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Chapter 40 – Stop Being a Pussy and Move!

The moon was low in the sky as the Navigator wound its way from the High School back through Lima proper and towards home. Noah stared out of the passenger window as he allowed his thoughts to drift.

Home... Would it be? Could it be? The jock knew he wanted it to be.

'Stop it...'

Noah shook himself out of his sudden bout of melancholy; there was nothing he could do other than state his preference and wait on the Judge to rule. Second guessing was for pussies.

The squeal of tires drew Noah's attention from the window as the Navigator hit a bump in the road that had the half-back hissing in discomfort. Kurt had insisted on driving home from school - but not before the soprano had been required to drive around the parking lot to prove that the cast on his arm meant he could do so safely - and so Noah found himself seated in the passenger seat and was by all accounts moaning like a Grade-A bitch.

Burt, Melissa and Ray had decided after the game to give the two teens some space - Kurt's not so subtle suggestion notwithstanding - and had gone out for a late dinner at a local Japanese restaurant. Judging from the expression on both Burt and Ray's faces when Melissa had announced where they were going; neither were awfully enthused by the thought of raw fish and wasabe paste.

To say that the atmosphere in the car was tense would be to say that the atmosphere on the Korean border was a little frayed. Conversation was kept to a minimum as each boy spent their time lost in their own thoughts while they quickly approached the Hummel house and more worryingly the impending next step in their relationship.

Kurt's fingers hurt.

The sudden thought jarred the soprano as Kurt shook his head and tried to clear out the fog of rising panic suffusing his consciousness. Glancing at his hands, the brunette noted that his knuckles were white and that he was holding the steering wheel in a death grip.

'Just relax'

Taking a deep breath, Kurt pointedly released his grip and tried to get his emotional equilibrium.

Kurt trusted Noah. Kurt loved Noah. Therefore, there was no reason for him to be nervous about what was going to happen that night - right?

'Ah crap...'

Despite how eager Kurt was to finally take the next step with Noah - the brunette having daydreamed about it far too often for it to be healthy - Kurt just couldn't shake the slightly nauseous feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Despite his brusque exterior, truthfully Noah was sweet and kind and gentle and Kurt knew deep down that he was completely safe wrapped in the half-back's arms. There was absolutely no logical reason for the soprano to feel afraid of sleeping with him.

Well, except for one.

'What if I do it wrong?'

Both boys were new to their relationship certainly, however Kurt was all too aware of Noah's past experiences with sex. The brunette was terrified that he'd do or say something wrong and inadvertently kill the mood. Or that worse, Noah would finally decide that although he loved Kurt, sex with him just didn't compare to sex with a girl, and that he'd end it between them.

Or worse, ask to sleep with girls on the side and continue to see Kurt.

The thought of that scenario coming to pass broke the soprano's heart.

Though Kurt was oblivious, Noah too as it turned out was nervous.

There was no other word to describe it. It was crazy too because Noah was completely certain that he loved Kurt. Hell he'd just announced it in front of a spectator crowd of thousands for crying out loud.

Of course, the jock had had sex more times than he could count - that was pretty much a given when you were as badass was Puckzilla. But then what they were planning to do that evening wasn't just meaningless sex - a small part of Noah wished that it was - at least if it were meaningless then there would be no dubiety on what was expected of him.

But with Kurt there was much more to think about. The half-back was confident in his ability to satisfy a woman but - could he satisfy a man? Did he have what it took?

'What if I do it wrong?'

Neither boy was afforded any further time to reflect on their self-confidence issues however, as the Navigator turned the final corner and the Hummel house loomed large on the horizon. Kurt quickly slapped his palm against the remote for the garage door and as the garage opened up in front of them like the gaping maw of a whale, Kurt couldn't help the random thought that he was heading to his own destruction,

''Where's Ahab with a bazooka when you need him...'

"Ow... son of a bitch...", grumbled Noah as the jock hopped down from the Navigator and jarred his injured knee.

Following the end of the game, Noah had applied a cold compress to the injury hoping that it would help alleviate some of the discomfort. However; it had done little other than make his skin cold and wrinkly.

The jock had tried - had really tried - to contort himself into getting back into his leather pants. However in the end the injuries Noah had suffered during the punishing game proved to be too severe to allow him to do so. As a result, the half-back was in a foul mood.

"You OK?", asked a concerned Kurt as he rounded the hood and came to a stop beside the taller boy who was clutching his knee and grumbling to himself.

"Yeah...", grimaced Noah before he offered Kurt a grateful smile as the smaller boy insinuated himself against his side as an added support, "... I'm just peachy..."

Kurt rolled his eyes as he began to lecture the jock in his most strident tone,

"Well you should have known what would happen when you said you loved me in a stadium, in front of thousands of people..."

Noah dropped his head and looked sheepish causing Kurt to realise he'd been too harsh on the taller boy,

"I love you too though...", said the brunette reaching up on his tiptoes to place a kiss to the jock's cheek.

Noah chuckled at the smaller boy's antics and with his free hand reached down and reaffirmed his grip on the brunette.

"Noah!", squeaked Kurt in a girlish manner as the soprano fought against a sudden and unexpected blush.

"What?...", replied Noah with a cheeky grin, "... your ass was just begging to be squeezed and I did say I was feeling peachy..."

"Boys...", mumbled Kurt in mock-despair as the pair shuffled in the direction of the main house, "... why do I have to like boys?"

"Uh - because I'm damn hot...", said the jock as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, "... and it's not boys - it's boy, me, singular."

"No it's boys, plural...", insisted Kurt knowing he'd only be pushing Noah's buttons and riling the jock up, "... Mike and Matt and Finn and..."

"You'd better not be about to say Jewfro...", warned Noah smiling at the brunette who was struggling to unlock the door with his free arm.

Kurt snorted and started laughing aloud as as the key finally sunk into the lock and turned with a dull click.

