Little plot bunny floating around for a while. Just a "what if?" story.

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"You wanted to see me Madame Director?" The tall black-haired green eyed woman peeks into the director's office at NCIS. The fiery red head with matching green eyes stared at her.

"Yes." She snaps. Reluctantly the young woman slinks into the office of the director of NCIS. The young woman was wearing something that was far from work appropriate, thick combat boots, a short skirt and heavy dog collars around her neck would have anyone question the authority of director sitting behind the desk. But this was not what 27-year-old Abigail Scutio was in the director's office for. Jennifer Sheppard, director of NCIS stared the forensic lab technician in the face.

"Abby," She started to say, not using the goth's full name because she never liked it. "What you did was entirely unacceptable." She scolded.

"But those puppies needed a home and my landlord hates dogs and I couldn't keep them anywhere…" Abby started to defend herself.

"No, Abby, you cannot keep wild animals in the facility!" Jen snapped at the forensic scientist.

"But what about…" Abby started to say.

"No! I know I've let Jethro the dog in once, but that was because he was a part of our investigation! You have no right to bring in animals to NCIS. We're not a zoo!" Jen yelled. She stood behind her desk so that she was towering over Abby who was sitting down in the chair. "This kind of behavior is not tolerated at all in NCIS" Jen rebuked, "This is the last time and I have to suspend you until further notice." Abby was silent as her jaw fell.

"You can't be serious…" Abby started to say.

"I am. Abigail Scutio, you are hereby suspended from NCIS for a week." Jen sat back down in her chair, not to be defeated. Abby stood up defiantly and stormed out of the room. Jen waited until her door was slammed shut before she fell forward upon her desk, she held her head in her hands holding back so many emotions that flooded through her as memories drifted in like the Potomac river.

"Shit!" the young woman yelled as she read the little stick. The little pink positive sign stared at her like a demon. It was the fifth one this morning. There was now no doubt she was pregnant. She walks out of the bathroom with the stick in her hand and looks at her roommate.

"Positive?" Her college roommate asks. The young woman nods and bites her bottom lip. "Well Jen, it looks like you're going to be a mother." The tall blonde haired blue eyed young woman shrugs. Jen sets her jade green eyes to her roommate in a death glare. "I wasn't the one who slept with Nick…" The roommate shrugged.

"Zip it Kathy." Jen snaps. She sits on her bed terribly awestruck. "What am I going to do?"

"Well, decide if you'll keep it or just off it." The roommate, Kathy throws her blonde locks over her shoulder.

"I can't keep it! And I hate abortion clinics." Jen states.

"What will you do then? Keep it under your bed? It's a baby Jen!" Kathy yelled to her as if she didn't already know.

"I'll just put it up for adoption. That way when it's done I won't see it again and it'll be like it never happened!" Jen crosses her arms in triumph.

"So, you're not going to tell Nick…?" Kathy asks.

"Nope. What he doesn't know can't hurt him." Jen says.

"Whatever you say Jen," Kathy looks skeptically at her roommate. "Are we still on to all go to dinner? Me, you, Nick, and Kevin." Kathy squealed.

"Is Kevin your new boyfriend?" Jen asks rolling her eyes.

"Yes. We met yesterday at the mall." Kathy states. Jen didn't want to bring up the fact that Kathy is a serial dater and goes through boyfriends like she goes through shoes, a lot and often.

They all meet at this nice Italian restaurant in town just outside of campus. It was a Saturday and the restaurant was pretty busy but they got a seat. Jen sat down next to her boyfriend, Nick. He was tall and had black spiky hair and had piercings all over his body and enough tattoo ink to write a thesis paper. His deep blue eyes captivated Jen.

"Everyone, this is Kevin" Kathy introduced her new boyfriend to Jen and Nick. The young man looked familiar to Jen, she's sure she's seen him around campus. While waiting for their meal they made a little small talk.

"How did you two meet?" Nick asks Kathy and Kevin.

"We were looking for the newest designer shoes" Kevin said. "And we ran into each other! Isn't that so weird!" Kevin answered. Both Jen and Nick nodded, not having the heart to tell Kathy that Kevin was obviously gay.

After the meals arrived the conversation turned to talk about Kathy's aunt who has 5 kids with a 6th on the way.

"…So she gets huge and nasty in her third trimester…I hope you don't act like that Jen, it's terrible..." Kathy said slipping a meatball into her mouth.

