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Chapter One: Smart Pup

Having stormed Privet Drive to kidnap Harry Potter the Deatheaters returned with two very fat male muggles, a thin horse looking muggle woman, and a black wolf puppy. Lucius Malfoy carried the puppy that was behaving as if a properly trained pooch, while Fenrir Greyback and the Lestrange brothers dragged the muggles forward. The Dark Lord who looked so much better then when he returned two years ago stood at the end of the hall waiting. Not spotting Harry amongst them he raised an elegant eyebrow and blew some of his hair from his pale twenty year old looking face.

"Lucius why have you not brought Potter?" Tom asked as he gazed at the muggles with distaste, spotting the puppy he blinked, "You brought...a dog?"

"Potter was not at his relatives, the woman says he left the night before to visit his friends, and the two men are rather stupid," Lucius reported bowing his head as he could not bow with the pup in his arms, "My Lord, we brought you all we found in the house. And Fenrir torched the house before we left."

"The dog?" Tom asked calmly he was still curious as to why the creature was being carried and was even alive at all.

Lucius looked down at the pup before looking up sheepishly, "Well...he was just sitting there and...he seems trained rather well, watch," setting the pup down he told the pup, "Play dead," the pup fell over as if struck by the killing curse, "Roll over," and then the pup rolled over twice, "Sit up," the pup sat up proudly, "Okay find my son."

Draco was surprised when the puppy walked over and lay at his feet, "Father?"

"He understands English, French and Greek," Lucius told the Dark Lord, "He can find people without knowing them."

"Hmm," moving to look at the pup more closely Tom gazed at the animal who blinked up at him, the pup had green eyes almost the color of Potters, "Okay dog if you can understand me nod your head," the pup gave a small nod, "Fine let's play a game, do you know Harry Potter?" that got a nod also, "Are you his pet?" that got a tilt of the head and he took that for a no, "His guard?" another tilt.

"My Lord you're interrogating a dog," Bellatrix Lestrange said, "Just kill the filthy mutt!"

"This creature has more respect then you seem to," Tom snarled before cursing the woman into a fit of pain, turning back to the dog he saw the hatred in the dogs eyes as it focused on Bellatrix's twitching body, "Hmm, odd creature," moving back to his original spot he looked at Lucius, "I like this dog, he stays in the Manor. Someone take these muggles and Bella away she will be held until next Monday as punishment for being disrespectful."

That night Lucius was watching the dog as it sat on Draco's lap during dinner, the dog did not try and steal the food he just sat there. Tom was also watching and decided to test something, he levitated the knife Draco was not using and watched the dog's eyes focus on it. Twitching his wand just slightly he sent the knife hurdling towards Draco's unaware back and watched the dog jump up to grab the handle of the knife. Draco yelped when he saw what the dog was doing and gently took the knife away from the dog before it could get hurt.

"I really like this dog," Tom chuckled before going to eat, he lifted his head at the gasps and saw the dog crawl on the table and move around objects and plates headed his way. The dog walked up to him lifted a paw and smacked him in the face, "...Did I just get smacked by a dog?" he asked Lucius who nodded, turning back to the dog he looked at it carefully, "Why did you slap me?"

Batting the knife and looking at Draco the dog looked back to the Dark Lord and saw the shock, "Ruff," he barked before moving and jumping off the table gracefully, the dog padded over and sat at Draco's side.

"My Lord?" Lucius said softly getting looked at he asked, "Were you the one to send the knife at Draco?" no one had seen a wand, just the knife flying towards Draco and the dog's quick movements.

"Yes I did, I was testing that dog...and he smacked me..." Tom was still trying to figure that one out, "How the hell did that dog know it was me if none of you could tell?" he asked his followers.

"He's magical?" Draco offered helpfully, "I mean it would make sense," looking at the dog he asked, "Can you do magic?" that got no response, "Come on, if you can that would be cool."

"Ruff," the dog barked before levitating itself up to stand on the table again, slipping onto Draco's lap the dog settled down and turned his eyes to the Dark Lord and then tilted his head.

"What are you going to name him Draco?" Narcissa asked her son as she smiled at the protective puppy.

"I think he has a name already, I just have to figure it out," Draco said getting a nod from the dog he chuckled, "See."