Hey guys! So this is my first fanfiction I've actually been meaning to do for a couple years now! I finally got around to making my own account on here, and actually putting the ideas in my head on paper. Er, type. Anyway, I don't own SSX Tricky or have anything to do with any of the characters, I just like to play with them. [: I am not giving the chance to give away what I plan to happen in it, it might be a huge surprise, or you might see it coming. Just give it a go, and see how you like it! I've never done this before!

Chapter 1: Garibaldi

Kaori pulled her jacket tightly to her chest, her teeth chattering as she glanced around, the wind gaining so much strength, it yanked a constant stream of tears from her eyes. Being a staggering five-foot-nothing with a body fat of nearly zilch, she envied the other female competitors, admiring their toned muscles and their more womanly features. She felt so tiny and sometimes intimidated by them, just because they towered over her. Even when Kaori talked to them, even when they weren't trying to scare her, she felt like they were showing her up. Kaori just sighed, pulling her eyes away from them.

"Nishidake!" Brodi suddenly called out, making her heart do a flop down into her throat. Oh, Brodi… He didn't seem to be the one for Kaori, to put it blatantly, but he was just so handsome, so suave, so tall and tan… She imagined any other girls' heart did the exact same thing, no matter who they were. She looked up, waved in acknowledgment and smiled, then grabbed her back pack of a teddy bear and literally hopped and snowboarded over to the start line, placing a space between Brodi and Psymon. Psymon was the biggest annoyance to her, not only out of all the riders, but in the whole world, even universe, as well. He always picked on her, pushed her down and mocked her, speaking gibberish when she couldn't find the right English words to try to talk back to him, always making her-

"OOGA-BOOGA-BOOGA!" Psymon shoved his head into where her starting position bubble was, taking her a little by shock as she used one of Brodi's arms to grab onto for balance, Brodi seemingly unfazed by this as he was used to Psymon and Kaori picking onto eachother when they were next to each one another in the lineup.

"Psymon!" Kaori sniffed, not out of hurt, but because the cold air was making her nose run, the tears still pushing their way down her cheeks, feeling like they were being froze to her face. "You needs a bath!" Kaori retorted, regaining her balance as Psymon threw his head back from laughing while Kaori motioned a waving hand over her nose that he smelled.

"You think I needs a bath, Kaori!" Psymon held his stomach and laughed, pointing at himself while Kaori just stuck her head up, indicating she meant business which only made Psymon laugh more. "Kaori, God, you're such a loser!" Psymon calmed himself and then surveyed Kaori's face, abruptly stopping himself as he saw the tears on her face. He groaned a quiet sigh. He had never made her cry before (actually, there was this one time…), and maybe he picked the wrong time to pick on her. After all, he thought, she could be one of those Japanese girls that go hulk out of pure anger at you, and she could be a huge nuisance on the slopes if he made her pissed.

"Psymon, Kami! Urusai!" Kaori punched him, hard, on his left arm as he completely regretted backing off from making fun of her, grunting as he turned his focus to what he saw ahead. Fans and snow.

Out of the typical group, Eddie, Elise, Marisol, Seeiah, Luther, JP, Zoe, Moby, Mac, Kaori, Brodi, and himself, SSX recently launched a King and Queen of All World tournament. All the riders raced on their typical courses they were all familiar with by now, and each last place snowboarder was docked off of the team by the end of each separate course, leaving the players shorter and shorter in stock as the tournament progressed and kept snowboarding on the tracks. At Garibaldi, a female would be deducted, and at Snow Dream, a male would be deducted. It switched back and forth for each course, and so on. But the last female player that was still boarding was dubbed the Queen, and the male, King.

"3..." Rahzel Brown started counting down, Psymon regaining his focus again this time and grabbed onto the bars beside him, ready to enter the course.

"2..." Kaori glared at Psymon, then quickly back over to Brodi, smiling to him and herself as she nodded, her face speaking for itself as if to say 'ganbatte.'

"1...!" Brodi looked up and smiled, his expression giving Kaori a rush.

"GO!" Rahzel Brown emphasized, Kaori and all of the others pulling themselves out of the locks, racing down Garibaldi, some of the players pulling up the rear, and others gaining speed up front. Kaori had recently cut out most of her social life besides her family, practicing at least an hour everyday, mostly extended to five or six though, for the past three weeks. Judging by Kaori's growing, large gap from the group behind her, Kaori grinned as she knew it finally paid off. She closed her eyes, only for a moment, and readied herself for the big jump up ahead. She took in a deep breath, adrenaline racing through all of her body and the earlier chills she had embraced were now gone, shouting as she flew into the air.

