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The story picks up from the episode "Preggers" and will develop from the confrontation between Puck and Quinn over 'who's the daddy'. Other things may be out of sequence or whatever but frankly I've watched Glee so much I have trouble remembering what order things happened in anymore!

Chapter One – Frustration

From Series 1 Episode: 4 - "Preggers"

"Sup MILF", said Puck getting in Quinn's face and bringing her from her contemplation.

"Leave me alone", she said her voice cracking slightly as she hurried down the hallway, but not fast enough to draw unwanted attention to herself.

"Who's the Daddy?" asked Puck, refusing to be dismissed so easily.

The pair continued walking for several paces before Puck spoke again,

"I just think it's kinda weird that it's Finn, considering you told me you were a virgin when we did it? And I know for a fact that you didn't do it with him."

Turning to the jock Quinn smirked knowingly,

"How can you be so sure?"

Puck scoffed before he replied with confidence,

"Finn's my boy, he would have told me."

"You make a habit of sleeping with your boy's girlfriends?", said Quinn before turning to storm off.

Looking around to make sure no one was truly paying attention Puck raised his hands in praise before calling,

"Well call the Vatican... we got ourselves another immaculate conception..."

Growling at the jock, Quinn grabbed Puck by the strap of his bag and pulled him to the side of the corridor, checking briefly to make sure the jock hadn't attracted any unwanted attention,

"I take care of it now, you too. My Dad's a deadbeat but I don't roll that way."

Her eyes tearing up Quinn accused the jock,

"Weren't you fired for peeing in the fast food fry-o-lator?"

Looking away as the barb hit home Puck tried to defend himself,

"I've got my pool cleaning business."

"We live in Ohio...", said Quinn her eyes wet as she shook her head.

Realising he was losing this argument, Puck looked to the floor in defeat as Quinn continued to rain down verbal punches and he looked up again to see her looking straight into his eyes,

"I had sex with you because you got me drunk on wine coolers and I felt fat that day. But it was a mistake. You're a Lima-loser and you're always going to be a Lima-loser."

Finally giving into the urge to flee, Quinn trotted away down the corridor at speed heading for the parking lot.

The sound of thunder overhead mirrored Puck's mood as he leaned against the notice board and scowled heavily.

Puck sighed as he lent against the back of the stall door and closed his eyes.

Ever since he'd slept with Quinn and the blonde girl had revealed to him that she was pregnant he'd tried to step up and be a man. He'd tried to take a grip of his life and grow up and be a better person; for her and for the baby. And each time he gained a slight foothold the pregnant girl would slap him back down again. He'd been trying for days now.

True he'd been a complete asshole to the girl for the first 24 hours after she'd dropped this, like huge bomb on him and he regretted it but now the girl was determined that he play no part in the decisions she was making about his child. She kept claiming that as it was her body it was her decision what did or did not happen.

"Bullshit!" he cried as he banged his head back against the stall door in agitation.

Rubbing his tired eyes he played back the latest in a long line of confrontations he'd had with the girl in his mind...

He'd approached Quinn as he'd done every day for the past week as she was filling her bag with her books for class. The girl had been quiet for days, barely speaking to anyone, trying desperately to ghost through life unnoticed,

"Uh... hey Quinn, can we please talk?", he scuffed the toe of his sneaker against the flooring as he put his hands in his pockets and looked away.

The girl had sighed and turned to him as if he was simply an annoyance. Which after a week of constant pressuring Puck probably was.

"What Puck? What could we possibly talk about that would be of any interest to me?"

A stab of pain winded the jock for a moment as he struggled to formulate a response, the girl's tone had been so hostile. If the blonde noticed the momentary flash of pain on the boy's face she didn't mention it.

"Well?...", she snapped, "... if you're just going to stand there in silence I have class to go to..."

Quinn had made to push past the jock when he'd shaken off his daydream and snagged her by the wrist.

"If you want the continued use of your hand, you'll let go of me right now..."

Puck knowing that to try to restrain the girl was not going to solve anything released her and she simply glared at him as she rubbed her wrist,

"This is why I want nothing to do with you Puck. This is why I'm giving up this baby. You're a loser Puck and I won't allow myself to be dragged down to your level."

Puck had stayed quiet as the girl had ranted at him as he tried to find some way to explain to the girl that he was sorry for everything and that he only wanted to help.

"I...uh... I'm... ah shit...", he ran his hand through his mohawk in agitation, "... I just... how are you doing Quinn? Really?"

