Sailor Moon / Last Airbender Cross

By: Sandreline

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Chapter 1: A Whole New World

Sailor Cosmos stood at the Time Gates, her staff in hand with her wings bristling behind her. Her silvery blue eyes watched on with sadness; this dimension had such pain inside. A sliver of Chaos had managed to find its way into this world of elemental benders and plant itself into a human host.

For over one hundred years, Chaos has passed itself into the descendent of its first host. It was currently attempting to do the same now; half was in a Lord Ozai, and half was in his daughter, a Princess Azula. Both were able to bend the gift of Mars, and both had been festering the darkness for so long that it had completely consumed them. They were now both so uncontrollable with rage that Chaos had grown into an entity almost as powerful as before.

However, there was hope. Only one being in this world had the ability to bend all four elements. The people of this planet called him the Avatar. Though he was but a small, immature boy, he had rallied up a group of fellow warriors to fight along side him in an attempt to balance the disorder that had been raging.

Her hand tightened on her staff. It wouldn't be enough. The young Avatar was not strong enough to defeat Lord Ozai, and no one had the capability to rid Chaos from this world. She would have to venture into this dimension and once more take up the fight against her enemy.


"Would anyone like some more tea?" Iroh, the Dragon of the West, asked the group of young warriors.

"No thank you, Uncle." Zuko replied. He kept his eyes on Aang. "We need to continue with the Avatar's fire bending training."

"Aw, Zuko! We've been training all day!" The twelve year old whined.

"You are no where near powerful enough to fight my sister, let alone my father! You still need to learn how to re-direct lightening!" The exiled Fire Prince retorted.

"But…" Aang's voice drifted off as his eyes glazed over. The entire group of warriors leaned forward to look at him, wondering why he suddenly went silent.

"Aang?" Katara asked him from her seat.

"Twinkle Toes is out to lunch right now." Toph spoke up after taking note of his heartbeat.

"What do you mean?" Sokka asked from beside Suki.

The Avatar group watched as Aang's tattoos suddenly began to glow. They all took a few steps back, never knowing what exactly to expect when Aang went into the Avatar state. Momo even leapt off his shoulder.

"Aang?" Katara asked again.

"She is coming." Aang's voice took on a divine tone, the voices of all of his past lives speaking at one.

"Who is 'she'?" Suki asked.

"The Messiah. The Cosmic warrior, the Queen of the Moon and Stars." The Avatar answered. "She will aid us in the fight against Fire Lord Ozai and defeat Chaos."

"Ok, what holy mumbo-jumbo is he preaching now?" Sokka asked.

"We in the White Lotus Society have a legend about a Cosmic Warrior-" Uncle Iroh began before he was cut off.

"She is here." The Avatar spoke again, before his glowing ceased. Tired eyes looked back at his friends. "What happened?" He asked after a moment.

A boom was heard from outside of the mountain cave the group was currently claiming, and Appa let out a roar. All eyes turned to the sky that was quickly turning dark. Suddenly the Moon shone thrice as bright, performing a complete eclipse in just a few seconds. When it was full once more, a silver flash spread across the sky. Everyone lifted an arm or hand to cover their eyes; even Toph was affected by the brightness.

When they could see again they turned their eyes to the sky again. Something was falling from the sky, and a crash sounded from the landing just a couple dozen yards away.

"Appa, yip yip!" Aang cried out as he, Zuko, and Katara leapt onto the Sky Bison's back.

"Why are we the one's left behind?" Sokka complained from beside Iroh as Sokka crossed his arms over his chest and Suki shook her head.

"It better not be because I'm blind, because if they think they can get away with that then I'll burry them in the dirt for the night!" Toph exclaimed. Iroh smiled while sipping his tea. Ah, these young folk were so amusing!


The group arrived at the landing sight within seconds. A crater was formed around whatever it was that has fallen from the sky, and the three moved cautiously to the edge to investigate.

Aang was the first to look over, and his eyes widened when they took in the sight at the bottom. "A girl?" Aang cried out in surprise.

"What? Aang, what are you – oh, La!" Katara gasped, quickly rushing down to the center of the crater as her healer instincts kicked in.

"Are you kidding me?" Zuko asked, following the water bender. Sure enough, in the middle of the crater was a woman, appearing to be eighteen just like him, and very much unconscious.

