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Dead are the places where this goddess has been
Cold is the skin that this creature has seen
Her universe is an ocean of blood
Her dining table the cradle of mud

She sees the prey and she's aware
The times are hard but she don't care

She's a vampire
Desire darker than black
She's a vampire
Reach higher, no turning back
Her wings are curtains of the night
She knows no wrong or right
~Vampire, Xandria


The sun was shining brightly, creating rippling heat waves on the road. A dark navy Impala roared as the driver gunned it down the highway.

Dean grinned wildly, finally behind the wheel of his 'baby' again. Sam shook his head at his older brother, while Harry laughed from the back seat.

Bobby had gotten a friend to fix up the Impala when they had been gone. Dean had been a little bit upset that he hadn't gotten to fix his precious 'baby', but whoever Bobby had fix it was amazing and it didn't take him long to stop pouting. Harry had just laughed and gone off to pack some of his stuff.

That was when things had gotten serious . . .


Bobby and the Winchester boys watched as Harry sprinted up the stairs, all of them sitting in the lounge room.

Dean turned to Bobby, he finally had the chance to ask the question that had been bugging him from the start. "How did you meet Harry?"

Bobby sat down on the couch, pushing aside a worn pillow, "Harry left England and moved here around four years ago, I won't tell you why, you can ask him about that."

Sam resolved to ask Harry next chance he got. Harry hadn't really told them anything about himself other than being the Master of Death, his name and his age.

"I met him on a hunt a few months after the brat came to America, demon possession in a town called Wheelock. The brat was investigating on his own, but he didn't have any idea what he was looking for. I told the idjit to leave, but he's a stubborn brat at the best of times."

Bobby chuckled, reminiscing, "We were arguing when the demon got the drop on me, son of a bitch ended up breaking both my arms. The brat lost it, almost blew up the motel room. Demon tried to high tail it out of there, but the brat stopped it." Bobby made a scattering motion with his hands, "And destroyed the damn thing."

Dean and Sam were shocked. He killed a demon? But only the Colt could do that? Did that mean that he could destroy the Yellow-Eyed Demon?

Bobby could see the look in their eyes and he shrugged, "Stubborn kid though, brought me home, damn he even looked after me 'til my arms healed." The brothers could see the look in his eye, the look that said that Harry had become family in that moment.

Bobby continued on, hints of pride shining through now, "Taught the brat almost everything he knows about hunting. He's pretty good now, he's got that stubbornness to keep him going. After my arms healed up, I offered him a room here. And the rest is history."


"Whooo! Listen to her purr! Have you ever heard anything so sweet?"

Harry didn't know if he should even answer Dean's question. The man's love for his car was . . . a little weird to tell the truth. Harry also refused to acknowledge that he had loved both of his brooms as much, if not more, than Dean loved his car.

Sam cocked an eyebrow, "You know, if you want me to get you a room, Dean . . .?"

Dean patted the dash board, "Don't listen to him baby, he doesn't understand."

Sam turned around to talk to Harry and promptly burst out laughing. The black haired man had pushed himself as far away from Dean as the car would allow, pressing himself flat against the door. The look of sheer horror on Harry's face as he stared at Dean just made Sam laugh harder.

Dean tried to look at Harry in the mirror, trying to see what was making his brother laugh so hard, "What? What's he doing?"

Sam's laughter had almost stopped now, though the odd chuckle escaped every now and again under Dean's suspicious glare. Harry spoke up from where he was squished in the back seat, "Anyway . . . why are we going to look at a bunch of dead cows?" Dean wouldn't say under threat of death, but a confused Harry was almost as cute as a pouting Harry.

Sam grinned back at the younger man, "It's not just some mutilated cows Harry, there's some severed heads too."

Harry grinned sardonically, "Oh! Why didn't you say so before!"

Dean chuckled, "How many miles to Red Lodge?"

"Uhh, about another three hundred." Sam could see Harry out of the corner of his eye, shuffling back over to the middle seat again.

Dean smirked, like a lion about to pounce on a zebra, "Good." He stamped down on the gas, pushing the already speeding car as fast as it could go.


As they walked out of the police station, Harry was shaking his head out of disbelief and embarrassment, "Well, I have to say boys, I'm overwhelmed by your professionalism."

Dean scratched the back of his neck, a bit uncomfortable in his cheap suit, "What can I say? We are the best."

Harry turned around and gave him a withering look, "Maybe next time you should practice the cover story before you go in?"

Dean frowned, "Talk to mister Law School about that."