The earnest tone in the boy's voice clearly filtered through to the blonde as her glare softened somewhat as she answered,

"I'm pregnant Puck. I'm moody. I'm cranky for no reason other than someone looked at me wrong and in a few months I'm going to be bigger than a house. And its ALL YOUR FAULT!"

Puck was tempted for the sake of a possible reconciliation with the blonde simply to duck his head and look contrite however he couldn't help pointing out,

"Hey! As I remember it there were two of us there when the baby was conceived."

"You got me drunk on wine coolers Puck. I don't even remember having sex with you. My first time and I don't even remember it."

The girl's tough façade cracked momentarily as the scared teen allowed her defences to drop before she slammed them back into place utilising her resentment and anger for the jock.

"I was kicked off the Cheerios Puck. Do you know how humiliating it was for me to be forced to turn in my pom-poms? It might not seem like much to you but being the Head Cheerleader, being the Winter Queen, the Homecoming Queen – that was my dream. My way to make a mark on this school and now it's all ruined because you couldn't keep your cock in your pants."

Puck growled before he violently punched on of the lockers beside him and the blonde's eyes widened in shock at the display of emotion,

"I know Quinn! I screwed up! I'm a screw-up!"

He chuckled dryly before he continued,

"I've never done anything in my life that I could be proud of. Nothing. Not school, not football and not Glee. This... this... is my chance to prove to the world that I'm not a Lima-loser. I don't want to be a Lima-loser. I won't be like my Dad."

By the time his rant had finished the blonde was looking at him in contemplation before her own fears overtook her again and she fell back upon her resentment,

"It doesn't matter what people think of you Puck. As far as I'm concerned Finn is the Father of this baby... and he'll be a better Father than you could ever hope to be..."

Anything further Quinn had wanted to say was cut off by Puck's as he once again slammed his fist into the locker door, watching with some satisfaction as the metal buckled.

"Finn is not... could never be... the Father of your baby. You might have tricked him into thinking he is for now, but he'll figure it out eventually and then you'll be left all alone."

The harsh words pierced the girl's defences as the jock threw her worst fear in her face. Her eyes filled with tears which she refused to shed in the boy's presence.

"Damn you Puck. Damn you to Hell... why can't you just leave well enough alone...", she whispered before she fled in the direction of the nearest bathroom.

Placing his hands either side of his head and pressing hard, Puck felt as though if he didn't let it all out soon he was going to explode.

'I could tell Ma', he thought before he scoffed at the idea.

No. Telling the Puckerman matriarch was not an option. Not in a million bazillion years. He'd be either marched up the aisle with Quinn faster than a fat kid at an all you can eat buffet or kicked out and disowned for being a disappointment to 'the family'.

"Fuck!..." he shouted just letting the tip of the iceberg of frustration escape to relieve the pressure.


A timid and uncertain voice drifted on the air.

"Shit!", murmured Puck as he realised he was no longer alone and that he'd been worked up enough to drop his guard and not hear the door to the bathroom opening, or the soft footfalls as the unknown person crossed the floor.

'Play it cool Puck..."

"Ah... yeah that's it...", he moaned in faked ecstasy, while grabbing some tissue. Balling it up Puck threw it in the toilet with a splash and hit the flush.

Making a show of loudly zipping up his jeans, Puck unlocked and threw open the stall door and stopped in shock at the identity of the most unexpected visitor.

"Hummel...", he said his expression closing off.

"Puck...", said the brunette a slight tinge of red to his cheeks. Clearly his ruse had been understood by the soprano.

"Sorry about the noise, I tend to shout out when I cum...", he said without a hint of shame.

If the brunette was blushing before, Puck's rather blunt sentence caused an inferno to break out in the furnace stoking the boy's cheeks.

Smirking in satisfaction for the first time in days, Puck watched as the soprano tried to collect himself,

"Oh... I uh... that's OK? I guess..."

Puck couldn't help it, he laughed and the boy scowled at him. A big deep hearty belly laugh that had him doubled over before he realised that he sounded vaguely hysterical.

'Get a grip Puckerman'

Straightening up Puck brushed by the static Kurt and faced the sinks. Running the faucet he busied himself with splashing his face with cold water as he tried to hide the evidence of his mini-breakdown.

'You can't be Lima's biggest badass if you're crying in the bathroom Puck!'

"Puck... uh, don't like slushie me for asking but is everything OK?"

Raising his eyes to meet the curious blue eyes of the soprano in the mirror Puck had already replied before his brain kicked into gear,

"No... my life sucks worse than an Amish virgin..."

