ME: Hey, it's me AGAIN. MY THRID STORY! YAY! Sorry but no charas. a short simple talk between Amu and Aruto.

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Me: this takes place 9 months after Amu has her twins in Jrio: An Amuto Fanfic. I hope you'll like this!

Amu lazily pushed the stroller infront of her, she was taking a short walk to the park to talk to an awaiting Aruto. He had asked her to come to the park so they could talk. She didn't understand at first but she quickly caught on that it was about Ikuto. She started to regret bringing Izuyomi with her, the crying was driving her nuts. Soon she arrived to the park and nonchalantly sat down next to Aruto, she quickly took Izuyomi out of the stroller and calmed him down with his favorite toy: his mother's hair.

"Busy much?" Aruto smirked, looking at Amu calmly.

"eh, You wouldn't beilieve how hard it is to keep this one quiet..." Amu sighed as Izuyomi nibbled on her hair.

"I can tell...he looks alot like his father."

"Alot like you too. Look Aruto, I don't want people getting the wrong idea...Why'd you ask me to come here?" Amu blinked.

"Well It's about the childern...And Ikuto...I just don't want Ikuto to be too busy for his kids...Could you make sure he spends time with them?" Aruto whispered, looking down and lookig ashamed.

"Don't worry. Ikuto can't get enough of them. I had to say i was gonna leave him before he would let me take Izuyomi. He's very attached to both of them." Amu smiled.

"That's good to hear. I don't want him following in my footsteps..." Aruto sighed.

"He won't. I can Promise you that. Don't worry so much." Amu said while placing Izuyomi in Aruto's lap, Izuyomi stared up at Aruto with those big violet eyes making Aruto smile.

"He's adoreable and looks alot like Ikuto when he was a baby." Aruto muttered.

"Do you have any baby pictures of Ikuto? I'd love to have one!" Amu squealed not noticing the picture that Aruto was holding out. she grabbed it and looked at it.

"Keep it."

"Oh my gosh...Ikuto was so adoreable!" Amu squealed. The photo had Ikuto as a baby in a small black cowboy outfit, a Halloween picture, Ikuto's baby eyes sparkling at right at her. Aruto gave Izuyomi back and smiled, he stood up.

"Good luck with the twins, Amu-chan." And he was off, walking in an opposite direction.

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