Chapter 3

Skye's eyes were wide with horror. Jill laughed. "It was a trick all along, idiot." He would have cocked his head to the side but he couldn't. "Do you know what a heterosexual is?" she said. He thought for a moment. "No, not really." She laughed. A beautiful sound of pealing bells to him. "It means you're straight! I was hoping it would offend you 'cause you're gay and all..." (no offense) Skye already knew that he was straight. He was peeved, but didn't show it. He placed a coy smile on his face.

"Well, beautiful are you glad I'm straight?" he laughed. He hoped it was alluring, although Jill thought it sounded like a dying-piranha-possessed-by-a-mosquito-that-was-possessed-by-a-fly. Skye felt the spell wearing off. He started to twitch his fingers. Jill, on the other hand, remained oblivious as she teased him. Skye's eyes started burning from anger in having his powers thwarted. Muffy ran through the area—not noticing Jill and Skye—while screaming, "GUSTAFA OR MARLIN! I'M PREGNANT! NO WAIT, OR GALEN!"

Skye could now move one arm and started playing 'Battle Bears FREE' on his iPhone. Jill got bored and started giving him advice on how to shoot the bears. "AIM FOR THE HEAD! NO, NO! FORGET THE PINK BEAR! THE BLUE BEAR IS COMING!" Skye got frustrated. "WHAT DO YOU WANT WOMAN! THE PINKY IS KILLING MY FORT! THE BLUE BEAR ISN'T TOO CLOSE!" he shot the pink bear in one blow by knocking off the head while a spurt of rainbow blood flew into the air and Jill grabbed the iPhone and started firing the 'Bearzooka' at the blue bear. But Skye snatched the iPhone just before she gave the death shot and it broke the fort, and they died. On the game, I mean.

Jill lost it. "I HAD THE BLUE BEAR! I ONLY NEEDED ONE MORE BEARZOOKA SHOT AND WE COULD HAVE ADVANCED TO THE NEXT LEVEL AND GOTTEN MORE AMMO OR FIXED UP OUR FORT!" Skye soon realized he had gotten full movement back and neither of them had noticed it. Jill gasped as she saw him walk. She was about to start screaming but he put his finger on her lips and said "Hush, darling." He whispered. She grumbled. He smiled. He waved his iPhone in the air, challenging. "New game?"

"...New game."

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