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I swallowed the warm blood to satisfy the burning in my throat if only for a small amount of time. Licking any excess off my lips I tossed the dead buck carcass off to the side as if it weighed nothing.

Though I liked my life as it was there would always be a longing inside of me to be human. I loved my family and my husband, Emmett, but I missed humanity. I missed being able to feel the sun warm your whole body, instead of standing shadows and shade all the time so our skin wouldn't give us away. I missed really seeing every day beauty, because when you're an immortal things don't seem as beautiful because you know you'll see it again and again and again. The only things that change are cities, building, landscapes, technology and people. But we never change we're frozen like this…forever.

Before I could brood anymore I felt two strong arms pick me up and lips attack and kiss anywhere they could. This was the only true salvation in this frozen life. Without this life I would've never met him and known true love.

"Are you ready to go back?" he asked

"I think I need to eat something else to be able to hold me a while. But why don't you go back and get ready for me," I smiled turning in his arms running my fingers through his dark curls that felt soft against me cold hard skin. "Besides you have blood and fur all over you from those bears," I told him licking some blood off the corner of his lip."

"You sure babe, I can wait for you."

"No you need to get changed before Alice yells at you for ruining another one of your designer shirts."

"I don't care. I can take care of the little pixie," he shrugged as I linked my arms around his neck.

I smiled and kissed him which quickly grew into a frantic kiss that was followed by the sound of some clothes tearing from our equally frantic groping. Moaning as I pulled away for some unnecessary air he continued his kisses down my neck ripping the top of my shirt to go lower before I placed my hands on his chest pushing him away slightly.

"Em, let me do a little bit more hunting and when I get back to the house then we can do whatever we want," I told him pressing my lower half against his very obvious manhood making him moan.

"Fine," he sighed frustrated making me smile as I kissed him. "But you better not be long or else," he laughed spanking my ass and running away towards the house laughing before I could respond.

Once he was gone I ran in the other direction trying to catch the scent of a new prey. Then soon I was on the trail of another buck and a doe running together. After a few more seconds I was able to see them in the distance running away once they sensed that danger was following them. Just to make it interesting I did a zigzag pattern through the trees and I was about to leap at them when I noticed I was getting slower and they were getting father ahead.

Confused I pushed and willed myself to go faster to saturate my thirst but the speed never came. But I was determined so I pushed myself even harder as I started to feel a burning in my chest. I stopped panting for breath that I shouldn't need but now it seemed as if it was my life support.

Then I felt it, the warming of the sun heating up my skin. When I looked down I wasn't shining like a disco ball, instead there was sweat covering my body.

"What the hell?" I mumbled to myself and heard a tinkling laughter in response. "Who's there?" I asked looking around.

When I tried to look I noticed that I couldn't see as clear, as if there was fog or a cloud in front of me.

"Don't you like it? I thought it's what you always wanted?" I heard the voice again.

"Like what? Who are you and what did you do to me?" I said as powerful as I could. But for the first time in a long time I felt vulnerable. I sensed danger and I was afraid. I was scared, because I was breakable again against any predator out here that would want to kill me.

"I thought this was your heart's desire Rosalie."

I quickly turned in the direction of the voice and saw a statuesque figure a few yards from me. I couldn't see their face because of the cloak over them but I could tell that they were tall, about my height or taller. And from the playful yet menacing undertone of their voice my instincts told me to run home to Emmett.

"What do you mean?"

"You're human again," they said simply as if they were talking to a child.

"What? How? That's impossible."

"Isn't everything of the world you've been living in impossible? Vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, everything you were impossible. But either way impossible or not you are human again. Don't you feel it?"

I did, I felt human again. I shivered when a cool breeze came through the trees. My senses were weakened. My mind worked slower than before. But I felt life in me. I felt alive. I felt the beating of a heart that was frozen for decades. I felt the blood rushing through my body and the now necessary air filling my lungs.


"Now really isn't a time for questions," the figure said taking long strides towards me. "Right now is the time for you to enjoy the humanity that you sought after for so long. To live again, but I will tell you that you only have days as this unless you wish to be this forever. Well…I guess not forever, I guess it would be more like 80-ish years before you die as a human."

"You mean…I could stay this way if I wanted to?"

"Yes you can, all you have to do is come back here at this spot in three days and tell me that you want to stay like this and it'll happen. No string attached."

"Uh huh," I said not believing them. There had to be some kind of catch.

"It's true; I'm here to make people happy. And what would make you happy is humanity. And you know I'm right. It's what you dream about when you can. It's what you think about all the time when your mind is not occupied otherwise. It's what you wish every second that you had to live."