"Oh yeah, I just love that fuzzy hair...", teased Kurt, "... speaking of, I think you should ditch the Mohawk and go for a fro - it'd totally suit you."

Kurt's face remained deadpan as he looked up into Noah's eyes and willed the jock to believe he was being serious. The stress however was too much and the brunette's twitching upper lip gave him away.

"Yeah, you better just be joking - nobody messes with the do...", grumbled the jock as he hobbled up to the threshold before letting loose his best Ace Ventura impression.

As bad as Noah's impersonation was it still had the desired effect as Kurt rolled his eyes and fought against his giggles to push open the door and switch on the lights.

"Yes dear..."

Helping Noah across the threshold, Kurt suddenly felt the weight of expectation weighing heavily upon him.

'I'm home... there are no excuses now...'

"I'm sorry I couldn't get back into my pants Kurt...", mumbled Noah looking suddenly glum. All of the jock's planning had gone out the window the moment he'd been almost ripped in two by the opposing team.

'Still... it had been totally worth it...'

"That's alright...", said Kurt patting the jock on the arm in sympathy, "...I'm sure I'll get to see you in them another time. Especially if you want to ever see me in that basque again..."

Noah perked up at the reminder and gave the cheek in his hand a firm squeeze,

"Noah! Do you want to fall over onto the hardwood floor?"

Noah smirked - a sure sign to Kurt that the response was bound to be wise-ass.

"Depends. Will you be under me? Cos I'm not seeing a downside if you are."

For the second time since they'd gotten home Kurt rolled his eyes and exclaimed,


"Boy...", insisted Noah getting a smirk and a quirked eyebrow from Kurt.

"Let's not start that again..."

"Agreed. So..", said Noah as they entered the sitting room and Kurt switched the lights on low, "... what's a guy gotta do to get you into that basque again?"

"Earn it...", quipped Kurt as they rounded the back of the couch, "... you can start by wearing your leather trousers for me again sometime."

"It totally blows...", sulked the jock, "... they were supposed to be for tonight - to get you hot."

Kurt giggled at Noah's pouting bottom lip as he helped the half-back into a prone position on the couch.

"You don't need to be wearing tight... leather... oh my...", Kurt's voice trailed off leaving the jock looking at him in consternation.


Kurt shook himself from his daydream and completed his thought blushing deeply,

"You don't need to be wearing tight leather pants to make me hot..."

Noah waggled an eyebrow teasingly from his position lying prone on the couch and pawed at the standing brunette growling playfully.

"Oh really?"

Kurt ducked his head and nodded reluctantly before taking off in the direction of the the kitchen calling over his shoulder,

"Really... uh - I'll be right back..."

After the game, which WMHS had won thanks to a last minute touchdown scored by none other than half-back Noah Puckerman, the celebrations had been jubilant. It had been years since the Titans had won back to back games and the local sports press were clamouring to find out what secret motivational nugget Ken Tanaka had found to turn around a losing team and get them to start winning.

Noah had expected the Coach to come out with some of his usual brand of nonsense; most likely about puke which seemed to be one of the man's recent favourite topics. So when Coach Tanaka put their resurgence down to one thing and one thing only - 'Single Ladies and the influence of their new kicker' - the jock had been floored and experienced yet another moment of pride for his boyfriend's accomplishments.

Noah let his head fall back to rest on the arm of the couch as he began to doze lightly, just listening to the silence of the empty house, punctuated periodically by noises from Kurt in the kitchen.

The half-back had no idea how long he had been lying on the couch for when he suddenly felt an increase in weight on his legs and torso. Cracking open an eye, Noah blinked in the low light before focusing on the smirking face of Kurt, who had slipped onto the couch and straddled him.

"Well good - you're not dead after all...", said Kurt leaning down and beginning to kiss every inch of Noah's face with a feather light touch.

Noah chuckled as he wrapped his arms around the brunette and brought their bodies flush against each other,

"Oh, I'm definitely not dead..."

The jock's eyes rolled back in his head a moment later as Kurt ground down on Noah's crotch,

"I can feel that... unless that stiffness is rigor mortis maybe?"

Noah raised an eyebrow at Kurt's less than subtle query - it wasn't like the brunette to be quite so forward - far less for him to be the instigator. Then it him him. It was a coping mechanism.

'Kurt's just as nervous as I am...'

The soprano's hands were busy tugging the jock's shirt out of the top of his jeans when Noah sighed and sat up with Kurt still straddling him.

"Kurt... stop."

Kurt's stomach dropped at the half-back's words as his hands froze, fisted in the material of Noah's shirt.

It was coming true. Everything the soprano had prayed wouldn't happen was happening.

'He's going to leave me...'

Kurt untangled his hands from the fabric of the jock's shirt and stood up suddenly. The brunette padded softly over to the bay window overlooking the front yard and smiled softly seeing the neighbour's cat chasing leaves as the last rays of sunlight dipped below the horizon.


Kurt ducked his head and stifled the sudden urge to sob. Everything was going to end and there was nothing that he could do about it. Kurt could rant and rave, he could scream and shout and apologise for not being female; but it wouldn't make any difference.

Noah would still leave.

"Kurt? Baby?"

A single tear escaped Kurt's control and spilled down the soprano's pale cheek before splashing wetly onto the hardwood floor as Noah's arms wrapped around Kurt's waist from behind.

"Did I? Did I go too fast? Did I do something wrong?"

The fact that Noah was even thinking that the reason for Kurt's distress could have been as a result of something he did, showed the monumental growth as a person that the jock had made in the few weeks since his Mother's passing. In his prior 'Puck' persona; which the brunette was sure Noah continued to think of himself using; the half-back's go to response would have been to assume that something was wrong with Kurt, and not with him.

It was like a knife to Kurt's heart for the soprano to know that Noah loved him and had grown as a person and yet hadn't grown far enough to truly want to be with him.

