I was thinking if I should do something like this or not, and after thinking for a while, I decided to do it! I really think the Mario Party series is underrated, and I decided "Why not retell the first Mario Party? But add a little more to ?" And thus, this is what it has become. It's not really a serious story, but what can you expect? It's Mario Party for crying out loud!

I could say it's my first REAL Mario fan fic. I know it's retelling the first Mario Party, but I'll make it entertaining at least. Enjoy!

Out on a field, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Wario, and Donkey Kong were around Toad. But for some reason, it feels like something's wrong right now. What could it possibly be?

Hmmm… It seems like they're talking about who among them is the biggest star, the Super Star. They were arguing about who really is the Super Star, and what a Super Star must be.

Wario stepped up to Toad first. "A Super Star must be strong," says Wario. But Donkey Kong glared at Wario as he flexed his muscles. He didn't look to happy. Donkey Kong's got bragging rights for strength, you know!

Donkey Kong stood up and he began to pound his chest. Wario looked back at Donkey Kong, glaring at him angrily.

"Oh, so you think you're stronger than me, huh? Well how about proving it to me!" Wario said. Donkey Kong got back down on his legs. They both looked at the skinny Luigi.

"Gulp! I don't want to me a punching baf!" Luigi cried as he saw the two of them walk towards him.

"All right, we'll prove who's stronger by seeing who can crush this green shrimp! You better be ready, monkey boy!" Wario said, who began to nudge him.

Donkey Kong looked baffled, but he began to nudge Luigi, who was beginning to become squished.

"Somebody help me…" Luigi begged as he was getting nudged. He was practically getting squished by the two of them, and that wasn't a good thing for someone like him (he's skinny in Mario Party! That's why it's a problem for him!).

It's true that a Super Star has the strength, but maybe Mario would make the best Super Star! Mario immediately jumped up a little, and he quickly nodded.

"Of course I-a would make the greatest Super Star! I'm-a Mario!" Mario said as he was nodding. Yoshi and Peach looked at Mario, knowing that he is definitely someone who could be a Super Star.

But just because they know he's such a hero doesn't mean they think he deserves to be the Super Star. Maybe the princess, Peach, could make the best Super Star.

"I know you're very brave and heroic, Mario, but I think I would make the better Super Star. I'm a princess, after all!" Peach said.

"Whaaaaaaaaa?" Mario immediately turned his head to Peach, who spun around. But Yoshi thought that maybe he was a Super Star.

"What about me? I would make a great Super Star! I have all the energy to be one! Obviously no one can forget me!" Yoshi said. Everyone else looked at him. Wario wasn't so pleased.

"Waaa? You can't be the Super Star! You're a Yoshi! Only a human being can become one!" Wario said. This made Donkey Kong bonk him in the head. He was clenching his fists at him.

"But… What about me?" Luigi asked. Obviously, everyone was ignoring Luigi, because everyone seems to ignore him (which is kind of true. Poor Luigi…).

"No way! You're-a too fat to be-a Super Star, Wario! You're-a only a fat greedy man who wants-a nothing but-a coins!" Mario said.

"Mario's right! Wario doesn't deserve the title as a Super Star! Only a princess could deserve such a title." Peach said.

Everyone began to argue about who would be the Super Star, and they even asked Toad who he thought was the Super Star…only to have it not end so well.

"WAIT A SECOND!" Toad jumped up into the air, which made everyone else jump back. When he came back down, everyone looked at him. He was just panting right now after he yelled.

"Does each of you really want to be a Super Star?" Everyone nodded to his answer. This made Toad walk back and forth, trying to think of what it takes to be a Super Star.

"OK now… Let's see what it takes to become a Super Star. Does it take strength to become a Super Star?" At this moment, Wario and Donkey Kong were wrestling, wanting to be stronger.

"In order to be a Super Star, it takes… Courage…, …and Wisdom, and… …Kindness." Everyone nodded to Toad's answer. Even the two wrestlers, who stopped fighting for the moment due to being tired.

"If all of you want to be a Super Star, then I have an idea. Why not use the Warp Pipe in Mushroom Village, and head out into adventure? The person who comes out of the adventures on top is the Super Star. But… There's no telling what kind of danger might await you. Do you want to head out into adventure?" Toad asked.

"Hmm… I think I like the idea!" Luigi stepped up. This got Wario's attention, since he was looking at the pipe.

"Oh no you don't! You're not getting in that pipe first! I will! I'm-a Wario, and I'm number one!" Wario said. He pushed Luigi aside and he began to run towards the pipe.

Luigi got back up and he began to run towards the pipe, with everyone following. Unfortunately, Wario was not getting there first. Everyone was catching up. Even Mario, who was last to head towards the pipe.

Wario's mouth dropped when he saw everyone go ahead of him. "What? No fair! Why can't Wario be number one?"

Toad sighed as they all jumped down into the pipe. "I'm pretty sure this is going to be one heck of an adventure down that pipe… I hope they all don't get hurt. Even if Wario IS not really a good guy." Toad began to head towards the pipe. Little did that know that Bowser was watching from his castle with his minions.

"Did you hear that, minions? Mario and his stupid friends are going out on another stupid adventure! How about we go after them and have ourselves some fun?" Bowser asked. All of the Goombas and Koopas jumped up, wanting to cause some havoc.

"Bwa ha ha ha ha! I knew you all wanted to! Good thinking!" Bowser pulled a lever by the wall and a big pipe appeared. "Let's go have some fun!"

Bowser and his minions jumped down into the pipe to follow Mario and his friends to wherever they might go. It looks like this is certainly going to be one heck of an adventure! But who will become the Super Star?

I love the Mario Party series, and it's my third favorite Mario series (the first being the Paper Mario series, and then the Super Mario series). The first and second ones are my favorite (I never played the third, sadly), and I'm glad I'm doing the first one. Yes, Mario, Luigi, and Wario talk in this game. Only Donkey Kong doesn't talk, because you NEVER really hear him say anything. But that's what I heard.

I don't know if there was something like this done already, but I didn't really see anything like this, so I'm going with it for right now. You'll see PLENTY of stuff next chapter. I can promise you that. The game board, the mini-games, stealing coins, getting stars, and even Bowser! I'm going to put that stuff in the story. Take a guess where it'll start!