Draped in Wires
Poisoned Scarlett

Theme 072: Follow Up

Roy Mustang knew that things were bad when, when Winry came to visit Edward and she and her son dropped by the office, the first thing that the Full Metal brat said to him was:

"Matchstick! Matchstick!"

He was sure his face had frozen stiff in its pleasant and polite mask and, despite Riza's shaking shoulders as she struggled to stifle laughter, he could not bring himself to snap at anyone. Because snapping would mean the kid was right in calling him a matchstick and the last thing he needed was to earn his reputation for being…a matchstick. Not wet, thankfully, it appeared to have been a mouthful for the brat.

"I am so sorry, Brigadier Mustang!" Winry flustered but couldn't contain her giggles either. "Ed's been teaching him new words and I swear I didn't know he was teaching him that!"

"I'm sure, Winry," Roy dryly replied. "At least he isn't calling me wet matchstick."

"Which is unfortunate," Riza added and smiled at him, her eyes crinkling at the sides with her mirth. "It would be a lot more funny if he did."

"Ha ha," Roy glared. "Very funny."

"I try my best."

"Ed is handling the alchemy exams, right?" Winry piped up before Roy could retort and Riza nodded, ignoring her superiors glowering.

"He'll be out of the testing room in a few hours," Riza assured. "Meanwhile, why don't you come into my office? We have a lot of catching up to do, I presume."

"So much! That's a great idea! I need some girl-time myself!" Winry giggled and both women turned on their heels and began to head down the hall. From over Winry's shoulder, Nicolas waved at Mustang and with a weary goodbye at the child, Roy himself turned to leave.

"Bye bye, matchstick!"

He stiffened but ultimately let a smile grace his features, ignoring the women's laughter.

Full Metal might think this would ruin his life but matchstick was a lot better than pipsqueak.