Title: Generation Vampire
Pairing: Casey/Vampire!Zeke
Rating: PG-13
Summary: One evening Casey is once again bullied by students from his school, once again he knows that he'll stand alone and take the beaten. But then, he is saved by a mysterious stranger, a young and endearing vampire.
Notes: Alternate Universe.

Casey is running late home but he had to walk his childhood friend, Delilah, home after the movie. She always says that she can go back home alone regarding the fact that she is taller and probably stronger than Casey but she is too dear to him for him to agree.

Perhaps tonight should have he agree for her parents to drive him back home. It is raining now and the streets are deserted.

« So, Connor, walking all on your own by night? » drawls a voice Casey knows too well from school, a voice he hates and that can make him sick in seconds.

Gabe, the guy whom owns the voice, the guy who was beating Casey anytime he felt like to at school, is coming closer. He is with some buddies from the football team.

"Your parents never told a little girl like you not to walk alone by night? You never know who you can meet. Don't afraid about the big bad wolf?" mocks Usher.

"I'm not a girl!" spats Casey, throwing away the heavy hand Usher had put on his shoulder.

"As pretty and as fragile as one though" answers Gabe clearly pleased with the whole situation. He just enjoys torturing Casey.

"He does have the prettiest mouth at school, the little fag" adds Usher once again "I'm pretty sure we could make him use it wittingly."

"Leave me alone!" cries Casey trying to push those bullies away.

They couldn't be serious! Casey couldn't believe his ears. He has to run away, he just doesn't want to find out about their sick plan. They sound drunk, drunken people are dangerous.

Though, before he knew it, a fist hits him hard on the face.

"Don't ruin his mouth, you idiot!" complains Usher kicking him in the stomach and Casey is falling on the hard asphalt. He just can't catch his breath and unwelcomed hands are everywhere on him. He doesn't have the force to fight back. He is crying not believing what is happening to him. Are those guys so truly totally drunk that they really intended to molest him, to rape him?

He closes his eyes, hurting.

"Don't touch him" says a calm but nonetheless dangerous voice from behind Casey.

"Or what?" answered Gabe clearly wanting to fight now.

He isn't used to people actually fighting him back or more precisely fighting back his team buddies.

"Or…you're dead" answers the same voice clearly not joking.

"What? Are you fucking insane?" spats Usher not liking for a second being the one threatened.

The man comes closer. Casey can barely hear his footsteps but somehow he just knows that he is now standing closer.

"Oh, my God" comes Gabe's cry when the man throw violently Usher against a wall "He is one of them! Run, guys! Run!"

They all run away leaving Usher unconscious on the floor and Casey kneeling next to him. Slowly Casey gets up looking at the man who saved him. So beautiful, is Casey's first though. The man's skin is so white, his eyes so dark and luminous at the same time as if he was feverish. He looks regal with that endearing beauty spot on his long flawless neck.

"I…" tries Casey not able to talk.

"Whatever" whispers the man barely opening his mouth.

But Casey couldn't miss them, those things that had made the other run away; the fangs.

His savior is indeed one of them, a vampire.