My first BF5 fic, if this goes over well I'm hoping to write more fics :D I love this show. For most of the chapter I think I tried to make it look like it could really be a story about any of the characters...Of course its not :P By the end, you SHOULD be able to tell which BF5 character is going to be the main.

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The battle force 5 was just sitting in the diner as usual. Stanford was flirting with Grace and being rejected, Agura and Vert were in a conversation, and Zoom was watching Spinner and Sherman goof off. At this moment, they were currently trying to determine which type of soda was the most fizzy or hardest to chug. Spinner had almost downed the pepsi he had, when it felt like the soda went up his nose (you know what I mean...I think its the bubbles or something). He immediately let out a loud yelp, shouting that it burned.

Grace rolled her eyes yet smiled as she brought them more soda. She disappeared back into the kitchen after rejecting Stanford for the umpteenth time that day. He gave up, heading back to the booth the rest of the group were in with a dramatic sigh.

"I think we all know she wants me; so why does she keep rejecting me?" Stanford wondered.

"Even if she did want you—" Zoom started, but he was interrupted.

"And we all know she DOESN'T" Spinner piped in.

"...Anyways, like I was saying...Even if she did want you, you have such a big ego you'd explode if she admitted she liked you," Zoom said again. Stanford just glared at Spinner.

"If you keep lookin' at me like that, you're face will get stuck like that," Spinner said.

"That's just a myth," the red head spat. The shorter boy just shrugged.

"Have you ever made a face long enough to find out?" he asked.

"," Stanford answered. Spinner jumped to his feet.

"Aha! You have no proof!" he shouted, pointing at the red head.

"And you do?" the Brit asked. The shorter boy looked thoughtful for a moment.

"No," he answered simply. "But I'm sticking with that theory". Stanford just shook his head.

"Idiot...But then again, you could never be as smart as I am anyway," he boasted. Spinner slammed his hands down on the table, almost spilling the sodas.

"Hey! Lay off or my little bro will beat you up!" he shouted.

"You realize that doesn't really have the same effect as someone saying their big brother will beat someone up, right?" Stanford questioned.

"It does if the person I'm threatening has seen my little bro!" Spinner retorted, raising a hand and slamming a fist onto the table. This time, he succeeded in knocking over every drink. Everyone jumped up with a shout as soda poured into their laps. They all gave Spinner an annoyed look, even Sherman.

"I'm too excited, aren't I?" the short boy asked.

"Definitely," the team answered.

"You weren't supposed to agree that fast!" Spinner whined. Having heard the shouts, Grace emerged from the kitchen. Looking at the now sticky group, her eyebrow rose.

"What happened out here?" she asked.

"Spinner got too excited, and knocked over the sodas..." Agura explained.

"Then he can help clean the mess up," Grace stated.

"Hey, c'mon...I'm not good at cleaning!" the short boy complained. Ignoring his protests, Grace made Spinner help her clean up. After that, the group headed back to the base to get some training in, before another portal opened to a battlezone.

About an hour of training later, Sage announced a portal opening. The team suited up and raced off.

The battlezone they found themselves in was very green. Plants and bushes were everywhere, as well as trees. Somehow, there was still room for the vehicles to move.

"Let's be careful guys, don't damage the plant life. Just find the battle key as fast as possible, get it and get out," Vert informed the others. They all agreed.

"You know, this kind of makes me think of the Vandal homeworld..." Zoom spoke up.

"Yes, it's very similar...Though I don't think we're on the Vandal homeworld," Vert voiced.

"Hey guys, I found the key," Zoom said through the com link several minutes later.

"Great, get it and let's get out of here," Vert responded.

"Yes, please, this humidity is doing absolutely nothing for my fohawk!" Stanford whined.

"Your fohawk will survive, Stanford," Agura reasoned.

"Yeah, don't be such a baby!"

"Hey, you were whining earlier Spinner!" Stanford snapped.

"Now's not the time for this, guys. Weird, I haven't seen the Vandals at all here..." Vert said.

"Don't jinx it," Zoom said. He sped forward and reached to grab the key. He was very shocked when a volley of arrows flew through the greenery at him. He jerked the chopper to the side, narrowly avoiding the arrows. "Dude, I almost became a shish-ka-bob!"

"What happened, Zoom?" Vert asked.

"Arrows just flew out of the shrubs!" Zoom answered.

Just then arrows flew out of the greenery again, but this time at Vert, Agura and Stanford. Three arrows hit the windshield of the Tangler, going through and almost hitting Agura. Stanford shot sound blasts at the oncoming arrows, breaking them, but arrows from behind pelted the back of the Reverb.

"Oh come on!" Stanford shouted, exasperated. "I just got this waxed!"

The Buster Tank was faring better against the arrows. Sherman kept the arrows from piercing the windshield by manoeuvring the vehicle, and the arrows just bounced off the sides of the tank harmlessly. So the Cortez brothers were surprised and somewhat confused when the arrows ceased.