Katara was already kneeling beside the young woman, having bended some water from the air in order to use it to heal the stranger of the various cuts, bruises, and gashes along the female's form. However, it was all unnecessary. A silver glow surrounded the strange being and when it died down, she was perfectly healed.

"Wow Katara, your healing is getting a lot stronger!" Aang complimented with a bright smile.

Katara looked up with wide blue eyes. "I didn't do that."

A small moan was heard then, and the three powerful benders turned their eyes to the enigma between them. "I really have to work on inter-dimensional landings…" Spoke a smooth voice in a gentle whisper before dark blue eyes opened to view her new surroundings for the first time.

Zuko forced himself not to take a step back. He was looking into the most amazing blue eyes he had ever seen. They were so blue that they matched the night sky perfectly, and the silver flecks in her orbs seemed to twinkle as if they were the stars themselves. He took the moment of her stunned expression to evaluate her further. Her hair was the color of pure silver and ran the length of her body, which was twisted up like Fire Cakes on either side of her head. It was decorated with two pearl clips that had white wings attached to them before each bun. A golden up-turned crescent moon was tattooed on her brow, and seemed to have a glossy texture to the ink because he could have sworn it gave off a glow. A gold ribbon around her throat held an eight pointed star, each point holding a different color ranging from red to blue to green. She wore a strange outfit that was very revealing: the white bodice was decorated with a gold bow on her torso that held a very expensive gold broach to it that was flanked by angel-like wings. The belt at her waist had a buckle that matched the broach with ribbons of the same colors from the star flowing down the front of the skirt, and the short skirt had a lining of gold itself. Her long pale legs were bare, and she was wearing a white heeled sandal, the style of which he had not seen before with wings sprouting from the ankles.

However, what was most surprising was as the silver-haired woman moved to sit up a pair of silvery white wings were revealed on her back.

"You're an angel!" Aang cried out, his eyes glistening with pure happiness.

"A what?" Katara asked, for clearly Zuko seemed to be off in his own little world.

"The monks told us about them! They are Air Benders that learned from the Eagle Doves how to fly. They are recognized by the wings on their back, and are said to be the kindest people in the world." Aang explained as he gazed closely at the woman with a dreamy expression on his face.

Serenity shook her head, coming out of her shock at having found the Avatar so soon, and right in front of her! And here she was thinking that she would have had to search for him! She moved to stand, her legs wobbling for only a second but she was fairly certain they had not noticed her lack of grace. "I'm sorry to disappoint you, young Avatar, but I am no angel. However, that is very sweet of you to say." She gave a bright smile to the benders as her wings folded behind her back.

The brown-haired girl that appeared just a year or two younger than her moved before the bald monk, a whip of water in her hands. So she possessed the gift of Neptune. "Who are you? I won't allow you to harm Aang!" She challenged.

"I don't think she's here to hurt us, Katara." Zuko finally spoke, his eye narrowed slightly.

"Yeah, Katara! I trust her!" Aang added while stepping out from behind the Water Bender.

"How can you say that, you don't know her?" Katara protested, eying the female warily.

"I assure you if I meant you harm, you would not be standing right now." Serenity stated.

"She's the one that Aang told us about that was coming, the Cosmic Warrior." Zuko added, pointing at the stranger's brow. "Why else would she have that tattoo, and her aura gives off that amazing power?"

Serenity decided that now was the perfect time to introduce herself to the group that she had been watching from the Gates of Time. "I am Sailor Cosmos, Queen of the Moon and Stars, and defender of Light. I have decided to come here to aid you, young Avatar Aang, in your battle against Fire Lord Ozai and Princess Azula for inside them is an evil that you would dare not imagine and hold no hope of defeating."

"What do you mean?" Zuko asked as his eyes hardened in curiosity.

"My eternal enemy is known as Chaos, the ultimate evil and father of all that destroys hope." Serenity explained. "I have discovered that a trace of him made it to this dimension just over a hundred years ago, where he found himself a human host that holds the power over fire. With Chaos' weakened state he used his power to influence the fire ruler, to begin a war to spread darkness so it could grow stronger."

"It possessed Zuko's great-grandfather." Katara connected.

"Yes. I am here to aid the Avatar in his battle against the hosts and bring balance to your world once more."

"Hosts?" Aang asked.