They both turned around to look at the younger Winchester, who was looking at a map now. Sam looked up with a 'deer caught in the headlights' look, "What?"

Harry just laughed, "Nothing Sam. Do you think that the old man was right? About the cow thing I mean."

Sam thought for a second, "It does sound . . . possible. But there's still the severed heads to explain."

Dean pulled out the keys to the Impala, "Anyone know where the morgue is?"


Harry watched as the panicked man ran out of the room, "You're a cruel man, Dean. Poor guys probably gonna spend hours trying to find Dr. Dorkin."

Dean smirked at him, "Whatever gets the job done."

Sam frowned, "Guys, can we focus, please?" For some reason the playful banter was . . . irritating him.

"Sure." Dean winked at Harry, making the black haired man chuckle, which only served to irritate Sam even more.

The three of them were dressed up in doctor's outfits, cheap suits underneath the lab coats. Harry was a bit surprised how good at blending in the brothers were, poorly planned cover stories aside.

They all started pulling on gloves, while Dean tried to think of anything similar they had ever come across, "Hey, those Satanists marked their victims, didn't they?"

Sam nodded, "Yeah, reversed pentacle on the forehead."

Dean shook his head, "So much fucked up crap happens in Florida."

Harry yanked the handle and pulled the door of the 'body-fridge' open, while Dean gave the tray a yank. The gleaming metal tray slid out, a plastic box in between the corpse's legs.

"Alright, open it."

Sam looked across the box at Dean, "No, You open it."

Harry just rolled his eyes, bloody pansies. "I'll open it! Jeez."

Sam opened his mouth, but Harry had already popped the seals on the box and lifted the lid off. Inside was the woman's head, eyes open and staring, dark brown hair pooled in the bottom of the box.

They all stared at the head, looking for any marks. Dean sighed, maybe out of relief or disappointment, "Well, no pentagram."

Sam frowned down at the box, "Poor girl . . ."

Harry peered at the head and the body carefully. There was something off about the corpse, something that he hadn't felt for almost a year now . . . only one way to check though.

Harry reached towards the head, but Sam's hand shot out and grabbed him. "What do you think your doing?"

Harry looked at him, "Checking to see if there's anything in her mouth."

Dean grinned at Sam, "Like that moth in 'Silence of the Lambs'." He slapped Sam on the arm, but the younger Winchester still didn't look convinced.

It was a bit eerie opening up the woman's mouth, her eyes were blank and staring right at him. Sam looked nauseous as Harry pushed his fingers into the woman's throat, actually checking what he said he would, although Dean didn't look much better.

Not finding anything, Harry pulled his fingers out and lifted the woman's top lip.

"Dude! What the hell?" Dean half shouted, reaching for Harry's hand.

Harry used his spare hand to slap the offending limb away, "I gotta check something . . ."

Sam and Dean grumbled, but fell silent when Harry pressed down on the woman's gum, and a fang pushed down into her mouth.

"A vampire . . ."

Sam started at Harry's quiet tone, "You gotta be kidding me."

Dean turned to Harry, a suspicious look on his face, "How'd you know?"

Harry sighed, about to wipe a hand across his face, before he remembered what he'd just been doing, "Vampires . . . 'feel' differently than normal humans after they've died. It's faint around the body, but I could still sense it, although I had to make sure."

Dean nodded, it made sense. Sam frowned, "That complicates things."

The shorter man turned to his younger brother, "Ya think?"


The Impala rumbled to a stop, attracting a few glances from the men and women walking in and out of the bar.

Harry frowned as he stepped out of the car, the place was a seedy little dive, one of those places where biker gangs hanged out. From the calm looks of the two brothers, they'd been to more then their fair share of places like this.

The black haired man followed them in, ignoring the leers from men and women that they passed. Harry felt a little disgusted, most of them were pudgy truckers and aging bikers. The women were moderately better looking, but their looks were sent to Sam and Dean.

The bar wasn't much better than the outside made it look. It was dark and dirty, with some awful music playing. All in all Harry just wanted to get what they needed and leave.

"Hows it going?" Dean pulled up a seat at the bar, casually greeting the barman.

The man looked up, cleaning a glass with a rag. Harry grimaced, God this place was like the Hog's Head, even had a seedy bar tender cleaning up glasses.

"Living the dream, what can I get you?"

"Two beers and, Harry, what do you want?" Dean turned to Harry

Harry grimaced again, "Nah, I'm good."

Dean shrugged, "Suit yourself."