Kurt didn't resist as he was bodily turned around in Noah's arms and pulled against the taller boy's chest. The soprano closed his eyes and focused on absorbing every scent, smell and sound of that one moment - if Noah was going to leave him then Kurt wanted to remember this moment forever; wrapped securely in the jock's arms.

"Hey...", Kurt's tears redoubled hearing the genuine comfort in Noah's tone as he squeezed the brunette to his chest, "... you're crying... why are you crying?"

Kurt tried to form a response but the lump in his throat prevented the brunette from vocalising anything intelligently.

"Is it - is it me? Do you not want to do this? I mean, I'll wait if you - y'know aren't ready..."

Kurt looked up into Noah's compassionate eyes in confusion,

"But...", the brunette hiccuped, "... you mean you want me?"

Noah could have kicked himself. He'd pushed Kurt away and told him to stop and clearly the brunette in his nervous and unsure state of mind had assumed he meant stop altogether.

Noah smiled down at Kurt and placed gentle kisses on top of both of the soprano's eyelids.

"Of course I want you..."

"But...", interrupted Kurt clearly not believing the jock.

"Quit interrupting Spider Monkey...", said Noah placing his fingers over Kurt's mouth and smirking slightly as Kurt pouted. The jock was pleased however to note that the boy was no longer crying and that his eyes held a glimmer of hope in them that had been previously absent.

"I want you...", Noah decided to keep it straightforward and to the point - Kurt clearly wasn't in the right frame of mind to deal with flowery declarations of love, "... and I will have you... but only when you're absolutely sure you want me to have you. Does that make sense?"

Noah's brow wrinkled in thought as he tried to puzzle out his own thought process, causing Kurt to giggle thickly and place a kiss to the bottom of his jaw.

"I... I want you to have me... but...", Kurt trailed off seemingly unable to complete his thought which Noah seemed to understand anyways as he mumbled,

"... you're scared you'll do something wrong?"

Kurt's eyes filled with tears once more and he ducked his head in embarrassment.

"Hey, no more tears Spider Monkey...", said Noah placing a knuckle under Kurt's chin and tilting the soprano's head upwards.

Using the pad of his thumb, Noah wiped away the sticky residue from Kurt's cheeks before placing a light and chaste kiss on the brunette's lips. The jock wasn't trying to press for an advancement towards their previously intended goal for the evening, Noah was just trying to convey to Kurt the true depth of his feelings.

Pulling back Noah smirked waiting for Kurt's eyes, which had fluttered shut to blinkingly reopen again and meet his own before he spoke,

"I love you Kurt - in any way and for however long as you'll let me - there are no mistakes you can make that will change that."

The jock dipped down once again after his declaration and this time put a little more passion into the kiss he gave the brunette, slipping his tongue into the smaller boy's mouth and exploring every crevice inside. Pulling back again, Noah couldn't help the chuckle at the identical expression on Kurt's face to the last time he'd kissed him,

"What?...", gasped Kurt not understanding the humour of the situation as he tried to control his breathing.

"I love you...", replied Noah running his hands up and down the smaller boy's flanks and noting as the tension in Kurt's shoulders drained away, "... let me make the mistakes for both of us 'K?"

Kurt's heart soared hearing the heartfelt honesty in the jock's tone. Just when the brunette thought that he'd figured Noah out, he went and did something so out of character, that it threw Kurt for a loop.

"I love you Noah..."

There were no other words that Kurt could think of to adequately express just how relieved he was to know that his boyfriend was on the same wavelength as him and that despite his brash and confident exterior; Noah was just as unsure and nervous as he himself was.

Kurt squeaked a moment later, as he felt himself being bodily lifted from the ground and into Noah's arms. Assuming his now customary position, Kurt slung his legs around Noah's waist and straddled the jock. Kurt looked at the expression on Noah's face, seeing the tight set of the boy's jaw as the half-back carried them towards the basement stairs.

"Noah... your knee!...", protested Kurt, all too ready to get down and walk to save the jock the clear discomfort he was in.

"It's fine...", grunted Noah though Kurt could clearly tell that the taller boy was lying. If Noah was anything though, it was stubborn as a mule and so the soprano let it slide; besides it was nice to be carried.

Kurt reached out and opened the door leading to the basement, earning himself a grateful smile and a peck on the cheek from Noah as they descended the stairs.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Kurt became more determined to get his way, seeing the increasing look of pain on Noah's features - pain which the jock was trying to mask.

"Noah - put me down...", Kurt glared at Noah in warning as the half-back went to argue, "... now Noah."

The jock complied.

If Kurt didn't know better, he'd have thought that Noah was pouting. But, no that'd just be ridiculous... but still...

"Go and lay down Noah...", ordered Kurt in a tone of voice that brooked no argument, "... before you do yourself more damage than you already have."

There was just something hot about Kurt getting all large and in charge, thought Noah as the jock half-strutted, half-limped over to collapse face first onto the large Queen size bed with an oomph.

'Jesus fuck that hurts...'

Noah rolled over onto his back, wincing as his tired muscles protested the twisting motion and propped his head up on the thick pillow. The jock could hear Kurt somewhere - the bathroom it seemed as Noah could now hear running water - as he let his eyelids droop shut.

Kurt watched as Noah face planted into the duvet and groaned as he rolled himself over. The evening wasn't going exactly to plan - Noah was hurt, Kurt was terrified - it wasn't mean to be like this.

The soprano retreated into the bathroom and busied himself with the familiar routine of running a bath. Standing by the shelf laid out with a myriad of different products Kurt deliberated over his choice of what salts to add to the stream of hot water in an attempt to dampen his nerves and get back control of the situation. Everything might not be turning out exactly as Kurt had planned, but sharing a bath with Noah would certainly not be a horrible experience the brunette was sure.

