Saints, Samaritans & Sacrifices

A/N - Okay so I've been busy and kind of neglected this story. For that reason this is the March chapter and there will also be an April one going up at the same time!

Now March doesn't have much holidays so most of the ones I'm doing are biblical holidays rather than public holidays : Saint Patrick's day, Good Samaritan Day & Lent (which was the 9th of March - 23rd of April this year, I gave up chocolate!)

DISCLAIMER: Don't own any of it!

Patrick Jane: It's me day! Everyone celebrate the awesomeness of knowing me! :D

March 17th, 6.53am.


Teresa Lisbon: You forget Jane that it is SAINT Patrick's day, and you most definitely are NOT a saint =)

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Patrick Jane: Wow Lisbon, that really hurt. I'm the most saintly person you know, don't you know why the girls call me Adonis?

Kimball Cho: Adonis wasn't a saint, he was a Greek God.

Teresa Lisbon: Take that Jackass.

Grace Van Pelt: He was the Greek God of desire actually.

Patrick Jane: Now that's more like it Grace ;)

Craig O'Laughlin: Patrick, do you remember that conversation we had?

Patrick Jane: The conversation where you told me to stop flirting with Grace on face book or you would personally make sure I disappeared silently to a place no-one would ever find me? Of course I remember that conversation, I also remembered that I did no such thing as agreeing to your terms =)

Teresa Lisbon: *face palm*

Teresa Lisbon: That awkward moment when Patrick Jane thinks he's the patron saint of Ireland…

March 17th, 3.06pm.

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Grace Van Pelt: That was hilarious!

Craig O'Laughlin: I can't believe he actually fell for it!

Wayne Rigsby: I know, "Jane did you know that you're actually Irish? Look its in the database right here, you're adopted, these are your real parents."

Kimball Cho: It was his girly squeal of "OHMYGOSH REALLY?" that made it so epic.

Wayne Rigsby: Boss, you are a legend.

Teresa Lisbon: Haha it was pretty hilarious!

Patrick Jane: So it WAS your idea! Payback is a bitch Lisbon.

Teresa Lisbon: Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Patrick Jane: An eye for an eye would make the whole world blind.

Grace Van Pelt: Stop revenging quoting each other!

Patrick Jane: Today is a day for good deeds! I think I'll start by bringing in doughnuts to make my wonderful friend's happy! :D

March 13th, 8.06am.

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Teresa Lisbon: I have no idea why your going to be doing good deeds today but I have a really great one for you! Don't creepily watch me doing my paperwork!

Kate Beckett: Wow Teresa I'm so glad it's not just me that happens too!

Teresa Lisbon: Kate! I didn't realise you knew Jane! And I know right, it's so creepy!

Kate Beckett: He's a friend of Castles, we met at a couple of book parties, but yeah it really is, Castle does it all the time!

Rick Castle: It's not creepy! Your cute when your doing paperwork.

Patrick Jane: I don't watch you Lisbon, I observe you.

Teresa Lisbon: It's still creepy!

Wayne Rigsby: Doughnuts! Woo!

Kimball Cho: Pig.

Grace Van Pelt: That's nice of you Jane! :D

Patrick Jane: I know, because I'm just such a nice person, its what I do.

Teresa Lisbon: Hah! Good one!

Kimball Cho: Apparently it's Good Samaritans day which means Patrick Jane is acting more crazy than usual, I really hate this job.

March 13th, 4.27pm.

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Teresa Lisbon: What is it with all these holidays he comes up with? I think he makes them up.

Patrick Jane: No Lisbon, you just don't know of any holidays other than Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year!

Teresa Lisbon: I know about Presidents Day and Easter!

Patrick Jane: Well you should become more multi-cultural!

Teresa Lisbon: Right, so what culture is 'Good Samaritans Day' then?

Patrick Jane: Jewish =)

Teresa Lisbon: It's not even a day!

