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The forest was eerily quiet around the small group I was in. There was six of us, with two others like me. We were 'guards' of a sort, hired by people who wanted to explore the most dangerous places in the world with some protection. The three of us were armed with an assortment of knives and guns while the other three had only cameras and food.

Currently we were in the heart of the Amazon forest, surrounded by trees and predators. I glanced at the 5 following behind me to be sure no one was falling behind as we made our way out of the jungle. The trees were tall and dark, blocking out most of the sun's rays.

A howler monkey screeched out it's disapproval of us being there, effectively alerting all of the animals within several miles of our presence. I caught a glimpse of the loud animal among the foliage of the trees as he moved closer to the trunk of the tree he was in.

The sun was starting to set, but the only difference to us on the forest floor was the slight change in lighting, as it was steadily getting darker. A jaguar moved around in the lower branches of a nearby tree, watching as we passed by. But he was no threat to us right now, he was only interested in studying us, not in attacking. I stayed up for the first few hours of the night keeping watch while the others slept, unfortunately, nothing happened. I sighed, tugging my blonde hair out of its ponytail. This wasn't the life I wanted.

The days getting out were uneventful, to which I was slightly disappointed. Personally, I didn't think this was dangerous or exciting at all, I wanted something more. Something that would actually get my blood pumping and my adrenaline to spike. I wanted a real reason to need my weapons.

It was two weeks later that I finally got my wish. I was at the shooting range trying out new weapons with Cooper and Nash, the two men that had been with me on the Amazon trip, when a man approached us.

"Are you Cooper, Nash and Alexa?" the slightly balding man asked. After three nods of affirmative, he stuck out his hand to each of us, "Udesky, how are you interested in a once in a lifetime job?"

"What kind of job?" I asked, paying the ammunition clerk for the gun and bullets.

"My client, Paul Kirby from Kirby Enterprises needs to go to Isla Sorna to find his son, and he'd like your help." he responded.

My eyebrows shot up, Isla Sorna? The home to Ingen's dinosaurs? Now this was the kind of excitement I had been looking for. I glanced back at Nash and Cooper, both who had identical grins on their faces. "We'll do it." I agreed, shaking Udesky's hand again.

"Well that's right, I got three of the very best men I could possibly find. No sir I haven't worked with them personally but believe me sir these men come highly recommended." Cooper pulled the trigger and the plane shot up into a ball of fire.

"Nothing to worry about sir, it's going to be a walk in the park." Udesky finished talking to whoever was on the phone, my guess was the man who had organized all of this. I grinned, turning back to the now destroyed plane and I had to admit to agreeing with him. It'd been two weeks since Udesky had come to us with the offer, and it was only two days from now that the plane would be taking off.

All of the gear that we would be needing was already packed onto the plane, and from what Udesky told me, we were only waiting for the Kirby's to get the guide for the trip. Though I had no idea what they were talking about, since I didn't think anyone in their right mind would give tour guides of Isla Sorna.

Two days later and I was loading up onto the plane, picking the seat in the back across from Cooper. Amanda and Paul Kirby-whom I had met before-were seated up front with Udesky and Nash sitting in the pilots seats. It was then that the 'guides' came one. An older man whom I recognized to be Alan Grant, the paleontologist who had been on the original Jurassic Park and a younger man who I had to admit was attractive with curly light brunette hair.

"Billy Brennan." He introduced himself to me, I grinned, taking his offered hand.

"Lexi." I answered as he sat in the seat in front of me.

The planes engines roared to life, drowning out whatever might have been said. It wasn't until we were leveled out in the air that roar died down. Billy and Alan were conversing about lucky bags and reverse Darwinism. I leaned over to Cooper.

"So do these guys know what we're going to do?" I asked in a hushed voice, making sure the two in question wouldn't hear me.

"No, they think we're doing a fly over tour, they don't know we're landing." he responded before putting on his sunglasses and leaning back in his chair.

"So how do you know the Kirby's?" Billy asked Cooper.

"Ah, through our church." I cocked an eyebrow at his answer. Not the most believable if you ask me.

Alan pulled his hat down over his eyes and leaned back, with the intent of going to sleep. Billy turned back towards me, "And you? How do you know the Kirby's?"

"Family friend." I responded, "So tell me Billy, why did you want to come on this little venture?" I asked in return.

"I'm a paleontologist like Alan." He said, nodding his head in the direction of the sleeping man, "Dinosaurs intrigue me, figured I'd take this chance to see them in the flesh." I nodded, he'd probably see them a lot closer than he ever wanted to before this trip was over. "And you? Why are you coming along?"

"I needed a change in the routine, some excitement. What better way than to see an island of dinosaurs?" he flashed a smile.

