Summary: Includes all Naruto characters! Ino Yamanka is a regular eighteen year old with a stubborn attitude and a sudden life change, Sasuke is an unappreciative man who see's girls and life as nothing. But these two opposites have much in common that can lead to something more.

Author: I don't own Naruto Shippuuden and I just want you to remember the website is called Fan Fiction and I'm a fan who writes Naruto Fictions. Thank You and enjoy.

Plot: Konoha's in war for their land and hiding of their jinchuriki which few no about.

Chapter 1: Being me, Being you

The light burned her aquamarine eyes just as she reawaken. Her arm covered them up as she slipped out of her red satin sheets. Today, was just like every other day, bright early and another day of college. She attended 'Konoha Ninja Skills Academy.' They taught about everything. History of ninja that protected their village, teaching and being a nurse which Ino was going for, were just half of it. Unlike her dad, Ino was a ordinary, eighteen year old girl who lived within Konohagakure with the rest of her mortal neighbors, as far as she knew.. She sighed as she jumped into the first set of clothes her eyes managed to see. She looked in the mirror and smirked. Her hair was all down and blonde as usual. But, her outfits weren't the same as it use to be. Ever since that 'day', Ino dressed in more 'tomboyish' clothes. Her body was covered in a long black shirt with long sleeves. Her pants were baggy and hung down a bit. As for the skirt and 'helpless' attitude she had years ago, were gone. Being a careless badass was just her thing now.

"Ino, you're gonna be late for your class!" she heard echoing up her stairs to her room.

Growling, she grabbed her plain purse like bag and stomped down the stairs. Frowning, she looked at her dad as she grabbed her favorite, pudding.

"Good morning Ino. I-I love your gear. Its not like the original Ino but-"

She rolled her light blue eyes and glared at her uptight dad, "Hey dad, we've been through this. It's no big deal, can you please except the new me? I thought you would actually like me not being so girly."

Smiling weakly he replied, "Yes Ino, I accept you, it's just so different."

'Old man, it's been two years. I accepted your lifestyle ever since I was born' It was true, her dad, was so in denial about her appearance.

"Yea dad, that's good to know. I'm off." she slammed the door and walked to her nearby college. Ino Yamanka's life was full of random ideas, she was attending a random college and randomly co-owned the flower shop with her father. Boring….her true goal was for the village to be out of war and for her dad to be free. She heard the war was caused by some guy who wanted the nine tailed fox whom lived in Konoha. They hadn't told anyone about it or who carried it….but she didn't care.

"Hey Ino." sighed a voice, coming from her right.

Without knowing it, she was already at her school, "Shika, hi. It's nice to see someone who accepts me and doesn't pressure me into going back to my old looks." she hugged her friend. It sounded really robotic and weird but she meant every word.

Shikamaru, were one of her many friends but he was more laidback. As in careless and a cloud fanatic. But she accepted him as he did her. They'd known each other for years now and the friendship hasn't yet to bitter. "Oh, dad still being….dad?" he asked, glancing over at her and grinning. They sat down in their seats, his being on the right side of hers.

"Yea, he just doesn't understand me. I was so tired of being that girly Ino." she then stared her friend in the eyes, "Shi Shi, she called him that, which he hated but accepted, do you like the new….me?"

"Yea" he answered, then chuckled, "It's actually not new but I honestly like it better."

Ino grinned, "Thanks."

"Hey guys!" called out Naruto Uzumaki. He, was also one of her closest friends. "Ino, you look like one of those rockers, cool!" Naruto yelled 'strumming' his stomach with his tongue swaying side to side. "

"Uh, Thanks. But…..I'm not a rocker, I still look somewhat normal…" she suddenly felt a little insecure, "You know what Naruto, you really have a way to put people down." she mumbled.

He frowned, "No, Ino, I love it, I'm sorry." he ran over and pulled her into a tight hug. He was always so compassionate when it came to her, "You know you're my girl…."

Ino smiled while Shikamaru frowned, "Naruto, calm down and sit down." he ordered.

"Oh, hey Shikamaru." Naruto was somewhat toned down. Well, a lot. When he was younger, he was treated a little different from all the others by the sensei's and little to none kids, he never knew why and so didn't she. He had many outbursts and played many tricks due to the treatments. Anyhow, Naruto and Ino's relationship was kind of different from hers and Shikamaru's. When she was younger, her and Naruto were never really close. In school, he was usually loud and obnoxious, which she hated. She'd admit, he became her friend once she changed her whole persona. So, the 'tragedy' which affected her whole life gave her a 'little brother.' Soon enough, the rest of the students came in and sat down. Two of them was Sakura Haruno, she along with Hinata were her best female friends. Sakura waved while Hinata nodded and sat down. In Hinata's world, that meant 'hi'.

Naruto turned towards her and smiled, "Hello Hinata."

Like always, she blushed and for some reason bowed while Sakura snickered, "H-Hello Naruto, g-good morning." she responded elegantly. She held her head down and plopped in her seat. Ino didn't understand why she'd always did that. She was so intelligent, caring, deep, understanding and beautiful. Ino figured that out one day when she was in her worst conditions. There was no reason for her to be so shy and insecure.

Suddenly, an elbow pounded on Ino's desk as she jolted her head towards the loud thud, "Hey Ino!" It was TenTen and the rest of her group Neji and Rocklee. Ino looked at the carefree girl with a raised eyebrow, "So," she continued, "You having another bash! Last year, some girl got knocked up by a stranger and some dude had an overdose!" Uh, yeah. Those were not good memories, luckily her dad didn't find out.