As the bar tender leaned down to grab the two bottles of beer, Harry's phone went off, the soft tinkling drawing most of the people in the bar's attention. The black haired man ignored them all, including Sam and Dean, and walked off to a secluded corner.

Dean watched as Harry whispered into the phone, trying to catch a hint of who was calling the younger man, but he couldn't even hear Harry's voice over all the chatter in the bar.

Both Sam and Dean turned back around to face the bar man as he put both bottles of beer on the counter. They both put Harry's mystery caller out of their minds and tried to focus on the real reason why they had come to the bar. Information.

Sam spoke first, "We're looking for some people."

The bar tender snorted, "Sure, it's hard to be lonely."

Sam gave a small lop sided smirk and shared a look with an unimpressed Dean, "Yeah, but that's not what I meant." Sam pulled a few twenty dollar bills out of his wallet, sliding them onto the bar.

The bar man looked at the note cautiously, before taking it and folding it up, sliding it into his pocket. Sam smirked again, "Right. So these, uh, people. They would have moved here about six months ago. Probably pretty rowdy, probably like to drink."

Dean took a sip of his beer, "Yeah, real night owls. You know, sleep all day, party all night?"

The man nodded, "The Barker Farm got leased out a couple of months ago. Real winners, they've been in here a lot. Drinkers, noisy. I had to eighty-six them once or twice."

Dean and Sam looked at each other, before they grabbed their beers, "Thanks." The bar man nodded and picked up his cloth and a dirty glass.

The brothers barely took a step before Harry walked over to them, a concerned look on his face, "Did you find what you were looking for?"

Sam nodded, still curious as to who Harry had been talking too. He was about to ask when Harry cut him off.

"Sam, Dean, I'll see you later."

Sam's brain short circuited. What?

Fortunately Dean's mind rebooted faster, "What? Where are you going? Why?"

Harry smirked a little bit at Sam, who was still frowning in confusion. "An old friend is in town, and he needs a little favour. Don't worry, I'll only be gone for a day or so."

Dean's eyes narrowed, "What sort of 'favour?And how'd he know you were in town?"

Harry glared at Dean for a second, sadly this didn't have much of an effect on the experienced hunter. "Get your mind out of the gutter, Dean. I don't know, he probably saw us or something. We have been wandering around town remember?"

Dean couldn't say anything to that. They had been out and about in the town, even though his gut told him it was something else.

Sam snapped out of his little daze, "So you'll still be in town? And you're not going to take longer than a day?"

Harry nodded, a little bit exasperated by the mother henning. He'd had enough of that from various people to last him a life time.

Dean opened his mouth to speak, about to ask more about this so called 'old friend', when Sam elbowed him in the side. Harry just pretended not to see it, "I'll see you later, Good luck." and with a smile, he walked out the door.

Dean stared after him, before spinning to face Sam, hints of anger shining in his eyes, "Why the hell did you do that?"

Sam looked at him for a moment before he sighed, "Dean, you can't just interrogate Harry like that. He has his own life and all your gonna end up doing is pissing him off."

"But what if he was . . ." Dean trailed off, clenching his fists.

"What Dean?" Sam had the strangest thought that Dean was jealous, but that was ridiculous. The taller hunter ignored the hints of worry in his stomach.

"I . . . never mind." The topic was dropped and the two brothers walked outside, apparantly oblivious to the figure silently following them in the shadows.


(The bits that Sam, Dean and Gordon are in, are all the same, hence why I am not writing them)

Harry stepped out of the dingy bar with a sigh of relief. It was nice to be able to breathe semi-fresh air.

With a subtle look to see if there was anyone watching, he closed his eyes and disappeared with a swirl of shadows.

The black haired man appeared outside what appeared to be an abandoned house, a few miles out past the edge of town.

Harry quickly walked up to the front door and knocked, extending his senses as he did. He could sense two familiar presences within the house, and one of them was one he recognised . . .

The door opened, but before the man inside the house could say anything, he was harshly slapped across the face.

Harry stepped past him, with a mutter that sounded suspiciously like "Prick."

The man closes the door, holding one hand against his cheek. He smiled, despite the vicious slap that the green eyed man had given him.

Both men walked into the kitchen, joining the other presence in the house. A woman sat at the dinner table, immediately standing up when the two men entered the room.

"Is this . . ." She spoke nervously, looking as though she was barely restraining herself from fiddling with the hem of her shirt. She was a beautiful woman, long brown hair, and a soft looking face.

