Pallis hated his brother. His worthless, useless, head-in-the-cloud, loser brother.

At least, that's what anyone who knew the Prince of Night would think.

Truth was, he envied him. So much that it hurt sometimes. Adakias was free, free to do whatever he wanted, to go wherever he wanted. To leave the accursed darkness.

And he did! He left, and abandoned Pallis to become lord of the shadows. Pallis kept to his word, hunting his brother down. He had sworn to bringing Adakias back and Barayas, the teeny spider who had appeared when his brother first got ideas to leave his home, would help Pallis track him.

And now, he had heard from the rumors on his journey, his daydreaming little brother had found love?

The fool!

Jealous, the tiny voice in the back of his head taunted in a whisper.

So he continued his search even more urgently than before, loathing (and envy, the smug little voice remarked.) fueling him on.

He knew exactly why Adakias's lovely Light princess was dying.

He contacted the only docter that would be able to help the happy couple.

Dr. Dumaya was a greedy, (ironically) sick man(both literally and figuratively), easy to bribe with promises of riches and wealth.

He would alert Pallis when the two arrived.

He would have his revenge.