A widening of the soprano's eyes was the initial indication to Puck that he'd spoken when he'd not intended to. Groaning he attempted to drown himself under the stream of water from the faucet.

"Uh... OK?... This is going to sound really crazy and believe me I don't know why I'm asking but... would you like to talk about it?", asked Kurt looking vaguely concerned with the fact that he'd even put voice to the thought.

'Do I?', thought Puck as he grabbed a hand towel and scrubbed it over his face.

His ruminations were halted however by a small but firm hand over his own, halting his progress in drying his face.

Pulling his hand away from his face and setting it down on the counter, Kurt explained,

"Don't rub your face with these towels, they'll tear up your skin faster than a forty year old man given Justin Bieber tickets..."

"How would you know?..." asked Puck with some hostility before realisation dawned on him, "... oh, slushies... sorry..."

This time it was Kurt's turn to laugh as he remarked,

"Do you know I think that's the first time you've ever apologised to me for anything and actually meant it?"

The harsh truth slapped Puck in the face and he just nodded in agreement with the soprano's estimation,

"You... you're probably right about that Hummel..."

Reaching into his satchel, Kurt withdrew a little yellow packet of moist towelettes and popping the lid offered them to the jock.

"Try these, they'll be a lot kinder on your skin than those towels."

Pausing to consider the offer and wondering whether this was an elaborate set up, it was as if Kurt was able to read his mind.

Huffing he shook the packet in Puck' face before snapping defensively,

"It's not a set up. They aren't tainted or poisoned and they won't turn you gay...they're lemon scented. Look..."

Taking one of the wipes from the packet, Kurt proceeded to wipe his own lipgloss off leaving a slightly pinkish streak on the cloth.

"Dude... you wear lipgloss?"

It was a completely random question but the past few minutes had proven to be extremely surreal as far as Puck was concerned.

Kurt just smiled before answering honestly,

"I wear lots of things Puck, concealer, foundation, blusher, mascara, lipgloss. Not to mention my kick-ass wardrobe...", he finished with a grin.

The larger boy couldn't help the chuckle that escaped him as he snatched up one of the towelettes and rubbed his face with it.

"Hey. This feels kinda... well nice...", he said after a moment. Before long his face was dry and his skin was shiny and fresh looking.

Balling up the towel Puck showed off his basketball skills by bouncing the makeshift ball off the stall door and into the waste basket by the door.

"So... did you want to talk?", asked a curious Kurt who was now completely unsure exactly what was going on. One minute he'd walked in intend on fixing his make-up before Glee, the next he was offering make-up tips to Puck of all people.

'I'm more confused right now than a sheep dog rounding up pigs...'

Kurt watched as Puck considered his question, he'd expected that the jock would dismiss the idea out of hand, perhaps even throwing an insult or two his way. But since the start of the conversation Puck had been civil... even dare he say it, nice.

"Uh... yeah Hummel... Kurt... I really think I would like to talk...", Puck's voice was soft as he stared at the bathroom counter.

Kurt's jaw dropped open in shock.

'He did not just say what he said... did he?'

"Uh... OK... now?", asked Kurt checking his watch and realising that they both had Glee in like, 5 minutes.

Seeing Kurt checking his watch he realised that Glee club must be about to start. Straightening up and putting his mask back in place he answered the smaller boy,

"No. How about after?... If you... if you don't mind that is?"

Kurt felt like he was all at sea during a storm, pitching from side to side with no rudder to guide him. The last ten minutes had thrown his world completely off it's axis and then he'd fallen down a rabbit hole. So he went on instinct and his natural good nature prevailed,

"Uh... sure... would you like to uh... come over? To my house?"

Considering the idea of going to Hummel's house Puck realised the idea didn't disgust him quite as much as he thought it would.

"Uh sure... that'd be... good?"

His own disbelieving tone and uncertain phrasing brought a giggle from the brunette.

"You know where I live don't you?"

Looking slightly sheepish, Puck nodded in affirmation before Kurt realised the reason why,

"Oh yeah. The lawn furniture...", the brunette's tone was flat and the disapproving look on Kurt's face caused Puck to flinch.



Nodding and popping the packet of towelettes back into his book bag, Kurt looked out his lipgloss and reapplied before he heaved the heavy bag onto his shoulder and motioned to the jock,

"Shall we go then?"

Shaking himself from his contemplation and examining himself in the mirror, Puck took a deep breath to steady his shaky nerves before nodding decidedly.

"Yeah. Let's go be badass singers."

The brunette's laugh as they exited the bathroom was musical and light. Puck couldn't help but smile in response.

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