"Not much more exciting than seeing animals that died out millions of years ago." the look on his face reminded me of a boy on Christmas morning.

"No, no there isn't. With some luck we'll both get our fill of dinos on this trip." I couldn't help but match his grin.

He laughed, "With luck and Alan. If anyone knows where they'll be, he will. And we can fly right over their heads." I could have told him right then that this wasn't a tour trip, but in fact a rescue mission. I should of actually, but I held my tongue. Choosing instead to return my attention to my hands, that held my lucky knife that I kept with me no matter where I was going.

It was hours later that Nash called back that we were almost there, I immediately turned to the window, looking out towards the very green island. It was huge, larger than I thought it would be. Finding one small boy on this island was going to be extraordinarily difficult.

As we flew over a large meadow, dinosaurs of all sorts raced beneath us. Huge, towering brachiosaurs, stegosaurs and others that I had no idea what their names were or how to pronounce them. It was amazing, and we hadn't even landed yet!

"Cooper, Alexa, if you see anything, yell up." Udesky shouted from the front of the plane. We both knew he wasn't talking about dinosaurs, but signs of the boy we were looking for.

"Nah, I thought I'd keep it to myself." Cooper yelled back, and I couldn't help but roll my eyes at the man.

"Everyone, if you look out the left of the plane you can see a whole herd of brachiosaurs. In fact, you can see in the front of the group, the alpha male grazing there." Alan stated, pointing out the magnificent beasts. I didn't know how he could tell it was the alpha male, but I figured it was something he picked up from being a paleontologist and the previous island he was on.

"Udesky, Nash? How about up front, you guys see anything?" Mr. Kirby asked, I couldn't help but wonder if Dr. Grant and Billy would have come if they knew we were going to be landing.

"Nothing yet Mr. Kirby." Udesky responded.

"You mean-" Alan chuckled, "Mrs. Kirby, look. Out here you'll see a group of triceratops…" he was cut off by Nash as he announced quite loudly.

"Mr. Kirby, we have a landing strip up ahead. You want me to put it down?" I turned to Alan, who's face had a mixture of disbelief and anger.

"No, no. I told you, I want to circle first, see the whole island." Paul responded, completely unaware of the now pissed off man behind him.

"What do you mean set it down? You can't land here. What are you talking about?" I had a nagging feeling we should take his advice, but I knew nothing would stop the couple up front from landing and finding their son.

"Hold on, I can explain." Mr. Kirby was trying to say, but Alan was already unbuckling his seat belt.

"You cannot land on this island." he stated, outraged as he realized he'd been deceived.

"It's gonna be fine. You just don't understand." Amanda tried to interject, but the paleontologist would not be talked down.

"Are you crazy?" he asked, standing from his seat and trying to make his way to the front of the plane.

"Sit down, please." Paul asked, I noticed Cooper taking off his sunglasses and standing up as well. This was not about to end well. "Dr. Grant will you please sit down?" by now nearly everyone was standing, and I was barely able to jump up and grab Billy's arm to restrain him from jumping at Cooper when the man decked Alan.

He looked back at me and I shook my head, "Not worth the trouble." I said, shoving past Cooper, "Was that necessary?" I spat at him as I crouched next to the unconscious man.

"Yes." was his only reply and I scowled at him, wondering why in the hell I still worked with him after all these years.

It was then that the Kirby's decided to abandon circling the island and instead chose to land right there.

It was a rough ride, the runway was all gravel and filled with potholes. As soon as the plane stopped and the doors opened, I had to go into my work mode. Stepping out with Cooper, Nash and Udesky, the four of us suited up in our weapons' vests. Which held holsters for everything from knives and guns to grenades, the latter none of us had.

Amanda followed us out with a megaphone and as soon as she was a few steps away from the plane, started using it. "Eric? Eric? Ben? Eric?" she shouted, over and over.

As soon as the four of us were ready, we jogged off into the jungle to get up a safety perimeter.

"Oh Dr. Grant, are you all right?" I heard Mr. Kirby ask as the man came out of the plane. Whatever was said after I didn't hear as I reached the forest line and ducked into the trees.

I didn't go too far, I could still clearly hear Amanda on her megaphone. A deep growling rumbled through the woods and I clicked off the safety on my gun, keeping it aimed in front of me and my eyes flashing around. Trying to catch any sign of movement.

Mrs. Kirby's calls paused for a moment before I heard her start up again, "What?" she shouted. There was a low mumble in response.

I continued towards the growling, crouching down as I got closer. With slow, quiet movements, I pushed aside the large fern that was blocking my view of whatever was making the noise.

What in the seven hells was that?!

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