Kurt shucked out of his clothes, carefully folding them and setting them on the surface beside the sinks. Reaching for his make-up remover, Kurt set to work cleansing his skin.

This had been one of Kurt's plans for the evening. If he was going to give himself to Noah, then he wanted to be clean and fresh. He wanted Noah to see the real Kurt and not the makeup enhanced Kurt.

Kurt didn't know why but for some reason, that was important to him.

Looking at his reflection in the mirror Kurt grimaced, he looked - pasty.

'I look like a freakin' Cullen for God's sake...'

Kurt unclasped his watch and set it down on the counter before he turned away from the mirror and slipped off the rest of his clothing. Clad in only a pair of stylish tight white boxer briefs the brunette examined the rest of his body in the mirror, seeing nothing but a pale expanse of flawless skin.

Crossing to the door, Kurt paused with his hand on the handle and took a deep steadying breath.

'It was time...'

Kurt padded softly back out into the bedroom letting the door to the bathroom close shut behind him to trap any steam. Glancing in the direction of the bed, the soprano sighed as he took in the sight of a battered and bruised Noah, lying in a boneless heap and snoring lightly.

'Why is it that seeing him like that makes me love him more?'

Kurt silently approached the jock and hovered over him - Noah looked so peaceful in his sleep, so innocent and totally unlike the brash teen that everyone knew as Noah Noaherman.

"Noah...", Kurt nudged the jock in the shoulder, causing the taller boy to grumble before he cracked open a single eye.

"Hey...", said Noah smiling up at the brunette before seemingly coming to his senses, "... you're all pale... and nekked."

Kurt's blush spread from his face down his neck and almost to his breastbone, Noah realised as the jock reached out and with a deft movement, pulled the smaller boy down on top of him.

Kurt squeaked before groaning as Noah's hands found their way almost instinctively to grab his ass and squeeze through the thin material of his boxer briefs.

Kurt groaned as the jock pulled him down into a punishing kiss that left both boys breathless.

"Noah...", said the brunette beginning to lay kisses against any and all bare skin he could find.

Kurt's fingers made light work of the fastenings on Noah's pants before his small and dexterous fingers wormed their way into the taller boy's underwear. The soprano wrapped his hand around Noah's rapidly hardening tool before giving it a firm squeeze.

Stars exploded behind Noah's eyes as Kurt continued to manipulate his rapidly expanding and seriously confined cock.

The half-back's hands dove seemingly of their own volition under the tight material of Kurt's boxer briefs as Noah manipulated the firm flesh, enjoying the shiver of arousal which seemed to flow through the smaller boy in response.

With an animalistic growl and ignoring his injuries thanks to a healthy dose of lustful adrenaline, Noah withdrew his hands from Kurt's boxer briefs, gripped the brunette's hips tightly and flipped them over.

Looking down at the wanton visage of his soon-to-be lover, Noah took a moment just appreciate the smaller boy's clean lines, his tight but not overly defined chest, his deceptively strong arms.

"You're beautiful...", Noah whispered reverentially and smirked as his words had the effect they always had - Kurt blushed to the roots of his hair.

Reaching down to his waist, the half-back yanked free his tee from his jeans before pulling it up and over his head.

Noah hissed a moment later as soft lips were suddenly latched onto one of his nipples whilst a small hand re-insinuated itself inside of his boxers and started lightly teasing the glans of his cock.

The jock's position hovering over the now sitting up soprano left him with little that he could do but surrender once again to Kurt's ministrations. It was clear from the smirk on the smaller boy's face too that he was all too aware of Noah's predicament - and that he was enjoying having the power for a change.

'Time to show Kurt who's in charge here...'

Noah smirked to himself as he forced Kurt away from his chest, enjoying the pitiful mewl that the aroused soprano couldn't suppress. Grasping the smaller boy by the wrists, Noah pushed backwards gently causing Kurt to have to stretch out horizontally to accommodate the mass about to use him as a pillow.

Noah held onto Kurt's wrists, effectively shackling the smaller boy and causing him to whimper once again as the half-back began to nip and suck at the exposed skin of Kurt's throat.

"Mine... mine... mine...", growled the jock as he left a trail of Noahered red marks emblazoned from Kurt's throat to his collarbone.

Noah could clearly feel Kurt's hard length pressing insistently against his thigh, and as much as the jock found he desperately wanted to move quickly, he knew that to do so would likely kill the mood. More than anything Noah had ever wanted in his entire life, Noah wanted this to be special for Kurt - the brunette deserved no less - and so that meant that he would go slow - even if going slow was giving him blue balls.

Of course, that didn't mean that the jock couldn't torture Kurt in return just a little - give and take after all.

Taking hold of one of Kurt's wrists in each hand, Noah slid down the length of Kurt's body, drawing the smaller boy's hands into his sides in the process and securing them firmly in place. Noah enjoyed the gentle up thrusting of Kurt's hips as the soprano tried desperately to get any kind of friction - a needy Kurt was hugely entertaining.

Coming to rest between Kurt's parted thighs, the jock nuzzled the prominent bulge in the smaller boy's briefs earning himself an exasperated glare coupled with an excited gasp of pleasure.

Chuckling at Kurt's red face and sweat soaked brow - the brunette's normally perfectly coiffed hair being plastered to his forehead - Noah looked the soprano dead in the eye as he spoke,

"Hands stay where they are...", the jock was rewarded with a raised eyebrow at the implied order and it was clear from Kurt's expression that he was not impressed, "... orI'll just go sext Santana..."

A fire lit in Kurt's eyes at the same time as the brunette's words belied his submission to Noah's domination despite the fact the soprano was not fighting back,

"The Hell you will Mr..."

Noah chuckled as he released Kurt's wrists and though it was clear that the brunette wanted desperately to reach out to him, the jock was pleased to see that Kurt managed to keep himself in check.

"Good boy...", said Noah like you would give praise to a well behaved puppy, "... and good boys get rewarded."