"Why'd they stop firing?" Sherman asked, curious.

"Who cares?" Spinner answered. A moment later, a thud came from above Spinner's head, causing him to scream loudly and shrilly. It seemed to surprise whatever had jumped on, too, because it then sounded like it was rolling off. Sherman had his hands clamped over his ears.

"Spinner, don't scream so loudly!" the younger brother exclaimed.

"Heheh...Sorry Sherm," the older apologized.

The thing that had jumped onto the tank climbed back up from where it fell slowly. It soon got back on top of the turret. It moved slowly, going towards the front of the vehicle. Momentarily, it leaned down and looked through the windshield.

The Cortez brothers were very shocked to see that the thing that had jumped onto their vehicle was a girl. She had long black hair that would normally frame her face if she was hanging upside down. She also had violet eyes.

The girl blinked a couple of times, confused. She hadn't focused on the people inside the tank; just what she could see of the interior itself. Now she changed her focus to the people. They had funny looks on their faces, looks of utter shock. The one in the back that looked smaller to her had his mouth hanging open, his eyes were wide, and he was leaning forward in his seat. She observed the two for a couple minutes more, and then she sat up. She turned and gave a signal to the archers in the bushes and trees, and they retreated. The girl climbed down the tank slowly. She looked at the tank curiously, but jumped back in surprise when one of the two guys got out of the vehicle.

When Spinner got out of the Buster Tank, he could see he surprised the girl. It was her turn to surprise him, apparently, when her skin turned a light violet and her hair turned a darker shade of purple. The two stood silent for a few moments.

"I've...I have never seen a vehicle like this...Before...Where are you from?" the girl asked, a little nervously.

"A planet called Earth...Wait, how can you speak English?" Spinner replied.

"English? I don't know what an "English" is," she answered, confused.

"English is a language. The language we're both speaking right now," Spinner explained, slightly baffled himself; but that was more because they could speak the same language, and this girl didn't know what English was.

"We just call it Language here," the girl explained. "But it's obviously the same as this Earth's English...Anyway...My name is Octavia. What's yours?" the girl asked.

"My name's Spinner," the short boy said, and noticed his brother watching them closely. "That's my little brother, Sherman," he added.

"He's your little brother? Here, we define "little brothers" as brothers that are shorter than us," Octavia explained.

"Yeah, he's my little brother. On Earth, a little brother is a brother whose born after you," Spinner replied.

"Earth sounds weird...Is it pleasant?" the dark haired girl asked.

"Yeah, it is. We have pizza," the short boy answered. Octavia suddenly grinned widely and her eyes sparkled.

"You have pizza? I love pizza! Any place that has pizza has to be at least decent!" the girl exclaimed. Spinner looked stunned.

"How about that...Interplanetary...Dimensional...oh whatever...customs," Spinner said confusingly.

"I don't get what you just said," Octavia informed the boy.

"Don't worry about it; I don't either," Spinner told her with a laugh.

"But you're the one who said it...Did you hit your head? Or did your parents drop you as a baby?" the girl asked, looking at him concernedly even though she was just joking around.

"No way...Are you calling me stupid?" the boy replied.

"You just answered your own question by asking that question."

"Lay off or my little bro will beat you up!"

"What kind of guy would beat up a girl? And a short one! If that's how Earth is, I don't think I like it," Octavia blabbed. When she said 'short', Spinner noticed the two of them were about the same height.

"Hey, I'm taller than you!" he exclaimed happily, jumping in the air and doing an air punch.

"You're not taller than me, I'm taller than you! What are you even doing anyway?" the dark haired girl replied. She had turned back to normal when her nervousness had worn off.

"There's no way you're taller than me!" Spinner retorted.

"Well, there's no way YOU are taller than ME!" Octavia shouted.

From inside the Buster Tank, Sherman could only guess from the two that they had hit it off, and from their expressions and hand gestures that they were now arguing over whom was taller than whom. Sherman sat back in his seat with an amused grin, and watched the two bicker back and forth.

Okay, so you should be able to tell whose the main character, and even if you don't I'm gonna tell you: Spinner. I actually really love him, he's so funny...Especially when he screams! XD that's totally why I had the bit about Octavia jumping onto the Buster Tank and Spinner screaming...

So Octavia changes color depending on her emotion/how she's feeling, though she only goes different colours if its excessive. Ex: if she's very nervous/surprised, she turns purple. The main emotions should be obvious what colour they'll be. :D

YES her homeworld has pizza. Her homeworld is a lot like Earth in a lot of ways, but different at the same time. :D

Oh, yeah, Spinner calls Sherman "Sherm" at one point. Honestly, I can't see him calling Sherman "little bro" absolutely every time he refers to him. And if I had a bro named Sherman, I'd probably call him Sherm all the time...Though it sounds weird...OH WELL :D

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