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"What did you do with the battle key?" Kalus growled. Nexus grinned at the lion Vandal, much to Kalus' irritation. Nexus was tied tightly to a wall, and he was unable to move.

"What do you think I did with it, fuzz face?" The man replied with a slight smirk.

"Tell me what you did with it, or you'll regret it," Kalus growled viciously, almost pressing his claws into Nexus' cheek.

"The battle force 5 has it. Which does zilch for you," the bearded man answered. The lion Vandal's eyes flashed in anger once as he struck Nexus across the face; he smiled wickedly at the scream it drew from his captive. The Vandal warlord turned to leave.

"I'll just get the key when they come back for you," he hissed.

"They won't be back for me. I was an ass to them," Nexus responded lowly, trying not to focus on the pain of the three sharp bleeding cuts on his left cheek.

"Except they suffer from compassion," Kalus answered, walking out.

"So guys, how are we going to get Nexus out of there?" Agura asked when the team was all outside Kalus' village.

"We could wait until nightfall," Stanford suggested.

"Wait guys," Vert spoke up, drawing the team's attention to the gate. It was opening, and a group of Vandals drove out. The battle force 5 saw their chance and right after the Vandals had driven out, they drove in. They drove straight behind one hut that was close to the gate.

"So how are we supposed to know which one Nexus is being held in?" Zoom asked quietly.

"I'm...Not sure, actually," the blonde confessed.

"Guys, look," Sherman voiced. He saw a female snow leopard Vandal carrying bandages and damp fabric. The team watched her disappear into one of the huts. "My guess would be Kalus injured him in there," the younger Cortez added.

"Zoom, do you want to go check it out?" Vert suggested. The Muay Thai fighter nodded. He slowly drove his chopper behind the huts as much as possible, and eventually reached the hut the snow leopard woman had gone into. As he dismounted his vehicle, the Vandal came back out. Zoom held his breath and kept still, but the Vandal simply headed off in another direction. With a light sigh, Zoom slipped into the hut quietly.

"Who's there?" Nexus asked. His eyes were closed, trying to block out the sting of his now bandaged cheek.

"It's me...Zoom," Zoom whispered, causing Nexus to open his eyes.

"Get over here and untie me! I mean, get over here and untie me please..." the bearded man snapped. Zoom went to him, and had to stand on tippy toes to untie one of Nexus' wrists that had been tied above his head. The bearded man's free hand yanked at the rope restraining his other wrist, and soon both his hands were free. As he dropped his arms he groaned.

"Ugh...All the blood drained out of my arms..." Nexus complained, but he untied himself completely from the wall. He rubbed his wrists, trying to get the blood to run back into them.

"Let's get outta here," Zoom said. "Where's your motorcycle?" the boy asked.

"Kalus tossed it near the gate," the older man answered. The two left the hut quietly, sneaking behind it and getting back to the chopper. Zoom drove slowly back to the others, with Nexus following him. The bearded man kept going, however, going over to the other side of the gate, and returning a few minutes later with his motorcycle and helmet.

"Now let's go," Nexus said, impatient to get off the Vandal homeworld.

As they were driving out of the village, however, one loud roar was heard.

"Stop them!" Kalus ordered. Sever, Krocomodo, Hatch and the Vandal warlord himself drove towards the battle force 5 from behind. The team put the pedal to the medal, trying to get away from the Vandals. They split up, Agura and Zoom going one way, Vert going another, Spinner and Sherman going yet another, leaving Stanford and Nexus to branch off the same way. Krocomodo followed Agura and Zoom, Kalus went after Vert, Hatch pursued the Cortez brothers, and Sever was left to chase down Stanford and Nexus.

Sever lost track of Stanford, so he concentrated on the motorcycle just ahead of him. The teeth of his vehicle whirred dangerously as he tried to close the distance between himself and Nexus. The bearded man glanced back once, speeding up to stay ahead of the shark Vandal. When he looked back in front of him, he swerved quickly to avoid hitting a large tree. Sever, however, crashed straight into the tree. The whirring teeth on his vehicle shredded through the tree which fell and landed on the shark Vandal. Stanford emerged from where he was hidden by foliage and blasted Sever and the tree away. Nexus took a deep breath.

Stanford and Nexus soon met up with the rest of the battle force 5. They used the battle key and Nexus drove through first. By the time the team had completely driven through, Nexus was almost fully gone, just a disappearing trace of colour from his motorcycle. The battle force 5 had to really put the pedal to the medal to catch up to him. The older man almost crashed straight into the healer's building when they got into the village, though he swerved so fast the bike fell over, pinning Nexus to the ground. As the team got out of their vehicles, the bearded man grumbled. Sherman lifted the bike and the older man crawled off to the side and stood.

"Thanks," Nexus said.

"You're welcome..." Sherman replied, though Nexus was already heading through the door.

"He's so impatient," Spinner commented, though he himself was pushing Stanford away from the door so Spinner could be the second one inside. Sherman just shook his head.

The now perfectly healthy and yellow Octavia flew straight to her father, wrapping her arms around him tightly. Nexus broke out in a huge grin as he hugged her back.

"I'm so happy to see you Daddy!" she shouted.

"You haven't called me Daddy in years," her father laughed.

"Oh well!" Octavia responded, letting go of Nexus. "What happened to your face?"

"Nothing really, it's just where I got a couple of scratches from Kalus. Don't worry about it," the bearded man answered, and then stepped aside. Spinner couldn't help but grin like an idiot. The black haired girl immediately grabbed him into a nearly bone crushing hug.

"Spinner! You and Daddy saved me!" Octavia exclaimed. The older Cortez was still grinning- there were no words to describe how happy he was; but he couldn't really breathe. He gasped for air a couple of seconds later. "Oops!" the dark haired girl said, realizing the spiky haired boy. Everyone just laughed while he tried to catch his breath.

6 Months Later, Octavia's POV

I have to say, everything ended wonderfully. Dad let me return to Handler Corners, on the condition that I visit him, though he usually ends up visiting us more than I visit him. Those three scratches on his left cheek scarred; he doesn't seem to care too much. Dad almost seems proud of them for some reason. Either way, he's usually too busy bugging Stanford, getting confused by Sherman, or playing video games with my Spinner. Despite how rocky things started out between them, Dad practically loves Spinner. He hasn't tried to beat Spinner up at all, so Sherman hasn't found the need to beat Dad up yet.

Also, everyone has decided that I'm not allowed to really choose what I drink now. They're all seriously paranoid that I'm going to end up almost dying again, though I guess they have a reason to. I'm still allowed to protest it...Right?

Those two seeds Spinner had from the Hepaconica flower...Well one ended up on the Vandal homeworld. I guess it's doing okay. The other one, though, was planted on my homeworld. Surprisingly, it took better to my planet than the Vandals', and now there's hundreds of thousands growing out behind my dad's house. He says he loves it, because when the wind is blowing even a little, the Hepaconica flowers shimmer and move like a wildfire, and honestly? It's really pretty.


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