Raye woke with a start as the sound of a distant gunshot rang in his ear. The sudden burst of movement awoke the lynx that was clinging to his back for warmth and love. Before she could open her eyes Raye was out of the small cot and with his body against the wall next to the door. The lynx shivered as she noticed the bed had become so cold without him.

"Raye?" Miyu mewed quietly slowly getting out of bed. "Is everything alright?"

Raye held up his hand to stop her. "Stay there. I… heard something."

Miyu's ears began to swivel around, really distracting Raye as he loved her ears and when they moved. Ripping his eyes away from the tufted ears, Raye opened the door and poked his head out. The ship was being illuminated by weak emergency lights and not a soul was walking through the halls. Once he was sure it was safe, Raye stepped out and careened his inferior ears for the smallest sound.

For several minutes nothing happened and a normal person would have shrugged it off, but Raye was not satisfied. Something told him that there was trouble, that he was needed. It was the same thing that told him to push Miyu back in the room.

"What are you doing?" Miyu demanded as she hissed at him for being so physical.

"Mi-" Raye began before a loud gunshot resonated down the halls.

A red bolt of energy screamed past Raye and right where Miyu's head would have been. Miyu let out a surprised hiss. Raye immediately dove back into the room, more lasers barely missing him. Just as Miyu closed the door, Raye pulled out a gun from under the pillow on their cot.

"When did you put that there?!" Miyu hissed.

"About the time you fell asleep." Raye admitted to the growling in her throat feline. "What? It came in handy didn't it?" He asked as he opened the door and fired three rounds down the hallway.

At first Miyu wanted to snap at Raye and interrogate him as to why he was sleeping with a gun now, but then she heard more blaster fire followed by a scream for help.

"Raye! Raye, please help me!" The woman's voice, who could only be Jessica, pleaded.

"Jessica!" Raye gapped and stopped firing.

Even Miyu, who personally didn't care too much about the human female, didn't want to see her and the hopes of peace die.

"Raye, we have to save her!" Miyu said shaking the shell-shocked human. "Raye!"

The man's eyes found his lover's deep blue eyes and the strength to pull his head out of his ass. Shaking his head of the shock, Raye checked his nine millimeter sidearm and saw he only had twelve rounds out fifteen of his only clip left.

"Okay, stay here and I'll-" Raye began but was interrupted by the worried lynx.

"No! Not after last time, I'm not letting you out of my sight again." Miyu cried as her ears pinned back on her head.

Raye opened his mouth to tell her no, but the lynx would not be told off and he knew this.

"Fine, but stay down and stay behind me." Raye said before pulling Miyu into him by the waist, surprising the feline but not as much as he did when he sank her into a deep and loving kiss.

'This is it! This is the love I need, the passion I crave.' Miyu thought while locked in one of the best kisses Raye and her ever shared.

Her heart and mind pushed out the dire situation transpiring, and her soft pink tongue rolling across her man's lips trying desperately to elevate their kiss and get to his tongue. She was denied however, and couldn't help but feel disappointed as Raye pulled away from her inch by inch.

"There'll be time for that later, my love…" He whispered to her with his deep seductive voice that made the lynx's fur stand up and her longing enflame. "But for now we have to save Jessica, she's the only chance we have of ending the war."

Miyu's eyes fluttered heavenly before the blissful state she was in melted away and the dire situation returned.

"Okay. We'll get through this together." Miyu said with a small nod.

Raye grinned at the lynx once again causing her heart to skip several beats.

"Don't we always?"

Raye turned back towards the door and peeked his head around the corner to see if Jessica and her kidnapper was still there, but once again found only an empty hallway. He stepped out into the open, gun pointed straight down range and ready to blow someone's brains out. When he deemed it safe, he silently signaled for Miyu to come out and take cover in one of the many side openings in the walls where pipes ran down.

The feline quickly obeyed Raye's command and took shelter behind a large water pipe while Raye moved down the hallway until he got about fifteen feet and signaled for Miyu to move up. They did this several times until Raye called out.

"Jessica!" He shouted but got no answer. "Jessica!"

"Raye! Help me!" Miyu heard Jessica cry out, but her ears were much better than Raye's human ears so he didn't.

"I can hear her," Miyu told him, "it sounds like they're getting further away. If we hurry we can still catch them."

"Alright. Stay low and keep following me." Raye said before moving up at a faster pace.

The two managed to make it past the bridge and further and further into the ship without being spotted. At every corner and turn Raye expected to either run into an ambush or one of the crew that would certainly freak out when he or she saw Miyu. Thanks to the sharp tufted ears of the lynx, they managed to stay on the heels of Jessica and her captors. Yet something was bothering Raye. They were able to follow their enemy easily but they hadn't seen them since the first initial contact. It was like they were walking into a trap but there was no way to prepare for it.

