April 7, 2050

Dallas, Texas

There was a gust of cold wind as Emily Collins climbed out of her tan 2046 Chevy car and made her way to a gray gravestone in the Dallas Cemetery. She kneeled before it and raised her right hand to touch the engraved words on the front of the stone while she read it without speaking.

Beth Stelling


May she finally be at peace

Emily felt tears sting her eyes as she sat down on the grass beneath her.

"Oh Beth," she whispered. "I miss you so much. Sometimes I wish you would've fought the cancer harder…but I know you tried your best. You fought for six years; it's all I could ask for. It's just…I really wish my big sis could be here for me now."

A couple tears escaped her green eyes and Emily quickly brushed them away before continuing.

"Beth, Castiel and I fought yesterday," she breathed. "It was over Saisha's destiny. We've never argued like that…"

When Emily heard the familiar sound of tires on crushed rock she shut off the burner on the kitchen stove and walked over to the stairs that led to the second floor of her house.

"Saisha, your father's home," she called out.

Seventeen year old Saisha, nearly eighteen, as she repeatedly reminded her parents, appeared at the top of the staircase. Her dark brown hair, the exact shade as her father's, flowed over her shoulders.

In no time Saisha had made her way to Emily's side and they turned to face the front door as Castiel let himself in.

"Hey Dad," Saisha smiled.

Castiel dropped the bag he was carrying and wrapped her in his arms. "Hey, sweetie."

Saisha pulled away after a few moments and Emily kissed him. "How was the hunt?"

"Turned out to be easy," Castiel told her. "I found the demon and in no time at all had it exorcized."

"Well that's good," Emily said. "Supper's on the table."

"It's hamburgers," Saisha added.

Castiel nodded. "My favorite."

The three of them headed into the kitchen and each grabbed a plate off the table before filling their plates and going to sit back down.

While they were eating Castiel spoke up.

"I was thinking that Saisha should start hunting," he stated out of the blue.

"Why?" Emily inquired sharply.

Castiel glanced at Saisha, ignoring his wife. "Would you like that?"

"I'm going to be pretty busy getting ready for college Dad," Saisha frowned.

"There's no reason you can't find some time," Castiel argued.

Saisha shook her head. "I don't want to."

"You have to Saisha."


"Saisha, would you go to your room?" Emily interrupted. "Your father and I have to talk."

Saisha folded her arms. "Whatever you have to say can be said in front of me."

"No, it can't be, go."

Saisha huffed and trotted away, muttering a complaint about how she was not being treated her age.

When she was gone Emily bore her eyes down on her husband. "What was that all about?"

"I just think it would be a good idea for her to gain some defense skills," Castiel shrugged.

Emily narrowed her eyes. "Did the demon say something to you?"

Castiel sighed. "Yes."

"What?" Emily questioned with worry.

"The angels are back," he explained. "The demon claimed to have escaped one last week. He was boasting about it since he knew I had been an angel. He said if he could escape a 'real' angel he could escape me. I certainly proved him wrong."

Castiel was smirking.

Emily's lips didn't even twitch. "What does it mean if the angels are back?"

"Something big is about to go down," Castiel answered. "The demon seemed to be in the dark, but I'm not. There has been an increase of possessions made by higher level demons lately, and now an angel…I can only assume that Saisha's time, her destiny, is coming soon. And when it happens she needs to be prepared."

"What if it's all a coincidence?" Emily suggested. "What if it was just that angel?"

"Angels never wonder on the Earth alone," Castiel paused, "In less they're fallen. And fallen angels can't kill demons. See, the demon also told me that the angel killed his buddy."

Emily gave him a single nod.

"So now can't you see why Saisha has to hunt?"

"No," Emily replied. "She already knows self defense."

"Don't you understand?" Castiel laid his hands on her shoulders. "It's more than just teaching her, it's also about helping her complete her destiny."

"Her destiny?" Emily repeated before pushing Castiel away angrily. "Destiny or no destiny Cas, she shouldn't be forced into hunting!"

"She needs to experience a hunt for herself in order to even begin to try to figure out how it's possible to trap all the demons in Hell," Castiel protested. "It's the only way."

"No it's not."

"Emily," Castiel said slowly as he furrowed his eyebrows. "A world without demons. Can you imagine it? So many lives would be saved. She has to do this. I don't like it either, but Saisha has to."

"The hell she has to," Emily snapped. "No matter what Saisha comes first. I thought you believed that too? I guess I was wrong."

"Emily…" Castiel began, but Emily didn't let him finish.

"Get out!"

Castiel's eyes widened. "Em, please, you're not thinking straight."

Emily glared at him. "Get out now!"

She crowded him towards the front door and there was fear in Castiel's eyes.

He wasn't afraid of Emily, but afraid of what was happening.

"Wait, Emily!" he pleaded.

"I've waited for you to come home ever since our marriage began," Emily yelled. "During every hunt I waited, and worried over you. Now all I want is for you to leave and never come back."

There was pain in Castiel's crystal blue eyes. "Em."

Emily shoved Castiel through the doorway and slammed the door in front of his shocked face.

She collapsed to the floor with her back against the door weeping.

She heard a thump on the other side of the oak door and closed her eyes, picturing Castiel with his head resting against it, eyes closed as well.

"Mom?" a soft voice whispered.

Emily cried harder.

Saisha raced to her side and laid one supporting hand on her shoulder.

"What happened?"

There was that familiar sound of tire on gravel as Emily dared to look up into her daughter's eyes, which were the perfect mixture of Castiel's and her eye color.

"Your father and I aren't going to be together anymore."

Saisha retracted her hand and starred at her accusingly. "What did you do Mom?"

"Now Saisha won't even look at me," Emily said as she finished her story. "And Cas, I doubt he'll ever come back. I told him not to so he won't. I don't even know if I want him back. He's done so much for me. He risked his life for me, he moved us to Dallas so I could be closer to you after you told me about your sickness, but I can't. I can't stand by and watch him force Saisha into hunting."

She sniffed.

"I can't take that chance of losing her."