Harry didn't allow that to fool himself into thinking she was weak though. There was a spark in her eyes, something that said she had people to protect, and that she'd do almost anything to keep them safe. Harry recognised it easily.

He used to see it in the mirror all the time, years ago.

The man crossed to her side, taking one of her hands in his own, "Lenore, I would like you to meet Harry Potter. Harry, I would like you to meet, Lenore. My mate."

Harry's eyes widened at that last statement. Mate?

He looked at Lenore again, carefully examining her. He could see the way that she reacted to her mate's touch, the way that she calmed down. Harry could see the nervousness, the fear that he wouldn't approve of their relationship.

Harry smiled softly, trying to reassure her. "It's a pleasure to meet you Lenore. You must be an saint to be able to put up with Sanguini enough to become his mate." He teased.

Lenore smiled, much more at ease now that she knew that Harry approved, although they both ignored Sanguini's protests, "Likewise Harry. It's nice to finally meet the one that Guini has talked about for so long. He told me quite a bit about you."

In most cases, a man's ex-lover and his current lover wouldn't have ever been expected to get along, let alone become friends. Fortunately, in this case, Harry's fairly amiable break up with Sanguini didn't affect their friendship in a negative way. Also, vampire's mated for life, meaning that even if he wanted to, Sanguini would never be able to sleep with another person, unless he had Lenore's permission.

Harry's smile turned frosty, and he glanced at a suddenly nervous Sanguini, "Did he now? Did he tell you about the last time we met."

The male vampire could feel the penetrating stares of both female vampire and male wizard on him, something that in any other circumstance would be rather enjoyable. Not at the moment though, "W-well, I felt that it would be politer, if I didn't say anything." He wilted under Harry's stare.

Lenore walked over to Harry, and linked her arm with his, leading the black haired wizard into the lounge and sat down on the sofa, pulling Harry down beside her. Sanguini followed like a puppy dog that had peed on the carpet and knew it was going to regret it.


Twenty minutes later, and a very angry Lenore was still berating her mate, while a very amused Harry sat on the couch and watched.

" . . . and what sort of friend leaves his friend in a bar . . . drunk no less! Where any one can . . ."

Lenore stopped, panting slightly. Sanguini was still cowering on his armchair, "But, Lenore . . ."

"Don't you, 'Lenore' me!"

Harry sniggered quietly into his hand. Lenore was the perfect mate for Sanguini, especially if it was this easy for her to keep him in line. Harry took pity on his friend, "Lenore, it's ok. I'm fine and I got out of the bar intact. And in a foursome."

Sanguini abruptly choked. What?

Lenore just laughed. Her poor mate had been feeling a little bit guilty for leaving Harry at that bar alone, especially seeing as Harry and Sanguini's relationship had ended a few hours before that. Served him right though.

Harry chuckled at the look on his former lover's face, "Why do you think I never hunted you down and castrated you for leaving me in the bar."

Sanguini shivered slightly. He didn't doubt that Harry would have done it if he felt that Sanguini deserved it.

Harry smiled reassuringly at him, "Don't worry though, I'm not going to cut them off. I enjoyed myself far to much to stay angry at you for long."

Sanguini grinned back, glad that Harry wasn't angry at him still. He hadn't meant to leave the man in the bar, he'd just sort of . . . gotten distracted. And then he'd been worried that Harry had been angry at him, so he'd left. He hadn't spoken to Harry in eight months since the incident.

Harry was the closest thing he'd had to family, and once he'd met Lenore, he knew that he wanted to introduce them to each other. When he tried to contact Harry though, he'd only managed to reach his voice mail, so he'd been overjoyed when he saw Harry drive into town yesterday. Unfortunately this wasn't just a social call.

Harry saw the look in his eyes and straightened up, "What was the other reason that you called for, Sanguini."

The vampire looked at his mate, giving her the go ahead to explain the situation to Harry. "You may not have noticed, but despite our group living here for almost a year now, there haven't been any human deaths."

Harry nodded, brows creasing as he processed that piece of information, "Yeah I was wondering about that. How are you feeding then, if not from humans?"


Harry gave a soft, "ahh" in realisation, but then something else struck him, "In the morgue . . . we found a vampire . . . one of yours?"

Lenore bowed her head, and Sanguini walked over to wrap his arms around her, "In the last two weeks, we've lost two. Amanda and Cody. Someone out there is hunting us."

Harry frowned, "It can't be Sam or Dean. They came into town with me. Which means that there must be another hunter here."

