fuck alone, okay?"

Kyrie glanced at the other elves who just looked between the dragon and his chosen one. Well this just became exceedingly more difficult as this was, apparently, going to be a lot harder than any of them anticipated.

"We just want to know what's wrong, that's all."

'Will, is it just me or is he getting bigger?'

"No you don't," The menace was more predominate than normal. "You wouldn't even give a damn at what happened if I and Blaise weren't your precious 'Chosen Ones'. All you would do is be my goddamn professors and tell me to suck it the fuck up before you gave me detention."

Draco just got angrier and angrier at the sound of his own words and—it wasn't just Kay's imagination—his shirt tore apart as his wings sprung out. The leathery black wings were bigger than they've ever been before and little white bone were sticking out from the tips of each side.

"Don't you ever lie to me again, you filthy elf! And don't you dare ever come to me when you don't even know what the fuck's going on!" Draco took his gaze off of the Black Lake and directed it their way; all three stepped back when they saw the red bleeding into his eyes.

"Calm yourself, Draco!" Kyrie barked. This was bad. This was very bad. This was oh shit we're all going to die bad. An angry, premature dragon was one of the fiercest foes in the world for they had yet to tame the wild part of themselves. A premature Dragon-human… that was something that not even Merlin himself would know.

"No! I'm tired of your bullshit! It's so fucking difficult having to listen to all three of you nag all freaking day at me about what I'm doing wrong and how I'm one of one half when you don't even know WHO I FUCKING AM!" Sharp fangs started to grow from the sides of his mouth, nails started to grow, and any humanity that was held in his posture vanished when he got down onto all fours.

"Oh shit. Oh shit. Umm, what to do?" Will and Kay already dropped their glamour charm and their fox-like features took over, ready on the defensive. Kyrie on the other hand, didn't know what to do. One, he was too close to the castle to return to his original form. Two, if he didn't all three of them could possibly be killed. Three, he might have to fight Draco. Four, even if he had to fight, he was not going to kill one of his chosen.

"Draco!" A sudden shout from behind the quickly changing boy drew his attention and he whirled around so quickly that his small tail that was fighting against the restricting fabric he wore, broke from his trousers and sprouted out behind him. There stood sweating and panting were Blaise, Neville, and Harry.

"Dray?" Harry spoke aloud and timidly walked toward the half beast half student. He was alarmed when all of his mental pushes were blocked by a wall of hate and anger. That's all Harry felt. If it weren't for the small beacon of love he felt coming his way he would have never guessed this was his Draco.

"Dray?" He tried again as he lifted his arm towards his head—Draco's skin was starting to scale.

"What the hell are you doing? Get out of there!" Will practically screamed at Harry through clenched teeth and took a step toward them—not a good idea.

Draco grabbed Harry and put him behind him defensively as he snapped at the fox elf. His claws dug themselves into Harry's skin and he cried out softly before snapping his mouth shut when that seething look that he'd never seen on Draco before was directed his way. They all held their breath as Draco let go of his mate and looked down to where the bleeding holes were left in Harry's arm. This would not be good if Draco's beast believed Will had done this to his mate….

The small hybrid let out a whine as he smelt the blood and lifted the bleeding arm to his lips. A long, rough tongue came out from the half human mouth and licked over the fresh wounds. Harry tried to retain it but a soft giggle fell from his lips—what, he was ticklish! Draco paused in his cleaning of his mate's wounds and breathed over the flesh as he looked up to Harry when he felt him shiver—the torn flesh closed mere seconds later.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief when Draco started to look more like, well, Draco. The teeth and claws retracted, his skin looked less scaly, the tail disappeared, and his wings wrapped around Harry and himself protectively. Draco's fingers gripped onto the fabric around Harry's waist like a dying man and pushed his face into the other's neck. Harry sighed contently, happy to have his Dray back along with his (mostly) happy thoughts and emotions, before flailing around wildly then proceeding to fall to the ground as his mate drug him down with him.

Head in Harry's lap, Draco sobbed into his mate as his arms clung to his waist.

"I'm s-oorry. I-I-I'm sorry. I'm-I'm s-so s-sorry." Body shaking with hysterics he cried out all of the tears he never let out, out. Harry smiled softly down at him and played gently with his hair.

"Hey," Harry looked over and saw his two best friends. "he's going to be okay, right?"

"I-I'm so S-SORRY B-Blaise! So sorry." He wailed more when he heard the sound of his best friend and said best friend looked down at the broken Malfoy.

"Hey, hey, it's totally okay dude. Seriously. I mean, I was the one who blew it completely out of proportion. I mean, I'm going to pick on you and Harry when you have sex so I'm the one who should be sorry."

"B-but I didn't even think about your mum when I started! I j-just knew…" It was a stroke of luck that the boy even got that out before he choked on this own sobs. Kay, Will, and Kyrie just stood behind silently. Watching and pondering and not daring to enter the conversation that clearly wasn't meant for them, if a few minutes ago was anything to go by.

Looks like they learned something this school year as well.