In one swift motion, before the soprano could process what was happening, Noah drew Kurt's briefs down to below the smaller boy's balls and engulfed the head of his cock in his warm mouth.

"Oh sweet Jesus...", cried the brunette in shocked ecstasy.

Lightning poured through every pore of Kurt's skin as the jock expertly teased and nipped at his most sensitive of places. The brunette fisted his hands in the sheets, even now still half-aware of Noah's previous warning to control himself.

'Never let him stop...'

Kurt never wanted this to stop, Noah was extremely gifted - at least as far as Kurt's admittedly limited experience went - and every excruciating second was exquisite.

"Noah...", sighed the brunette as he let his head flop back onto the pillow behind him; all thought gone of the bath...

"Oh, crap!"

Kurt sat up, wincing as Noah's teeth scraped along his length before the jock was able to properly withdraw.

"Kurt? What's wrong? Do you want me to stop? Is it too fast...", said Noah a note of concern in his voice that tugged at the smaller boy's heart strings.

The soprano had already popped his engorged member back into his briefs however and swung his legs over the side of the bed as he replied a note of panic in his voice,

"I left the bath running!"

Kurt hurried into the bathroom and groaned at the sight of water cascading down the side of the tub and pooling onto the tile floor.

"Just great..."

Kurt tiptoed over trying to avoid the growing puddle and switched off the faucet. The brunette reached over to the rack on the far wall and grabbed a towel before he began the process of mopping up.

"Stupid jock and his stupid mind-blowing blowjobs...", grumbled Kurt as he got down onto his hands and knees and began vigorously moving the increasingly sodden towel over the floor.

The first indication that Kurt was not alone came just a moment later as Noah's chuckling echoed off the tiles.

"If you hate them that much, I'll stop giving them..."

Kurt cocked his head over his shoulder intent on reassuring the jock that he could live with the mind-blowing effects only to come to a screeching halt -

"Oh sweet Jesus..."

Kurt's jaw dropped open.

Noah was naked.


As in - without clothes.

Kurt gulped, his Adam's apple bouncing prominently as his own erection redoubled in its ferocity at the sight of the half-back leaning lazily against the door frame in what Kurt would have to say was probably the sexiest pose he'd ever seen.

"Jew remember? Not big on Jesus...", quipped Noah as he took in the hungry expression on the smaller boy's face.

"Yes I can see that..." replied Kurt his eyes fixed on Noah's substantial tool, as it swung lazily between the half-back's muscled thighs. It was a second before Kurt realised what he'd said and again his blush overtook him.

Kurt stood and turning his back to the both arousingly and unsettlingly naked jock, threw the wet towels into the hamper and tried to ignore the sound of the taller boy creeping steadily closer.

A ghost of hot air brushed the lobe of Kurt's ear as the soprano's eyes slipped shut and a shiver passed through his body. All of the nerves that Kurt had been suffering melted away as Noah began to nip and tease at the brunette's exposed skin.

"Noah...", moaned Kurt his knees beginning to go weak as his neck and shoulder were mercilessly tormented, "... Noah, you have to stop..."

"Why?...", replied a husky voice as a pair of strong hands slipped around the smaller boy's waist and began to run themselves up Kurt's chest.

'Yes - why?...', asked Kurt's own brain, not receiving an answer.

Kurt wanted to form a coherent response, the problem was that his big brain was at that moment in severe danger of being overruled by his little brain.


Noah chuckled and using his grip on the brunette's hips, spun the boy around, pushing him up against the tiles.

Kurt gasped - partly at the contact of his bare back with the cold tile and partly given that the jock latched his lips onto the brunette's throat. Kurt's eyes slipped momentarily shut as Noah directed his attention over the soprano's pulse point, clearly intent on leaving a reminder of his visit.

"God, Noah...", panted the smaller boy as he allowed a tentative hand to slip down between them and wrap itself around the thickness of Noah's cock.

Kurt had been intimidated at first by the sheer size of the half-back's endowment, it's long thick shaft and large bulbous head a tough prospect for a virgin such as Kurt. The soprano's confidence grew by leaps and bounds however as Noah's eyes slipped shut and the jock almost purred as Kurt built up a steady rhythm on his length.

"God...", murmured Noah into the soprano's ear as he thrust forward and ground his erection against the severe tent in Kurt's underwear, "... I want you so bad..."

Kurt whimpered and squeezed the jock's cock in his hand, drawing the taller boy's attention.

"Forget the bath...", said Kurt laying kisses across the jock's chest wherever he could find access, "... need you now..."

Noah chuckled at the wild-eyed soprano as he bodily lifted the smaller boy into his customary position,

"I thought you'd never ask."

Kurt grunted as he landed back first on the bed, with Noah's larger frame quickly

following after him. The jock wasted no time in reattaching his lips and teeth to the soft flesh of the brunette's exposed shoulder.

"Oh...", sighed the brunette as he submitted to the jock's ministrations.

Noah took his time, nipping at the exposed flesh and trailing his way teasingly down across the brunette's pale chest and stomach. Coming to a stop beside the smaller boy's tented boxers, Noah nuzzled against Kurt's hard length drawing a hiss of pleasure from the soprano.

"Please Noah...", Kurt's voice was ragged and pitiful sounding causing the jock to chuckle.

"Please what?", asked Noah, smirking at the wild-eyed boy in amusement.

Kurt growled in warning as Noah's smile widened,

"You're...", panted Kurt his breathing heavy, "... going to make me beg aren't you?"

Noah nodded and nuzzled Kurt's cock once again,


"Rat bastard...", grumbled the brunette though his eyes sparkled with amusement, "... please Mr Noaherman, can I have one of your amazing mind-blowing blowjobs?"

Noah smirked as he sat back on his haunches,


Kurt paused before stuttering,


"Yup...", said Noah as the jock smirked down at the brunette who looked like someone had just shot his favourite puppy.