"Hai, hai, HAI!" Kaori shouted and laughed, flipping, turning, and grabbing at her board and pulling off each individual trick smoothly, until she had grabbed one of the straps on her board. The click she heard next made her known that she undid it, by accident. She looked down and gasped, her leg awkwardly flying out of her range, uncontrollably not succumbing to her will to bring it back from the force of air rising in all directions against her.

"'Tasukete kudasai!" Kaori busted out, attempting to swing her leg in before she shut her eyes, trying to prepare herself for the impact against the cold, hard snow. The last few seconds of free falling came to a shocking stop were felt all throughout her body, pain shooting up into her left ankle.

"AHHHhhh…!" Kaori started out with another shout which left her with a quiet whimper, quickly looking at her tossed out leg and her board still attached to her other one. She looked up, hoping to see the other upcoming players see that she was injured. In any other race, she would have given the notion that she wanted off the course immediately, but being in this tournament, Kaori hid from the fans, cameras, and any of the crew that might be lurking along the track. She wanted this. She wanted this, bad enough to want to snowboard with a sprained or broken ankle.

"Kaori! Are you alright!" She heard her friend Mac shout, but not stop, as she saw his head thrown back, giving a questioning thumbs up in her direction. She waved him off and falsely smiled, grimacing in pain as soon as he nodded and turned his head into forward direction.

"Whoo, Kaori, you took a bit of a tumble! Day-jai-bou?" Eddie called back, doing the same thing Mac had done with the thumbs up, giving an honest laugh at Eddie's newly, but poorly, learned Japanese from her. She gave a thumbs up, pulling her own leg back to her board and securing it, biting her lip. She was pretty sure it already began to swollen.

"Kaori!" Brodi landed about five feet away from her spot, hobbling and then snowboarding a bit in her direction, cocking his head to the side. "You okay, little one?" Brodi sweetly smiled as he offered her a hand, Kaori sadly smiling as she nodded, regaining her posture. "Hai…" Kaori nodded, giving the signal Brodi that he could go on. Brodi took advantage, pat her back lightly, and raced behind almost everyone else, swiftly gaining on their tail.

"Yo, Kaori! Hurt yourself again!" Psymon landed in last place, besides her at least, looking down. Their height difference was almost a foot.

"Shove off-u, Psymohn!" Kaori's Japanese accent thickly showed, too focused on her pain and anger to show Psymon she spoke fine English. She turned her board to her side, giving herself half a hop before stretching her arms outward, catch herself and landing into a strange push-up formation on the snow, her eyes clasped shut. "Shimatta!" She squeakily cursed, thankful her face still didn't fall into the snow. She lay there for a second before waiting for Psymon to leave, using her arms to shove herself off of the ground. She gasped as the strength in her arms had failed her, lunging her back down onto the snow. She placed her arms in front of her, ready to catch her body again, but strong arms grabbed at the back of each side of her jacket, yanking her back upright onto her snowboard.

"… Psymohn!" Kaori looked up, seeing Psymon's displeased look. He rolled his eyes and roughly pushed her closer to the next, small jump, Kaori gritting her teeth to keep her from yelling again in pain from her ankle. Kaori barely made it passed the extremely low jump as Psymon leaped into the air, doing an impossibly long trick, but still landed on his board. Unbalanced, but successfully.

"Aguuh…" Kaori groaned, trying to speed herself to the pack, keeping her body low to the ground and pushing the growing pain in her ankle growing up to her knee out of her mind, gliding around the upcoming corners. Psymon was only a few feet in front of her, and she could see the rest up at front, surprisingly not far ahead. Trying to keep over half of her balance on her back, right foot, slowed Kaori down immensely; every painful, long, and poor jump and trick showed her that right in front of her face. The players were still in site, but by each turn, some had disappeared, and some had turned into specks. Psymon, Luther, and JP lurked in the area between her and the other boarders, goofing off for now. They always did this. They would always do their own stupid guy group thing, trying over and over again to grind on every rail they saw (except for Luther), and knock over trash cans, poles, anything else in site and causing as much destruction and chaos for themselves and everyone else as well. But in the end, one of them seemed to always come up in mostly the top four, even the top three.