Sanguini opened his mouth to say something, but he stopped. Both Sanguini and Lenore's heads jerked up, the dark haired woman letting out a soft moan of despair as her eyes teared up.

Harry leapt to his feet, "What? What happened."

Sanguini answered, while Lenore started to sob gently, burying her face into her mates chest. "Conrad's gone."

Harry walked over and wrapped his arms around the grieving pair, trying to comfort both of them, "I'm so sorry."

They stayed like that for a while, until Lenore's sobs had slowly stopped. She pulled out of the group hug and wiped her eyes. Her eyes were filled with anger and purpose, "Call the others. We're leaving."


Sam was sitting on the bed in his motel room, trying to relax. Something about Gordon just set him on edge, there was something dangerous about the way he moved, as though we was ready to snap at the slightest push.

An idea came to him, maybe Ellen knew something about him? He pulled out his mobile, and dialled the number for the Road House.

"Harvelle's Roadhouse." Ellen's voice came onto the phone, and Sam unconsciously relaxed a little bit.

"Hey Ellen, Sam Winchester"

"Sam! It's good to hear from you. You boys are alright aren't you? How's Harry?"

"Yeah, yeah, every thing's fine. Harry's off doing a favour for a friend." Harry hadn't called or anything since he had left, and it was starting to make Sam nervous. Maybe he should call after he was done talking to Ellen? "Got a question."

"Yeah, shoot."

"You ever run into a guy called Gordon Walker?"

"Yeah, I know Gordon."


"Well, he's a real good hunter. Why you asking?"

"Well, we ran into him on a job and we're kinda working with him I guess."

"Don't do that Sam."

"What? I thought you said he was a good hunter."

"And Hannibal Lector was a good psychiatrist. He is dangerous to everyone and everything around him. If he's working on a job, you boys just let him handle it and you move on."


"No, Sam, you just listen to what I'm telling you, ok?"

"Right, ok."

"Be careful Sam, and tell Harry to call me."

"Will do Ellen, thanks." Sam pressed end call and sat on the bed for a second, thinking. Was Gordon really that bad?

He was yanked out of his musings when Dean and Gordon walked into the motel room.

"Grab your stuff, Gordon here, thinks he knows where the vampire nest is." Sam barely had time to garb his stuff before Dean started the car. They pulled out of the parking lot and followed Gordon closely, driving further and further away from town. Neither Winchester said anything during the ride, Sam feeling to awkward and worried, while Dean was angry and wound up.

Eventually, they pulled up outside an old farm house. The only sign that there were people inside was one of the windows lit from the inside. By the time that the brothers had stepped out of the Impala, Gordon had already picked the door and quietly walked inside, trying not to make any noise.

Sam and Dean walked up the steps, pulling out a machete each. They didn't have anything else they could use to kill a vampire.

They walked in the front door, just in time to hear a scream of pain and a bellow of anger.


Harry was the first one to notice the approaching cars, one a few hundred metres in front of the other. Sanguini and Lenore noticed shortly after, when the first car parked, and they heard the sound of boots in the dirt outside. They'd called the rest of the vampires and told them to meet in the house so they could load up their cars and head to the next safe house.

Lenore walked out of the room to go answer the door, and Sanguini kept on packing books and things into boxes.

Harry could sense three presence's, but their was something familiar about the two in the second car. The two people stepped out of the car, and Harry gasped as he recognised them. Sam and Dean! But that meant that the other person . . .

Both Harry and Sanguini heard Lenore scream and the vampire bellowed at the scent of his mate's blood. Sanguini sprinted out of the room, while Harry scrambled to catch up.

Harry skidded to a stop in the living room, just in time to see Sanguini tackle a dark skinned man off of Lenore. Harry dropped to his knees at the female vampire's side, feeling sick as he watched dark veins pulse across her face and arms.

There was a deep stab wound, an inch or two below her heart, and Harry could see a knife in the strange man's hand as he grappled with Sanguini. Normally Sanguini would have won against the human easily, but Harry could see the same dark veins, perhaps more of them, pulsing through the male vampire's body.

Harry paled as he realised what it was running through their veins: dead man's blood. Sanguini wasn't as affected as Lenore for two reasons. As vampires age, their bodies become more resilient to the paralyzing effects of the vampiric poison. Sanguini was over seven hundred years old, one of the oldest vampires in the world and his magical core was also hard at work purifying the toxin out of his body.