"Where are we going?" Miyu whispered since she was unable to read the German signs that labeled where they are or where they were going.

"We're going…" Raye whispered back while taking cover in one of the openings, "I think we're going towards the forward medical wing.

"Why though? Why aren't they going to the hangers or something?" Miyu asked.

"Can't tell say… come on." Raye said and kept them moving forward.

The deeper they crept into the ship's innards, the more tense they felt from the approaching danger. Their stealthy trek had led them straight to the medical wing and when they arrived they found the door wasn't even locked.

"Be careful, love." Miyu whispered as Raye prepared to open the door.

"I will." Raye promised and threw open the door and charged in, his gun hunting for a target but could found none.

He walked in and saw that none of the beds were taken and no medical staff were present. The soldier walked down the line of beds, ready for anything, or so he thought. At the very last bed there actually was someone, three people in fact. There was one person lying motionless on the floor while two others laid in bed with each other. As Raye got closer and closer, he saw that it was Jessica on the floor and two Cornerians in the bed.

"I finally have you back, I'll never let you go again." A woman sniffed as she stroked the un-moving person in the bed.

'What the fuck is this?' Raye thought to himself and pointed his gun at the only moving person.

"Who are you?" Raye snapped, his iron sights fixed on the blue haired woman's head.

A long silence filled the room and it prompted Miyu to enter the room as well. She quietly stepped inside towards Raye but instantly recognized the woman in the bed.

"K… Krystal?!"

The blue vixen began to growl and Raye couldn't see what happened next. It felt like something reached out and punched him right in the brain which caused him to fall over backwards like a pratfall.

"Raye!" Miyu cried out and rushed to his side.

She knelt down beside him and checked to see if he was okay but a shadow was cast over her. The terrified lynx looked up and saw the livid vixen snarling at her, her once gorgeous blue eyes a new sick purple. Where blue hair once grew, purple was now visible at the roots, and the snow white fur on her face was darkening into a lifeless gray color.

"That name belongs to a dead woman." The fox growled stomping on Miyu so she fell back on the ground, crying out in pain as a she was stepped on crushed. "My name is Kursed, and you will remember it all the way to Hell where I am about to send you, your filthy human mate, and your devil spawn daughter!"

Miyu could barely open her eyes and she saw the barrel of a Cornerian handgun pointed squarely at her head. She tried to resist, to push Kursed's foot off of her, but the crazed vixen was too strong. But before Kursed could pull the trigger, Raye had managed to regain his enough consciousness and pulled out the vixen's other leg from under her.

Kursed cursed as she hit the floor and rolled onto her back before Raye could make another move, and started kicking him in the face with her heel. Raye screamed at the top of his lungs as the cartilage in his nose broke and blood started gushing out of it. He quickly moved away from her range and then tried to reach for his gun but once again he felt something smash into his mind knocking the man senseless.

Not even a second passed before he was under attack again, getting clawed and punched in the face by the fox now on top of him.

"YOU'LL NEVER TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME AGAIN! YOU FUCKING ANIMALS!" Kursed shrieked as she tried to beat her way through Raye's arms to get at his face again.

Her attack was ruthless, she cut up Raye's arms and bruises were starting to form within seconds. Raye would have been able to fight back had it not been for the strange mental attacks that horribly crippled him in this fight. Sadly, Raye was not able to hold her off long and his defense fell. Kursed's hands instantly went to his throat and began choking the life out of him.

"Die… DIE… DIE!" Kursed yelled in the man's face.

Raye would have died again there, but Miyu would not lose him again. The lynx saw her mate in trouble and became enthralled with anger and hatred. She moved out her hand to help herself up, but her hand felt the cold feel of steel. Without hesitation she took hold of the gun and pointed it at her mate's attacker and fired.

A bullet whizzed past Kursed's head, cutting off several strands of hair and causing the vixen to freeze. She looked at Miyu with a savage look in her eyes, trying to hide the trickle of fear she felt upon seeing Miyu with a gun in her hand pointed at her.

"Get away from him, you BITCH!" Miyu shouted and would have shot again had she not also been hit by the unseen mental attack that hit Raye twice before.

Miyu fell down again, unable to control her body or save her Raye, but all the telepathic attacks had drained the vixen who was now panting heavily. At the most she only had one more in her but with both her enemies subdued and one of them slowly suffocating already, she wouldn't need to exhaust herself. She turned back to choking the life out of the man who seemed unable to die.

"You should have stayed dead, now I have to kill you again! And this time I'll make sure you'll never come back." Kursed spat at the blacking out human.

Unable to get air in or out of his throat, Raye simply mouthed "fuck you," before punching her right in the face despite the fact she was a woman. Still, it managed to get her off and air quickly rushed into his aching lungs. Forcing his body to move, Raye dove at the vixen and held her down with just the weight of his own body.