Serenity nodded. "You see, a human host is needed for Chaos' influence to work, but it is still human and therefore mortal. Chaos has found a way to move itself down through the descendents of the first host and continue its reign of war this way."

"So it's moving from my father to my sister." Zuko spat.

Serenity merely nodded.

"Maybe we should continue this conversation back at camp." Aang stated. "After all, your landing was pretty loud, and there are bound to be people that are going to investigate." Aang pointed out as he spread open his staff.

"You're right, let's go." Katara stated, still uncertain about Sailor Cosmos. She and Zuko began to climb out of the crater left by the impact while Serenity and Aang simply leapt out and landed on the ground.

The Cosmic Warrior was not expecting to suddenly be faced with a six ton beast that let out a mighty roar before her. Her eyes widened as her hair flew back from the noise, her wings spreading out behind her as she faced the unknown creature. As she locked gazed with the white, six-legged beast, she saw a twinkle in its eyes before a long, wet tongue dragged itself over her body.

"Ewww! Yuck, what is that thing?" She cried out, using the powers of Neptune and then Mars to give herself a quick cleaning, much to the shock of the benders around her.

"That's Appa! He's my flying bison." The Air Nomad smiled bright as Katara and Zuko climbed up in his saddle. "He'll take us back to camp."

Serenity eyed the creature. "I can fly on my own, but thank you." She stated. She proved her point by flapping her wings, shooting up into the sky and hovering as she waited for them. Aang decided that he did not want to miss out on being able to soar the skies with someone for a change, and quickly joined her as Appa lifted into the air, leading them all back to the cave.


"Are they coming back yet?" Toph's voice called out from beside the fire to Sokka, who was awaiting the return of his sister and their friends.

"No. Wait, I see them!" Sokka called out, waving around like a crazed person to flag them down.

"They know where the cave is, Sokka." Suki pointed out while trying not to laugh.

"It appeared we will have a guest." Iroh spoke insightfully while turning to venture back into the cave. "I shall go put on some tea."

"Am I seeing that right?" Sokka suddenly asked, his eyes wide on the approaching crew.

"Better than me, idiot." Toph snapped while moving to join Sokka and Suki at the entrance.

"I may be going crazy, but I am pretty sure that I see someone with wings flying this was next to Aang." Sokka's mouth was left hanging open with his eyes wide.

"I see it, too." Suki confirmed as her eyes narrowed at the approaching shadows.

"Well then, Sokka, you're not crazy after all. We will see what tomorrow brings." Toph smirked.


Uncle Iroh joined them a moment later, all of them waiting as they group landed once more. "We're back!" Aang greeted them.

"Really, I hadn't noticed with the landing of the bison." Toph replied.

Iroh stepped forward to bow low to the woman with wings, a twinkle in his wisdom-filled eyes. "My Lady, you honor us with your presence. Welcome."

Serenity looked at the man with confusion in her eyes. "I thank you, elder. You seem to know who I am, but who are you?" She asked.

"I am General Iroh of the Fire Nation, uncle to Prince Zuko, and Grand Master of the White Lotus Society." He said before rising once more. A fatherly smile was on his face as he gazed at her. "Your presence puts this one's heart at ease, my Lady. I have long suspected corruption in my family and I know that you are here to correct it."

She nodded with a smile. "I thank you, General Iroh. I promise to you as the daughter of the Moon that I will do all in my power to help you."


Serenity turned her attention next to the man that appeared her age, with a strange ponytail and pain-filled expression in his eyes. "I beg your pardon?"

Katara moved to stand beside her brother, offering a comforting hand on his arm as the boy shook his head. "I'm sorry, but your hair color reminded me of someone, and when you said 'daughter of the moon'…"

Serenity used her powers to look into this man's past, and immediately felt a pang of sadness at his misfortune. "I am terribly sorry, but I am not she. Rest assured, however, that she looks after you and wishes for you to be happy." She offered a warm smile.

"Are those wings on your back?" Toph asked, her brow scrunched up in confusion for she was sure that the vibrations that gifted her sight was incorrect.

"Yup!" Aang cheered.

"Perhaps we should all come relax by the fire with a nice cup of tea while her highness tells us of her quest to be here." Iroh stated with a smile.

Zuko stayed close to the winged-woman's side, watching her with calculating eyes. He was not sure why but he felt great comfort in her presence. It was as if he was a block of ice, and she the burning fire that melted the cold away. It was strange, and Zuko for one did not want to leave her side just yet.

