Chapter 29: Poisonous Claws

Harry and Neville were walking out to go to Hogsmeade to be in the Shrieking Shack when Hermione and Ron ran over to them, "Hey guys," Harry said smiling some; he had Neville's notes open as he walked as if checking them for his friend, "What brings you outside tonight?"

"We haven't hung out in a while," Hermione said smiling softly and wondering if some part of his mind was leaking free, yet when he looked up and smiled she thought it was unlikely, "Can we do something tonight?"

"Well I promised Neville to finish helping him study and he's keeping track of the time so I don't overdo it again," Harry said smiling some, "How about we have a kitchen dinner tomorrow? Just the three of us and possibly Nev since he's struggling in Defense again."

"If you guys don't mind of course," Neville said shifting his foot back and forth absently as if shy about being with the trio as a whole, it was known he would be around them but normally one or two he rarely was with the trio all together.

"That'll be fine," Hermione said hugging Harry some, "Say six?" getting a nod she went to leave with Ron but paused, "It's kind of cold out here why are you two studying outside?"

"Well we are covering werewolves I thought since it's the new moon and safe to be outside I would show him where Remus transformed, you know he clawed that rock and scarred it," Harry lied effortlessly since that was the general direction they were going, "Thought the best way to learn was through example and what better example than a werewolf who won't scare Nev since they are friends."

"Alright that makes perfect sense," Ron said before his stomach growled, "Come on Mione let's get a snack," and the two left glad to know Harry was firmly in their control still, Neville was not a threat at all.

Once in the Shack they were the first to arrive and Harry smiled as Neville nervously fidgeted unsure how to handle himself around Tom and Lucius now that they were on civil terms with Harry. When the twins and Bill showed up they blinked at Neville before simply taking their seats and before they could say anything the Slytherins came in with Professor Snape just as the other two flooed in. Smiling Harry turned to the twins handing them a card.

"Buffet style coming up!" and they saluted and ran off.

Bill simply dropped into a seat and stretched out in a relaxed way, "Remus has something to do or else he'd be here as well, how goes the memory mojo?"

"I remember everything," Harry said which made them blink at him, "What I was fighting through the locks on my own, with Bills tampering it seemed to snap them all…before we discuss this anymore," he turned and looked at Neville, "Name three things that attract werewolves."

"Blood, body heat, and normally noise some can avoid the noises of others," Neville said before blinking a few times, "I'm quite good with defense I just blank out at the tests."

"Good we can skip the study session and go right into other things," Harry turned to Draco and asked, "The gift?"

"Wrapped and sitting under my bed marked for my father at the moment just in case," Draco said which got a nod, "So now that you remember what's the plan?"

"Don't have one yet," Harry closed his eyes and relaxed back some with a smile on his face, "Give me a minute."

"Hmm," Neville went and settled against the bottom of the seat Harry was in waiting, he knew his friend would have a plan soon and it would be something that would most likely shock the whole group, "Harry did you do your potions homework yet?"

"We had homework?" Harry asked opening one eye, getting a nod he closed his eye, "Opps."

"I'll do it," Neville sighed and pulled parchment and a quill to himself and began writing his handwriting was spot on for Harry's, "You realize eventually you will need to know this right?"

"I understand it just fine Nev…I've just had a lot on my mind lately," Harry said before sitting up and looking at the ceiling, "Hmm, I'll be right back," and he headed up the stairs humming as he went. When he came back down ten minutes later the twins had returned and were unpacking the dinner buffet they had gathered, "Oh good."

"Plan in action?" Theo asked as he made Harry a plate.

"Of course," Harry chuckled and sat down before Neville tapped his shoulder and gave him a slightly tilted look, nodding he winked and got a smile.

"I feel slightly useless now," Theo frowned, "I didn't realize how close you were to Neville…"

"If it helps any Harry hasn't shown me his garden, he says its special for you and him," Neville said softly which made Theo smile some and relax back some.

Tom was watching Harry and blinked when he noticed that Neville was watching him with an almost knowing look, he froze not sure why he was receiving such a look. When Neville leaned over and whispered in Harry's ear he felt like he was missing something, that feeling only grew when a delighted laugh came from the young man he was courting.

"Not yet Nev," Harry chuckled some pulling out his sketch book as everyone ate he began to sketch up the room, different people on different pages doing different things.

"And he's gone," Bill chuckled as his in all but blood brother lost himself to the sketches and Neville worked on Harry's homework, Theo was reading up on Charms, while Blaise and Draco ate and played chess. Lucius was eating and discussing with the twins about possibly investing in their joke shop. When he looked at Tom he noticed the Dark Lord, the man who had caused Harry's young childhood life to be ruined was gazing at his little brother as if he were the most precious thing on earth, "No bloody way in hell!" he snapped then he yelped in pain as Harry stabbed him in the leg with a quill.

Looking at Bill with an almost evil look Harry said very calmly, "You ruined my picture," and he pulled the quill out and wiped it off, throwing the ruined picture aside he began to sketch it again.

"Here," Neville healed Bill's leg and chuckled some, "Talk in calm tones when he sketches, you're lucky he loves you or he would have aimed a little higher," and motioned at Bill's groin area.

"Hmm," Severus who had been leaning against the wall watching everything unfold realized Bill knew who R was now because Tom could not keep his eyes off the green eyed boy, looking over Harry's shoulder he noticed the picture was of Tom. Picking up the crumpled version he noticed it was as well but a sharp line went through his torso from Harry jumping at Bill's loud voice, "Interesting," and he went back to leaning against the wall eyes on the clock.

About twenty minutes later Harry closed his book and said calmly, "Since my memories are back we will meet here every three nights and practice our spell work and animagus training, detentions every fourth night of meeting meaning every twelve days," which made the students blink at him, "I have a revenge plan as well but it still…has some gaps."

"Such as?" Draco asked raising an eyebrow.

"Finishing mine and Theo's charm project," Harry said smiling lightly, "And perfecting the animagus transformation, trust me I have this all worked out we just need these few things to work on."

"Oh wait," Neville looked at Harry before asking, "We could kill them the easy way," which made everyone blink at him he pulled a small vial with a dried powder inside, "Slipping this in their dinner tomorrow."

"That would kill them instantly, and then we have the whole clean up, body disposal, coming up with a cover story and besides they wouldn't suffer," Harry said waving that plan out the window, "We'll save that for someone who won't be connected to either of us and set someone up for that murder later on k?" getting a nod he saw they were getting odd looks, "Um…Nev's been making poisons for close to three years now…I fund his research."

"All herbal and most tasteless," Neville chuckled putting the vial back in his pocket, "Also made the antidotes, all of which me and Harry have taken so we don't accidentally poison ourselves."

"Told you boss man was an evil genius in disguise!" Fred whooped as he poked his twin, "That trip was not accidental at all was it?" he asked Harry.

"Course not," Harry laughed some before checking the time, "I needed something and you two just helped me gain it by being a wonderful distraction."