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Imprinting seemed incredibly odd to Fred, especially how the parents of the imprintee accepted it with such nonchalance. However, after watching the shapeshifter with the dhampir he had to admit that his behavior was appropriate, just the way one would expect a favorite uncle to act with his favorite niece, with one glaring difference, the shapeshifter never tired of meeting the desires of his charge, only refusing her when it was necessary for her safety either now or in the future.

What surprised him more was that the child was able to understand the doting of those around her as signs of love that should not be taken for granted or expected. She was just as attentive to others as they were to her. Not once did she exhibit any symptoms of entitlement or of being a brat. It was as if she realized that her very nature made people fall in love with her, and in truth, Fred found that he was fully enraptured with the child within twenty-four hours of meeting her.

In the interim of waiting for the coven leader to reach them the group became better acquainted. Fred told them of the short time he had known Bree, and Edward filled the rest of them in on her final thoughts, having never shared them before. It was during this discussion that the reason Fred had not attended the fight came out. "I never trusted Riley, or any that he took to her to have changed," he told them while relaxing in the spacious living room, laughing occasionally as Nessie rolled her eyes at her aunts who kept pulling outfits from a closet to see how she looked in them now. "When I found out he was lying about the sun I decided he was lying about your coven as well. What he said just didn't add up, so I chose to go north, to Vancouver and see the world."

Edward could hear the unspoken question, who killed Bree? "His name is Felix and he's a member of the Volturi guard," Fred was told. Then he received far more information on these 'vampire police' than he ever realized could be important. Bree had figured out the most important rule, keep the secret, and passed it on to him, but it seemed they were far more involved with the Cullens than just as peace-keepers. "They were hoping you would win, for Aro, their leader, wants Alice in his coven," Edward illuminated Fred further, "but he's afraid of Bella, because she's so powerful and is able to block anything he throws at us."

"He exaggerates," Bella said as she smiled at her mate with love, "but it is nice to be able to defend those I love instead of being the one that's protected all the time." Her eyes clouded over with momentary sadness as she whispered to Fred, "I'm just afraid that one day they will come back for us. Come up with some excuse to take us out, because Aro does want Alice, and he feels threatened by us."

Fred's question of how they attack was met with a run-down of the multiple gifts the members of the guard possessed. As the list grew even Fred became impressed that Bella's shield repelled so many, even if it left them vulnerable to physical attack. As one whose offensive weapon was mental he knew the value her shield could bring to someone he attacked. He had felt it. When he explained this to her that led to another discussion, would his ability work from within the shield going outward?

Emmett, ever willing to be a guinea pig in these demonstrations, thinking it proved his strength to be able to face what was coming his way, stood across the backyard from Bella and Fred. As a test, Fred sent out a small burst of his talent, doubling the big man over as he retched in the onslaught. The next test was for Bella to wrap her shield around Emmett, with predictable results when Fred sent his power out again.

The final step was to have Bella seal Fred within her shield. She could see his spark of light, how brightly it shown as she wrapped the elastic of her talent around him. "Is it ready?" Fred asked her, feeling nothing. She smiled and nodded, gritting her teeth lest she be hit with the same feeling that Emmett had been. "I've been practicing directing it," Fred had said, "but have yet to perfect it." This alone added to her trepidation.

Once again Fred focused on the huge vampire across the yard, but this time he was within the shield. Edward called from the porch to ask if he was doing it yet, but his question was answered when Emmett once again bent over double and began to retch. Meanwhile Bella seemed a bit green herself, even though she wasn't nearly as ill as Emmett who was withstanding the full strength of Fred's power. The coven was unsure if this was a success or not until Fred said, "Well, if the Volturi come back, Bella can protect all of you while I attack in return. It seems I need to work on singling out individuals and groups while not affecting those around me, though."

This made the coven very happy. They had gained another ally. That evening, with Carlisle and Esme only a couple hours away, Jasper went to the trunk where they stored their papers and pulled out a blank, fake passport. "Come with me," the soldier said to the newcomer. "If you want to travel the world, you'll need a passport. I'll take your picture and we'll have it ready for when you need it."

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