"It's a little croweded…" Suki explained as they all sat around the fire, her eyes landing on the vast room and the silver-haired female's wings took over.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Serenity cried out, forcing herself to not smack her forehead at her foolishness. She closed her eyes for a moment, willing away her wings from her back. A few gasps were heard as they watched the feathered appendages fade away, only to be replaced by a cape that matched the rest of the woman's strange apparel. "Is this better?"

Sokka smiled brightly. "Cool!"

Iroh decided to perform introductions and lead the conversation into why she was here, before the group immediately began to formulate a new plan with the help of who Aang called the Messiah of Light.


"Who is that snoring?" Toph cried out from the front of her rock tent.

"I thought it was you!" Katara cried out angrily.

"Would you all be quiet so I can get back to sleep?" Sokka mumbled from inside his sleeping bag, his backside poised up in the air with a little bit of drool on the corner of his mouth.

"What's going on?" Zuko cried out as he peeped from the flap to his tent that he had set up by the front of the cave, which he had the habit of doing so that he could keep watch.

"Someone is snoring, and I can't sleep!" Toph growled out.

"Can it, Toph! We don't want to hear it anymore than you!" Katara hissed.

"Who is that?" Suki asked tiredly from beside Katara.

"I'll go find out." Zuko mulled. He was wide awake anyway, with the sun cresting over the horizon as it filled the skies with pinks and oranges. He stepped out of the tent and out from the overheard of the save, looking around to locate the source of the loud sound. He walked a little further to the tree line, looking skywards along the large trunks of the green trees. There, on a branch about a hundred feet up, was a sleeping woman in white, her long silvery hair dangling far passed the branch she was perched on with her wings keeping balance, her eyes closed in a deep sleep as a snore ripped from her mouth.

Zuko couldn't stop the loud laugh that escaped his lips at the sight his eyes took in, and he shook his head before using his flames to leap into the air and land on her branch.

"Lady Serenity?" He called out.

"Five more minutes, Luna…" The new addition to the Avatar team mumbled out.

Zuko smirked. It would seem she would be as difficult to wake up as Sokka was. "Lady Serenity?" He asked again, this time moving to shake her shoulder gently.

"Stupid talking cat…" The silver-haired woman mumbled again, swatting away the Fire Prince's hand as her head tilted to the other side and letting out another snore.

"Lady Serenity!" Zuko shouted, his face mere inches from her own.

Dark blue eyes snapped open, and a scream was heard as the Moon Goddess jerked awake before falling from the tree. Zuko panicked as he watched her fall off, but breathed a sigh of relief a moment later as she was carried back up with a beat of her wings. His relief soon turned to fear for a moment as he literally saw flames burning in her eyes. "What are you doing, waking me up like that?" She cried out.

The Prince of the Fire Nation lowered his eyes into a glare. "My apologies for failing to wake you when I was doing it politely, your highness. However, your snores were keeping the rest of the camp awake." He growled under his breath before moving to leap down.

Serenity's eyes softened as she became fully awake and the situation dawned on her. She landed silently on the ground beside him with sadness in her eyes as she faced him. "My apologies, Prince Zuko. I guess after all this time I still am not a morning person. I'm sorry for being cross." She told him as her wings once more faded away to be replaced by a cape once more.

They stared into each other's eyes for a moment, before Zuko sighted. "Sorry, I'm just high-tempered…or so I've been told." He added after a slight pause in his speech.

Serenity smiled warmly at him, relief washing over her as she realized he was no longer mad at her. "It's alright, I tend to be as well. It's why Rei and I were always arguing."

"Who?" Zuko asked.

Serenity smiled. "One of my best friends and guardians; the Warrior of Mars. I guess it was because of the fire – she could control it as well, just like you."

Zuko nodded, before turning to lead the way back to the cave. "Oh, and I'm not a prince anymore, so just call me Zuko." He said somewhat bitterly.

Serenity smiled from his side, hoping to get him to relax. "Only if you call me Serenity, and not 'Meatball head'." She said while pointing to her hair.

Zuko didn't reply for a moment before the faintest of smiles stretched his lips. "Deal." Together they walked back into the cave to begin their journey into the Fire Nation, and to start to put an end to the reign of Fire Lord Ozai.


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