The chances for a wizard to survive the change, without losing his magic in the process, was around ten thousand to one. The chances of finding a wizard-turned-vampire in America, a place magic users avoided, was next to zero. Gordon wouldn't recognize Sanugini as a former wizard, and was probably completely unaware of the diluted affects the poison had on the male vampire. The blood alone wasn't enough to stop Sanguini, like it had Lenore, but it slowed him down enough to level the playing field in Gordon's favor.

Harry tried to soothe Lenore. He couldn't extract the blood from her system, or he'd pull all of her blood out and most likely kill her, or if she survived, she'd go into a blood frenzy and kill every one in the building.

Sam and Dean ran into the room, holding vicious looking machetes. Harry thrust out his hand, and ripple of magic tore the over sized knives from the brothers hands and sent them flying into another room, "Sanguini, move!"

Somehow the vampire had enough of his wits about him to shove the other hunter of him, and Harry sent out another ripple of magic. The hunter was smashed into the wall with a sickening crack, and Harry was too angry to even wince at the thought that he'd broken some bones.

"Harry, what the hell are you doing?" Dean yelled out angrily. Sam didn't look as angry as the older man, mostly confused. Were these the friends that Harry had been helping? Why would he be helping vampires?

Harry growled at Dean, "Shut up, Dean." Ignoring Dean's outraged spluttering, he turned to the distraught vampire at his side, "Can you take her into the kitchen, Sanguini? Lay her down on the table, I'll be there in a minute." Seeing that Sanguini nodded, he stood up and turned back to the Winchester's, sensing rather seeing Sanguini moving into the other room.

No one even gave a thought towards Gordon as he lay unconscious on the floor.

"What the fuck do you think you were doing?" Harry was almost yelling at this point, trying to keep an eye on Lenore as he watched the brothers.

"Us! What are you doing? Why'd you knock out Gordon? How'd you knock out Gordon." Dean wasn't much better at volume control than Harry, already worked up by the conversation he'd had with the other hunter earlier tonight.

Sam tried to get them both to calm down, "Ok, why don't we all take a deep breath and try to talk like normal, reasonable adults?"

Harry followed his advice and took a deep breath, trying to control his flaring magic. He didn't want it to lash out at either of the boys and hurt them. Dean ,on the other hand, ignored Sam, still waiting for Harry to answer him.

Finally Harry looked him in the eye, "Sanguini asked me for a favour, he wanted me to help them leave . . ."

Dean exploded, "What? Harry, in case you haven't noticed, these are vampires! They kill people! And you were going to help them get away!"

Sam winced as he saw the anger in Dean's eyes. Gordon must have riled him up earlier, 'cause Dean never usually got this angry unless some one said something about Mom.

Harry took another deep breathe, "Dean, they haven't been killing anyone. In fact, your 'friend' here is the one that's been killing them! Hunting them down when they tried to live like normal humans!"

"They aren't human, Harry, that's the bottom line. We hunt the supernatural, that's what we do." Dean was so worked up that he didn't notice the Harry's eyes go cold.

Sam decided now was a good time to interfere, before they started punching each other, or whatever Harry did before, "Dean, we hunt evil, and if these guys really haven't been killing anyone, we got no reason to be hunting them."

Dean stared at him, a little bit of hurt showing in his eyes, "Sam, Gordon's been hunting these vamps for a year, I think he knows-"

"Gordon? You're going to trust Gordon about this?" Sam could almost laugh, since when was Dean the trusting type?

"Well, yeah." Dean sounded completely confident in the other hunter.

"I called Ellen today, she said he's bad news, that we shouldn't be working with him."

Neither one of them noticed Harry walking off into the kitchen.

"You called Ellen?" Dean said this with a scornful note in his voice, unhappy that his brother had gone behind his back. "And we're supposed to listen to her? We barely know her."

Sam scoffed, "And Gordon is such an old friend? Gordon isn't Dad, Dean. You can't try and make him into a substitute for the man."

Sam didn't even see the punch coming until it hit him square in the jaw, His head was whipped to the side as he tried to understand what had just happened. Dean just hit him . . .

Sam straightened his head up, wincing as his jaws muscles started to ache, "Hitting me isn't going to change anything, Dean." He kept his head low, trying not to look at Dean. He couldn't remember a time when Dean had ever hit him like that.

Dean was just as shocked as Sam. He hadn't meant to hit him, he'd just sort of . . .lost it.


Both brothers were shocked by the cold tone in Harry's voice. They'd never heard him talk like that before.