"What he means to say," Smoothing the supposed-to-be pristine Malfoy hair Harry continued on for his mate. "is that he's really sorry that he didn't stop to think about what it would look like to other; what it would do to your reputation. As a Slytherin you guys keep that as a pretty high priority after all." The teasing jab was clearly eminent and Neville snorted just as Draco half coughed half laughed and Blaise elbowed his mate in the ribs before grabbing hold of him and loosely wrapping his arms around his waist.

"Anyway, he should have taken out the time to order out his thoughts before picking on you he was just too happy after all." A bright after-glow like grin took over Harry's face and Blaise raised an eyebrow.

"Explain." Three heads shot in the direction of the outside voice and Kyrie stood there as stoic as ever like he hadn't said a word—Will and Kay behind him looking at the dragon-man like he was insane for joining the conversation but were curious none the less.

"Well, we're only one half of a whole, right?" Harry motioned to Draco and himself. "And as our other half we're still connected—granted not as strong as either of our bonds but still—so any strong feeling or emotion one half of the while feels, so must the other half." Neville's cheeks flamed up, Blaise look like he'd just been slapped but amused by it, and the three professors contained their insane laughter when it dawned on them.

"Y-you mean," Harry nodded and Draco nodded in his lap.

"All of it?" Blaise asked with embracement, curiosity, and a tad bit of fear. If they felt all of what they did that means when they have sex… Again Harry and Draco nodded.

It was all they could take. Kyrie, Will, and Kay burst out laughing; Kay on the ground with his feet kicking in the air and the other two bent over holding their ribs as tears streamed down their faces.

"W-We're sorry! We're sorry! It's just…"

"That's so fucking hilarious!"

"Sucks for you!" The three of them said all at the same time though in different intervals as they had to attempt to breath first then force out the words in-between laughter.

"Shut up. Just… shut up." Neville said as he pushed his face into Blaise's neck in attempt to hide his cherry red face. Though, in his defense, the other three weren't fairing much better with the onslaught of laughter.

~This is a line break~

"Hiya Harry! Hi Neville." Harry looked up from the article he was reading in the Quibbler and looked over to the bush haired girl as she pushed open the door to their compartment and attempted to put her trunk on the shelf. Both boys quickly got up to help her and within no time the luggage was in its proper place.

"Hi there Hermione."

"Hello." Neville smiled at her before shuffling back to the end of the compartment seat and looked out the window. The girl looked at him strangely before looking to Harry and gesturing at him as if to say 'What's wrong with him?' without actually saying it.

'Motion Sickness.' Mouthed Harry and she nodded before taking a seat next to the boy who looked a little green around the edges. It wasn't uncommon for wizard or witches to have motion sickness as they were used to apparating or flooing from one place to the next; long journeys never sat well with them.

"So I heard you had a run in with the Weasley twins yesterday." Harry raised his eyebrows suggestively and Hermione blushed red as she looked furious.

"Of course you did."

"Well of course, it's only the talk of the Gryffindor tower." That got another blush along with even more anger. "So, what happened?"

"I'll tell you what happened! Those ruddy boys went around playing pranks on Professors Kay, Will, and Kyrie and when they were running away from them they 'accidently' bumped into me and 'accidently' put prank spell on my book and it turned the pages HOT PICK WITH GREEN POLKA DOTS! That was an antique book the Professor Dumbledore let me borrow only because I was so adamant on the subject and I was so embarrassed when I had to turn it in, and…. IT'S NOT FUNNY!" Harry and Neville contained their chuckles and schooled their faces into looking somber.

"I'm sorry Hermione. Was Professor Dumbledore angry?"

"NO! And that's the worse part! He just chuckled, said whatever product that the twins were working on was going to be a hit, waved his hand and the book was back to normal. BACK TO NORMAL!"

"I heard they kissed you to make it better." Harry quickly said before she could rant anymore. The bushy haired girl turned a fire engine red and mumbled something that sounded strangely like 'it was only on the cheek' before saying more firmly "Of course that's what you heard."

The compartment went quiet for a few moments after another chuckle from Harry and Neville before Hermione sighed and clenched a book in her hand.

"I'm going to miss them. They may have been a pain, with the prank war and all, but they were the best DADA professors a person could ask for." Harry and Neville looked at one another sadly. Kay, Will and Kyrie broke the news to them after their first official round of flying around Hogwarts grounds and Harry then proceeding to fly himself into a tree.

The three laughed with them when Harry picked himself up but there was a sad, acceptance in their eyes as they did so. When they finally broke the news to them the four went into an uproar, telling them that they still needed them for training and advice but all they did was shake their heads and say that they had to go back to their homes; that if they we're meant to stay then Merlin wouldn't have picked chosen ones and they would just kill Voldemort instead.

No matter what they said the three wouldn't budge and for the last three weeks of school, they wouldn't leave each other's side.

It was a sad last few weeks to the school year.

"Yea," Harry said as he looked out the train window and pictured a great dragon flying in the distance. "Yea, I'm going to miss them too."

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