Kaori ducked her head, gritting her teeth again as she squinted. She couldn't do tricks, and with her ankle, they only slowed her down. Over all of the jumps, rails, everything in her path, she merely flew low to the ground over, making her catch her own speed again every time she hit the snow. She dipped in and out of Psymon's little 'group' and the gap up ahead. She would catch up with the other players only if they wiped out somewhere, giving her a chance to get back into the top. For now, all she had to do was not be the last female player in this race. Seeiah and Marisol rode next to eachother, talking more than boarding, and Kaori took one of them as her target. All she had to do was beat one of them, they were the last females in the race so far. If she had to push one at the end of the race, so be it. Kaori could push. She could push hard.

"French toast and SYRUP!" Psymon shouted behind Kaori as he did another annoying trick. Kaori knew the tricks weren't annoying themselves, but his actions and words that went with them were. French toast and syrup? That makes no sense.

"MOVE it, yellah belly!" Luther shouted, waving his arms at Kaori as to shove her, but her adrenaline boosted yet again, ducking under his arms and racing the track. Kaori was getting mad, but she was glad she was mad. It made her forget about her ankle, and the fact that she could still lose the race. She heard another board come up close behind her, and Kaori turned around, pushed against the disgusting body, and secretly smiled as she heard an enraged "Oomph!" ram into the snow. Back off, Luther. She heard another body come close behind hers, and Kaori pushed again, but yelped when her wrist was twisted, but both of the bodies still kept boarding.

"Yeah… Pretty good." Psymon laughed at Kaori's push at Luther, the Japanese girl picking up curses and shouting far behind her. She wasn't mean to Psymon this time, or try to shove him, and she took her wrist with the rest of her arm back. He did give her, though not a very concerned, push at the beginning of the race, and even if it wasn't friendly, he did give his time to get her back on track. It was just another time to pick on her, but either way, time is time on a track, and shouldn't be wasted. So, she was grateful, even if he didn't know it.

"Better catch up, Orange Explosion Fun Girl!" Psymon slowed down and went behind Kaori's body, pushing hard again on her as she flew up into the air.

"Wah! PsyMOHN!" Kaori said, but still kept herself together, earning a perfect land that helped her gain a few more miles of added speed, practically ending up right along side of Seeiah and Marisol.

"Yo, Marisol!" Seeiah called out and pointed at Kaori. "Careful she don pull a fass one!" Seeiah cupped her hands over her mouth as if to keep Kaori from hearing, but Kaori rolled her eyes. She clearly shouted, so Kaori clearly heard. Seeiah, Marisol, and Kaori got along, but it seemed to be a different story when they were against eachother in a race. But she didn't hold it against them. Especially not now. Because Seeiah was right, she probably was going to pull a "fass one" on one of them, whichever she could grab or push.

As the group clustered closer and closer together, the track was nearing to an end, a final row of three large jumps and red arrows were in a row, and Kaori had actually saved her energy up far enough to do an uber trick. She unclasped her good foot from the board as she rode into the air, swinging the board to her side and cheering herself on. "Kaaakoiii!" She forced herself to keep her eyes open as she impacted on the snow again, both feet still attached to the board. She was still behind, and the last jump was now in site, and so were Seeiah and Marisol. Luther, JP, and Psymon were behind her, but it was of no importance, because she was the last female. Kaori bent down again, gained enormous speed, and came along to Seeiah's side. She was the one who might take it the most lightly, also considering her and Marisol obviously did not put their heart and soul to this track, much less, the tournament itself. She hated that if one of them lost, they wouldn't be racing together for awhile because one would be eliminated. But then she thought that perhaps it was a good thing; whichever one was not eliminated, could focus more on the tournament instead.

Two or three boarders had already crossed the finish line, Elise was one, but Kaori couldn't make out the rest. She reached out to Seeiah, the tips of her fingers passing by the lining of white fur on her coat, but was pulled away from her. She looked down as she saw arms wrap around her waist. Strong, tattooed arms, picked her up into the air and hurled her literally into the finish line. Kaori screamed as she covered her face, trying not to land into the rest of the crew that already crossed, yelling at them in her native language to move out of the way.


"Ohhh, shiiit!"

"Watch out!"

Kaori landed on a mix of Elise and Brodi, hitting her head painfully off of Brodi's shoulder. She could hear the crowd cheering, gasping, and applauding all at the same time. Her head felt dizzy and heavy, but she forced herself to pull it up. By the way things look, she had actually crossed the line before Marisol, who was cursing at Psymon and waving her arms in a diva-ish way in the air.

"What the hell, dude! Like, wha da hell was that!" Marisol shouted, shoving Psymon back with her hands on his chest, angrily pushing him.