Harry walked over to the other side of the room, ignoring the brothers. He leant down and heaved Gordon up, slinging one of the hunter's arms over his slim shoulders. Dean was about to protest, but one look from Harry made him pause.

Harry almost dragged the hunter into the kitchen, dumping him into a chair and conjuring thick ropes around him. The Winchester's watched in silence as Harry tested the ropes, making sure that they would hold no matter what.

Finally, Dean worked up the courage to speak, "What are you doing?"

Harry didn't even glance at him, "You want proof about how Gordon really is?"

Sanguini was sitting at the table hands clasped around Lenore's as the black vein's slowly faded from her face and body. The vampire had sucked as much of the poison from her system as he could, and then spat it out onto the floor, allowing Lenore to recover much faster. Harry and Sanguini had also forced some of the cow blood that they had in the fridge for emergencies down her throat.

The brother's watched as Harry splashed a bowl of water onto Gordon's face, making the restrained hunter splutter as he regained consciousness. Harry sat down across from him, and waited until the hunter started breathing normally again.

"Hello, Gordon, was it?"

Gordon spat at his feet, "What do you want, fang whore?"

Sanguini growled at the hunter, still wanting to tear his throat out, Harry ignored him, "You knew that this clan wasn't feeding from humans, didn't you?"

Gordon smirked slightly, "So what if I did? A fang's a fang. Doesn't matter what they feed on,they're all the same. There aren't any shades of gray, they all gotta be put down."

Dean stepped forward, shocked that Harry had been right, "Gordon, I know how you feel. The vampire that killed your sister deserved to die-"

Gordon scoffed, "Killed my sister? That filthy fang didn't kill my sister . . . it turned her. Made her one of them. So I hunted her down and killed her myself."

Dean blinked, "You did what?"

Gordon turned to look at him, ignoring everyone else in the room, "It wasn't my sister any more, wasn't human. So I didn't even blink as I cut her head off."

They could all see the hints of madness in his eyes, and Harry was uncomfortably reminded of Bellatrix. Was this how she'd been broken? Seen someone she loved die and been pushed over the edge from the grief?

"So, what? You hunted these vampires down, knowing that they weren't hurting anyone?" Sam voice was filled with disgust.

"You think that just because they're taking a break from killing innocent people, we should believe that they've suddenly gone nice? They-" Gordon looked like he was about to continue, but Harry stood up, walked over to him, and punched him square in the face, putting the hunter back into the land of unconsciousness.

Dean and Sam stared as Harry walked back over to the table and clasped Lenore's free hand. Dean's mouth went dry as he tried to work up the courage to speak, "Uhh, Harry, listen . . . I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I cracked it at you. I just, Gordon said some stuff earlier, and it really got to me, you know?" He watched nervously as Harry said nothing.

Finally Harry sighed, "I know, Dean. I guess I can't really expect anything different from a Winchester anyway."

Sam and Dean bristled, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Harry looked at him, not letting go of Lenore's hand as she started to wake up, "Dean, Sam, you're Dad is infamous for being murderously intolerant of anything supernatural. I can't really expect you to be any different." There was a slightly sad look in Harry's eyes. "In case you didn't notice, I'm something supernatural too. Does that mean I should be hunted down and killed? I have friends and family who aren't human. Should they be executed because of what they are?"

Dean stuttered for a second, trying to come up with a way to refute that statement, but Sam knew that Harry was right. "I'm sorry, Harry. We don't hunt things that aren't evil, Dean just seems to have a hard time getting that into his head."

Dean scratched the back of his neck, "I said I'm sorry, alright?"

Harry stared at them for a moment, making the boys fidget, before he smiled slightly, the warmth returning to his eyes, "I guess it will have to do." He teased.

Their attention was all drawn back to Lenore, as the female vampire rolled to the side and coughed up a blob of black blood. She pulled her self off the table and onto Sanguini's lap, letting go of Harry's hands as she went. The two embraced, taking comfort in their closeness.

Harry smiled at the two. Sam walked closer to Harry, "How do you know these two, Harry?"

Harry turned to him, "Sanguini is an old friend, and he wanted a favour from me. Lenore is his mate. They wanted me to help them move to a new safe house, where they can be safe from hunters."

Sam frowned, trying not to make hasty judgements, "But what if one of them does feed on a human."

Harry smiled at him, trying to let him know that he appreciated the effort, "Lenore is the clan leader, meaning that her word is law. And Sanguini is strong enough to keep them in line if one of them even thinks about disobeying."

Dean stepped closer, feeling uncomfortable at the lovey dovey scene in front of him, "What do you say we leave these two love birds alone and hit the road?"

