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Warning: Slash, maybe a threesome, DWHP, SWHP, maybe some Castiel/Harry, at this point I haven't decided.

I probably shouldn't have started this but Unforeseen Circumstances is up to the epilogue part. No one has voted in my poll so that's the way its going to be. A three-shot prequel.


An angelface smiles to me
Under a headline of tragedy
That smile used to give me warmth
Farewell - no words to say
Beside the cross on your grave
And those forever burning candles

Needed elsewhere
To remind us of the shortness of our time
Tears laid for them
Tears of love tears of fear
Bury my dreams dig up my sorrows
Oh Lord why
The angels fall first

~ Nightwish

"Hello, Dean."

Dean blinked. This wasn't Tessa . . . or was it? "Tessa?" He said suspiciously.

The boy sitting on the bed turned to fully face Dean. Dean eyes widened slightly, the only show of his surprise. The boy was stunning, even Dean could admit that. He was wearing a simple T-shirt and tight jeans, but he wasn't wearing any shoes. A slim face with high, defined cheek bones. A small nose and full pink lips. The boy had obsidian black hair just brushing his jaw, but his most attractive features were his eyes. Long eyelashes framed large pools of emerald green, almost inhumanely bright.

The boy blinked and then smiled, taking Deans breath away, "I'm afraid she's been," he hesitated for a moment, as though searching for the right word. "Reassigned."

Dean blinked and then his eyes narrowed. Reassigned? "What did you do to her?" Dean wasn't really upset at her loss, but at least with her he had some experience. This kid was an unknown.

Again the boy smiled, "Don't worry, I just sent her away to work somewhere else," Then he tilted his head, like a curious puppy. "Are you actually worried about her?"

Dean snorted, "No!" Then he sobered, "So what are you here for?" He wished he had his gun. It probably wouldn't have helped, but the weight in his hand was comforting.

"I'm here to offer you a choice," the kid said, "You can move on into the afterlife. . ."

At this point Dean scoffed, give up without a fight? As if! He still had a brother to look after and a demon to kill.

The boy continued on, " . . . or I can stick you back in your body."

Dean choked on his next breath of air. "What!" he whispered, however the boy seemed to hear him.

He smiled softly, "It's not a joke or a lie, Dean," he said, "If you accept, I'll put your soul back in your body."

Dean was speechless, it sounded to good to be true . . .

"So what do you want from me?" Dean finally managed to speak, "No one does something like this for free."

The boy blinked, and then laughed sheepishly. Dean was distracted by the captivating sound before the kid spoke, "Actually I owe someone a favour." He fiddled with his fingers for a moment before looking through his fringe at Dean.

Dean was torn between laughing and hitting something, he could be healed and go on with life, but he didn't know anything about this kid or what he wanted.

Suddenly the boy's head shot up, complete shock in his eyes. "No," he whispered, "No, you idiot!"

Dean looked at him, shocked, "What? What is it?"

"Someone is summoning a demon . . . in the hospital!" The boy was on his feet now pacing.

It hit Dean then, the only one who could've summoned a demon . . Dad! He closed his eyes, of course his Dad would want to try and kill the demon now, while Dean was almost dying.


Dean opened his eyes and jumped slightly. The boy was inches away from him, eyes panicked, "You need to make a decision now, Dean!"

Dean froze for a second, before blurting out, "back in my body!"

The boy smiled, showing white, perfect teeth, "good choice."

Dean had no warning before the boy leaned forward and kissed him. Dean didn't move, freaked out. This was what that cross road demon had done to seal the deal.

But before he could push the boy off, he felt something. His body was getting lighter . . . weaker. He felt like he was being blown away.

The boy pulled back and smiled before saying, "See you on the other side, Dean."

The bright green eyes were the last thing Dean saw before the darkness claimed him.


And that's a wrap people.

I do have a plan with this story, I promise. Although in the first stages Harry was going to be an OMC and this wasn't going to be a crossover. But then the OMC I had created was much to powerful given how he was created, so I went with my next choice and made this into a crossover.

I will explain things though, just later.