"GET OFF ME YOU FILTHY FUCKING HUMAN!" Kursed shrieked, bucking wildly and trying desperately to push the big lug off her.

"What did you do to her!?" Raye shouted in her face as he held Kursed's arms down.

Kursed tried to throw him off but Raye was too strong. It seemed like she was caught but the vixen would not admit it.

"You… you. How many times do I have to kill you?" Kursed snarled, showing him her teeth.

Raye glared at the vixen before his hands wrapped around her throat and clamped down. Kursed let out a yelp and tried to pry the human's hands away from her throat so she could breathe, but he was far too strong for her. Already she could feel her strength being sapped and she started clawing at his hands, arms, and face. Kursed's claws left several scratches all across his body but he kept at it, slowly choking the life out of her.

He watched the life drain out of her deep blue eyes. Raye couldn't help but enjoy killing her. This blue bitch had tried to kill him, his ex-wife, and the mother of his only child. The only way to make sure they'd all be safe was to remove her from the ranks of the living.

Miyu could only watch as her love slowly extinguished the vixen she hated. She loved watching Krystal get what was coming to her and she deserved to die for what she did to Raye. But the longer it went on and the more the vixen began to whimper and fail to fight back, the more Miyu realized Raye had to stop. Raye might be a soldier but he was not a murderer and what he was doing was just that. Krystal or Kursed as she now called herself, was unable to fight back or save herself.

"Raye… Raye stop." Miyu pleaded but he did not, or could not hear her. "Raye! That's enough! Raye!"

Krystal had all but stopped moving, only the occasional twitch and pitiful whimper gave a sign of life. Miyu slowly forced her body up, trying not to let her body give out and collapse back to the floor. She could only take one step at a time before having to rest a moment. Whatever Krystal did to her, it made her body feel like it was dropped from orbit and then landed on a jagged rock.

"Raye. Please stop." Miyu pleaded, unable to stand watching the love of her life kill. Yes, she wanted Krystal to die, but she wanted to do it, not stand by and watch a monster overtake Raye.

All the light had just about gone out from the blue vixen's eyes but he did not let up. He knew how to strangle someone; he had to keep going long after her body stopped moving just to make sure. His wounds were oozing blood but he did not feel them, just the cold and sick satisfaction of taking the vixen's life. Just as her eyes started to flutter shut, he felt a soft touch on his shoulder. He looked up with the same bloodlust in his eyes but instantly flushed white.

"Stop. Stop please." The crying lynx begged.

Raye became transfixed in her sad blue eyes. His hands released the vixen and he jumped up to his feet, ignoring the pain and ache in his body, just so he could hold her in his arms.

"I'll stop, I'll stop. Just stop crying." The man assured her as he took hold of her and brought her into his chest.

Miyu sobbed into her lover's chest, just so thankful that she was able to get through to him even in his darkest moment. She pushed against him gently just enough so that she could look up at him and kiss him on the lips. The man returned the kiss and pushed her deeper into it. He reached behind her head and pulled her into it almost to the point it hurt their lips.

When he finally pulled away from her she could hardly breathe and her eyes were too heavy to open. She felt like she was floating but was just being held by the love of her life. The lynx could smell the blood on him and felt sympathy for him, but she knew it didn't faze him, no pain could faze him.

"You're so beautiful, Miyu." Raye whispered to the lynx he held in his arms. "I love you so much."

"I love you too, Raye." Miyu replied before silencing him again with another kiss she craved for more than life.


Pierce lay in his cot bare chested and petting the white patch of fur on his chest. The patch of fur shifted but was once again still as she inched closer and closer to falling asleep.

"What do you think Raye and Miyu are doing right now?" Pierce asked suddenly causing Fay to yawn and roll over so she could look him in the eyes.

"Probably having mediocre sex compared to ours." She sighed and nuzzled the human.

"Well I'm glad you had a time almost as good as mine." Pierce laughed mostly because the canine's fur tickled his bare chest so sensually that it gave him gooseflesh.

"I doubt that. I've been dying to get you alone for so long I thought I was going to die. I nearly did after the fifth one." Fay growled playfully and nipped him on the belly.

"Stop that!" Pierce protested. "Your teeth are hella sharp."

"I didn't hear you complaining earlier." Fay giggled then nipped him again.

"Oh that's it." Pierce growled back but before he could make a move the white canine jumped on top of him and pinned him.

She smiled in his face as she held him down and he struggled to get free. After a few moments he knew he couldn't get up and fight back so he laid still.

"There's a good boy." She said and kissed him as a reward for his behavior. "Just so you know, I'm alpha."

"You're alpha?" Pierce scoffed. "I'd believe that if I hadn't had you shouting my name for a good five minutes."

Fay only smiled. "Trust me." She said kissing him on the lips. "You'll be the one." His chest. "Calling out my name." Just above his navel. "Before this is over."


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