By this time this person was creeping me out more than Edward did when I first spent time with him. Unless he was a mind reader like Edward he couldn't know all of this from just meeting me. The figure circled me as if I was prey it was enticing to do something, or a puppet in its play.

"So I have three days?"

"Three days, when the sun goes down on the third one and you're not here and you don't say I want to be human, then you'll be a vampire again just as quickly as you became a human."

"Then I'll see you in three days," I said walking away towards the house wondering how long it'll take me to get there with the slow human pace.

"That you will, and remember three days…." I heard the voice call after me once I was a distance away.

After walking a bit I started to feel tired from sweating. And then I started to feel the pain in my stomach as I heard it make a gurgling sound at me. It's been a while since I've been human that I forgot how it felt to be hungry like this. No burning in my throat but rather a growling and pain in my stomach.

The growling started to intensify when I smelled food. It smelled like bacon and eggs and coffee. That meant there had to be some campers nearby. I started to head towards that way knowing I needed to eat soon or else I would faint.

Once I got to there I saw two guys sitting there eating exactly what I smelled. My mouth began to water as I got hungrier. When they were both facing away I tried to slowly creep towards the food. I must've failed with the sneakiness because I heard a loud crack under my foot and both of them looked my way standing up.

"Who's there?" the one asked as the other grabbed the shot gun beside him. Instead of trying to hide I headed to where they could see me.

"Hi," I said a bit unsure of what to do as they looked me up and down with a bit of confusion on their faces. Which I don't blame them because I had all designer clothes on high heeled boots and make up on, well if I haven't sweat the makeup off already.

"Can we help you?" the one with the gun asked.

"Yeah, I need some food because I'm starving," I told them walking towards it not caring If they said yes or no.

"Sure," the first one mumbled handing me an extra plate. And I quickly took it filling it with food and eating. I forgot how real food tasted…well tasted to a human. I think I actually let out a little moan at how good it all tasted.

"Here's some water to drink," one of them said handing me a bottle of water and I gladly took it taking a long swig feeling it cool my body down.

"Where are you from, because you definitely don't look like you were camping?"

"I'm from Forks, but I went for a hike with a friend that went home ahead of me…so I'm lost. Can you tell me where the nearest highway is?"

"Yeah, it's about a 5 mile hike that way," he answered pointing to his left.

"Thanks," I replied finishing eating.

I stood up and they gave me another bottle of water for my hike and I thanked them. As I walked I was hoping Alice would see and come pick me up since no one else knew where I was. I kept walking feeling as if I was going at a snail's pace since I was used to practically flying through the forest or anywhere that we ran.

After walking for a little bit and drinking the bottle of water completely I started to feel a tightening in my lower abdomen. I quickly realized it was my bladder signaling that I have to go to the bathroom. This was one thing I didn't miss at all about being human. Though unlike vampires we don't just convert everything we eat into nutrients I guess you can say. But I ignored my bladder telling me to stop and pop a squat in a bush and kept walking hoping that I would be to the highway soon and Alice would be there so she could take me somewhere to go to the bathroom.

Before I knew it I was probably looking like idiot trying to walk despite my bladder making it hard. So I finally gave into the feeling and found the nearest bush making sure no one was around as I quickly pulled my pants down and relieved myself.

Sighing as I was finally able to relax I found a safe leaf and quickly walked away from the bush trying to forget that experience, which I never want to relive ever again.

About an hour after the bathroom incident I started to hear the sound of cars whizzing by on the highway. I've never been more thankful to hear that sound because my feet started to kill me. Every step was more pain added and besides Bella's clumsiness I understood why she hated wearing heels when she was human.

Right when I came through the tree line I couldn't help but smile at my savior in the form of a little spiky black hair pixie leaning against her Porsche. I walked over to her and practically fell against her hugging her.

"So human Rose seems to be more loveable," she said hugging me back. "And a bit smelly," she giggled as I pulled away.

"Shut up, you wouldn't believe what I've been through," I sighed as I got into the car and she instantly appeared in the driver's seat.

"I can and I've seen it. So how was going to the bathroom in a bush," she teased and I just growled back glaring at her.

"We're never talking about that to anyone," I mumbled.

"Okay, even though I know you can't hurt me since you are a human again. But on a serious note, how's being human again?"

"Everything I missed when I was a vampire," I sighed.

"But what are you going to do?"

I just shrugged not knowing what I was going to do. Should I stay like this or should I become a vampire again?

Three days, I heard the voice echo in my head making me sigh as I saw the sun setting. I had three days like this if nothing else.

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