AUTHOR'S NOTES~~~ Hey everybody here it is Star Fox; Thrust Back To Hell. I know Krystal's Honeymoon isn't over yet but I felt like since I made you wait so long for Exchange's update I'd give you a piece of chapter one as a substitute for the Brownies of Forgiveness. I hope this story will be as good if not better than the first but only time will tell. The next post for this story will be longer in case anyone's wondering. I hope the wait is worth it, I really went all out for this part. I try my best on everything I write but this I pressed myself beyond what I normally do.

Before you read this story if you haven't read Star Fox: Survival on a Frozen Hell then you shouldn't read this story just yet because it won't make sense and it will spoil Frozen Hell. Anyways I hope you enjoy and you all like this story as much as its predecessor. And remember, I've come to like keeping you all wondering and guessing so there's no telling what's going to happen.

The pain of loss tore the lynx's heart in several pieces. She could feel every rip, every tear and every agonizing ache afflict her now frail and almost un-existing heart. Her hands ran over the cold body of the one man she ever fully came to love. Before they were acquainted they were mortal enemies but within two long bitter cold months they were condition deprived lovers. They shared things that the lonely cry out at night for and what the hopefuls wish for. They loved on every scale, physically and emotionally, they went through the best Hell had in store for them, they even conceived a child together but now it was over.

Miyu buried her weeping face in the dry blood on Raye's chest. The lynx's throat was coarse from crying but she could not stop. Raye was dead; he had no life or even love in him now. She yearned for the once strong arms of her lover Raye to rise and wrap her in a warm embrace but that would never happen again and that ripped Miyu's heart yet again. It was the worst feeling she had ever experienced, far worse than getting shot, far worse than childbirth. The feeling was loss, hopelessness and misery perfectly woven into a shadow that now covered her and the rest of her life.

"Raye… Raye… please wake up… please." Miyu whimpered pitifully.

Pierce swallowed hard. The sight of Miyu in such a state was a sight he didn't want to see and knowing Raye was dead made his blood run cold. Pierce knew though that Raye most certainly was going to die and he couldn't help but feel guilty. It wasn't him that shot his best friend twice in the chest but he still felt the overwhelming guilt pump throughout his body with every heartbeat. If only he got to him sooner, if only he had better supplies, if only he had Raye's blood type. It wasn't Pierce's fault he had A blood while Raye had O but Pierce still felt it was.

"I'm sorry sir." Pierce whispered to himself and looked away from the heartbreaking sight.

Fay was breaking just as bad as Miyu but she kept it held in although an occasional tear did trail down her cheek. The white canine loved the now deceased human; he was strong, smart, capable, and so wonderful. Fay envied Miyu everyday because she was blessed to have him in her life. Even though he was dead Fay wished she could have had him in her life the way Miyu did but it wasn't meant to be. Maybe if things were different, maybe if it was her instead of Miyu that went down with Raye things would have gone differently. The white canine rubbed the lynx's back with her hand for support. Miyu was her best friend and friends stick with friends through anything.

"Raye… what are we going to do now?" Fay cried quietly to herself.

The cave fell silent as a frozen chill crept into the cave. Everyone looked towards Raye for leadership and guidance, he was the man in charge and he made sure everything went smoothly. Without him the sense of doom crept into everyone's hearts. Even Caenda, who was only a few short weeks into life felt the sadness and started to cry. Seeing Miyu was in no condition to take care of her daughter, Fay went to take care of the infant.

Caenda wasn't very high maintenance so the soft coos and rubs Fay gave the child calmed her down. When she fell back to sleep Fay looked her over. She looked just like a human child would but she had ears like Miyu's cat ears, a medium long bushy tail, her irises were cat like and her fingernails were more like claws.

Fay had to look away from the child to keep from crying because it looked a little like Raye only cuter. As Fay sat there holding the baby and her own tears the large arctic wolf padded over to Miyu to take Fay's supportive spot. Ashley laid down next to her pack mate's body and whined. Usually this pack mate was up by now and would have given her a few treats and then would have gone out running with her, but not today.

Pierce stood up and had decided he was going for a walk. He didn't get far before Fay stopped him.

"Pierce where are you going?" Fay asked.

"Out, I need fresh air or something." Pierce said solemnly.

"Pierce you can't go out, they're looking for us and I need you here." Fay said referring to Star Fox. Raye died by the mercenary groups hands and he never told them where Fay, Pierce, Ashley, Miyu or Caenda was. The white canine knew this because had Raye told them where they were Star Fox would have shown up already and taken them all prisoner. Pierce would most likely have been executed right there on the spot, Fay would have been taken to Corneria to face trial for deserting the Cornerian army and God only knows what would have happened to Miyu and her hybrid daughter.

"You're right Fay." Pierce said and sat by the dying fire. Pierce didn't even care that the fire was going out, he just sat there watching it flicker and wane in its final minutes.

Miyu was deaf to everything around her. She didn't care anymore, without Raye there was nothing. The only reason she kept sane was in the back of her mind and that something told her she had to press on for Caenda's sake. The lynx's hands stroked the human's handsome face. She prayed that his deep brown eyes would open, look upon her with love and then bring her into a kiss but he never did. Broken and shattered, the lynx curled up next to Raye's body and fell into a tortured sleep.


"What do we do now Falco?" Slippy asked.

The avian shook his head. He honestly had no idea. If what he just saw was real than Andross was once again plaguing the galaxy and the Lylat system. But what did he mean about the human armies in ruins? Last Falco saw there was no end to their soldiers, ships or war machines. Could Andross have destroyed the human threat so easily?

"Falco?" Slippy asked.