Harry looked at Sam and shrugged, "I'm fine with that. I already have a house that the clan can use."

Dean looked at him, "Since when do you have a house?"

Harry smiled mysteriously at him, "There are a lot of things about me you don't know."


Saying good bye to the vampire clan was a little bit awkward for Sam and Dean. Apart from Sanguini and Lenore, all of the others avoided them and stayed inside the house.

It was interesting to watch the two vampires saying good bye to Harry though. Lenore gave him a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek, whispering thank you as she did so. Harry just laughed, and promised to try and visit sometime.

What Sanguini did put both of the brothers on edge though. The male vampire swept Harry up in a hug, kissing him fiercely on the lips as he did so. The two parted, ignoring Sam and Dean's tense forms, although Lenore watched the two with interest in her eyes. The brothers heard part of what Sanguini said, something about, "For old times sake." Harry just smiled back.

When the vampire's hand slipped a bit lower, Harry pulled back from the hug, and slapped the other male across the face. Sam and Lenore laughed, while Dean touched his own face in sympathy, although that died away when he thought about what Sanguini was about to do.

All three of them climbed into the Impala, and waved at the couple, before driving away into the night.

As the vampires took all their stuff and left, no one gave any thought to the unconscious hunter still tied to a chair in the kitchen.


"Hey, Harry. You never answered my question back there?"

Harry looked up from the book he was reading. They were headed towards another hunt already, a woman claimed she had been attacked by some monster in the woods, the fifth claim from that town. "What question, Dean?"

Dean looked at him in the rear view mirror, while Sam turned around in his seat. "How's you do that stuff? Pulling out machetes out of our hands, tossing Gordon into the wall."

Harry put his book away, "Ok. You guys know about deal makers, don't you?"

The brothers shared a nervous look, neither of them liked the way this was going so far. "Yeah . . ."

"Well what you probably don't know, is that there's another type of magic user."

Dean looked at him again, "What? Really?"

Harry nodded, "Yep. Although you'll only really find them in Europe. Australia and Africa have their own types of shamanistic magic, and I don't know too much about the style of magic in Asia. The type I'm talking about, is what you would call a wand-waver."

Sam and Dean both gave Harry a sceptical look. Harry grinned at them, "I'm serious. The magic users in Europe are exactly like the fairy tales. Flying brooms, magic wands, eye of newt. They have their own society, hidden away from the rest of the world, it's been like that since the Salem Witch Trials."

"So you're saying that your one of those . . . 'wand-wavers'? And that you came from some secret society?" They could hear the doubt in Sam's voice.

Harry shook his head, "No, I grew up with my aunt and uncle in the normal world. I didn't know anything about it until I got my school letter."

"They have schools?"

Harry smirked at Dean, "How else were we supposed to learn magic?"

Sam looked at Harry curiously, "How come you're here though? In America, I mean."

Harry sighed, a little bit of sadness showing on his face, "There was too much pressure back there. I wanted to get away from it all, so I came to America. This place is a considered a dead zone. Something about the ambient magic here makes it almost impossible to use a wand here. It also mutates the magical creatures here, changes them into different. So every one in Europe avoids it like the plague."

Sam nodded, he'd left home to avoid the pressure of his Dad. John had never wanted Sam to go to college, it was what they had fought most about while Sam lived there.

"So you're a wand-waver? No demon deals, no sacrificed innocents?"

Harry laughed at Dean, "No, although I don't have to use a wand any more."

Sam wondered about that, "Why not?"

Harry shrugged, "I'm a bit different than all the others."

The two brothers could hear a bit of bitterness in the black haired man's tone, and both decided to leave it for now. They could always ask him more about it later.

Dean had one last question though, something that had been bugging him for ages. "Why didn't you tell us earlier about this?" There was a little bit of hurt in his tone.

Harry winced, he hadn't meant to hurt either of them, "I'm sorry. I just . . . didn't know how you would take it. I didn't want you to be uncomfortable around me, so it was just easier to keep it a secret."

Sam sighed, "Harry, you're our friend, and short being a demon, we're always going to be your friend. You can tell us anything, and I can't promise that we'll both understand straight away, but if you give us time, we'll get over it."

Harry smiled, eyes glimmering with the barest hint of tears, "Thanks guys."

Dean grumbled slightly, something about chick flick moments, and turned the radio on. The sound of Metallica boomed out of the car, and Harry laughed, happy that everything was ok again.


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