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Sora and his group returned to Sanctuary after their mission at Castle Oblivion, which was once again the Land of Departure.

At Cosmos's domain, the group stood before the Deity of Harmony as she spoke" I sense that the darkness surrounding Terra, Ventus and Aqua's home world is no more. I trust that your mission was successful?"

Terra nodded" Yeah, but in a way, Xehanort was still alive."

"But this time we've seen the last of him, right?" smirked Sora.

"The quest is done, peace has returned once again" said the Warrior of Light.

Cosmos addressed her warriors" Gran Pulse, The Land of Departure, and the Castle that Never Was will have now returned to their original states. Everyone who remained until the end can return home."

"May the light forever shine upon us" spoke Quinn.

Zidane turned towards Garnet, Beatrix and Steiner" Is the Red Rose still intact?"

" Of course it is" smiled the Alexandrian queen.

As Zidane's group went to board the airship, Bartz called after him" Hey, Zidane! Think we can get together for treasure hunting sometime?"

" We'll see about that, I'll probably be occupied with Dagger and the others in my home world. But you never know." smirked the blond Genome.

Serah, Fang, Hope, Vanille, Snow and Sazh went over to Lightning as she prepared to teleport back to Gran Pulse.

"Hey Light, thanks for sticking with us" called Tina.

The pink haired woman nodded" I have served my purpose."

Terra shrugged" Maybe we can go on another mission together sometime."

"You don't have to visit me, is it not the policy of the world order to not meddle with one another's affairs?" replied Lightning.

"The walls between worlds may never return, it matters not anymore" interjected Cosmos.

Kain and Cecil opened the portal to their home world. Sora addressed them" Mind if I visit you sometime on the Gummi Ship?"

Cecil replied"You are welcome to, assuming that my homeworld is connected to the others. But I presume that it's not impossible if you believe."

"We have made many friends, that much is certain" said Aqua.

"What of myself, Xion, Demyx, Axel and Saix?" inquired Roxas.

Cosmos glowed" You now can return to your original selves."

With that, she summoned the power of the crystals once more, and Axel, Saix and Demyx were transformed back into their original selves.

Lea smirked" Well, that was interesting."

Isa nodded, then turned towards Squall" Lea, Medy, and I will require transport back home now."

"No problem" grinned Sora.

As the other Cosmos warriors left for home, Tidus, Rikku, Yuna, Paine, Isa, Lea, Medy, Roxas, Xion, Terra, Ventus, Aqua, Sora, Kairi, Riku, Namine, Cloud, Aerith, Zack, Tifa, Squall, Rinoa and Laguna boarded the Ragnarok II upon saying good-bye to Cosmos and Quinn.

"Think we'll see everyone again sometime?" inquired Selphie.

"We'll see, but I'll probably stay home for a while" said Sora.

Tidus addressed Yuna" Think you'd like to go out sometime? You know, on a date?"

"I'd like that" smiled Yuna.

Rikku grinned" Ooh, Tidus and Yunie sitting in a tree-"

"Stop that, Rikku" said Paine, rolling her eyes.

The Ragnarok II stopped briefly at the Land of Departure. Aqua, Terra and Ventus disembarked.

Roxas and Xion also made to leave.

"Roxas, Xion, don't forget to visit Isa and me sometime: Got it memorized?" grinned Lea.

Xion smiled" Will do, Axel, or should I call you lea?"

"It dosen't matter, but perhaps we'll form our own organization and think of a constructive way to improve our reputation" said Isa.

Aqua noticed Terra in thought, and asked" Something wrong?"

Terra replied" I've been giving it some thought. I will take off to train somewhere for a while, I just don't feel worthy of you now, Aqua."

"But Terra, will you be all right?" frowned Ventus.

Terra rubbed Ventus's head affectionatly" I'll be okay, Ven. Take good care of Aqua for me."

Aqua smiled" Don't forget to come back once in a while, Terra. Ven and I will be waiting for you."

Terra summoned his armor and glider and said as he left" Sora, everyone, farewell for now."

The remaining heroes on the Ragnarok II departed for the Destiny Islands.

Sora, Kairi, Yuna, Tidus, Riku, Selphie and Namine disembarked.

Squall, Cloud, Yuffie and Aerith went with them.

"Kairi, now that you know of your origin, what will you do?" inquired Aerith.

Kairi smiled" I may have been born in Radiant Garden, but Destiny Islands is more my hometown."

Yuffie shrugged" Figures you'd say that, but Radiant Garden is more or less without a leader. We still need one after all."

"We'll see, but I don't think I can help with that right now. But we'll visit from time to time" smiled Sora.