Ino was about to respond but got distracted by Neji's glare and Rock Lee's stare. "Hey guys," she punched Neji in the arm with a light chuckle. She didn't know why, sometimes her boyish instincts kicked in. He didn't move an inch but he sort of smirked, "Hello Ino." Neji was just one of those guys that were really, what you call, anti-social but…'cool' nonetheless. They were more of associates but she still liked him. Although, it could get no further than that, courtesy of TenTen's crush. Yea, she knew, so did everybody. She'd admit, he was cute but they were so different. It was not like she was interested anyway.

Rock Lee smiled, "Hello Ino Yamanaka, you look lovely today!" he put one arm on his hip while the other was raised up waving. Rock Lee was always different from the rest of them. Even though they never really talked much, she admired his courage and confidence in himself.

"Hi Lee."

TenTen huffed and sighed, still staring at her, "Well Ino!"

"It all depends if my dad is still out doing his shitty job, than yeah. But…I don't even have a theme."

"Forget it, we're all grown, let's just party!" Ino sighed, TenTen was so wild nowadays, back in junior high, she was the three c's. Calm, cool and collected. But who was she to talk?

"I'll see Teny, kk?" she smiled and her group finally went to take their seats.

"Good morning class," called out a masculine deep voice. He approached the classroom and smiled at the students. 'He' was Itachi Uchiha, their young teacher. His eyes were pure black just like his hair, He mostly wore it up in a pony-tail but today he left it down.

"Good morning Mr. Uchiha!" called out the girls in awe. He waved and smirked causing them to blush and sigh lovingly. Gag. Ino, well she thought he wasn't ugly but guys were just guys and the cute ones were the most dangerous. You can say she had some bad experiences back then. The class went on and took forever as usual while Ino waited for the teacher to dismiss them. She watched as Itachi closed up a book and looked towards them, "Well class, this days about to end….I really want you guys to think about your future carefully. Whatever it may be." They all nodded silently.

Ino counted down, "5-4-3-2-1 -ring!- Kiba was the first to glide out the classroom along with Shino quietly following behind.

"Ino, I'll accompany you," Shikamaru sort of yawned.

"Yea, me too." Naruto said while running up.

She nodded as they walked by her side, "So, I was thinki-"


The three heads turned around suddenly. "Yea, teach?" He gestured for her to come by him. The two boys stood by the doorway, "I'll be back guys." she walked over towards him with confusion, "Yes?"

Itachi grinned at her, "Ino, I admire your intelligence. You did great this year….you're my best student."

"Wow, so many compliments. Thanks, Itachi."

He grinned once again, she never addressed him as Mr. Uchiha like his other students. When he thought about it, she was….disrespectful in a way but he was use to that. " How is it that you understand so much about the ninja world?" he asked while leaning in on her.

"Well, my father is a shinobi and like the rest of us, we were trained by great people. So I just know a lot about the sh-, I mean…stuff."

Itachi couldn't help but chuckle, "….That's wonderful. Remember, the last days of class are important so please, be here. I would hate for my best student to be absent."

Ino looked into his dark eyes. He was so….pleasant and didn't jump on her for being…her. Weird though, she was starting to feel…comfortable around him. "So, that's all teach?"

He stared at his student for a while, "I just wanted to congratulate you on that."

"Yeah, thanks. See you when I see you." Ino stood up and walked back by the door.

"What did he want?" Naruto asked.

Ino shrugged, "I guess he just wanted to congratulate me or something. But hey, who's up for coming over my house?" she asked while looking back and forth at the two.

Shikamaru yawned, "Well, whatever. My house is lame. So I'm in."


Itachi turned the key to open his front door. Bending down, he grabbed the newspaper from the porch and accidentally bumped into someone while walking in, "Excuse me." he looked up and saw a lady 'bout nineteen with blue eyes and blonde hair. She was tall, thin and looked clueless.

"Oh, I'm sorry Itachi." she apologized with a smile and blush.

He narrowed his eyes at her, "Yea I am to….Uh, dear, who are you?" he had always been very polite to women. Something a lot of mean hated.

The girl followed the man into his kitchen, "I'm Sasuke's girlfriend, Ni. We've been on and off for a while now." Oh yeah, his 'girlfriend' or how Sasuke liked to call them…girl of the day. He had girlfriends every day of the week. His little brother really didn't respect women now, but he use to…then. Itachi glanced over at her, "Where is Sasuke?"

Ni pointed up the stairs, "We're about to go on a date. Um, please do me a favor and tell him I'll be outside. Thanks babe."

Itachi nodded as she left the house. Sasuke had been this way for years now, girl on to girl, almost lost his virginity at the age of fifteen…long story, and he didn't give a damn about anyone but himself.

"So, you made it home, huh marks?" Sasuke asked while walking down the stairs. He called Itachi 'marks' because of the lines decorating the sides of his nose.

Itachi nodded, "Yea, I'm here. Listen Sasuke, you need to take a break from this dating thing. Ni, seems like a nice girl an-"

"Who the hell is Ni?" Sasuke scowled.

"Your girlfriend."

"Oh yeah, her. So many names, so many girls. I forgot… Anways, you can't give me any advice. Every girl adores 'Mr. Uchiha'." he scoffed back, "Just stay out of my way and I'll stay out of your's!", slamming the door shut, the younger Uchiha was gone.

"Coming from the guy that's eighteen and still don't have his own place," Itachi mumbled to himself. He had been use to his little brother's temper, no wonder their father entrusted Sasuke's life to him, because no matter what, he still loved his kin. Opening up the newspaper, Itachi read from line to line. Well…Konoha's shinobi's won again… It started years ago, people from different villages fought for their own selfish reasons….including one in particular that no one was to speak of. It really got no where. Everyday, kid's fathers died trying to protect their village. Itachi found that wrong, there should be no war, only peace. But that would never happen….not in the deadly battle they called life.

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