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This isn't actually based off of a D&D session...yet. But it is in a D&D universe. I did use characters from a TV show so... it might be a crossover, but i don't know what that entails persay... If this is a crossover, someone tell me.

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maybe. I don't own D&D or the characters I used in this story, they are the property of their perspective owners. I DO own my OC and the idea for this story, though.

Legend of Night

They say that once the gods cared for us. They say that sometimes the gods would walk amongst us. Give life to those in need. Heal newborn babes. That once in a while a half-celest would be born to man, elf, orc, or dwarf. But that time is long gone. The gods have long since abandoned us, never to return. We angered them. We desecrated the shrines to them. Temples fell, wars raged, paladins were ruthlessly slaughtered. We betrayed our very creators. Wrose than all that, though, was what we did to our fellow races.

Once humans were one of many races. Peace filled our land. We spoke to animals as though they were our freinds. we cared about them, and they were our partners. Now only the Druids retain the ability to hear the world's voices. Of the non-human races only the Elves remain.

Once we could cast spells, magic was our link to the gods. We could heal with a few words, or cause lightning to strike. Light could be called forth without heat. Now only the clerics know what lay in the ancient tomes from the time of the gods.

When the gods left our world, it was because of one thing. They loved all races, but none more so than the Elves. They were the first to live, you see. And once they were as immortal, in that they did not die of age or disease, as the gods. They were closest to the gods. But the humans were jealouse, you see. We wanted to be the gods favorites. So we enslaved the Elves. And our Archmages made a spell that took away their immortality. All that remains is their long lifespans.

You see, as there were gods who loved life, there was a god who hated life. In ancient times he was sealed away, and could not directly interfere in our lives, he did have the ability to speak into our very hearts. The Elves alone resisted him completely, and even then most of them fell. He was Corruption, god of hatred. More powerful than his brethren, he was the first to reach the hearts of man and creature alike. His vile spirit tainted the very earth untill the gods would not even have been able to stop him. Not without great loss, anyway.

The gods had turned their backs on us, but one god saw our pain and suffering and knew the taint for what it truly was. She pleaded with her brothers and sisters, begging them to save us, but noone listened. They called her a fool and said that she was as naive as they had been, not realizing that she was the least naive of all of them. All save one, the god of the night. He agreed, and they birthed one last child, one last god: pure and innocent. She gave her life, knowing not of hatred or pain, only of love. She sealed the evil god and was granted freedom from the games of the gods by her death.

Once the other gods realized what had happened, they gave us one last gift. They swore that if ever the great evil were to return, six guardians would be sent to our world, in flesh and bone. And one of them is might be the lost guardian, given the highest honor of all. A life amongst the Elves.

Now the evil god threatens our world once more, and the guardions are our last hope.

We can only hope the gods have not forgotten...