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I smiled feeling the sun on my skin as I stood in the sunlight with my eyes closed. Before I knew it I felt Emmett's arms wrapped around me. As he held me against his chest I felt his lips skim across my neck placing soft kisses along it. I couldn't help but smile wider.

"Ready to head home?" he asked pulling me flush against him.

"Yeah, I am," I told him turning in his arms n wrapping around his waist.

"Good, because I'm not letting you out of my sight ever again," he laughed.

"I don't intend to leave…ever," I said kissing him. As we were kissing the clouds parted momentarily and made the light refract off our skin. We slowly pulled apart and saw the lights dance around us when we made the smallest movements.

"But before we head home, I think I need to remind you why I'm your monkey man," he said with a wicked smile creeping across his lips.

"Let's see if your slow monkey man ass can catch me first," I teased slipping out of his arms and rand away as I heard him chasing me.

I know that it's a shocker, but I did choose this life. It wasn't forces on me or anything. I started to think back on that day that I chose my fate.

Right before I was going to say what I wanted Edward ran into the clearing.

"Rose stop! He's lying to you," he said so quickly I almost didn't understand.

"Rose why would I lie to you?" the figure asked scaring me as he appeared right at my side. "But you know he might lie to you so he wouldn't have to look at you happier than he is?"

"Get the hell away from her," he growled. "Rose you know I wouldn't lie to you. You know this sound too good to be true."

I felt the figure step away a bit and Edward came closer. And I knew that Edward said that they were lying, but they said no string attached. I'd be human.

"Rose listen to me," Edward said.

"The sun is almost set and then this will be all over. So tell me, because we all know what you want."

"Rose, c'mon. You know he's lying. He knows he is as well. If you take his deal you can never get pregnant with Emmett. And then you could never have his child. You can only be with a human if you take this offer. And I know that's what you want Rose. And he knows that too. There are strings and rules. So listen to me and don't take it."

The voice laughed and shook its head. "I told you no strings attached, so there's not. I mean, there are always rules to being human. You want a nice long life as a human, so you wouldn't try to kill yourself."

"Rose, have I or would I ever lie to you?" Edward asked looking me straight in the eye.

I looked between them both. And with Edward I knew he might be some things like a moody ass sometimes. But no matter how rude I've been to him or Bella, I know he would never want to jeopardize my happiness.

But on the other hand what if I could still have my happiness with Emmett? I could still have kids. They might not be Emmett's, but he would just want me happy as always. That's all he's done is to make me happy. No matter what it was.

I turned to the figure and smiled as I looked right at them.

"We both know what I want. And what I want is for you to stop calling my brother a liar and to take your fucking agreement and shove it up your ass."

I turned and walked towards Edward, who kept staring at the figure to make sure I would be safe. When he decided I was safe he followed me into the trees. Right as I did I fell to my knees catching myself with my hands and I felt my heart speed up to an impossible rate until it froze. And the blood running through my veins turned to venom as I felt the warmth of life being pulled from me and the coolness replace the warmth.

"Rose, are you okay?" Edward asked kneeling beside me as I sat up feeling everything return to how it was before all this.

"Yeah, I am," I replied standing up and him following my lead.

"You know what I mean."

I nodded. "Yeah, I know you wouldn't lie to me. And I trust you," I told him giving him a little semblance of a smile before we ran back to Emmett.

I was brought back to the present time when I got pinned against a tree and a deep laugh was ringing in my ears.

"Got ya." I could feel him smile against my shoulder.

"Forever," I smiles pressing my ass back against him earning a low moan. "Now remind me again why you're my monkey man, because I think I might have forgotten during my time as a human," I smirked.

Yeah, I definitely made the right decision, I thought to myself as I saw the most perfect dimpled smile in the world smiling right at me.

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