Patrick Jane: But you will find that it actually is. In the Bible there is a parable (which is a story with a meaning) about a good Samaritan.

Teresa Lisbon: Yes Jane, I'm Christian, I went to Sunday school, I know what a freaking parable is! And I also know the story of the good Samaritan but its not an actual day, you just made it up.

Patrick Jane: It's seriously a day, everyone is meant to do good deeds to honour the good Samaritan, well only Jewish people but it's fun! :D

Kimball Cho: This is why I rarely post statuses, you two just fight on them and fill my inbox up with notifications…

Teresa Lisbon: My 'good deed' for today was kicking Jane out of the CBI HQ, that as a good deed for everyone in the building! :D

March 13th, 7.46pm.

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Patrick Jane: It was such a sad lonely day, without work and my friends who I only wanted to please, why would you do such a thing to me Lisbon?

Kristina Frye: You weren't alone ;)


Patrick Jane: Wow Lisbon, you can swear :o. Yes, I went to Kristina's, so?

Teresa Lisbon: I can't believe you.

Grace Van Pelt: Well you were the one who kicked him out Boss…

Patrick Jane: Thank you Grace, exactly! What's the big deal Lisbon?

Teresa Lisbon: Are you still with her?

Patrick Jane: No…I'm at home, what is going on?

Kimball Cho: You're an idiot, she's jealous.

Patrick Jane: Uh, why?

Wayne Rigsby: Cause you slept with that 'psychic' bitch?

Kristina Frye: Asshole…

Patrick Jane: Wow, eww! No I didn't sleep with her, God no!

Kristina Frye has removed Patrick Jane as a facebook friend

Teresa Lisbon: Whatever, I don't care.

Patrick Jane: Aw Lisbon you were jealous!

Teresa Lisbon: No, I so wasn't =)

Patrick Jane: Is this your revenge for the incident with the coffee that I may or may not have accidentally spilled down your white shirt…

Teresa Lisbon: Maybe it is, maybe it isn't =)

Patrick Jane: Ohh you're good.

Teresa Lisbon: ;)

Patrick Jane: What should I give up for Lent this year…

March 8th, 10.38pm.

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Teresa Lisbon: I didn't know you did lent, give up work…A month of no Jane, wow I think I'm in paradise…

Patrick Jane: Thanks for that Lisbon, and no, just to annoy you I don't think I will =) Your meant to give up something you really love…Hm, well giving up you isn't an option ;)

Teresa Lisbon: Ugh shut up Jane!

Patrick Jane: What? I'm just telling the entire facebook universe of our undying love, our passionate fling, our glorious moment…

Teresa Lisbon:

Patrick Jane: Oops, I wasn't meant to tell anyone I slept with you was I?

Teresa Lisbon: JANE!


Wayne Rigsby: Grace, I believe you owe me $20!

Kimball Cho: Well it was obvious that it was going to happen eventually.

Patrick Jane: You guys betted on us? Awesome!

Teresa Lisbon: Jane shut up! I cant believe you guys betted on us D:

Virgil Minnelli: Sorry in advance Teresa. Collectively I believe you three Agents owe me $100? A check will do thanks =)

Teresa Lisbon: Really? Who ISN'T betting on us?

Madeline Hightower: I wasn't, but I am now. I bet you are going to come to my office and deal with me, Bertram and Larouche about this first thing tomorrow!

Patrick Jane: Ohh! Larouche will be there Lisbon, isn't that exciting?

Teresa Lisbon: I actually hate you, like I despise you so much, I swear to God, I do!

Patrick Jane: Now now Lisbon we're not getting married, save the 'I do' for then :P

Teresa Lisbon: Patrick Jane you are insufferable!

Patrick Jane: Oh I know what I'm going to give up for lent! I'll give up annoying you Lisbon because that's something I enjoy!

Teresa Lisbon: This could be the most peaceful month, ever… :D

THE END, of March.

April is next! :D