Aerith replied" We figured as much, but you still have an advanced communicator that we gave you. Radiant Garden is not that far off from this world."

"We'll be sure to call if we need anything" said Sora.

Rikku and Paine spoke with Yuna.

"Yunie, would you be okay without me and Paine?" inquired the blond girl.

Yuna smiled" Tidus will be with me. Rikku, Paine, we'll still see each other sometime."

"You're right, we are the Gullwings after all" grinned Rikku.

Sora's group turned to head to the main Island, while Squall's group went back home towards Radiant Garden.

In Cecil's home world, the Paladin addressed Kain" I'm heading back home to Baron, will you accompany me?"

Kain shook his head" I still must train and improve myself as a Dragoon. But give Rosa and your son my regards."

Cecil nodded, then turned towards his castle.

When he got back, Rosa greeted him" Cecil, welcome home. Where's Kain?"

"He'll be okay, he went off somewhere to train" replied the Paladin.

The White Mage sighed" What a shame, I guess he still blames himself for Zemus's hold on him."

"That would indeed be the case" said a voice as Golbez appeared.

Cecil turned towards his brother" Hey, what will you do now?"

Golbez replied" I will head back to the moon, I still cannot allow myself to live with you after all I've done."

"Farewell, brother" said Cecil.

Golbez nodded, then teleported back to their home world's moon.

Rosa spoke with Cecil" My grandmother is looking after Ceodore in my old house, shall we go see how they're donig, Cecil?"

"Of course" smiled the Paladin.

Three years later, Sora and Kairi began dating for the last few months. Riku and Namine decided to remain friends.

Sora addressed his girlfriend" So what do you have in mind for the future?"

"As long as I'm with you, what else could I need?" smiled Kairi.

Sora reached into his pocket, pulled out a turquoise ring that he bought yesterday, then said" Kairi, if it's no problem, will you marry me?"

Kairi blushed, then replied" Yes, I'd like that, Sora."

The pair kissed, when Riku showed up" Hey, guys. Looks like you're getting together, huh?"

"Hey, Riku. How's Namine?" said Sora.

Riku replied" She's doing all right. Tidus and Yuna are still dating, but they've yet to make it official."

"So when are you going to propose to her? You've been living together for three years" said Kairi.

Sora addressed Kairi" Since I've graduated from school and all, I think Squall and the others will need some help running things at Radiant Garden. What do you think?"

The red haied girl hesitated" I can't say I've had a lot of good memories there."

Sora smiled" Then why don't we make our own?"

Kairi allowed Sora to place the ring on her finger, then said" Let's call them shall we? Oh, and we'll need to tell your parents."

Sora nodded, then pulled out the communicater that Aerith let him keep and dialed a number.

At Radiant Garden, Aerith answered her communicater" Hey, Sora, how are you?"

"Great, thank. How are Cloud and the others doing?" said Sora.

Aerith replied" We've fixed up the castle at Radiant Garden, Squall and the others are still trying to establish a government to guide the people through a new peaceful age. Cloud and Tifa are getting along great, Zack and I are living together now."

Sora smiled" That's great. Anyway, we need a favor."

About a week passed. At the Order Sanctuary, The Warrior of Light and Cosmos recieved two visitors. It was Terra and Lightning.

The pink haired woman spoke" I hope we're not intruding."

" Of course not, is there anything you wish to discuss?" inquired the Warrior of Light.

Terra spoke" Sora and Kairi are getting married, and elected to help run things at Radiant Garden."

Cosmos smiled" That is auspicious news. I presume you wish for me and Qunn to attend?"

Lightning hesitated" If it's not too much trouble."

"Of courrse not, if Cosmos wishes it" replied the Warrior of Light.

Cosmos stood up" It should be a grand occasion. Who else has been invited?"

"Ven, Aqua, and many others will be there. The party is to be held in the grand hall of Radiant Garden" said Terra.

Cosmos nodded" We'll be there as soon as we can."

In Baron Castle, Kain paid a visit to Cecil and Rosa.

"It's been a while, Kain" smiled the White Mage.

The Dragoon nodded" It's not a social call. We've been invited to Sora and Kairi's wedding, Cosmos told me."

"Sounds great. Did they say anything about bringing others along?" said Cecil.

"No, Rosa and your son can also attend" said Kain.

"I'm sure Ceodore would have fun, I'll go see how he's doing" said Rosa.

In Radiant Garden, Sora, Kairi, Tidus, Yuna, Namine, Riku, Selphie and Sora's parents were transported to the castle town via the Ragnarok II.