"Yup... no...", asked the brunette before his brain kicked back into gear, "... but - but why?"

Noah chuckled as Kurt's bottom lip quivered and shook causing the soprano to huff.

"Because I don't think you want it bad enough...", said Noah as he moved to lie beside the stricken soprano.

"I do want it enough...", said Kurt rolling onto his side and running his free hand up and down the jock's chest.

"Then earn it...", said Noah placing his hands behind his head.

Kurt gulped as he looked down at the half-back's semi-flaccid cock lying nestled against his thigh. A moment of fear of inadequacy was swiftly quashed by Noah's hand placing itself gently onto Kurt's shoulder and squeezing,

"Stop if it's too much..."

Kurt's eyes sparkled with warmth as he leaned in and tenderly kissed the larger boy - the support he'd received from Noah throughout their fledgling relationship had been such an enexpected windfall. Kurt didn't now know what he'd do without the half-back.

Kurt shuffled down the bed slightly and positioned himself beside the jock's strong thigh. Glancing back up towards the patiently observing Noah, Kurt smiled and whispered,

"I love you Noah..."

"I love you t-Oh God..."

Noah's cry filled the room as Kurt's warm, velvety soft mouth surrounded his most sensitive of places. The jock was very well endowed, so well endowed in fact that the most Kurt could do was to focus on the large glans without choking, but oh boy was what he was doing good.

Sex was much better when you loved the other person, Noah decided in that instant. He could do this with Kurt for the rest of his life, no questions asked, just never let him stop.

Kurt's focus was absolute as he paid attention to every grunt, every sigh and every muscular twitch from his boyfriend. He wanted to do this right, and thus far he was pretty damn pleased with the response he was getting.

Noah's hands were fisted in the sheets beside the brunette as he lavished the jock's cock with his attentions. Kurt could do this forever, he imagined, without getting bored or tired of the responses he could draw from the taller boy.

'I don't need to be nervous, he loves me and that's what matters...'

Kurt began to bob his head up and down, breathing through his nose and sucking as hard as he could on the upstroke. The soprano felt the muscles in his neck and jaw protesting their extended use, but pushed aside his growing discomfort in favour of completing his assigned task. If there was one thing Kurt hated, it was leaving a project half-finished.

"Kur – Kurt, baby – please?", panted the half-back – truth be told Noah didn't even know what he was asking for anymore.

Kurt looked up and met Noah's eyes, keeping the jock's hard length in his mouth. The soprano smirked around the fullness of Noah's cock enjoying the heady sensation of it pressing insistently against his tongue. Now he wanted his reward. He wanted to give Noah his reward.

Kurt reached with his free hand and began to palm and tug insistently upon the jock's balls; enjoying the slight panting moan that the action drew from his boyfriend.

Noah was in heaven – the half-back could die right that very moment and he'd not complain.

Kurt was giving him a blowjob, and god damn was it the best blowjob he'd ever had in his entire life.

The jock's staying power was usually very good. Usually. But tonight, with his having been thinking of this night all day, with his having a near constant state of semi-erection, his staying power was not what it used to be.

As Kurt's smooth hands, gripped tightly on his balls and squeezed in that delicious way that the jock was beginning to enjoy more and more, his orgasm was nearly instantaneous.

"Oh fuck..."

Noah bucked hard like an electric current was passing through his body as he came like a train, straight down the willing soprano's throat.

The jock collapsed back to the mattress, grimacing as he noted for the first time he had landed in a wet patch lay panting.

Kurt let the jock's flaccid member, drop from his mouth with a wet pop before he crawled up on top of his boyfriend. The smaller boy laid his head down on the jock's chest and whispered,

"So how'd I do?"

Noah's chuckling was all the response the brunette needed.

Noah took a few moments to gather his wits about him before he refocused on the task at hand. The jock was absent mindedly running his hand up and down the smaller boy's back, causing Kurt to purr contently.

"I could stay like this forever...", mumbled the soprano as he laid kisses against the half-back's chest.

"Me too...", replied Noah as he drew Kurt into a chaste kiss, reaffirming his feelings for the brunette.

The kiss didn't remain chaste for long, as Kurt's pink tongue traced the outline of the jock's lips and begged entrance.

Noah could feel his erection rallying again, pressing insistently against the smaller boy as he realised it was now or never.

Not breaking the kiss, Noah flipped them so that Kurt was on the bottom. All of the literature – and Noah had read plenty of literature on the subject – had said that for the first time, Kurt being on his back would be best.

Noah broke the kiss and enjoyed the moan of disappointment from the brunette as he focused his attention southward. Sitting back on his haunches, Noah ran his fingertips down over Kurt's chest, scratching at the pale skin with his fingernails and earning a hiss from Kurt for his trouble.

The jock leant down once again before latching his lips around one of the brunette's nipples.

"Oh...", cried Kurt as he verged upon sensory overload – the brunette hadn't known before that moment that his nipples could provoke such an extreme pleasurable response from him.

Noah thought that there was something extremely satisfying in seeing his boyfriend red faced and panting. To see the primal need in Kurt's eyes – wild and passionate – as the half-back leaned down and whispered into his ear.

"You like that Kurt?...", the brunette nodded shakily as Noah bit the shell of his ear, "... That's nothing compared to what's to come..."

The jock chuckled as Kurt mewled and replied his voice cracking slightly,

"Please Noah, I'm not sure how much longer I can last!"

Taking pity on the brunette – though exactly how much was actual pity and how much was his own desire, Noah didn't know – the jock trailed his lips down Kurt's chest.

Kurt gasped as Noah stopped for just a moment to dip his tongue into the soprano's navel before continuing his descent.

The half-back placed a chaste kiss to each of the smaller boy's hips before he paused in his actions, drawing an annoyed glare from the brunette which he ignored.

