Ino had always had the habit of putting people into categories. It came from her studying the mind so she could use it to her advantage. Unfortunately it was more a childhood habit of fairy tales and naivety that came from being raised like she was a delicate princess.

She was the headstrong princess that would have the handsome prince by her side – which had quickly turned into the brooding mystery commodity that Sasuke Uchiha had become after the massacre. He had a been a thrilling mix of tragedy and status that she had to have because she was clearly supposed to be by his side in terms of looks that no one else would be able to fill.

Sakura had been the damsel in distress that needed someone to follow and who better to show her the ropes but Ino who had always wanted a lackey.

Later, with Sakura's growing confidence, Ino had stepped her up a peg and claimed her as her rival, the person in the way of her one true love.

She had always been such a vain person.

As she grew older she learned to not act upon her first impressions even though in her head, Naruto became the hero, Sakura, once again, became the damsel in distress, and Sasuke had become the traitor – the villain.

Time passed, life went on and she learned to control the nasty habit, ignoring the little narrator in her head and instead focused on her ninja training. And like the rest of her graduating class, grew stronger, and changed into a force to be reckoned with.

And then he was back and suddenly that little labeler in her head was screaming: Villain.

It took all her will power not become the hero and rid the world of the bad guy.

Really, she had intended to remain indifferent, pretend like his presence meant nothing to her, and go on her merry way. There had been no need to acknowledge anything, he was alone (Sai, Sakura, and Naruto haven become an almost permanent fixture) and therefore she had no reason to nod on his direction as she had done for the past few weeks, not wanting to intrude on Team 7's (Team Kakashi, Team Yamato, whatever they were called these days...) bonding time.

But then he had seen her and looked like he expected her to attach himself to him simply because he was alone where no witness to prove her that she still "loved him" (Which may or may not have been an intuitive leap) and the fact that her visage had remained that of some ignorant, clingy, fangirly little Gennin angered her greatly.

So instead of going to lunch where she was going to meet Anko for some mid noon indulgence of sake she veered to the right toward the training grounds where the Uchiha was quite obviously headed and cut him off with speed that the Uchiha had been unaware she possessed. She put on her most Sai-like smile and with the most sickeningly sweet voice she could muster, introduced herself.

"Hi. This is pretty awkward seeing as I know you quite intimately while you, on the other hand, don't know who I am. I'm Ino Yamanaka, otherwise known as ANBU interrogator, or preferably The Konoichi that mind-raped your ass. Nice to formally meet you."

I really liked the love/hate relationship that occurred in Sleepwalking and decided to explore it further here. Yes, this one will also be annoyingly short as well but I don't really have time for anything else. This ones more for my enjoyment anyway.