"I don't know Slippy!" Falco shouted.

"We stay the course." Krystal said taking control. Falco was technically the leader of Star Fox since Fox was almost killed in action and went into an unrecoverable coma. Despite that though Krystal was the one who manned up and took command. "Peppy ordered us to find the Venomian's factories and if we don't they will become a serious threat and we will be fighting a war on several fronts. If Andross is back then we'll take care of him when we get back."

"And what about the humans?" Slippy asked.

"Well if they are decimated then good riddance." Krystal spat. She hated humans with a passion, all they did was kill and take things she loved away including Fox. Even when she tried to contact Fox with her telepathy she got no response, his brain was too badly damaged. They kept him alive like as sort of a relic or an artifact but even with the best medical technology in the Lylat there was no recovery for Fox's condition.

"I don't know, those humans are unlike anything else." Falco said more to himself than anything.

"Do you think we can beat both the humans and Andross Krystal?" Slippy asked.

"Maybe… that human I killed must have known something. He was definitely hiding something from me; but even the cannibalizing mind torture didn't break him." Krystal said as she started to press herself to remember something she might have missed, some tell or slip of his mind. She wracked her brain but that human kept shut entirely.

"We should start where we found him and scope the area. If we can find where it lived than maybe we can find clues." Slippy suggested.

Krystal nodded and her unkempt hair fell into her eyes. "Right, let's get moving." Krystal said as she moved brushed the hair out of her eyes. "We're going to find where it lived and maybe we'll find its friends."


"Fay what are we going to do?" Pierce whispered so not to wake the tormented slumbering lynx. "Raye deserves a proper burial."

"True but we can't dig into the ground; it's too frozen over to without tools." Fay whispered as she wiped her eye. She stopped crying long ago but she was always on the verge of starting back up again which is why she kept her eyes dry. "As for Star Fox we have to stay away from them at all costs. You and I are as good as dead if they find us and as for those two" Fay said implying Miyu and her daughter sleeping right next to her "they won't be so lucky."

"Yeah, forget about us we need to protect them, for Raye." Pierce said as he stood up.

"What are you doing?" Fay asked.

Pierce walked over to the supply wall. There were a few things left over, a metal pot, a few pinches of salt, a knife and other miscellaneous things Miyu and Raye salvaged from their ships when they first crash landed on Hell.

"I'm going to start packing; we need to get out of here." Pierce said as he started picking through the supplies for the most valuable and necessary for their survival.

"And Raye?"

"We'll take care of him later." Pierce said darkly. "But for now help me pack, we're leaving tomorrow."

"But the baby-"

"Will die no matter what if Star Fox finds her! Fay we have to move! We have to get far away and don't stop until we've found somewhere else that's safe!" Pierce said sternly.

Fay nodded and gloomily padded to the supplies. She didn't say a word as she worked and Pierce knew he was a little harsh. Pierce wasn't as dumb as he acted; he knew Fay would have taken Raye over him any day. The ways she looked at Raye made him wish he could make her feel the same awe and admiration. She settled for him though and for that he was grateful. Fay was better than any woman he'd met; she was strong, a good leader, a fun person and smart to top it off.

"Fay I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you… it's been one Hellish day." Pierce sighed as he stopped working.

"It's okay Pierce, I understand." Fay said as her trembling hands grasped the metal bowl Raye used to prep meals with. As she was about to lift the pot up Pierce's warm hand touched hers.

"You loved him didn't you?" Pierce asked as he looked deeply into her eyes. He already knew the answer to his question but something was nagging at him to ask anyways.

Fay's muzzle dropped slightly and she barely managed to whisper. "Yes." As soon as she did though the canine whished she hadn't. The hurt in Pierce's eyes was enough to start the flow of tears that she'd been trying to hold back.

"And you settled for me?" Pierce asked as he stared off into space.

"No Pierce I-" Fay said but stopped.

The two worked silently from then on. There was nothing to say that wouldn't hurt the other even more than they were already hurting.


The tan lynx with brown speckles padded silently throughout the cave. It was freezing cold outside but the waning fire and the added fur insulation doors Pierce and Raye made were keeping much of the cold at bay. There was nothing to do, Caenda was asleep and so were the others, all the chores had been done so she couldn't preoccupy herself with work, and it was too cold and too late to leave the cave. Nothing was right anymore and it was all because of Star Fox.

The lynx sat down next to the fire and stared deeply into the weakening flames. The longer she stared the more time she had to think of things. She thought of Raye mainly, what she loved and everything she'd miss but she also thought of Star Fox. There was no way to get Raye back; dead was dead and he was now another soul lost in its unforgiving clutches.

But who did it? Who killed the man she loved? Was it just one or all four of them? Who ever it was would have to pay even if it was Fox whom she'd considered her idol for so long. Miyu ground her sharp teeth against each other; even Fox McCloud wasn't safe from her wrath.

'It can't be a simple assassination from afar, I have to watch them die, see the same darkness fill their eyes that is now in Raye's.' Miyu thought as she wiped a tear from her eye. She was still wracked with grief, the few hours and thoughts of revenge were not enough to give solace the ocean of pain within. At the most it only lightened the hurt but it was only for a moment, every time her mind crossed Raye the placebo would wear off.

Miyu breathed deeply and sighed quietly. Raye died and nothing she did would ever bring him back yet she would try to bring closure to this sad story. The lynx curled up next to the human's dead body and held it tightly. This was going to be the last night she was going to be this close to him, tomorrow was his funeral and then afterwards they'd leave the cave.

"Raye, wherever you are, I love you." Miyu said before more tears filled her eyes to the brim and then rained down her face.