"All in good time Kurt...", the jock reassured the smaller boy rolling his eyes as Kurt's expression clearly said 'chop chop'.

Noah looked up the length of the brunette's body maintaining eye contact with Kurt. Being sure that he had the soprano's undivided attention, Noah stuck out his tongue and licked Kurt's cock from base to tip like a lollipop and then took the head into his mouth and gave it a light suck.

"Oh...", sighed the soprano as Noah went to work on his length.

Kurt felt that familiar heady sensation as Noah swirled his tongue around the head of his cock before teasing the slit with feather-light stabs of his tongue and with each upward stroke, the jock took more of Kurt's length than the last time. The soprano was so engrossed watching his boyfriend's head bob up and down that he failed to notice that he was starting to buck his hips in hopes of getting deeper into the jock's mouth.

That was at least, until Noah choked.

Red faced and spluttering, Noah withdrew Kurt's cock from his mouth with a wet plop and glared at the smaller boy.

"Oh God, Noah I'm so sorry...", said Kurt cursing himself for inadvertently ruining the moment.

Noah waved off the brunette's apology as he caught his breath and reaffirmed his grip on the smaller boy's appendage, giving it a squeeze that caused Kurt's eyes to roll back in his head.

Without a further word, Noah went back to his prior task, only this time he swallowed Kurt's length in one long stroke, leaving his nose pressing against the brunette's neatly trimmed pubic hair.

"Oh…Oh God… Yesss…Noah…", panted Kurt as he fisted his hands in the sheets once more.

Kurt felt the familiar tingle in his belly signalling that the end was near. The brunette was about to warn the jock when the stimulation stopped and the warm mouth withdrew.

Noah rested back on his heels once again and reached over to the bedside to retrieve a small silver foil packet and a bottle of lube. Laying both down on the mattress beside him, the half-back looked to Kurt for permission to proceed any further.


A tight nod and an apprehensive expression were the only response the jock got.

Taking the bottle of lube, the jock slicked up his index finger before trailing it teasingly down Kurt's perineum before he began gently massaging his rosebud. Noah kept up his insistent rubbing for several minutes, alternately pressing but not penetrating the brunette with one hand and jacking the boy off with his other hand.

"Just relax Kurt...", coached the jock as he continued his ministrations.

"Yeah that's easy for you to say...", grumbled the brunette, "... you're not the one about to get a two-by-four rammed up your ass..."

Noah chuckled and kept up his actions before finally, after what seemed like an age to both Noah and Kurt, the jock pressed inward and his finger popped inside the brunette's virgin ring of muscle.

Noah stilled as a momentary flash of pain crossed the smaller boy's face,

"You OK?"

Kurt considered the question for a moment, weighing up the building pleasure against the burning sensation in his rear before he decided he could live with it.

"Yeah... just go slow...", said the brunette offering the jock a look of support, it was clear Noah didn't like the thought that he was hurting the smaller boy.

Noah nodded as he began to gently rock his finger within the brunette, not pushing in any deeper than he had already achieved, just letting Kurt get used to it being there.

The discomfort had been notable to Kurt the moment that Noah's finger had penetrated him. The brunette had paused and weighed up the pros and cons of proceeding, after all if Noah's finger stung as badly as it did then what would happen when he tried to use his much more substantial cock to do the same thing?

Several moments had passed before the burning sensation had lessened and Kurt was left feeling stretched but in a deliciously sensual way. For that reason the soprano had instructed Noah to continue.

One finger became two as Kurt's head fell back onto the pillows and he began to enjoy the sensation. Noah was playing his body like an instrument, drawing sighs and moans and squeaks from him in rapid succession.

Eventually, he was ready.

Noah retrieved the small foil packet from beside him before he ripped it open and rolled the condom down his swollen length. Pouring enough lube onto his cock to make sure he was friction-free, Noah shuffled forward between the brunette's already spread legs.

Even with prior stretching Noah met resistance as he tried to press his substantial cock inside Kurt's hole.

As the head of Noah's cock popped through the ring of muscle, the jock paused and Kurt gasped at the sensation. Noah could tell by the look on Kurt's face that, despite his best efforts, he was causing the smaller boy a substantial amount of pain. The jock made to pull out, but Kurt seemingly aware of his thoughts, shut Noah down immediately as he wrapped his legs around the jock and dug his heels into the half-back's buttocks.

"Don't you darepull out...", growled the brunette as he tried to conquer the pain wracking his small frame.

"But, I'm hurting you Kurt…", argued Noah, clearly upset at the tears which had formed in the corner of Kurt's eyes.

"It's OK...", reassured the brunette as he took a deep breath and offered the jock a shaky smile, "... see? All better..."

Noah clearly wasn't convinced by the smaller boy's claims but before the jock could argue further Kurt used his legs to pull toward him yet further towards him, whilst thrusting up with his hips. The movement caused Noah to bury himself more than halfway inside the brunette. Noah stilled himself once again as Kurt cried out in pain.

"I told you I didn't want to hurt you Kurt...", said Noah, visibly upset and about ready to call the whole thing off.

Kurt shook his head, sending a stray tear running down the side of his face,

"It's a good pain Noah, I promise you! Jus - just stay still a minute so I can adjust – I can do this..."

Noah hadn't thought that having sex with Kurt for the first time would result in his being angry. It was strange dichotomy to be kneeling with your cock partially inside another person and to be angry at them for having put it there in the first place.

On the other hand though, it did feel amazing!

Kurt it seemed was true to his word and only needed a brief moment to acclimate before he nodded, letting Noah know he was ready for him to move. Slowly pulling back the jock thrust back in just as slow watching Kurt for any apparent signs of discomfort. Not seeing any he repeated the movement a few more times before Kurt growled.