"Why would Jen act like that?" Nick asks, looking over to his girlfriend. Jen knew the jig was up as Kathy nearly chocked on her food.

"Oops, I forgot you weren't going to tell him…" Kathy blushed.

"Tell me what Jen?" Nick looked pissed.

"That I'm….I'm pregnant…" Jen stammered. Nick's eyes went wide, "It's yours" She mutters. "You bitch" He yells before storming out of the restaurant.

He broke up with her the next day, blaming her for the pregnancy and saying that if she were on the pill none of it would've happened.

Jen cried for hours after that. She vowed not to tell anyone else about the baby.

So a few weeks later she was looking on the internet through adoption agencies and looking for a couple to give the baby to. No one seemed to catch her interest until she saw the profile for a young couple.

They tried to have kids of their own but couldn't. They were both deaf since birth and wanted a child of hearing to enjoy the things they could not. They were from New Orleans and their picture wasn't cheesy like the others, they looked genuinely happy. Jen decided to set up an appointment with the Scutio family over her spring break.

By Spring Break she was already in maternity clothing. She was about 4 months along and made the flight to New Orleans from Virginia. She studies business and that required her to learn foreign languages and American Sign Language, so she could easily communicate with the Scutio family. They picked her up at the airport and drove her home.

"You are Jennifer Sheppard correct?" The woman signed. Jen smiled and tilted her hand yes. The woman's face lit up. "That is wonderful, I am Grace, and this is David" She signed, gesturing to her husband who drove the car.

"Nice to meet you both" Jen signed back just as David Scutio pulled the station wagon into the driveway of the bungalow style house just outside of the city limits. Their house was small and cozy. Grace gestured for Jen to sit on the couch. Jen obliged as David sat down in a Lazy boy while Grace got them all drinks and a chair for herself.

"Please tell us, why did you choose us?" David asked.

"I thought you two would make great parents" Jen smiled as she signed back, Grace's hand flew to her heart as she was so grateful.

"I cannot say how much this means to us." Grace signed.

"Don't worry about it." Jen signed back. "Is there anything you particularly want?"

"Could we get copies of the ultrasound pictures?" David asked. Jen nodded in the affirmative.

"I'd be happy to send you anything you want" Jen responded.

"Can we ask one more thing of you?" Grace asks a pleading look on her face. "Do you know the sex of the baby?"

"It's a girl" Jen signed back, Grace and David looked at each other and smiled.

"Really is there anything at all we can do for you?" Grace signed to Jen. Jen was about to shrug it off saying nothing but a thought came to her head.

"One thing. Just please; please don't tell her who I am. I don't want her to know that I'm her biological mother." Jen pleaded and the Scutios nodded in agreement.

Months pass by and Jen gets sick every morning. She was just at the start of her senior year in college and she was bloated like a blimp. She took classes to catch up on the work she missed with various doctors' appointments. Now it was September and Jen was on bed rest.

Jen flipped through magazines late one night while her roommate slept. Jen hadn't been sleeping right for the past few weeks. She suddenly felt something strange. She sat up to see that her water broke.

"Kathy!" Jen yelled at her roommate who before the intrusion, was sleeping soundly.

"What?" She whined and threw the pillow over her head, trying to ignore her roommate.

"The baby's coming!" Jen screamed and Kathy sprang to life.

"Alright we're taking my car!" Kathy helped Jen up, whose contractions were getting worse and worse, and they both stumbled out of the dorms and to Kathy's beat up convertible. She sped to the hospital faster than a cheetah out of a frying pan. Jen was screaming in pain as she entered through the hospital doors. The doctors immediately got her a room and prepared for the baby.

It was 4 hours of intense labor before doctors gave her the order to push. Jen pushed as hard as she could, trying so hard to get this over with.

"Oh Shit!" Jen screamed one last time as a soft crying filled the room. Immediately doctors whisked the baby away to prepare it for adoption and contact the parents. Jen recovered fine after she got the news the Scutios were on their way now to get their baby girl.

There was a letter that followed a week later informing Jen that the baby was fine and healthy in their care and they thanked her profusely. They even mentioned the name of the girl. Abigail Grace Scutio.

Jen still keeps that letter hidden in a safety deposit box in the city. She would not want any one to find that letter. So now, she sits in her office keeping an eye on the forensic scientist, she can't help her motherly instinct.