Chapter One: Letters of Love

It was the third day of his sixth year and he sat staring contently at the goblet which contained his pumpkin juice, when the first letter appeared. Harry Potter's emerald eyes widened when a large hawk flew down and landed in front of him to drop a letter in front of him before taking to the sky once again. The Slytherin students and Potion Master stared in shock, as they knew the bird very well; it was the Dark Lord's personal messenger.

Blinking after the bird, Harry shrugged before picking up the letter and seeing his name written in an elegant scrawl. The envelope was made of parchment paper and expensive. Pocketing the letter he stood and waved his friend's questions off before heading out of the Hall and towards the Library as he had a free period this morning.

Once in the library he found his favorite corner in the back where an old armchair sat. Throwing his legs over the side and dropping his bag next to the seat he pulled out the envelope to gaze at it in wonder. He had no idea why someone would be writing him, seeing as all his friends were in the school. The weight of the envelope grew suddenly and he blinked down at it his green eyes widening in shock as he traced what felt like a rose on the inside.

Opening the envelope a rose fell onto his lap. It was bright blue with purple edges and the inside looked black, the dark green stem had very few thorns and he lifted it up to gaze at it a smile on his lips. The rose was beautiful, just starting to open and it looked like diamonds were stuck to the petals like dew. Setting the rose back on his lap he picked up the letter which read as.

My Dearest Harry,

I have been pondering for quite some time whether or not to do this, as this practice is very rarely seen now a day. But seeing as I have waited so long to actually write you this seemed the best route to take, the proper way to go about the whole thing. Now please do not be alarmed as you will be getting letters from me a lot now, seeing as how the envelope was charmed so it would not open unless you were curious. Now that I have your attention for a moment I do not plan to let you go my sweet little lion. There is no need to write back to me, as you won't be able to get a letter through just yet. But I will let you know two things about myself, I am older than you by a few years and I adore your green eyes.

Forever yours R

Harry blushed as he read the letter again and again. The person called R seemed to like him and he had no idea if he had a male admirer or a female admirer. He guessed male as of the way the letter was written was more of how a guy would phrase such a letter. Rereading the letter he felt a soft smile touch his lips as he saw the elegant scrawl, 'This was nice, I hope who ever this R is they write me some moreā€¦such a nice break from all the crazies in my life,' he thought before checking the time and rushing off for Divinations class.

The next day at dinner the hawk swooped down and settled on the table in front of Harry and held up his leg which made Harry smile and take the letter before offering the bird a piece of chicken. The hawk ate the treat then rubbed its head against Harry's hand before taking off into the air. Harry chuckled and pocketed the letter again; he would not let his friends know about his secret admirer as they would try telling him it was too dangerous to have a secret person writing to him.

He opened it before Potions class and read the letter to himself while everyone else filed in the room. It read as:

'Dear One,

Have I told you yet how beautiful you are to me? I don't believe so; you are the light that shines upon my shadowed existence. You're everything I want and more, with your larger than life green eyes and long lashes that make you seem angelic if not a bit sinful. You are my beautiful angel and I wish I could hold you all the time, shielding you from the big bad world. I may seem sappy right now but I have to tell you how I feel before I explode. You have no idea how every time I've seen you I've simply wanted to hold you to my chest never letting go, but we both have parts to play in this bloody war. I will tell you I am male and I want to see you smile more.

Always Faithful R'

Harry smiled and felt warm for a moment as he thought about the other man liking him enough to find the things that seemed to be appealing. When he was told he was an angel he smiled and set the letter down wondering what he was going to do now that he had a secret admirer. The thought of having someone protecting him for once seemed like a great idea, he was already feeling safer even if he did not know why.

Snape watched as the hawk flew in to land on the desk in front of Harry near the end of class his eyes widened when the bird that only liked the Dark Lord nuzzled its head against Harry's arm. Harry dug around in his bag and pulled out some chicken he had kept for Hedwig and gave a piece to the Hawk which ate it before dropping a letter on Harry's lap and flying out the door again.

'Dear Angel,

I was thinking and it occurred to me that I have told you very little about myself. How can I hope to sway you if you know nothing but the fact I love you? Well to tell you the basics, I was a Slytherin when I went to school. Please, do not hold it against me my heart. I also was a Prefect; I have brown hair and stand six foot exactly. My hawk is named Helios and he seems to like you. I can tell because as I write this letter he is watching me and pacing, I've never seen a bird pace before. My birthday is December 31, and I love blueberries. I do believe this should reach you while you are in Potions (yes I know your schedule) and if Snape gives you a problem just send word with Helios tomorrow. I love you Harry.

With all my heart R'

Harry looked up and saw the startled looks he was receiving from the Potion Professor and the remaining Slytherin students. Blinking at them he shrugged and pocketed the letter before swinging his bag onto his back and walking from the room those eyes following him from the room before whispers broke out behind him.