"Sora, Kairi, I appreciate your offer to help us with governing Radiant Garden. But are you sure this is what you want?" inquired Aerith.

"I'll miss the islands, but I just wanted Kairi to be happy. Also, well, I haven't decided where the ceremony should be held" said Sora.

Yuffie chirped" Radiant Garden is so big, you could pack a plethora of guests there. Let's go to the castle and get ready!"

The group went to Radiant Garden's castle, Sora and Kairi went to separate rooms to get dressed.

Once they were ready, the heroes gathered in the grand hall. Squall addressed Sora" A large number of guests have shown up."

"Really? Who's there?" inquired Sora.

"Sora! Great so see you again!" said a voice as Mickey, Donald and Goofy entered the room.

"Same to you, sorry you had to miss most of the action last time" smiled Sora.

Aladdin, Jasmine, Ariel, Eric, Melody, Tidus, Yuna and many others entered.

"Whoa! Great to see everyone, but was this okay?" inquired Sora.

Cosmos and the Warrior of Light appeared. The Deity of Harmony spoke" It was no trouble, it's a special occasion after all."

"Besides, we couldn't vey well miss your wedding after you addended mine and Jasmine's" said Aladdin.

"By the way, Ariel, how's your father?" inquired Sora.

Ariel shrugged" He told me to give you his congratulations."

Sora's mother, June aproached Sora" I'm proud of you, who would've thought you'd be destined for such great and wonderful things?"

" Thanks mom" said Sora.

Tifa smiled at Cloud" What do you think?"

Cloud shrugged" It's okay."

Ventus and Aqua addressed Sora and Kairi next.

"How are things at the Land of Departure?" said Sora.

Ventus smiled" Great. Actually, Aqua and I got together."

"Congratulations" smiled Kairi.

Just then, a man with blond hair and an old woman entered the room.

"Ansem the Wise?" inquired Riku.

The man nodded" Yes, but I was only brought back briefly so that I can see this occasion."

"Hey grandma, how have you been?" smiled Kairi.

Kairi's grandmother replied" Being dead's not so bad, but Ansem and I were returned briefly to life so that we can see you."

Roxas and Xion greeted Cecil, Rosa, Kain, Golbez and three year old Ceodore.

Xion could not help but smile" Your son's kind of cute."

"Thanks, Xion" said Cecil.

Sora and Kairi headed for the back of the room to a makeshift altar. Ansem the Wise stood before them.

Riku stood at their side as Sora's best man. Namine was Kairi's Maid of Honor.

Ansem addressed Sora" Now let us begin. Sora, do you take Kairi as your wife?"

"I do" said Sora.

Ansem then addressed Kairi" Kairi, do you take this man to be your husband?"

Kairi smiled" I do."

"I pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may now kiss" said Ansem.

Sora and Kairi kissed, the other heroes cheered for them.

During the reception, Roxas, Xion, Lea, Isa and Medy shared some Sea Salt Ice Cream bars.

"This is so romantic" remarked Xion.

"Yeah, it was enjoyable" said Roxas.

Lightning addressed Terra" What did you have in mind?"

Terra shrugged" Maybe I'll come with you on your next mission at some point. I still have to redeem myself."

"But it wasn't your fault, Terra" protested Ventus.

"I think I will go to Cecil's home world for a bit. I heard that one of the mountains there had some kind of secret" said Terra.

Aqua smiled"Ven and I will wait for you."

Nearby, Cosmos addressed The Warrior of Light" What did you think of this?"

"It was pleasent" shrugged Quinn.

Time passed since the wedding between Sora and Kairi, the princess succeeded Ansem the Wise as the ruler of Radiant Garden since he had no heir.

Sora helped Kairi out from time to time, but continued to quest to help his friends whenever they needed it.

Roxas, Xion, Lea, Isa and Medy joined Ventus and Aqua to form the World Order's top defense force. Sora's mother moved into the castle with her son and daughter-in-law.

Because Sora never stayed inside the castle with Kairi the whole time, he continued to help those in need and was known as the Hero of the World Order, and the Benevolent.

Cecil, Kain, Rosa and Ceodore returned to their home world, the Dragoon went back to Mt. Ordeals to farther improve himself.

Terra still visited Ven and Aqua as they gradually got together while helping Lightning and the other Cosmos warriors when they needed it.

Tidus and Yuna were married several months after Sora's wedding. Riku and Namine continued to date.

Terra and Lightning met on several occasions during peacetime, the brunette often trained at Mount Ordeals with Kain at times.

Kairi had little to no experience ruling a country, but Squall, Cloud, Tifa, Zack and Aerith supported her along with Sora.

All was well in the World Order.


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