"I'm not made of glass, Noah...", the jock looked to his boyfriend and saw that although he was definitely enjoying it thus far, that being safe and sure was not what Kurt was hoping for, "... tell the truth - in your fantasies do you imagine being safe and gentle or pounding me into the mattress until I scream out your name?"

Kurt giggled as he felt the twitch of Noah's cock within him,

"Door number two... pardon the pun..."

Noah chuckled as he replied, the caring tone unmistakeable – also mixed in was a slight panting as the jock fought back against the pleasurable sensations – it wouldn't do to end early, he was a stud after all.

"I just don't want to hurt you Kurt, or to do anything you don't like…"

Kurt reached up and drew the larger boy down into a punishing kiss,

"Believe me, if I don't like something – you'll know about it... now quit being a pussy and move!"

A fire lit in Noah's belly in a part of the jock which would forever be labelled as 'Puck' – a part which didn't like being slighted by the smaller boy – even if he didn't truly mean it.

'I'll show you who's a pussy Hummel...'

"Fine – you asked for it...", said the jock letting his fears go.

As before Noah slowly moved back and forth a few times enjoying the grunting that the sawing motion drew from the smaller boy.

The jock pulled out almost completely, leaving nothing but the head of his cock embedded, before slamming into the boy below him. The result was explosive.

"YES!...", cried Kurt as Noah's cock plunged deep inside and managed to hit his prostate first time and sent fireworks exploding behind the soprano's eyes, "... again..."

The burning which had plagued the first few minutes of their lovemaking had long since diminished leaving the soprano floating on a haze of nothing but pleasure.

Never one to disappoint, Noah immediately picked up a punishing pace as he slammed into Kurt again and again. The half-back had been afraid that Kurt would not be able to take his size – or that he'd be hurt or that he'd ask to stop. It was quite a shock to him therefore, to realise that it was quite the opposite. Kurt was crying out in ecstasy, his hair plastered to his brow as he egged the jock on to go faster, harder, deeper.

Noah would admit freely that in all of his prior experience, that he preferred his sexual encounters to be rough and ready. As much as he thought he knew Kurt, the jock had thought the brunette would be the polar opposite. After all he was well presented, well spoken, demure... 'Puck', the old 'Puck', would have equated Kurt with being like the male equivalent of Miss Pillsbury, so vanilla you could make an ice-cream out of him.

As it turns out however, much to Noah's surprise and pleasure, Kurt liked it rough too.

"More Noah, I need more!"

Kurt continued to cry out for Noah to do more, but the position they were in hampered the pace which the half-back could thrust. Setting back on his heels for a moment, Noah pulled Kurt's legs up and over his shoulders before he leant forward.

'Oh yeah that is much better...', thought the jock as he started to piston in and out of the brunette at a faster rate.

"God you're so tight Kurt..."

An animal instinct had taken over the pair, as Noah drilled his cock into Kurt's tight hole and Kurt scratched and clawed at the jock's chest and back with his perfectly manicured nails. Noah was lost to a haze of lust and love and didn't stop with his thrusts even when Kurt screamed out in a mixture of pain and pleasure – at least he thought it was a mixture, he didn't know for sure and didn't care by that point.

Whatever it was, Kurt certainly wasn't complaining, far from it – the brunette was wailing and it was a good thing that Burt had gone out for the evening as there was no doubt that he'd have thought his son was being murdered.

Their bodies glistened with a sheen of sweat as Kurt shifted his feet to brace against the jock's pecs, thereby altering the angle of entry. Kurt was lost to the sensation, gone was all thought of romance, loving gestures and slow intimate thrusts. The brunette met Noah thrust for thrust as if wanting more.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God...", chanted the brunette, "... I'm so close..."

Noah took hold of Kurt's weeping cock, which was bobbing crazily between them and stroked it frantically feeling his own release fast approaching and wanting to see Kurt satisfied first.

"Oh, oh oh oh... Noah!..."

It only took a few more strokes before Kurt came, hard, the white sticky fluid arcing through the air to land on Kurt's chest.

Noah continued to thrust inside the soprano as he felt the tingling sensation of his own climax building to epic proportions. The spasms he felt from inside Kurt only sped up the process and with one last brutal thrust the jock came violently, painting Kurt's insides with his seed.

Panting heavily, as if he'd just run laps for a week, Noah pulled out and let Kurt put his legs down. The jock shuffled limply up Kurt's frame, stopping momentarily to lick a bit of Kurt's cum which had landed over his nipple, before he gave the smaller boy a chaste kiss and slumped down beside him.

Kurt groaned, feeling the burning in his rear, but now a warm burning that was nothing more than a pleasant reminder of their activities. The brunette reached down and grabbed the sheet, which had been pushed as far down the bed as it could go and dragged it up to cover their sweat soaked bodies.

Kurt smiled as he rolled over and laid his head on Noah's chest,

"I love you...", said the jock beating Kurt to the punch, "... that was – that was incredible."

Kurt blushed as he nodded,

"For me too... oh – and I love you too..."

Noah chuckled as Kurt shuffled and stretched his protesting muscles out in preparation for sleep.

Noah ran his hand down Kurt's flank and left his hand lying possessively against the brunette's lower back, pressing him to him.

"Kurt?...", asked the jock not sure if Kurt was still awake.

"Uh huh?", mumbled the brunette, his eyes shut and his voice dreamy, as if he was on the verge of sleep,

"My knee hurts...", whined the jock.

Kurt's quiet giggling echoed in the stillness.

A/N: There! The culmination of nearly three months effort, toil and sweat. I think it was pretty good all things considered. I don't like writing it, I hate the descriptive elements of writing the actual sex bits which is why it took me so long to get this done.

There will be one more chapter just tying things up and then this story will be done. It's been a long haul – I started in August 2010 just hours after finishing WYW. If anything this story has been the hardest to write, but also the most rewarding to write at the same time. Once this is done however, I'm going to focus on Cuffed and UA but I won't be writing prolifically; I'll just take my time.

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