A/N: This is my first fanfic, so please be don't be too harsh.

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This takes place a few months after "Rule Fifty One." And since I obviously don't know where they're going with that story line, I'll pretend whatever is going to happen has already been dealt with.

"McGee! Movie fest. My house. Tonight. Bring Abby." Tony Dinozzo leaned back in his chair, arms behind his head. It had been a long week, and he was grateful it was finally Friday. They had wrapped up the case they'd been working on since Saturday, down to the last bit of paperwork.

"No date tonight, Tony?" Tim McGee raised an eyebrow at his teammate. Tony sat up in his chair, pretending to look hurt.

"Hey, can't a guy just spend a Friday night with his buddies watching movies and enjoying their company?"

"She cancelled again, huh?" Tony wadded up a piece of scrap paper and threw it at him.

"Yeah. You coming or not?"

"Let me see what Abby's doing." Tim pulled out his phone to text the forensic scientist. The elevator dinged and Ziva walked briskly into the bullpen, sitting at her desk and pulling a small mirror out of her desk drawer.

"Plans tonight, Zee-vuh?" Tony crossed the room and sat on the edge of her desk, grinning down at her. Ziva checked her make-up in her compact mirror once before snapping it shut and shoving it in her drawer.

"Yes, actually, Tony. Now go away." She stood up and started pulling her jacket on. Purse was slid over her shoulder and she turned to leave. Finding Tony had blocked her way, she almost bumped into him and rolled her eyes.

"Anyone we know?" She zigged left and so did he, blocking her way again. She zagged right, so did he.

"Tony! No, no one you know. And I am late. Now… Do you mind?" She gave him "the look" and he moved to the side. He watched her head for the elevator.

"Tell tall, dark, and handsome that I said 'Hi'!" He could hear her laughing as the door shut.

"Well, looks like it's just the three of us then, McGoo." He turned to McGee, grin back on his face.

"Sorry Tony, Abby invited me to go to a concert with her. Looks like it's just you. Maybe Palmer's free." Tim gave a little smile as he grabbed his things and headed for the stairs down to Abby's lab. Tony looked around the bullpen, scratching his head. Damn, didn't anyone want to spend Friday night with him?

"Problem, Dinozzo?" Leroy Jethro Gibbs came around the corner and headed for his desk, grabbing his coat.

"No, Boss. Just trying to decide what to do tonight. You got plans?" Tony looked hopeful, maybe he could get Gibbs to go out and have a drink with him. That was definitely less loserly than sitting at home alone. Gibbs raised an eyebrow at him, amused.

"Yes. Good night, Dinozzo." And with that he headed for the elevator and was gone. Tony sighed and grabbed his stuff, resigned to the fact that he was alone tonight.

Ziva sat at a small table in a dimly lit restaurant. Her date had gone to the bathroom, and she took this time to check the text messages she could hear pinging from her phone. Four in all, all from Tony. All something stupid. She had to laugh. He was bored, she knew. And she even felt a little bit bad about not telling him who her date was. But really, it was none of his business. He'd make a big deal out of it, and she wasn't in the mood to argue with him. It had been a long week. She had just finished texting him back to grow up when former corporal Damon Werth returned to their table. He took his seat and picked up the menu, looking it over.

"You know what you want?" He smiled over the top of the menu at her. This was the fifth time they'd been out in as many months. Damon had relocated to Cleveland, but whenever he was in town they had dinner and a night of amazing no-strings-attached sex. It was not a serious thing, they had an understanding. Both had been through things that they did not want to talk about. Sometimes you just needed to be with someone and not have to think or explain yourself.

"Yes." She reached over and ran one hand up and down his arm, lightly. "I know exactly what I want."