Kingdom Hearts: Dissidia

This is my first attempt at a Kingdom Hearts Fanfic. Due to other fics created by other authors, I will try to be careful so that I don't get my profile knocked off and my stories deleted.

The Final Fantasy series, characters, locations etc. were created and copyright by Square Enix. Disney owns the Disney-related characters, locations and trademarks. Oh, and after reading Pokesaiyanjutsu's review, I decided to change the plot pairings around some, if you readers don't mind.

Anyway, here's the prologue. Pairings primarily include Sora/Kairi, Tidus/Yuna, Roxas/Xion, Riku/Namine, Cloud/Tifa and Zack/Aerith

Prologue: A New Journey.

Several years passed since peace and stability was restored to the world order by Sora, Kairi, Riku and their friends. Sora and Riku fought valiantly to save the worlds and destroyed Organization XIII.

Much happened since then as Sora gradually began to settle down with his two best friends and live the peaceful life that they struggled for.

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy returned to Disney Castle in their world, and Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden was once again a bustling castle town.

Though all was well in Destiny Islands, Radiant Garden and Disney Castle, the walls that originally divided the world did not return, and an unexpected new journey was about to take place for Sora.

On the Destiny Islands, Sora, Kairi and Riku had settled down again and were taking a relaxing break at the beach. Kairi breathed as she took in the fresh air" It sure is a beautiful day."

" Yeah, I bet" said Riku.

" I wonder how Leon, Mickey and the gang are doing these days" said Sora.

Kairi shrugged" Probably doing okay."

" Hey! There's a message in the bottle over there!" shouted a nearby brown-haired girl.

" Why do you always have to ruin the moment, Selphie?" groaned Riku.

Sora raced towards the water and grabbed the bottle, which contained a letter.

Riku was surprised" What is that about? We haven't heard anything from the other worlds in a long time."

Sora opened the bottle, took out the letter and began to read:

'Sora, how's it going? Sorry to bother you, but there are some things you should know. Mysterious portals began to manifest around the World Order, and it looks like the secrets can no longer be withheld.

Not only that, but could ya tell Kairi that some new secret info was dug up in the Radiant Garden Archives? Thanks.

Sorry I coud not come tell you in person, but I have been busy lately and I doubt that its anything too threatening.

K. Mickey'

" Sounds like there's trouble, I thought I was done being the Keyblade Master" said Sora.

Kairi, who had peeked over Sora's shoulder to read the letter with him, sighed" All I know is that I was not originally a resident of Destiny Islands, I wonder if this has anything to do with my past."

" Is it those 'Heartless' or 'Nobodies' again?" asked Selphie.

" I don't think so, nothing has ever been heard of about the Nobodies or Heartless since Xemnas and Xehanort's deaths" said Riku.

Sora spoke up" We don't have a Gummi Ship, so how can we travel back to Radiant Garden?".

" I could open a path if I could still traverse the dark corridor" sighed Riku.

" Wait a minute! I see something!" cried Kairi.

A multi-colored Gummi Ship appeared and landed near their location. Three familiar characters: A blond, Chocobo-haired man, a black haired Ninja and a woman with brown emerged from the ship's door.

Sora recognized them" Aerith? Cloud? Yuffie?".

" Its been a while Sora" acknowledged Cloud.

" Cid Built us a Gummi Ship and King Mickey instructed us to ask for your help through a letter in a bottle, Sora" spoke Aerith.

" Why are Donald and Goofy not with you?" inquired Sora.

" They're pretty busy: Donald is on a date with Daisy, Goofy is protecting King Mickey and Queen Minnie, and their majesties themselves are well-occupied" said Yuffie.

" So we needed you and Kairi, Sora. Also, Leon was asked to be our leader for this mission" said Cloud.

Kairi piped up" So whats our mission?".

" We haven't set a goal yet, but there are things that need to be discussed at Radiant Garden" replied Aerith.

" Before we leave, you might want to let your family know, becuase you might not be able to come back here again" said Cloud.

Sora shrugged" okay."

While Riku and Sora went to get ready, Kairi spoke with Selphie then went to find Tidus and Wakka.

At Sora's house, Sora packed his things and went to retrieve his keyblade. He and Riku told their families good-bye and went to meet up with Kairi.

Kairi, in the meantime, was asked by Tidus and Selphie if they could come. Kairi was surprised" This may be a bit dangerous, are you sure about that?".

" Yeah, Sora and Riku are our friends too" said Selphie.

" All right, but you will have to follow instructions if you are to come" said Kairi with a sigh.

" Great!" cheered Tidus.

Selphie shrugged" I know its not exactly going to be a picnic, but I'm in for it."

An hour later, the group met at the Gummi Ship. Cloud glanced at the two additional characters with Kairi and asked" Dare I ask? Whats this about?".

Kairi replied" Well, Tidus and Selphie wanted to come along. If anyone doesn't mind that is."

Cloud spoke up" we appreciate their enthusian, but our group for this campaign consists of mostly veteran heroes."

" Oh, come on Cloud! Don't be such a stiff!" said Yuffie.

" We're a little too pressed for time to sit here bickering about it, lets just go along with it" sighed Aerith.

Sora spoke with Cloud" Does this Gummi Ship have room? The last one I helped pilot had enough room for three."

" Hey, You're insulting Cid's craftsmanship! This Gummi Ship is called the Highwind Mark II, of course it has enough room! It was built with several different rooms!" interjected Yuffie.

" Ready to head off then?" inquired Cloud.

" Yes" said Kairi.

The group went boarded the ship. Inside, the ship was a crystal blue color with streaks of silver.

" Its beautiful" gasped Selphie.

" Yeah, I bet" said Riku.

Aerith addressed the group" There are rooms for the guys and rooms for the girls not far from the airlock. Sora, Kairi, we'll need you at the cockpit."

Aerith, Cloud, Sora and Kairi went into the cockpit while the others went to check out the rooms. Sora spoke" Mind if I pilot it?".

" Go ahead, the controls are easy to use, but I'll help you with that" said Aerith.

Soon, the group took off in the ship and left the Destiny Islands. What lay in store for Sora and Kairi was unknown, but their newest adventure was soon to begin.

How was it? I know it was pretty short, but I would imagine that most story prologues are.

As I said, this is my first Kingdom Hearts fanfic, but I can always delete it, though I may not if I like the way I wrote it.

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