"Back in the zone, snow cone!" Psymon laughed, saying something he said whenever he wiped out on the tracks, and regained his posture, unclipping the board from his feet as he walked away from her and into his group of stupid guy buddies. JP had obviously lost, and was shouting and hitting Luther. Psymon seemingly broke it up for the time being, and Kaori stared at him. He didn't even look near her direction, not even in the vicinity of it, not once. She was confused, and her head and ankle hurt pretty bad, but then confusion turned into quick anger. Was making her win the race just another practical excuse for Psymon to bully her around, and throw her across the finish line like that? Cold began to interfere with Kaori's growing, angry heat inside her body, until Brodi held the palm of his hand under Kaori's head, supporting it as Kaori still lay down.

"I knew you'd make it. Not the best arrival, but…" Brodi shrugged, laughing a bit as he placed Kaori's head in his lap, making Kaori's stomach grow into a batch of butterflies while he undid Kaori's board for her. He took it in his hand, placing it with his own, and then slid an arm under her waist, helping her back up.

"A-ah…" Kaori mumbled, her ankle almost giving way underneath her until Brodi looped one of her arms over his shoulders, his arm still around her waist and his other dragging their boards onto the stage. "My.. ankle hurts…" Kaori said through tightly clasped lips, using her hand to grab onto Brodi's shoulder, making him slightly wince.

"Ah, and so does my shoulder…" Brodi laughed again, making Kaori realized she damaged it a bit when he broke her fall, letting her grip loosen from his shoulder.

"Gomenasaaaai, Brodi-kun…" Kaori whined, climbing the stairs up onto the stage as the crowd roared, Elise and Moby going to center stage, cheering on the crowd. They were the temporary King and Queen. Kaori looked up at the growing crowd, waving their arms into the air and shouting Elise's and Moby's name, throwing things like flowers or gifts in their general direction.

"Kaori?" Brodi nudged her, sending Kaori's heart beating fast again.

"Ah, uh, hai, Brodi-kun?" Kaori looked up, smiling.

"You should see a doctor… The way your ankle is bent, there's a good chance it's broken." Brodi gestured to her ankle, looking back up at her again. "Does it still hurt?"

Kaori looked down at her ankle, tried to move it around before sighing, nodding at him. "Hai… It feels really hurt when I move it." Kaori whined. "Could you help take me to zha first-aid off side?" she asked, looking up again.

"Yes. Of course, Kaori." Brodi got a grip onto Kaori again, making the motion to step off to the side before being interrupted by Rahzel.

"And in second place, female rider, Zoe "Royale" Payne! Male rider, Broderick "Brodi" Ford!" Rahzel boomed, the crowd getting started up again. Brodi apologetically looked at Kaori before leaning her against a metal bar, going off into center stage with Zoe and waving to the crowd, bowing his head slightly at times and treating the flowers that his fangirls threw to him with care, keeping a hold of each one that was tossed directly at him.

Kaori laughed slightly at the site, the fangirls cooing and awing when he caught their flowers, screaming more and more with enthusiasm each time. She averted her eyes and looked at the other players getting off stage besides Mac and Seeiah, who came in third place and were waiting for their stage time as soon as Brodi and Zoe were announced off.

"Hey, Kaori." Kaori heard, turning only her head, keeping the rest of her body in place. "That was kind of sick, huh? I threw you pretty damn hard." Psymon said, crossing his arms and grinning at her.

"Psymohn…" Kaori glared, crossing her arms as well, hoping for Brodi to soon return so she wouldn't have to awkwardly make her way back to the first-aid on the side. "Childeesh." Kaori only said, exaggerating the wrong syllables in the words, due to her accent again. "Hmph." Kaori looked away, ignoring Psymon.

"Why are you just standing here?" Psymon asked, obviously not fazed by the fact Kaori was trying to ignore him. Kaori just took in a deep breath, weighing her options whether ignoring him would just make him cause more of an annoyance, or if paying attention to him would.

"I am waiting for Brodi," Kaori quietly said to him, making Psymon creep closer to her like she was telling him something really important.

"Brodi? You mean, like, mister tall, dark, and handsome? Your boyfriend?" Psymon folded both of his hands and placed them under one of his cheeks, tilting his head and dreamily sighing as he batted his eyes sarcastically.

"Psymohn! He not my boyfriend! He my friend!" Kaori tossed her arms in the air, watching Brodi come walking back to her with a quizzical look on his face.

"Kaori… My fans would like me to sign a few things… Could you hold on for a second?"